Heroes Of The Week!

Super Man

Imma try something new this week with my Heroes entry by giving y’all briefs on my heroes and zeros rather than prattling on. I got the idea after reading an article which claimed that readers tend to lose interest if they have to read more than a few paragraphs on a given topic. I forget what the rest of the article said, but I was duly inspired to exercise brevity. I’m sure there will be instances where I will prattle on. Take this explanation, for instance . . .

Mother Nature- The balls on this chick. There was snow in New England this week. Not the movie set Styrofoam shit either. As Lou Gramm opined, head games . . I can’t take it anymore!

Favorite headline from the Globe, or The National Examiner- “It’s not Harry’s Baby!”. Personally, I would have gone with Royal Flush! or Check Mated! But whatevs.

Wise beyond her years- I’ve been a critic of Team Process in Philadelphia, because I think any professional organization that soaks its fans for half a decade and then dresses it up in analytics should be brought up on charges. But the Sixers are fun, and Joel Embiid crying on the court after losing to Toronto touched me, okay?

Leave it to a nine year old Sixers fan named Olivia to sum things up best of all.

Readers ain’t writers (Spoiler Alert)- Palenty of Game of Thrones fans went carazy over how last week’s episode went down, so lemme simplify for the simpletons. Jaime proved you never outrun your past. Dany predicted how this was going to go down ages ago. And all those innocents? Picked the wrong kingdom to buy a house in. War ain’t tidy, kingdoms are won on equal parts guile and brutality and if you want a happy ending, go to Friendly’s. That is all.

A long time coming- Pete Sabedra waited a long time to earn his high school diploma. More than seventy years, in fact. When Pete was in the eighth grade, he had to drop out of high school to support his family. After serving in WW2, he received his GED.

Fast forward to now, where the 92 year old Sabedra was presented with a diploma during the awards ceremony in which his grandson Kace received his diploma. He was named an honorary member of the class of 2019. The moral is, it’s never too late.

Favorite headline from the the National Examiner, or The Globe-
“Betty White’s Wild Life!- Cocktails, Close Friends and Hot Dogs” My God, what a hedonist she was!

When jokes go South(west)- During an hours long maintenance delay on a recent Southwest flight, a passenger’s innocent joke got serious. Quickly. As attendants were handing out water, a passenger remarked “They should be handing out vodka, we’ve been waiting so long,”. Rather than let the joke die a cornhole death, an attendant shot back at the passenger and then informed authorities of an unruly passenger.

The plane did a u-turn and the passenger was removed from the flight, to the protests of all the passengers who had witnessed the exchange. Hopefully, this attendant will visit the website peoplewhoareeasilyoffendedbythestupidestshit.com.

Uncommon strength- Journalist Jayson Greene has written a book Once More We Saw Stars. It’s a memoir which details the anguish of losing a child. Greene and his wife Stacy lost their two year old daughter Greta in 2015 when a brick fell from an eighth story windowsill and struck her in the head. She died the next day.

Greene’s book is filled with painful, sobering images. But it also speaks to the crumbling infrastructure of New York City, and the desperate need for action so that this does not happen to someone else. It always amazes me to find people like this, who contribute to humanity in the face of unspeakable loss. God bless them.

Boycott Alabama- Of course, I ain’t ever visiting the place to begin with. And I don’t know too many folks who are. But it’s time to strike back at legislators who recently signed an abortion bill into law that truly belongs in the dark ages. Shameful.

Favorite headline of the week from the New York Post- “Here Cons The Bride”- ‘Husband’ sues car heiress for faking their wedding

All heroism is local- One minute Duana Owens was sitting outside a Wells Fargo branch minding his own business, and the next he’s getting a Sorryless mention.

Owens watched a man enter and then rapidly exit the bank, brandishing a hatchet on the flip side no less. Undeterred, Owens sprang into action. He ordered the culprit to lower his weapon and to get on the ground. After a few tense moments, he did as Owens had instructed. “(Police) said they really couldn’t find too many citizens like me,” Owens said proudly. No kidding.

Welp, that’s a wrap for this week. Apologies to those who never made it out of the green room, like . . . NYC Mayor DiBlasio turned Presidential candidate #714, the troll who wished cancer on talk show host James Corden’s kid and as always . . Chancellor Trump.

70 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. B,

    Worried about the TL;DR thing, eh? Funny, Susannah mentioned worrying about writing too long today, too. That said, neither you nor she has to worry because what you have to say is so damn good. I will read anything you write. But, I know, I am not your only reader πŸ˜‰

    Mother Natures cojones are mega-gigantico. I’m just glad she has left Montreal alone to attack other areas.

    Not Harry’s baby? Where have I been?

    Toronto. You mean, L’il Ole Canada beat the big boys? Who’d a thunk, eh? But WHAT a basket! ‘Tweren’t no SWOOSH but that bouncy thing shore did work… Sweet and smart kid. There’s no crying in baseball, Guess basketball ain’t the same?

    Kudos to Sabedra. What a beautiful thing.

    Betty White – WAS? She still is!

    What in the fuckity fuck is wrong with Southwest? It’s not like he threatened to harm anyone. And his idea was a fabulous one! Sheesh.

