Snide of the Yankees

All that romance I was painting when I wrote about a day at the ballpark turned out to be a much needed prescription for my home town Bombers. Because after being held to one run in that eleven inning loss last Saturday, they exploded for thirteen runs the next day. And they haven’t lost since. I like to think we served as a baseball talisman for the pinstripes. It’s not the coziest notion, seeing as how there are thirty thousand peeps who think the same thing. But it still counts.

Anyways . . I figured since I was gifted with some free baseball at no additional cost (since the MLB hasn’t figured out how to tack that on yet ), Imma pass it along in kind.

  • The only time a hot dog is an entree is at the ballpark. Something happens to the little fuckers on the other side of the gates that ups the flavor equation exponentially. There’s nothing like having a dog at the game, because the game is the only place it tastes like Kobe beef with a fried egg on top.
  • That thirty thousand (or thereabouts) was the attendance for a Saturday afternoon first place showdown in which the weather was picture perfect says everything about the insane price structure of game tickets. In the quest to make each game an “experience”, the MLB has beaten the living shit out of the sticker price. I’d be sadder if I didn’t have the MLB network on speed dial.
  • As for those prices, it ain’t reserved for the seats. We grabbed a foot long, a bucket of chicken tenders and garlic fries with three drinks for the princely sum of $51 U.S. Mantles. I could have hosted a BBQ block party for less.


  • And no, alcohol was not included in that price, which would have added a ten spot to the bill.
  • Because I do not drink alcohol when the sun is in prime time. It’s not because I’m an alcoholic vampire, but thanks to the memory of a football game in Baltimore in the middle aughts when I made merry under the sun. The resultant headache had me wishing I was Tracy Mills from the movie Seven.
  • The wave has made a comeback at stadiums across the country. And it made me wonder where this collective psychosis originated, so I found this article that settles the matter.
  • It should be illegal for a man to wear a jersey . . even at the ballgame. It also should be illegal for a woman not to wear a jersey, wherever they like. Sorry dudes, they’re just better at it.
  • Is it wrong to feel provoked when I see a flat bill on a baseball cap?
  • Eleven dollars for a 16 oz Bud Light is only worth it if there’s a bottle of Jim Beam inside the can.
  • If you’re not in line to see Monument Park before 11:50 am, you’re out of luck. The gates open at 11:30 am. We were unaware of this short window as we strolled over to find our seats and then grabbed some dogs before heading over. We made it with three minutes to spare. Babe Ruth’s number was three. Coincidence? Probably, but I like to think the dogs worked in our favor. Even at six bucks a pop.
  • As we waited in line to get into the Stadium, a sixty something dude who was six pack pregnant took off his t-shirt to put on his Rays jersey. If I hadn’t already spent forty five bucks to park my car, I’d have given him a fifty spot to keep his t-shirt on. We’re standing right in front of a fucking sign that prohibits just about everything short of breathing but this guy can go horror story on our eyeballs. Jesus!


  • Why is it that conversations about sports always seem so smart when you’re spikes deep in them, but mindless when you’re eavesdropping?

About that Seinfeld skit: I spotted a fella of Italian descent several rows below us sporting a Jason Giambi t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. And my mind went here . . .

George: (Laughing) Jer, check out the guy in the fake Giambi jersey . . . amateur.
Jerry: Wait a minute . . are the sleeves cut off?
George: They are! Do you think he cut them off on purpose?
Jerry: What other possible explanation is there?
George: Who does that?!
Jerry: It’s unheard of!
George: There’s no room for people like this in civilized society!

From there, Jerry engages the fan in a conversation that goes sideways. After which Jerry and George end up being escorted from the Stadium by security.

  • The shift is the new phone booth stuffing. Scientifically speaking, it’s when the defense only butters one side of the bagel. It’s done so’s the hitter can’t pull the ball into real estate where they ain’t and it looks something like this.

The Shift

  • Players don’t know how to bunt any longer because bunts don’t get them paid.
  • It’s frightening how many dudes leave the men’s room without washing their hands.
  • What do you answer hot dogs, chicken tenders and a pound of garlic fries with? The responsible choice would’ve been salads, ice water and laxatives. Let the record show that a case of White Castles ain’t the responsible choice.


