Heroes Of The Week!

Captain America

It was a meh week for yours truly as I tried to catch up on sleep by getting even less of it. And the news wasn’t doing me any favors as per my Friday fix. There was more Mueller, because we ain’t ever getting enough. I’m sure John Gotti is looking at all these investigations into President Trump and going “Va fangul! This guy’s dirtier than I evah wuz!” And he wouldn’t be wrong.

The Toronto Raptors did become the first Canadian team to make the NBA finals, with that dime on a dollar talent Drake prowling the sidelines annoying the shit out of everyone. How can he call himself a Raptors fan if he has tats of two Golden State Warriors? I say we impeach his sorry ass.

Regular Local Joe Hero: Dandon Miller of Lancaster County, Pa celebrated Memorial Day weekend most symbolically. The motorcyclist was traveling on U.S. 30 when traffic ground to a halt. He jumped from his bike to find an injured bald eagle that had been struck by a passing vehicle laying in the middle of the road. Miller used his flannel shirt to scoop her up and the two waited on the side of the road for a bird rescue unit to arrive. Thanks to Miller, the eagle is going to make a full recovery. Hey Philly, you’s guys should git this dude season tickets!

Mailing It In: What do you get the mailman who has delivered everything over a thirty five year career? How’s about a dream trip to Hawaii. So beloved is Floyd Martin of Marietta Georgia, that the peeps along his delivery route have done just that. They started a GoFundMe page that hit their $5,000 goal, after which it kept on collecting more zeroes on the tail end. And then Delta Airlines decided they wanted to crash this postal party, offering Mr Martin a free ride. Hey Newman, eat your heart out! Muchas gracias to Frank at A Frank Angle for this special delivery.

Net Results: It’s WELL past time the MLB gets its shit straight as far as protective netting along the baselines is concerned. On Wednesday night, a young girl was struck in the head by a foul ball off the bat of Cubs outfielder Albert Almora Jr. The scene was heart wrenching as Almora dropped to the ground in tears after seeing what had happened. The little girl is going to be fine, and outside of her parents and relatives, there is no one more relieved than Almora. But this didn’t have to happen. The MLB has to get uniform with its protective netting, rather than letting each stadium dictate the parameters. These geniuses who can monetize every facet of the game can most certainly find a way to wrap the baselines in netting while keeping the players accessible to the fans at the same time. Make it happen, Rob Manfred.

Regular Local Joe Zero: The dude in front of me at the grocery store who forgot eggs, after he had his shit on the conveyor . . . and told the cashier to hold up . . . so he could go to the other side of the store to grab them. She politely declined, telling him she would finish it up, bag his things and suspend his order until he returned. He looked at her as if this technology had just been invented yesterday. In my next life, I want to be that blissfully stupid.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all: A teacher at The Chapel School- a private school in Westchester County, New York- was fired after holding a mock slave auction with her fifth grade social studies class. She chose her black students to act as the slaves and dressed them in imaginary chains. Just . . . wow.

Miles to go before they sleep: On the flip side of that kind of forgettable, Imma dish up a story about two fellas who plan on cruising through forty eight states in nineteen days in a Corvette. And no, this isn’t a reboot on the Clark Griswold franchise. It’s Mike Straub and his son, Adam. And they’re laying down serious tread marks from coast to coast as they raise money for Autism Action Partnership; an organization that provides services for people on the spectrum. Because that . . is how they roll.

Rest in Peace, Officer Eli: 

Officer Eli

Those who serve come in all shapes, sizes and breeds. And a Gwinnett County Police K9 Officer by the name of Eli served his community with a quiet diligence for the past eight years. Eli joined the force at the age of one and was the partner of Officer Matthew Bonanno. The two were chasing a suspect recently when the German Shepherd began showing signs of distress. Bonanno rushed him to a veterinary clinic where Eli passed away a short time later. County authorities led a procession from the Gwinnett County Police Training Center to Oak Rest Pet Cemetery in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where he was laid to rest.

When we remember all the brave men and women who put on a uniform every day and especially those who make the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, let’s make a point not to forget man’s best friend.

57 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. You keep knocking these heroes of the week out of the park! Love how you start with “it was a meh week” and then you wow us with the varying levels of mankind. Where do I begin?

