Heroes Of The Week!

Wonder Woman

When traffic is a righteous jam- My Regular Joe and Jane Heroes of the Week award goes to . . the couple who stopped their car on the shoulder of the highway the other day and proceeded to escort a family of geese to safety. I rode up on the congestion with a laundry list of four lettered questions but was quieted . . . most righteously.

Kick up the leaves, and the Magic is lost- I dig Magic Johnson but I ain’t digging his walking back his role in the Lakers debacle. He insists he never promised to put aside his other business interests when he took a job that demands round the clock commitment. But he did promise to do just that, back in 2017. He won’t apologize for not reaching out to anyone before stepping down, which is weak. He thinks he can deny anything just because he’s Magic, and he’s probably right. Doesn’t mean I gotta like it.

Say “Squeeze!”- Sisters Hannah and Hailey Hager have taken it upon themselves to make lemonade out of lunch debt. They need lots of lemons for the $3,100 their elementary school classmates owe, but they got this. They’re spending their spring squeezing out that debt, and they even have a FB page. Go girls!

Future Headline Number 1- “Trump Library to house largest collection of porn in the world”

How ya like me now?- Jose Simms will never be confused with John Dillinger. The 29 year old Connecticut man is wanted on seven warrants, so he promised to turn himself in if his “Wanted” pic received 15,000 likes on Facebook. He hasn’t shown in spite of passing 25,000 likes, but it’s only a matter of time when your negotiating ploy is to have as many people as humanly possible get a good look at your mug.

Heart of the matter- One minute Brennan Connell was pitching for his Olathe West High School team, and the next he was having a heart attack. And while the thought of a 16 year old having a heart attack is impossible to wrap your head around, more than 7,000 children experience cardiac arrest every year. The fact that he’s alive to tell his story is entirely the result of some quick thinking fans who performed CPR and grabbed an AED to keep his heart beating. Now THAT is a box score worth chattering about.

A wonderful day in the neighborhood- Governor Tom Wolf declared yesterday “143 Day” in Pennsylvania. He picked the 143rd day of the year to celebrate the late Fred Rogers, who would often use the code number 143 to say I love you to viewers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. It will heretofore become a day for spreading kindness. Fat chance it goes national, but ya gotta start somewhere.

Future Headline Number 2- “Baltimore Orioles pitching staff to receive FEMA assistance”

What a drag(on)!- And now Game of Thrones fans know how it feels when the story you love gets rushed to the finish line. Because now we have the 2019 model for Godfather III. So Imma dish up some advice to GOT fans. If you re-watch the series, keep it to six seasons. Seven and eight are dead to you now. There aren’t gonna be any re-writes so quit your crying and move on. And . . you’re welcome.

The winds of war on a loop- The Pentagon is at it again. They pushed a plan yesterday that would send 10,000 more troops to the Middle East. They insist they’re not trying to provoke Iran. I guess they’re just looking to keep ’em company.

Future Headline Number 3- “Denny’s introduces new dessert, ‘Impeachment Pie'”

A hole lot of tax payer money- Donald Trump came up with another way to ‘borrow’ our hard earned green, thanks to his 175 golf outings to the tune of $100 million Palmers, and counting. The kicker is that all but one of these trips were to a Trump owned golf course. The double dipper in chief sure knows how to . . . wait for it . . drive us up a wall.

Ticket to ride- Rajai Davis’s career reads of a baseball nomad, with eight major league stops over a thirteen year career. The thirty eight year old spent Wednesday night living his ninth life as a brand new member of the New York Mets, thanks to an Uber driver named Jason. Davis got a call on Wednesday evening informing him he’d been signed by the Mets. So he hopped an Uber from Allentown Pa and was delivered to Citi Field in Queens, New York three hours later. Davis put a W.P. Kinsella blue ribbon on his journey by smashing a three run homer in a Mets win a couple hours later. Welcome back, kid.

109 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. There’s a lot going on here. Jose Sims is quite the loser. Rajai Davis HR story was awesome. The HS pitcher with the heart attack story – wow! Good take on Magic. Cheers to your finds and enjoy the holiday weekend.

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  2. Magic is proof positive that some people’s arrogance and ego know no bounds. And that some former athletes are not suited for front office jobs. Michael Jordan has yet to prove he can do it, but at least he’s failing quietly.

    As for the Middle East — it all just has a feeling of inevitability to me, unfortunately. And it’s a transparent effort to start a war to distract from everything else.

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    • There is only one Jerry West, after all.
      I think Peyton Manning would be wise to look for an ownership stake in a team, after which he should go about hiring smart football people to run his ship. You’re right, some athletes do not fare nearly as well on the flip side.
      I’m afraid you’re right, it’s going to happen.


  3. B,

    That is a most righteous jam!
    Seems keeping a promise is a thing not meant for people in high places.
    Love when kids step up and show the adults how it’s done.
    Does Jose Simms get added to the “stupid criminals list” created each year?
    Brennan Connell was a lucky boy indeed! Wow and wow to those who stepped up!
    143 Day – love it. I hope it does catch on. Time to spread more love.
    Buahahaha! Move on Game of Thrones fans…
    Sigh. The U.S. just isn’t happy if it’s not at war somewhere, eh?
    Trump. Pffft!
    Who’d a thunk an uber driver would go so far? Kinda cool.
    Great choice of music, as per!


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    • Q,
      I think Magic suffers from the same malady as many great players once they flip to the B side of doing things. It ain’t the same. There are precious few of them who have enjoyed similar success to their on the field exploits. Magic could’ve/should’ve said “I didn’t get it done” and left it at that.
      Ya mean like easy peasy, lemon squeezy? Of COURSE I had to.
      Simms better. Imagine ASKING for more peeps who might be able to ID you? Wow.
      Number one, somebody immediately performed CPR. After which someone knew where the AED machine was. Preparation saved a life.
      143 Day was a cool thing. I can assure you, many Pennsylvanians weren’t feeling it yesterday. But that’s ayt.
      GOT fans won’t be happy until they come up with a prequel. And if that sucks? Well then . . .
      It’s part of the business model.
      That Uber driver . . . wait for it . . hit one out of the park.
      The Heavy is always a good idea.