Welp, that’ll do it. I’d like to send out a special thank you to Gary Cooper’s stylish Brylcreem, Derek Jeter’s tarnished reputation and the lost (then found) files of Kate Smith.

Always bet diamonds.

99 thoughts on “Snide of the Yankees

  1. Wonderful reflections from the ballpark. Amazing how sporting events seem to be a reason for ridiculous pricing. We know Skyline Coneys are an local institution, but $5? Nah baby nah. Then again, a bargain compared to your pricing. Drinking Bud Light is one thing, but paying a jack-upped price for swill is reason for solitary confinement โ€ฆ and to think these people say they are beer drinkers. Here’s something for you.

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  2. I, too, have questioned the hot dog improvements inside a ball field. I don’t understand it either. If we knew the truth though — it’s probably reindeer meat or something — we wouldn’t eat them. But they are delish (I speak only of minor league ballpark experience as I’ve not helped to pay a major leaguer’s salary, ever, and will not because millions to hit a ball? Um, no.)

    Too many rules to participate there, I see. And I can’t work an hour just to get a bottle of water and a quarter of a container of french fries.

    The White Castle boxes say it all, my friend.

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    • I was just saying that to Frank . . I don’t want to know what makes them so much better. Ignorance is one less therapy bill.
      Minor league baseball is great. The tickets are cheap, the parking is free and you don’t wait in long lines for the privilege of buying insanely overpriced brand trinkets.

      Evidently, garlic fries are supposed to be THE must have food at Yankee Stadium. They were “meh!” Soggy with barely a hint of garlic flavor. WTF.

      The Phillies are paying Bryce Harper a ridiculous amount of money, but that’s okay . . they’ll simply pass along the expenses to the fans. Go team!

      I am thankful I don’t live anywhere near a White Castle. It’s the only fast food burger I absolutely, positively cannot say no to.

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      • AND minor league has dumb things between innings, all kinds of silliness. Good times. FIELD TRIP!

        It’s a shame they’re paying Harper so much and yet it seems he can’t afford a razor. ZINGER!

        I’ve not had a White Castle burger. Apparently, I’m missing out.

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  3. Sounds like a typical day at any ballpark. I have my grandpa’s cheap gene so I balk at paying the prices they charge. Instead, I opt to watch University games. I get my baseball fix, but they are free. That said, I do get my dusty wallet out once every season to see my beloved Cubbies in action. It is money wasted (no Cubbie jokes!) because once in the ballpark I forget to watch the game and turn to the crowd for my entertainment.

    Oh, and BTW….could have lived a long and happy life not knowing about man’s bathroom habits! ๐Ÿคข

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    • You Cubs gal, you got the right genes. Smart, practical and entertaining in its own right.

      Crowd watching is one of the best parts of going to a game, really. As writers, we know how to observe in the lowest of keys so as not to be detected. It’s a gift.

      Hey, there is a reason the fist bump became all rage, and it rhymes with restrooms.

      So . . if the Cubs and Yankees face off in the World Series, it occurs to me that we might have to throw down a wager on the proceedings. Hell, it’s been eighty seven years since they last met in the WS. So yanno . . they are due.

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      • Okay, so hereโ€™s what a nerd I am. I had to look up the stats and run some analyzes and I came away feeling a little nervous for my Cubbies. The Yankees have the better stats, have been to the dance more often, and (this hurts me to say) can hold it together when it counts. But isnโ€™t that the perfect betting storm. Of course, Iโ€™ll bet on my Cubs!

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  4. With all the cost and all the annoying humans around you, I’ll bet it was a great day. Thanks for taking us along. That guy who took off his shirt out to be spray painted pink and thrown out. Eleven bucks for a 16oz can of carbonated defrost? Anti American. White Castle is always appropiate no matter what. Super post, Pilgrim.

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  5. B,

    I had to wait for that gnarly tune to end before commenting – coz you know, once you hit “post” it gets shut down ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Andy hey, of course it was thanks to your presence that your Bombers are doing so very excellently. Why not be the talisman – to hell with the other 29,999 peeps.

    Of course, if we had a baseball team and I got to go to a game once in a blue moon (cannot remember my last time – but for shizzle the dogs were not ten bucks a pop back then, though I am sure we bitched at the price it was) I would end up agreeing with you that the game gives those fuckers a better flavour.