    What a sad story for the Greenes. To lose a child is horror enough but to lose one because of bad infrastructure? He is amazing indeed to focus on his contribution to humanity. I am blown away by those like him.

    How does one face one’s wedding?

    Owens is a citizen extraordinaire.

    DiBlasio is an asshole.

    Excellent choice of music! And I apologise for being me.


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    • Q,

      Yeah, I read her post about that. And LA mentioned the same thing just now about how peeps usually only read 180 words and move on. I told her I failed big time with four times that many in this post.

      Mother Nature is making the rounds, so hold it to a whisper . . .

      I want a list of possible daddies, if it ain’t Harry. My money is on K.D. Lang. Women get pregnant to her all the time. Okay . . listening to her tunes doesn’t count.

      Toronto has beaten Philly in the World Series (’93) and in this year’s playoffs. Must be the bagels. Oh wait, that’s Montreal. But Embiid taking it that hard means it’s not all about the ching. The game matters. Lots. I like that.

      And I guess baseball IS different.

      That’s pretty cool how they presented him with a diploma.

      Truth. And I think they missed the fun stuff. For reals . . .

      That passenger will own a boat named “Southwest” next year. And I’m okay with that.

      Me too. I can’t imagine going on. But these people don’t simply go on, they do stuff like this. Blessings, they are.

      I had to look back on that to check. Fake one’s wedding? You got me! I might’ve tried it if I knew, LOL.

      I can’t believe he’s running. Oh wait, yes I can. Because it means he can up the ante when for speaking engagements on the other side. “Former Presidential Candidate” has to add what? A hundred bucks a plate? Easy?

      Cool band. I hit on them by accident when my YouTube search went from civil war to southern fried rock. There they were. Bonus round!

      No apologies ’round here. It’s Sorryless!


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      • You call it failure. I call it bonus for us.

        Makin’ rounds – interesting.

        Buahaha! kd would love that one!

        OK. I confess… I have no clue about basketball. Or baseball. I should just shut up.

        Yeah. I can believe it too.

        I love your positives stories, B.

        Yeah. Anyone can run, apparently.

        I’ve seen this video a couple of times. I canna lie. I kind like it.

        Gracias for your kindness…

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        • Well, I mean insofar as it’s not the requisite number of words. Because I regale in the failure, in this instance. LOL.

          Whisper, remember . . .

          I think she might! πŸ˜‰

          Ain’t nothing to be ashamed of. Especially baseball. Only us old guys pay attention to it any longer. The kids use it for the fantasy league aspect.

          I got four positive stories in this week by condensing each one, so I might have hit on something.

          Now . . if ALL the Democrats who are currently running voted . . for the eventual party candidate, they have enough votes to win the whole thing. Them alone!

          It’s cool. I love the video and the tune. I listened to the tune on my morning run.

          Gracias on YOUR kindness . . .

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          • Requisite number of words. Once again, social media is determining what is “right” or “appropriate”. Fail away, K? Those of us who love to read, love to read you.


            She totally would dig on this. She is a mega cool Canadian, yanno?

            Thank you. Appreciate your kindness.

            I love when I can actually help out too πŸ˜‰ Will keep on keeping my eyes open. So that YOU can share them

            We shall have to just watch and see what happens next with your election. Coz we, north of the border, are interested too.

            Must have given you a good rhythm to run by, no?

            Always, my friend

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          • Social media is like the force. It’s strong! LOL

            Bettah . . .

            I’ve . . umm . . heard?

            That’s me, Colonel Kindness. Okay, I made myself LOL with that one.

            Yeah, I mean, it would be almost as if I put this post on cruise in that instance. I think there were eight stories this week. I think the smaller ‘portions’ work.

            I think the whole world is watching right along with y’all.

            It was funky, fer sure.

            You rock!

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          • It is. Too strong.

            … than buttah.

            Have ya? I… uh… haven’t but kinda assumed.

            I think you’re right. They work. But so does whatever you do. Ya ya.. Call me super fan or groupie.

            We are. Watching, that is.

            Funky? Like… a YouTube contender funky?

            Oh come on now… you do!

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          • But it ain’t going anywhere.


            No, I haven’t LOL.

            Super groupie, how’s that? And I think I can scrunch ten into this sucker now. I’d be happy with that.

            No popcorn. This stuff is upsetting enough on our stomachs.

            Like ‘at. Chyeah.



          • Super groupie. Scrunch ten into this sucker? ‘splain…

            Yah. No popcorn. It bloats anyhow and there is way more than enough bloating going one.

            Kin I see?


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          • Ten stories. I got eight in there. I think I might be able to go ten deep. And then who knows? Maybe challenge myself to see how many I can fit inside 1,000 words. Something for me to think about.

            Bloviating and bloating and big time shit throwing. It’s just a crazy time all around. For all the wrong reasons.

            You speaking Justified? LOL


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          • Sorry. My bad. Of course you can go ten deep. Lots of stuff out there to pick and choose from. You can do it.

            It is. A most crazy time.

            Ya baby. With a bourbon to keep me company.