      Thanks lovely!


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      • Honesty would have been refreshing, tell you what 😉
        Ha ha! Love that … lemon squeezy!
        Talk about wanting your 15 minutes…
        Yes. How they knew where the AED machine was, is a miracle in itself.
        Wonder why they weren’t feeling it? Too happy? Too positive? We don’t want too much of that, eh?
        Ah hell naw! Not a prequel!
        That Uber driver was on the ball!
        Always my pleasure.

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        • Magic is living vicariously through his playing days when it comes to NBA b’iness.
          Hahaha! Thought you might.
          Which is about what Simms has left . . what a dumbass.
          Most peeps don’t have a clue what it even looks like.
          Happiness is like bourbon. To be sipped.
          They’re talking about a prequel.
          And smart. He made bank.

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          • I say we keep promoting the happy, the love, the good stuff, the lemon-squeezy with extra sugar. Maybe it’ll catch on. All the while, we can sip bourbon…
            Ugh. That’s right up there with Rick’s death not meaning death.
            He did!

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          • Hell, I am happy with peeps who just do the happy. Not for pub, just because. As a writer, I’m more concerned with writing it (Not all the time mind you, I need my Darth Vader . . it’s in my genes).
            Sipping bourbon is like swimming in the ocean. To my way of thinking.
            The Walking Dead is working on its third (fifth?) strike for me.


          • Yes. Not do it while someone films so that all the world can see. Just do the right thing because it is the right thing. And yes, we need you to need your Darth Vader and snark.
            Of course it is.
            We are on the same page with TWD.

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          • So true! Also FB and Twitter…
            You can but you wouldn’t be you 😉
            9 gave us hope (minus those little issues) so yes, let us have high(ish) hopes!

            Liked by 1 person

          • It does. Every time I get a new follower and I check them out and all I see is pictures of them, I just move along. How many selfies does a person need?
            And we wouldn’t have you any other way.
            Thought you might.

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          • Dude, you’re missing some awesome by at least not following me in the IG. I dare say Ms. Dale posts some fun pics as well. It’s like everything else in life…. Must wade through the crap to get to the good stuff, ya dig?

            Liked by 2 people

          • T Siz,

            WP is my social media fix. It’s where I can write and talk some smack, have some fun and chill. I signed up for Twitter mostly to read up on news in app sized bites. I tried scrolling through my thread once after signing up? Not sure what I was supposed to be looking for, but needless to say it wasn’t there. And I divorced FB.
            So WP is my last stand. Like Custer, only with more snark. 🙂

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          • But, but… pictures! Pretty pictures! By me! And others! You don’t have to post, but you can see. AND it’s an introverts dream — no talking! Just looking! 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

          • I know, but I’m downsizing the social media accounts. At one time I had WP, Twitter, FB and a girl I was dating even gifted me an IG account (Which I never used).
            I guess the turning point for me came a little while back when I was walking dogs at the Humane League with my daughter. I was so busy snapping shots of the dogs and then I glimpsed my daughter sitting on the bench, waiting for me to be done. Never looked back.


          • Thanks for the added adjective of glorious. I so agree, ya know, humbly and all.

            Well, yes, it takes one to know one, eh? My grandmommy said that.

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  4. More troops, and on Memorial Day weekend. He treats the military like a set of Legos. Of course, what can you expect from a Trumpet who’s old and out of tune, not to mention out of hand.
    Golf indeed…someone should take his putter and beat him over the head with it.

    Don’t watch TV so can’t really join in on GOT, but…it does sound rather Corleoneesque.

    Oh Mr. Imma…wish I could contribute more.Sigh

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  5. YAY for The Geese Protectors! And kudos to you for your self-awareness. Most people would still be grumbling at the reason for the traffic instead of being all, “Maybe I should take a minute here…”

    I like Gov. Wolf. And I LOVE Mister Rogers. Awwww.

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  6. Big huge bravos to the Hager sisters. This whole lunch debt shaming thing is so despicable. Maybe we should just separate them from the herd. Oh wait we’ve done that with asylum seekers. As for the criminal bozo who wants 15,000 likes on FB before he turns himself in. WTF??!! What in bloody blue blazes has happened to the fiber of our society? #colormeashamed

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    • Those girls are going places, like . . as we speak. It is despicable, and people should be ashamed of themselves. Should being the operative word.
      Yeah how about that? He is ASKING for more eyeballs on him, whilst on the lam. I mean, it’s enough to have Dillinger turning in his concrete grave.


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  7. I’m LOVING the geese movers usually it’s some clueless, selfish dude just causing traffic. That must have been a smile moment for sure 🙂 PLUS It is super awesome AMAZING that those people helped that 16 year-old kid. A heart attack at 16! Oh man I can’t eeeeeeven. Thanks for everyday heroes 🙂 Mr. Roger’s would be proud 🙂

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    • Cali,

      Yep, some clueless, selfish ass hat who doesn’t know how to merge into traffic. Or change lanes properly. Or use his turn signals. Or . . .

      It was a big smile moment, you know it.

      Those people are all heroes. To have the wherewithal to immediately begin CPR while someone grabbed the AED? Wow, and thank God.

      Here’s to 143 Day . . every day! 🙂

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  8. Hi – read this last week but was not logged in to drop a line.
    I like your heroes of the week posts – they are so interesting-
    The lemonade fundraiser is my top hero here

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