    Same goes for football or hockey prices. All insane. Mick and his buds would meet for eats and drinks before the game so’s they didn’t have to declare bankruptcy by paying stadium prices. Coz methinks it would be more than an additional ten-spot to the price. And you are so right. Sun and booze do not make friendly partners.

    Flat bills on baseball caps are sacrilegious.

    You ever notice it is the fatties who are not shy about taking it off in front of all and sundry, thereby traumatizing us? Never the buff dudes who could permit themselves such acts of brazenness ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s amazing what you discover when you go searching on the Internets. The wave feels like it’s been around for a good while. So go Krazy!

    Buahaha! Love that “Seinfeld Exchange”!

    That is a weird phenom – the phone booth stuffing thing.

    I’m always grossed out by how many women leave the restrooom sans hand-washing. Mmm…more flavour added to the ten-dolla-hotdog.

    Whatsammattah witchu. Salads at a ball game.

    Knocked another one out of the park, B!


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    • Q,

      Ahhh . . . that tune brings me back in time. Never mind that I never did partake of the white powder. And besides, every other girl I messed around with was doing it, so I figured I was a user by ricochet.

      The Yankees haven’t even bothered to send complimentary tickets as a gesture of gratitude. The nerve!

      It gives those dogs flavor AND flavour. Both!

      We didn’t have time to pregame, and it didn’t matter much since our big food score was gonna be White Castle anyways. As for the adult beverages, I reserve my consumption for post game highlights in the comfort of my own home.

      Yes, they are sacrilege!

      Never the buff dudes. It’s always the dudes whose super power is porcine density.

      The internets is a dangerous place. You don’t need the dark web to fall down the rabbit hole.

      Glad you liked! Buahahahaha!

      Yeah, not sure how or why it started. It wasn’t reserved to phone booths either. Later on, kids piled in those old VW bugs.

      Yuck! LOL

      No silly, salads AFTER the game. I don’t think the ballpark sells salads excepting for the spare slices of lettuce in between those 15 dollar burgers.

      That post is high, it is far . . it IS GONE!

      Gracias Q!


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      • Great tune, for shizzle. I never did partake of the white powder myself – was way too scared I’d like it, so I avoided no matter how often that stuff was presented to me.

        How dare they be so damn cheap! Pfft. Such a lack of gratitude.

        Don’t blame you on all the fronts – from White Castle (can’t help but think of Susan Sarandon and James Spader) to imbibing in the comfort of your own digs.

        It’s always the one that make us avert our eyes or cringe. So not cool.

        The Internets – very dangerous. Perfect place to get lost in.

        Just an odd thing that whole phone booth thing.

        My bad. Dunno what I was thinking. Of course salads AFTER. D’oh!

        Always, my amigo, always.

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        • Me too! It seemed like everyone I knew tried it a time or several. But I preferred my high to be like a controlled fire.


          Wasn’t that Broken Down Castle? Or something to that effect? Susan Sarandon was yummy alright.

          What UP with that? I think it’s the “misery loves company” effect, whereby they don’t want to be the only ones who cry when they check themselves out.

          And that’s not evening mentioning YouTube . . .

          Americans need stupid shit to keep us entertained.

          They can’t charge enough for salads, so no go.

          Thank you amiga!

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          • Yes! I’d rather have been a chicken, than someone who got dragged down that particular rabbit hole.

            They missed out on a great opportunity, you ask me.

            My bad… It was “White Palace” not Castle – but, let’s face it, they just changed the name for the movie. They were both so sexy in that.

            Honestly, they give me the impression they don’t shive a git. They are like, yanno what? I’m fat and here I am… AAAALLLL of me!

            Oh, that is a whole ‘nother time sucker!

            Not just ‘Muricans.

            There is that. So, we’ll make salad at home and imbibe in something that won’t cost an arm and a leg.


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          • It just wasn’t worth it.

            Ya think?

            That’s right. I was way off.

            And we’re supposed to be okay with that.


            I’m guessing not.

            Truth on top of truth right there. And I do loves me a good salad anyways.


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          • Nope. I never felt that I was not one of the crowd by my dissing it.

