Any Which Way, But For My Loose Thoughts

I had nothing on the brain tonight, so I decided to let loose with some of the loose change thoughts that were rumbling around inside my cranium, living all rent free and shit.

Feel free to forward any questions and/or complaints here.

  • If Game of Thrones were a song, it would be a classic metal selection. Replete with gloomy bass talons, a bloodthirsty melody that plays for keeps and a hellish affiliation with the dark side. Its contagion would unleash a mad fever whose dominion would reign until the death of the last Bic lighter.
  • Yeah . . last night’s episode was pretty good.
  • The Celtics are going to win the NBA title. Maybe. And I don’t even mind it, except for one little detail. They’re from Boston, and that fucking town has done enough winning for Chrissakes. Since the turn of the millennia, Boston proper owns twelve titles (6 for the Patriots, 4 for the Sawx and 1 each for the Bruins and Celtics). So when (if) the Celtics win it all in June, Imma call them the Hartford Celtics. In honor of the former hockey team, the Hartford Whalers.
  • President Trump’s definition of abortion sounds an awful lot like Vito Corleone’s definition of early retirement.
  • Watching him talk about abortion was like watching Eli Roth read nursery rhymes on an episode of Sesame Street. On Cinemax.
  • I realize that Brother Golden Hair doesn’t do briefings, but Jesus . . Mary and Trader Joe’s . . this guy does less reading than a lineman for the University of Alabama.
  • Oh, and the Dems best get to stepping on this. Seriously, I want to see a hammer lock response by the beginning of business. Ta. Day. Because Trump served them up a hanging curve, and if they have any semblance of wit, wisdom, organization or common sense, they hit it out of the park.
  • I love Kevin Durant in spite of the fact he acts like a dick sometimes. His game is the kind of beauty you watch whilst listening to Vivaldi (Trust me, I have). When he’s torching the nylon like a demon at last call for the end of the world, ain’t nobody does it better. And not for nothing, but he’s still winning playoff games while LeBron is catching up on his Hulu.
  • But . . . he should think twice and then another dozen times before stepping into a Knicks uniform. He would be going from a platinum standard ownership group to public access stewardship. And he won’t have Steph, Clay, Draymond or Kerr. And if he thinks the West Coast media is hard on him . . ah well, maybe the Northeast cauldron ain’t his jam.
  • I run three times a week. It used to be four. But then it occurred to me that I am fifty three years old and feeling pretty okay, and I’m not dead. So three times a week is plenty nuff. There was no science to these thoughts of mine, but that’s okay.
  • I love WordPress, except for those times when I hate WordPress. But hey . . they’re offering cheeseburger prices for filet mignon sandwich results. So Imma stick with ’em.
  • Three tornado warnings inside of two weeks in my neck of the woods. Which ain’t known for that kind of windy behavior. I find myself looking for Dennis Quaid in snowshoes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that . . .
  • I asked a friend of mine if he watched the NFL draft and he responded with “I had better things to do . . like Endgame?” And after I asked him what he was talking about, I became the butt of every Marvel fanboy joke, in perpetuity.
  • Hey man, it’s all about being known for something.
  • Rami Malek is the next James Bond villain? Hells, I am gonna be first in line. Suck it Marvel fanboys!
  • Okay . . I just said that as a literary punch to the balls of all those Marvel fanboys. I probably ain’t gonna be first in line to see Rami as the bad guy. But I will see it. Eventually. At some point . . .
  • Scrambled eggs and corn chips is God’s hangover food. If God drank sin juice. And had hangovers. And . . if he did those things? He might add Sriracha sauce. Just saying . . .
  • I really thought Joe Biden would jump the shark before American Idol. 
  • Whilst standing in the grocery checkout line, I learned that Ozzy is dying, from pain pills consumption. And that William and Kate are going through a trial separation. Oh . . and Angela Lansbury was in a cult. And most disturbing of all, birthday cake causes cancer.

It really is the end of the world as we know it. And yanno what? I’m okay with that . . .

62 thoughts on “Any Which Way, But For My Loose Thoughts

  1. B,

    Nothing on the brain, eh? Wish I was as prolific as you when my brain is supposedly “full of loose change”.

