Thought For The Day- Plus One!

“Never forget what a man says to you when he is angry. If he has charged you with anything, you had better look it up. Anger is a bow that will shoot sometimes where another feeling will not.” –Henry Ward Beecher from “Life Thoughts,” 

Good for old Henry that he lived in a time and place where anger was but one of the accouterments to be rolled out when discourse took a turn; after which it was returned to its unwieldy sheath. Because if he resided in this age of incivility, where debate has been transformed into a verbal judo, his thoughts on anger would not make it beyond his morning shave.

Anger is no longer a retreat, it is an advancement. Anger has lost its impermanence to the idea of winning, no matter the cost. Our language has been retrofitted, as if armored regiments intent on vanquishing the opponent.

Spirited debate has gone the way of inkwells and handshakes.

32 thoughts on “Thought For The Day- Plus One!

  1. Sad about the inkwells but not about the handshake (I hate that). This started decades ago with the advent of technology most are now addicted to. Less personal communication, more impersonal. If you’re not a person, then discourse goes south, quickly.

    I’m waiting for the flip back a la vinyl records…. of course, it’ll probably just end up being a few freaks who value actual discussion… …. …. *raises hand* here!

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    • T Siz,

      You got that right. People treat the online world the same way they drive. They behave as if they’re in a bubble . . and nothing can touch them. They do things they would never do in a face to face situation. Sad.

      Discussion will be valued again. Some day. After the zombie apocalypse . . .

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  2. Beecher may have lived in an age of civil discourse, but also of Senators beating one another with canes. We’re no more or less civil than they were then. But, as you express, they had finer points on their nibs.

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