            I do.


            Salad is nothing to snub. There are soooo many things one can toss into a salad. Why, it’s been my meal at work when I do these god-awful 11 hour days, like today.


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          • Same here. I didn’t feel cool to begin with, so not doing it didn’t change matters one way or the other.

            Big salads, done up with the right ingredients . . that’s where it’s at. Add an avocado, por favor.

            Yep, salads are my energy boosters. Put the right stuff in there, up the ante with diverse flavah and have at it.


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          • Exackery. I was cool enough as I was (not that I thought I was. At all.)

            Oh yes! Salads can be perfect meals. I know. I do ’em all the time.

            Indeed. And it’s amazing, really, how one feels way more energized after eating this and soooo slugging after eating stuff like burgers and fries.


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          • Nothing’s changed on that front, you’re still too cool for school.

            I know you do. Favorite ingredients? Top five . . hit me with it.

            Ugh! I ate some leftover chicken alfredo the other night and it was like someone had implanted an anchor in my stomach. So yes, the salad would have been a much better idea.


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          • Maybe to you…

            Top Five Favourite ingredients in a salad: Arugula, Avocado, feta cheese, strawberries, almonds. Or, the salad I made in Woodstock with Steak, tomatoes, cukes, potatoes, lettuce of some kind. Or… k, I’ll stop.


            I know. Alfredo in my house, as in Fettuccine Alfredo with or without chicken, know what we call it? FATTUCCINE!!


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          • Always. I know the cool kids when I sees ’em.

            For moi?

            Spinach (I love every kind of spinach).

            Avocado, buffalo wing cheddar cheese, cashews, cherry tomatoes and thinly sliced prime rib. Toss me in some home made spicy vinaigrette and I’m talking my last supper.

            I love home made fettucine alfredo. But when I am planning on staying in for the evening. AND sleeping in too! LOL


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          • Alrighty then. Who am I to say anything when an expert is involved?

            Love spinach. Buffalo wing cheddar cheese? Never heard of it! But it sounds like a perfect salad.

            So do I. But I make it once in a blue moon coz – exackery… Zzzzzz

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          • ๐Ÿ˜Ž and . . .๐Ÿ˜˜

            It’s a creamy, spicy cheddar iteration. I found it to be amazing in a tomato grilled cheese sammy.

            It’s a darn good salad, tell you what.

            But yours . . . equally darn good. No losers here.

            Hey! You gave me an idea for another grilled cheese sammy! With bleu cheese . . and umm . . now I gots to think some.


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          • ๐Ÿง๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

            Sounds decadent. Ooohhh… in a grilled cheese. Hey! Our Bloody Mary Grilled Cheese would have loved that cheese!

            Sounds deelish.

            And no, No losers.

            Bleu cheese, plums, nuts… k. I’m getting hungry!


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          • ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

            It IS! Not as decadent as the brie grilled cheese sammy on brioche with raspberry compote dipping sauce. My Gawdness.

            In? Meet deed.

            Nevah bebe.

            Me too! And I’m not gonna cheat. Been upping my ante this past week on diet and exercise . . . so I gotta stick the landing.


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          • I had to put up some numbers. Been running harder and longer recently. Feeling good.

            You’re right there. Ain’t no shame going on.

            I could use some pounds ON my keester, but dudes don’t botox their asses. That is considered effeminate.


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          • I am so very, VERY happy to hear that.

            Ain’t no shame.

            Well… you know how that goes. We want round in one place but not another. No. No playing with that kinda stuff…


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          • Beauty. I’m figuring, now that the golf season is underway, I shall start either feeling totally shitty because I am too tired, or motivated to keep on keeping on. The jury’s still out on that one.

            Stawp. You don’t got boobs. Those are called pecs. As for the ass… that needs a specific training. Ask Brad Pitt. He got all fusserated because he was trying to train his quads and his butt kept getting bigger (for Troy). However, in the grand scheme of things, the size of one’s butt is truly not that big an issue.


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          • The secret is, drink lots of water, eat well, sleep plenty and exercise much. When people work long hours, they think exercise is redundant. But it ain’t. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

            I got a polished upper body whose nipples tend to . . umm . . show up at most inopportune times. LOL. As for the specific training, I’ll pass thank you very much.