    – I am really gonna have to get on the GoT bandwagon. One day. Coz you make me feel like I’m missing something.
    – Celtics Schmeltics. However, we Habs fans can’t stand Boston so, I’m with you. Enough.
    – How can you put those two words together? President and Trump. I know officially they are allowed to be together but it just leaves a vile taste in my mouth and I refuse to put them together. And as for this abortion thing? HELLO DEMOCRATS!!! Where are you??? Can he read? No really.
    – I like that you listen to Vivaldi whilst watching basketball…I, personally, would just skip the ball and listen to the music, but that’s me.
    – Hey, nothing wrong with running 3 times instead of 4 times per week. You walk miles per day when you work anyway. Not like you’re doing the couch-potato thang daily.
    – WordPress: I think we all share a love/hate relationship
    – Mother Nature is outta control. Tornados in your neck, flooding in mine. Not good.
    – I canna lie. Endgame on its own I wouldn’t have known it was the title of the latest Avengers. Both my boys went on different days to see “the new Avengers movie”, not “Endgame”. I would have been in the same boat as you.
    – To think unitl Bohemian Rhapsody, most of us didn’t have a clue who Rami was. Then we watched Mr. Robot and now… his opportunities have just opened up tenfold.
    – Scrambled eggs and corn chips? Really? I dunno man…
    – There is something about Joe Biden that gives me hope. Unlike American Idol – that still on?
    – You heard… Puh-leeze. You read on the Enquirer!! LOL

    As always, I love when you shake your head and let the pieces fall out.


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    • Q,
      I had nada. I wanted to write Shakespeare and I came up with Green Day.

      Good. Get on the GOT. Plenty of hot chicas and yes . . okay hot papas. And zombies too. Just because . . .

      Hey! You just gave me an idea! Let’s call them the Schmeltics! That would really harsh their menacing vibe!

      It’s not one without the other. 2016 kinda grilled that cheese together. But you’re right, the taste is foul, and worse than that. And yes, the Dems best get their heels to kicking.

      Hey . . I played that ball, so it fits for me. But if I hadn’t, well then . . Vivaldi would be my sporting taste.

      No couch potato thing going on here. I get to stepping most every day. Excepting for today, but hey . . my Fitbit needs a vacation too.

      With WP . . it’s more love than hate.

      I really had no idea. If you would have told me Endgame was a show on CBS . . I would have believed you.

      Rami is the rock star. So suck it Endgame fanboys!

      G’head. Try the eggs and corn chips some morning, with a scrambled brain. Trust me.

      American Idol is STILL a thing. What in the blessed hell . . .

      Oh . . . and the Globe too.

      My head is FULL of missing pieces . . .


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      • Your Green Day has nothing to be ashamed of.

        Will do. Just because. Because.

        Hah! Why not Schmeltics!

        I still refuse to make that sandwich in written or verbal form. They needs do get their arses into gear.

        I actually played the ball myself, believe it or not.

        You are inspirational.

        WP – I can’t bitch about it coz otherwise I’d not have met the likes of you 😉

        Endgame – it does sound like a video game, like you said!

        Rami! Rami! Rami!

        Any old kind of corn chips or a particular brand?

        And yet… how many ‘famous singers’ came outta that besides Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood?
        Of course. Both are at the checkout stands. My bad.
        Lucky for us 😉

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        • For the record . . I am not a Green Day fan. I referenced them in lieu of green chili sauce. Musically speaking . . .

          Schmeltics it is! Get Larry David on the horn!

          It’s a sammy . . like it or not. And really, you would have to be a fast food fan to like these ingredients.

          I believe it. I know it.



          It so does sound like a video game!

          Rami. For President. THAT is our endgame babay!

          Frito Lays . . .

          Reuben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Fantasia Barbarino, Jennifer Hudson . . . And that’s all I got.

          I also read US Weekly. But nothing juicy in there, outside of the Klondike Diet.

          Lucky us 😉


          • I like a song or two, don’t know them enough to have listened to a full album or anything.



            Rami – hey, Why not? He’s already way more elegant than Brother Golden Hair – not that it’s hard to be.

            Frito Lays… I dunno… I’ll have to try it 😉

            None of them did anything more than release an album no one heard about. ‘Cetp Jennifer Hudson who did not win AI, by the way, though she went another notch and got an Oscar. So there’s that.

            Oh lordy. Guess you gotta read the trash as well as the good stuff, eh?

            Very lucky us 😉

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          • I don’t really dig Green Day either, outside of a song or maybe two.

            It’s gold, baby! Gold!


            Trust me on this . . .