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  2. No matter the level, tough to lose when one gives everything – but hey – a tip of the cap to Oliva. The Alabama state legislature and governor should be ashamed of themselves – hmmmm … then again, that’s Alabama.

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    • That really DID touch me. Nice to see a pro athlete who cares that much. Olivia is a super fan, love that she took the time to write him a letter!

      It’s moving state to state now, yes. We had Georgia already, Alabama just went ahead with their legislation. More to follow, as the states with a clue follow suit and make certain that abortions remain legal.

      We’re going backwards.

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      • Don’t forget my own state in on the current list! I mention it in my OITS – but in relationship to what my state senator said.

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        • It’s scary. And to think this senator has no clue as to what ectopic pregnancy is? And these are the people telling a woman the what’s what as per her own body.


  3. I always keep my stuff well below 600 words. I hate the thought of people having to wade through what I consider important so I keep it short. You on the other hand could write the next edition of the old testement and I would be hanging on every word. Olivia knows it is a game but to offer a condolance is very sweet. Speaking of sweet what the hell Sweet Home Alabama. Stick to moon pies and Royal Crown Cola. That is the shit y’all nderstand.Anyone holding up a bank with a hatchet needs to lay on the ground. Good for the citizen. These overbearing airline enployees make me ant to barf. I hope that person got some names for the civil litagation. Looks like Southwest better gurd their loins for a lawsuit. Hey lawyers you out to be all over that case. A great heroes post, Marc.

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    • Why thank you Boss! That’s so kind, and it means a lot to me. Thank you.

      You know the best part to me? The kid took the time to write a letter! Who does that anymore? Love it.

      Yeah, and the Tide. That’s it. Agreed.

      LOL, I agree. It occurs to me this post has an old timey feel to it. With letter writing and hatchets as weapons. Yanno? It’s kind of refreshing . . .

      I told Dale they will soon have a boat named “Southwest”. And good! Because that shit is ridiculous. I mean, come on . . .

      Thank you Boss!

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  4. Mother Nature. Here in Northern California, we are in the midst of a three or four day series of storms that is bring snow to the mountains and, in this one week, will likely break the record for rain in the month of May for the area.

    Alabama … it’s not just them. There are now at least a handful of states that have taken this step and a few more that are about to.

    Game of Thrones … what? who? I’m unfamiliar with the concept. πŸ˜‰

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    • Man, it’s everywhere. And it’s crazy everywhere, it seems.

      Yep. We’re going backwards on this. Just when you think the country couldn’t get more divided than it already is. Here we go . . .

      I bet there are a ton of Game of Thrones fans who wish they were unfamiliar with the show right about now. They’re signing a petition to have HBO reboot Season 8! LOL

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  5. I believe Mother Nature is acting out like a petulant child as a metaphor mirroring the current state of affairs. If we get back to “normal,” she will, too.

    The kid letter is priceless. Love!

    The 92-year-old, followed by a thought about a Golden Girl, reminds me of an episode in which Sophia says she’s going to law school. Dorothy says, “Ma, you’ll be 96 when you graduate.” She says, “I’ll be 96 anyway.”

    Enjoyed the tune. Loves me a banjo. I blame Kermit the Frog (my early years) and k.d. lang (the 90s and beyond).

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  6. Aww, bless little Olivia for her sweet letter to the Sixers. Life through a eyes of a 9 year old is preciously sweet.
    Yeesh, some troll actually said about James Corden’s kid?! Wow. Ranks right up there with Ted Cruz’ tweet to Chris Hayes after his Space Pirate speech this week. http://m.theweek.com/speedreads/842013/msnbcs-chris-hayes-explains-why-sen-ted-cruz-wants-space-pirates-devour-liver
    Mein Fuhrer (#45) indeed.
    And Alabama…I’m with you, Marc…wouldn’t visit that state with a gun to my head. The Colorado Secretary of State came out with a ban on state employees visiting The Cotton State on official business and the governor also said they can pretty much go pound sand.

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    • A 9 year old who writes letters! Will wonders ever cease? . . .

      Wait, Ted said something stupid again? Holy shite! Umm . . I think he got Pirates and Hannibal Lecter in a mashup!

      Title works, eh?

      They have to really hit every state that votes this into law. Hard.

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  7. Mother Nature- The balls on this chick. GOD DO I LOVE THIS LINE OR WHAT. SORRY I DIDN’T THINK OF IT. And seeing Pete, in a cap and gown, made me weep like we’re family, and we are…readers, learners, writers…unite
    Falling bricks. I remember a baby sleeping soundly beneath a tree in her pram at the Central Park Zoo while her parents ate lunch across from her on a bench. Suddenly a top branch loosened, falling on her, killing her instantly. I know, it was the balls on that chick again who didn’t build a sturdier tree, but whether bricks or branches ending a life that’s yet to soar plucks your heart strings like it was a ukulele.

    I like this week’s piece, the brevity, the spareness. Mr. Imma was just more selective with his words, and in my opinion, only enhanced his prose. A Chica he cyberly knows.

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    • Betty is way more of a wild child than the Enquirer will ever know. And good. Because not everything needs to be told.
      It really does. Southwest is a good airline and this kind of nonsense does nobody any good.

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