            Nope, you’re right. We have enough asses in the world as it is.


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          • This is so true. It is most difficult to get that “get up and go” when you’ve worked on your feet for 8-10 hours. My sleep is shit and I know I don’t drink enough water nor eat properly. All these things are on my – make it happen list! I’ll move, first, k? That is SATURDAY!!!

            LOL! No? Don’t want to work the legs which work the butt? C’mon! And all this silliness aside – ya’ll ain’t got nuthin’ to worry ’bout, k?

            There are more than we need.


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          • LESS than a week. Gawd! All and mighty!

            Meditation. You doing it?

            I ain’t think so. I always focus on my doctor’s report card first, second and third. After which all the silly can have a round or two.

            Truth, you speak.


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          • Gawd and yes, all and mighty!

            Wha? No. And I really, REALLY should find the time. Because I am basically a basket-case. Ain’t no calm hanging out with cool nor collected.

            A good place to focus.

            Always speak truth, you know that. Ahem.


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          • Hall? Meet Looyah!

            G’head girl. Do it for yourself. It means a world of difference once you commit to the stuff. Seriously.


            Umm . . yeah. I do it on a regular enough basis. Seeing as how St Peter ain’t watching me all the time, I figure a break here and there ain’t gonna hurt no one. Those gates might well still open for me some day.


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          • I know. I seriously have to stop.
            And breathe.

            Besides, so much easier to tell the truth and not get all caught up in stories ๐Ÿ˜‰


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          • You do. Slow it down, because it’s gonna keep on coming anyways. Regardless. No need to drag race the fucker.

            But stories are where the writers take up residence, after they’ve done did it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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          • I know. I really do know. I’m hoping to get a good rhythm going, once I am settled.

            This is true. Forget what I said.



  6. Wait, you can’t get in after 20 minutes of the park being open if you’re not in line?!?! That’s insane. Who goes to a baseball game to watch the entire thing?

    As if vendor prices weren’t bad enough, I’ve noticed parking lots jumped on the bandwagon here too. Friday night’s game and the $35 parking fee signs were across Lower Downtown Denver for the Rockies game. $35!! Are you f-ing kidding me? For $35, I want a complete detail job with the slot. Jeez. And $11 for a Bud Lite. Bwahahaha…nearly as insane as buying a Coors Lite at Coors Field. Why yes, I’ll pay a ransom for light colored water. Yesiree-bob, please be sure to hold me up when I want something to eat that was sitting under a tanning light bulb twirling on those roller gizmos for 5 hours while I stood in line to order it. Oh Lor’ what the hell?!

    ‘Cuse me while I go put on my hockey jersey. I can’t tell you how many football and baseball jerseys I’ve seen dudes wear to a hockey game. ๐ŸคชBut that’s probably a story for another Seinfeld-esque episode.

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    • No, you can’t get into Monument Park past 11:50. Sorry, I probably didn’t make it clear seeing as how I was up MUCH too late last night and my brain gets muddled.

      The parking fees are ridiculous. And the best (worst) part, is that if there is a rain out and you have to come back, they expect you to pay that parking fee AGAIN.

      The Bud Lite isn’t even as appetizing as light colored water. So many light beers, so little flavor.

      Go Blues!

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      • With Coors being at the top of the list of tasteless yellow water. ๐ŸคฎThat parking situation is obscenely nuts! Greedy bastards.

        As for the entrance time, since when did baseball think it’s some world-class opera being played at the Met? Nope, nada, nein, nicht. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ It’s not like they’re curing cancer or something. Sheesh.


  7. Once again you’ve written one of these posts where you go bullet point crazy and I don’t know where to start. So, I’ll just randomize the thing.

    Flat bills … absolutely should be outlawed, particularly the ones that are worn just slightly off center. No, the bill needs at least a slight curl in it and should be centered on the face. Isn’t that in the rulebook somewhere?

    Hot dogs at the game. Absolutely. It’s the only place I typically eat hot dogs, but it’s a requirement at a sporting event, particularly baseball. I don’t eat them at BBQs, at the movie theater, or anywhere else. Although I did grill a few brats yesterday for our weekend BBQ with friends. I may have had one of those.

