Heroes Of The Week!

In the news this week, AG William Barr says his leaps are sealed. Facebook promises that its lips are sealed as far as our privacy is concerned, maybe. And if you haven’t seen Endgame yet? My lips are sealed . . since I haven’t seen it either.

Commander In Tweets: There would seem to be a lot of business to attend to as President. You got your daily briefings full of imminent attacks on US soil. You have to sign off on legislation that affects hundreds of millions of lives. And even your burner cell phone number has been compromised by your party rivals.

Of course, President Taj doesn’t have to worry about these things. He doesn’t read briefings, after all. And any legislation only affects him. And hey . . attacks on US soil will be a thing of the past once that wall is finished.

So with all that time on his hands, Trump can tweet. Lots. Which is what he did the other day when it was announced that Joe Biden had received the endorsement of the International Association of Fire Fighters- a 300 hundred thousand member union. In less than an hour, Trump retweeted more than sixty tweets from firefighters who pledged their support to Trump. No word on whether Trump’s firefighter fans were legitimate replies or more fake views.

I checked out the billing for Woodstock 50 and the first name I landed on was Miley Cyrus. So needless to say . . the original has nothing to worry about. 

A Matter of Love: Kevin Love sharing his thoughts on depression recently didn’t get much play. Because he wasn’t changing teams or flipping bats or birds or small children. But rest assured the Cavaliers forward is authoring a pretty important story.

Love talked about his life with depression recently, admitting how anxiety has a stranglehold on him at times. Here’s a hulking physical specimen confessing that he once thought he was going to die during a game. Because that is how depression works. No one is safe from its clutches, no matter the size, strength or bank account. We need more dudes like Love and DeMar DeRozan who are willing to share their struggles inside the macho culture of big time sports.

Hey Kevin? We love you.

I wonder how professor Urban Meyer’s “Leadership and Character” class is going at Ohio State? I bet the section involving those thirty one player arrests during his six years as head coach of the Florida Gators are worth the price of enrollment . . .

They don’t call it “The Shield for nothing: The NFL will never be confused with a league that gives a shit about people. Here is a league that paid experts to refute the link between football and CTE, in spite of the mountains of evidence that exists. This is a a league that is more comfortable with a scumbag like Tyreek Hill in its fraternity than a gay player.

Hill is a serial physical abuser whose uniform should be orange, but hey . . he can run and catch so that counts for much more with the Kansas City Chiefs. You may remember they were the team who drafted Kareem Hunt- who was suspended and then released after videotape showed Hunt assaulting a young woman in a club.

In an audio recording that was making the rounds this week, Hill was heard talking to his baby mama about how his three year old son suffered a broken arm. Which may or may not have been the result of Hill beating on him. And when his fiancee told Hill the boy was terrified of him, he replied chillingly, “you should be terrified of me too, bitch,”

Tyreek Hill should never, ever play another down in the NFL. Maybe Roger Goodell should grow a pair by taking action. Now. The next time a team like the Chiefs takes a chance on a player with Hill’s rap sheet, take away all their picks for one NFL draft. Half a dozen chances, and he should be out. But he’s more than welcome to go ply another trade. His resume is super impressive considering he went to three colleges! Of course, he never stayed in any of them very long seeing as how he couldn’t keep his hands off a woman.

Maybe one of his five minute alma maters can hire him to clean toilets.

I feel like this asshole in a Dodgers uniform is a perfect representation of America’s current state. I just do . . .

Nanook to the rescue: Twenty one year old Amelia Milling is an adventure junkie who gets her fix through traveling. The twenty one year old college student from Tennessee is deaf, but that didn’t slow her roll one bit when she decided to tackle Crow Pass Trail in Alaska. By herself.

The dream hike turned nightmarish when her hiking poles snapped and Milling found herself hurtling down the side of a snow covered mountain. She fell more than three hundred feet before crashing into a boulder; the impact of the crash catapulted her another three hundred feet, leaving her bloodied and dazed.

Enter Nanook, a seven year old husky who knows his way around rough terrain. Amelia initially thought Nanook was a wolf, but then spotted a silver, bone shaped tag around his collar that read “Crow Pass Guide” and included his owner’s address.

The husky led her back to the trail and then stood guard outside her tent that night. The next day, he saved Amelia from the icy waters of the Eagle River crossing. The ordeal took fifteen minutes but Nanook was finally able to pull Amelia from the river, after which she pushed the SOS button on her Spot Device. When state troopers found her several hours later, she was wrapped in a sleeping bag with her hero curled up beside her.



“Nookie”, as he is called by his owner, was named an honorary Alaska State Trooper for his actions. Turns out, he loves to travel every bit as much as his new pal Amelia, so he has now been fitted with a GPS beacon on his collar.

Eat your heart out, Superman.



40 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. Even though we hold the famous in such high regard, we tend to forget that they are human – they have a life that includes struggles as depression.

    Oh – tomorrow (May 4th) is the 150th anniversary of the Reds first game …. which they won 45-9. … BTW – I hope you see my Onion’s combo.

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  2. A great story about Nanook.

    Dude … I’m a Giants fan, I don’t need to be seeing anything Dodgers related in your space. This is completely unacceptable. You could have at least posted a warning so I could have averted my eyes.

    William Barr … which Stooge is he?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nanook is the man!

      Did you not see what this putz did? He lost thirty bucks worth of concession food in pursuit of a seven dollar baseball! And he only got one of the two.

      He is the speak no evil Stooge. We’ll call him Curly.


  3. B,

    Did ya see the “Randy Rainbow” on Barr? Love this guy…Randy, not Barr 😉

    Tweet-in-Chief should not be given time. At all.