            I think Hudson made out WAY better. Winning AI is nothing to sneeze at, but Oscar is forever.

            Hey . . maybe Trump is reading these rag papers!

            Very. 😉

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          • If you say so . . . 😉


            I think the difference between an American Idol award and an Oscar is sort of like the difference between Manhattan Kansas and Manhattan New York. Apologies to the peeps in Kansas, but for reals.

            I think he reads the National Enquirer headlines and then gets bored. Too bad they haven’t invented a bookmark for headlines . . so he could go back later and finish reading ’em.



          • I do.


            That’s a good one. The two cannot compare.

            Buahahah!!! Said with Trump way: Don’t need to. Headlines gave me all I need. Don’t need the details. I am smarter than all of you….


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          • They are. And I didn’t know AI was still on! Mind you, if we separate the music industry from the movie one than at least Carrie and Kelly have won various music awards.

            Fakes! All of em! Specially the one at the head…


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  2. “I love Kevin Durant …”

    Well, I just had to stop there. As a Warriors fan, I look forward to the day when he is no longer with the team. He’s inching close to Lebron as my least favorite current athlete. Very close indeed.

    As for GofT as a song … what would it play if you played it backwards?

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  3. NICE loose change, dude! Yeah, Kevin Durant should talk to Carmelo about that Knick thing goes. I feel compelled to whinge to your complaint line about no props for The Joker from Denver but know that bozo wouldn’t know triple double if it klonked him on his thick numbskull. Nikola Jokić is carrying the Kroenke franchise…on his big wide shoulders. Now…after he spends a couple of days in an oxygen tent after Saturday’s fiasco taking the Nugs past the freakin’ Spurs. At one point ahead by 17 points, they barely squeaked by but if you like exciting b-ball…well…you got your monies worth. Course you may need some serious medication to copy with how they go on in Round 2. And yeah, what you said re Boston. Doubled. It’s bad enough having to watch the Bruins thug their way game after game. Aren’t you glad I don’t have any strong opinions? 🥳

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  4. I love how the stuff rattles around in your brain until fully baked. Then we get to enjoy the results. I’m with you on Endgame although I have an age excuse. (You know old fogey shouldn’t even know about this stuff kind of excuse). Eggs and corn chips. Will have to do that on my next hangover. My last was twenty years ago. It was enough to remember that I don’t want another real soon. Does Trump read? Hahahahahaha. Biden? Fuggedaboutit.

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  5. Good mental download. Am I the only person on the planet who hasn’t watched Game of Thrones, the latest Avengers movie, nor the last one, and watch minimal NBA? Oh yes … Trump will keep tossing hanging curves and DEMS will keep spiking the football because they don’t realize baseball and football are different sports.

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    • Nope, you are far from the only person. I know several of them, actually. 😉

      As for the Avengers, I think it’s just you and me. As for the NBA . . you and Mark.

      I don’t get how they don’t clamp down on him for this crap.

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  6. -I do enjoy the banter between you and Dale which is a post all it’s own.
    -Yea, so, I’m with aFrankAngle – never saw and hope to never see Games of Thrones, but I said that about The Walking Dead and spend a long weekend binge-watching seasons 1 – 3.
    -Bahahaha! “…lineman for the Univesity of Alabama.” Dude, that is just mean to the lineman.
    -Is someone chasing you? Why the hell are you running? JK…mad respect!
    -I kinda get the concept of scrambled eggs and corn chips. Had you said Doritos I would have rallied behind you. And I don’t know about God, but I think his Son was a frat-boy. He had friends in low places, loved his wine, and preformed party tricks (walking on water).

    Loose change adds up!

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  7. To the Estimable Mr. Imma…Love Joe Biden, HATE WORDPRESS, and really like the idea, and phrase, loose change thoughts…the ones that rattle around your head when you’re supposed to be sleeping.

    Mr. Biden will have to resort to mud wrestling with you know who, but the Pollyanna in me knows, his innate goodness, whether he likes to smell girl’s hair or not, will prevail. He’s a good man, an all around American patriot with a heart the size of his home state. He walks along the same path as John Quincy Adams and John McCain, in my patriotic opinion, so we’re not gonna say…say it ain’t so Joe, because we’re worried about him. He’ll blow that Trumpet section right off the fucking bandstand.

    As for WordPress who insists they have no clue why I get at least 50 porn comments in my Spam, should be investigated by the Vice Squad.

    Loose change thoughts. 🙂

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