    The MLB “experience.” It’s one thing to try to turn every game into an experience when you only play 16 games in a season, and only eight home games. But the best thing about baseball — it’s 162 game season — is also one of the worst things. I hear people criticize MLB for the # of games played and I kind of get it, but no … it’s shouldn’t be a subject for debate or change. The beauty of the baseball season is its length and the opportunity for a daily experience and for stories to develop through the long summer. With that many games, every game cannot possibly be an “experience,” and with the costs associated with going, it gets harder and harder to find reasons to go. Baseball is suffering.

    Sadly, the only story my Giants are writing this season is one of futility, dread, and disaster.

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    • Randomize is a good word, sir.

      Oh shit yes, I totally forgot the imbecilic iteration that not only keeps the bill flat but off to the side. They think they look cool, but it’s totally clownish.

      Brats are different. And they go so well with beer. I mean . . real beer. Stick to the ribs beer. Not skim milk, 80 percent lean, no flavor whatsoever beer. . .

      You said it all right there. I find it absurd that they talk of shortening the MLB season (not to mention the NBA), when things like travel and training are so much more evolved. Somehow, players of another time were able to ride buses and trains AND play most if not all of their games, but now it’s a chore?

      And yes, the baseball season is like a book. Each quarter pole is its own distinct chapter. I notice how coverage of the game has changed. There is an impatience to the long season, evidenced by how teams are crowned division champions in May in spite of the fact that more than half a season of baseball remains. The writers lord over the game, pressing for changes that are unnecessary.

      As for the game, it’s run by data heads looking to monetize every damn thing about it. The unique qualities of the game are being lost as they chase similarities with the more fast paced sports of the NBA and NFL. This mindset is dumber than a rosin bag.

      God it’s really gotten bad in San Fran. On the bright side, they could probably get a king’s ransom for Mad Bum. But such a deal means a total rebuild.

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      • The dataheads have destroyed the game. Part of my baseball malaise is the dissatisfaction of the Giants returning to the mean after their WS runs, but it’s also because of what the game has turned into in the last few years. I have no objection to the shift. I have no objection to home runs and strike outs. What I object to is that hitters haven’t adjusted. I heard somebody say that it’s not going to change unless the kids of today are taught better fundamentals, hitting to the opposite field, etc. Because the players who are in the majors today have been hitting for HRs and Ks their whole lives. They’ve developed swings specifically for this and they can’t go back and re-invent themselves. I question whether professional hitters can’t make those adjustments … but if this is what baseball has become and the dynamic isn’t going to change, I may be lost to the sport I’ve always considered my favorite.

        I’m not sure if MadBum is going to get a King’s ransom. He’s lost something in the last year or two and may not be the dominant pitcher he once was.

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        • It’s nothing to see a box score where the strikeouts far exceed the hits. Because it’s home run or bust anymore. No moving runners over, no sac bunts . . no bunts. That a professional baseball player doesn’t know how to bunt is astounding to me. The MLBPA is plenty fine with this, considering as how their members make bank based on OPS and HR’s. Who cares about the fundamentals in that case?

          I can’t imagine what the great hitters of the past would have done with these shifts. You’re right, unless the hitters start making them pay, it’s gonna keep on keeping on.

          I don’t blame any one person for the state of the MLB. But if I were to go back in time, I have to wonder what might have been if Bart Giamatti had lived. We got Bud Selig after his passing. And for all his “aww shucks” bullshit, he was in it for the sell, of everything. His look away pass when the game and its hallowed records were being ruined by PED’s is despicable. But it started what we’re seeing now. Baseball started moving this way back then.

          All Bumgarner needs is a couple solid months and some team will pay for his arm. Hell, the Yanks scored Gleyber Torres for Chapman, who’s a reliever.


          • No, I know. I just wish the MLB had been tended to by a boss who actually cared about the well being of the game. Manfred just feels like more of the same to me.

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          • Every year we get idiotic ideas about “how to improve the game.” Here’s an idea, don’t do anything. Let it evolve naturally as it has for more than a century. The two biggest changes they made were one part failure and one part success — lowering the mound was beneficial. The DH is an abomination.