    Miley Cyrus? ‘Nuff said. Can’t hold a candle to the real thing – well, nothing ever could.

    Kudos to Love. Every time someone with some renown speaks, the illness gets taken more and more seriously.

    Pffft on Urban.

    I will never understand how these criminals are allowed to play. Anything.

    I fear you might have a point on the Dodgers putz.

    Woot to Nanook! And to Amelia for refusing to let her deafness stop her from living an exciting life.

    Another good ‘un, B.


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    • Q,

      I haven’t seen Randy Barr, but I bet you he doesn’t just decide to shut his trap like William did recently. I mean . . WTF?

      He is a prolific tweeter. I think that’s why he ran for President. So that he would have plenty of time for tweeting.

      I can’t believe Miley Cyrus is on the billing. I really did stop looking as soon as I saw her name on there.

      Love and DeRozan are standing front and center on this issue, and good for them. And us.

      Urban grades on a curve, as per.

      Guys like Hill are WORTH the risk for sports executives. So like I said, make the risk prohibitive. I’m not saying penalize a team that signs a guy who never had a history before he showed up. But Hill had a history of physical abuse. He enrolled in three different colleges because he couldn’t stay out of trouble. The Chiefs should lose an entire draft.

      Thirty bucks worth of food for a seven dollar baseball . . .

      Nanook is one of my favorite heroes that I’ve read about since I started this series.

      Thank you!


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      • Rainbow Randy is such a hoot. And boy does he call it.

        Honestly. He should have NO time to tweet.

        Yeah. No. Not my type of music.

        Good for anyone who feels so alone.

        That he had a history should mean he is not eligible for hire. They should lose an entire draft.

        Honestly. Besides, did he even pretend to apologize to those who received his thirty bucks of food?

        He is definitely a cool dog. I just love stories like this one.

        Always welcome.

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        • I’ve never heard of him. Imagine that, me? In the dark when it comes to funny shite.

          Oh, he has time to tweet and speak at rallies and order fast food and watch Fox News and call into Fox News. As far as fulfilling the duties of his job? Well . . let’s just say he’s lacking somewhat.

          Woodstock 50 ain’t happening. And good. It shouldn’t have to.

          The NFL should be held accountable for what happens in this case. Problem is, the league is too popular. But seriously, if every woman who watches, plays fantasy football, goes to games and wears merch were to say “No mas until you guys start coming down on abusers” . . . the league would change its tune quickaly . . . but fat chance that happens.

          Not at all! And twice! Listen, I would never lay my hands on a woman, but a punk spills food on me for chasing a baseball . .not once but twice? It’s going to be quick, but it is going to be.

          Gracias for the story! I read some more of Nanook. He’s done this kind of thing before. He’s a superhero.



  4. Another super edition, Marc. I always respect folks who try to help others with their story. Shows a kindness that is appreciated. Miley the tongue Cyrus. Ugh, spit. Urban Meyer? Just get out. Hill? Pull a hamstring. Nanook was right to hang around. Amelia certainly should have just gone home after the fall. Tweetle Trump? Paaaaleeese leave us alone. Thanks, Marc.

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  5. Whoa…where to begin? I’ve been following (well sort of) the nonsense going on with the KC Chiefs. Yikes. No wonder they have managed to beat the crap out of the hapless ‘Donkeys’ over the past few years. You’d think good old Urban was coaching them.

    Miley? At Woodstock 50? That’s just all sorts of wrong. Sigh. Besides, I think Belinda Carlisle can sing circles around her.

    Bravo to Kevin Love. I will continue to root for him as a player and as a decent human and wish him all kinds of well. He’s been a real class act on and off the court.

    Happy weekend!

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    • The Chiefs owner, Clark Hunt, has a history of being just fine with these ‘character risks’ as they call them. John Dorsey, their old GM who is now in Cleveland, was a great talent evaluator, but he didn’t much care what these dudes did in their spare time. Still doesn’t as GM with the Browns (See Kareem Hunt).

      K Love is a star, on and off the court.

      Happy weekend!

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  6. Woodstock 50 should only include those who were there who are still alive. That would be awesome.

    The rest.. ball… bat… blub blub. BUT! The fries are better off without that asshat. Dropping fries (and then pizza!) for a ball… IDIOT!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a MUCH better idea than the one they came up with for this event. Which looks like it’s not going to happen now anyway. Not upset about that.

      Thirty bucks worth of food for a baseball! He IS representative of America- obnoxious, wasteful, ignorant . . . Oh I’ll stop before I’m accused of being a communist.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Reminds me of a story… When at a bookstore during my semi-vacation, I bought a pretty “classic” version of The Communist Manifesto (with gold-edged pages!). My mother looked at me like I was a traitor. I’m like, it’s a book, and all of our ideas aren’t the best ever, you know. We did invent the singing bass after all. 🙂

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  7. I love Commander and Tweets. That’s a keeper.

    And the brave one, condoling about depression should win the Noble Peace Prize for healing, and no, there’s not a category for that, but there should be. If only Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain spoke of their depression, one…they’d probably still be here, and imagine how many sad souls they may have helped. In AA they call it, the sick and suffering, and today in Central Park right at dawn some poor fellow who couldn’t see his way clear, hung himself from one of the Olmstead bridges. I luckily didn’t see it, missing it by moments, but I cried for this person who checked out since he too couldn’t say what was breaking his heart,

    I love that Kevin Love is one of your heroes of the week, along with a brave, noble Husky who didn’t cry wolf.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SB.

      It’s an insidious disease that thieves us quietly, until there’s nothing left to thieve. Sad but true, and real, and happening. As you and me both know, all the time.

      Here’s to K Love and a husky with heart.

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