Today’s Birthday!

You are a methodical creature who likes to see all aspects of an issue before deciding which side to join. (Who you kidding? You seriously considered voting for Trump in 2016. Which is akin to choosing an ophthalmologist who specializes in acupuncture. So really, you’re methodically inept. How’s that fit ya?) But just because you are slow by nature does not mean that you are unresponsive. (But it doesn’t NOT mean it either. Hell, you married a woman who confessed to you that she was the lone suspect in the questionable deaths of three former husbands. She made this confession on your first date! After which you figured it would be kitschy if you eloped to Vegas. Your red flag collection is nearing its expiration date . . .) And today, someone will offer you a chance to prove that fact when they come to you for help. (She’s gonna ask you to sign another life insurance policy. And then she’s going to suggest rock climbing. And sometime later, you’ll be the subject of a Lifetime movie. But seeing as how you’ve been played by your wife, the gardener AND your best man Jake . . being played by Chris Pine in a movie ain’t the worst thing.) Faster than anyone else, you will have the answer to a problem that has been puzzling your group for a while. (You’re gonna confess to your closest pals the affair you’ve been having with your secretary. And about how you’re gonna leave your wife for her. They’ll confess their doubts about the wife and you’ll be relieved. Of course, you’re playing checkers while the wife plays chess. Because guess what? She’s sleeping with your secretary as well.) This is a day when you will make a minor but indelible mark on the world. (Because you’re devastated when your secretary breaks it off, so you decide to rededicate yourself to your marriage. You’ll go on that rock climbing expedition. After which Chris Pine will lose out on the starring role to Ryan Reynolds.)

69 thoughts on “Today’s Birthday!

  1. PS I always am on the side of the secretary, who performs her job whether it’s typing, taking short hand, long hand or giving a hand job, if you will happy to be of service. The Missus, of course, is never home, forgets to pick up his shirts and wonders why pray tell, he strayed with a little nobody, who types. My 1 and a half cents.

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  2. Dude. I haven’t been here in a long time and it appears you’ve redecorated the joint and it looks nice! I need something too, but NOT of Met Gala proportions: I hadn’t read a piece like this in a while, I always enjoyed your fiction, and the twists and turns it took, all the while making me laugh. Good stuff, bud.

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    • You’re the second person to make mention of it today. And as I told the first peep, Imma be re-doing it again. That Drinks joint spoiled me for themes. It was so dang perfect I never really paid any mind to changing it!

      This one was a WP quickie. A reboot on an old favorite from my very first blog waaaaay back in the day.

      Thank you Cali. 🙂


    • Rochelle,

      Methinks Chris Pine and Ryan Reynolds would both refuse the role, seeing as how they’re still all about the silver screen.

      Maybe HBO?




  3. An ophthalmologist specializing in acupuncture. Damn … and to think I’ve visit the eye doc tomorrow. …. but I wonder how and the heck this came out of anyone’s mind. Somebody needs to hire you as a screenwriter.

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    • This was inspired by a fellow I used to know and a couple I stood behind in line the other day. I merged the two. No performance enhancing drugs were necessary. I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing . . .


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