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          • Amen.
            I noticed they had something called “MV” on the scoreboard. It means mound visits and each team gets five. Also, instant replay WAS supposed to get egregious calls reversed, not bang bang plays. But now that’s how it’s used. And it still doesn’t get it right as much as it should.

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          • I have a friend who insists they need to replace umpires with technology to call balls and strikes. The day they do that may be the day I finally leave the game behind.

            Can you imagine? Bottom of the 9th, two on, two out, home team down by a run. “System updating … 12% complete … 2 hrs, 39 minutes remaining.”

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  8. This has overwhelmed me. I am a true blue Yankee fan, from the Babe, to Lou, to Ted to Mickey, to the the elegant Mr. Winfield who I had such a crush on. Loved when he’d fall back, springing up like Jackie Wilson. Loved the Billy Martin days when he was such a bulldog. Went to his wake and funeral that took place near my old apt. I cried.

    Yeah, I’m a Yankee girl of yore.

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    • Something else we have in common, our love of all things Yankees.

      Winfield was the epitome of class. He hit home runs that belonged on a clothesline. Those suckers left the park quicker than a sailor on leave.

      That Yankees dynasty of the late ’90’s was built on the contentious relationship Boss Steinbrenner had with Winfield. Big Dave never humored him the way Reggie and Billy did and so the Boss paid some low life to dig up some dirt on Winfield. After which the owner who would one day be celebrated was banned from the game for a couple years. During which time, Stick Michaels built a farm that yielded the likes of Jeter, Posada, Williams and Rivera. The impatient Steinbrenner never would’ve done such a thing, not when buying big names was so much more expedient. Funny how that works.

      Sorry for the ramble. You get me talking Yankees and you may as well tuck me into a sewing circle.

      Billy Martin was the last of the Mohicans. Toss back a few before the game, manage the boys to victory and then really get to work.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. My Dear and Darling Friend,

    I saw this, and at first blush, I though OMFG more of his sports crap, then I actually read it. Just lovely, and a good deal of fun. The way in which you are able to turn a phrase is nothing short of enviable. Bravo mon trรจs cher. (good thing I double checked this, it had auto-corrected to mon truss chair, and I am truly in tears, and can’t breathe.)

    Billy Boy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Billy,

      Oh please! LOL. What? You know I can’t corner myself in to one topic on this blog. It’s impossible!

      Thank you for the sugar, sugar. I take great care to whittle the words into something worth keeping to, and it’s a delight when peeps with smarts, such as yourself, feel it.

      Buahaha Gotta watch that stuff . . our devices are not nearly as ‘smart’ as they profess to be.

      For my next post, Imma feature some good Kansas City BBQ recipes!

      Umm . . just kidding. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      You’re a doll.


  10. Sounds like a fun, but pricey day. Now I have a White Castle craving, but theyโ€™re a million miles from here (just ainโ€™t the same from the grocery freezer).

    As Dale pointed out about the stripper – it reminds me of going to the clothing-optional hot springs: the more you donโ€™t want to see someone bare it all, the more likely they will.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, the freezer White Castles just won’t work. I’ve done my own version of the White Castle sliders. It was very tasty, but it wasn’t quite the same.

      Always the way it is! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Top two laughs –
    The Jim Beam in the can (good idea for that price)
    And this
    “already spent forty five bucks to park my car, Iโ€™d have given him a fifty spot to keep his t-shirt on.”

    Liked by 1 person

      • When we saw the Denver nuggets play the Hornets – the beer was around 11$ but it was huge and it was a craft beer that was all Hoppy – worth the money – but how can they charge that for dear old bud lite?


  12. People shouldn’t be allowed to go to a game without having a hot dog. They just don’t understand. Sushi is just wrong on so any levels. Still feel like I’m cheating on the real Yankee Stadium by going into this shrine but it smells a little better. For the first year, anyway. I still haven’t gotten over the old stadium being gone. Visited Fenway a few weeks ago and it made those feelings worse.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not a bad idea, George. And it would probably cut out the corporate crowd that wants its designer food. We could call it the Babe Ruth Rule.
      There was nothing like the old Stadium. The new one is beautiful, but how do you replace the aura of the original? You can’t.
      I was amazed by how small Fenway Park was. It was as if someone built the thing in their backyard.

      Liked by 1 person

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