    Local hero: major life points!

    Mailing it out: Wow!

    Net Results: Agree! Anytime a ball hits a child it is heart-wrenching. But, let’s take it to all ballparks. Several years ago at a local high school game and mother was killed shielding her child from a foul ball that came hurling at her child.

    Local Hero II: I think grocery stores make us stupid. It might be the guilt of holding up a line of impatient people (your guy excluded). Case in point, I have all these fancy degrees and Cum laude certificates, yet I swear my IQ drops 50 points when checking out at the grocery store. Then instead of accepting my stupidity, I try to explain myself to a clerk who could care less while a now angry line behind me starts invading my personal space to get me moving.

    Heard it All: WTF! Just….wow, indeed!

    Miles to Go: A dad, a son, and a Corvette. That’s love!

    Officer Eli: No words, just tears!

    Thank you for always making me go deeper!

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    • It was a meh week personally, how’s that? 😉

      The Local Hero and Mr Martin are one of a kind . . times lucky us for having them around.

      Yes, and there are too many incidences of this having happened. Once should be enough to have them change things, you would think.

      Grocery stores want to lull us to sleep so we buy more. They set you up with produce from the get, and then you’re feeling good about yourself. So you figure, what’s a bag of chips gonna hurt if I’m eating salads? And umm . . no harm in a box of donuts. King sized Hershey’s bar with almonds? I deserve it!

      Wow is all I could come up with.

      True love.

      Eli is a hero.

      Thank YOU Chitown!

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    • Evidently he personalized every interaction. He brought treats along for the dogs and kiddos along his route and he engaged everyone in conversation. He was always a bright spot to their day.

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  2. A couple of weeks ago I was at the express checkout in the local grocery store. 15 Items or Less the sign says. As I waited, a woman pushed her full cart up to the conveyor belt, but before she could lay a single item down, the woman at the cash register pointed out the 15 Items or Less sign and made her go to a different line. Did that just happen? She was my hero for the day.

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  3. It is a long ball hit, going, going, gone. A home run. I just called this post, Marc. You picked out some great hero stories. I have to believe Almora will remember this foul ball for the rest of his life and I hope he thanks God every day that the girl was spared. The MLB hotshots gotta step up. Speaking of stepping up. I love folks who help animals and love that motorcycle guy. Speaking of guy. That grocery store guy seems pretty typical to me. We have more “all about me,” types wandering around than ever before. Sorry about Eli. Mike and son in a Corvette for a very good cause. Yay for them. Yay for Bowie and Marc too. Well done Pilgrim.

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  4. B,

    By is it that when we want to catch up on sleep, we get even less? ‘Splain that to me, please. Mueller – just weird. I think Gotti is right!

    Go Raptors! Last night’s game finished with them on top. Can they keep it up? Drake – why oh why do they let him in?

    There’s nothing I like better than when a “scary-looking, tatted motorcyclist swoops in and does the sweet and right thing. And from your own town, too!

    Wow. Now that is love for the mailman. Love how Delta had to crash the party in such a nice way (ain’t bad for bidness neither, eh?)

    I’m just glad Almora felt bad – even though it technically is not his fault at all. It’s not like he aimed for the girl. But yeah. Hello MLB? What say you get your shit together?

    There are always those who forget something (yeah, I have done it before, too. And only when there is no one in the store behind me would I run to get it). However, I usually remember I forgot something as I drive into my driveway… sigh.

    I have no words for that Chapel School teacher. What in the blessed fuck? You want to teach empathy? Dress the white kids as slaves… actually, this whole exercise is awful.

    Good for the Straubs. That is a LOT of mileage in 19 days. I hope they succeed.

    I don’t know if people realise just how much these K9 Officers do in their lifetimes. Yes, we must salute them.

    Always a fabulous read, B. You never disappoint


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    • Q

      I have to stay on a roll with sleep, otherwise it’s like starting all over. I had been sleeping so well and then Tuesday happened and screwed the shit up.

      Gotti was right about a lot of things.

      The Raps don’t look intimidated. As for Drake, as with Spike Lee . . these guys take away from the game. Who cares about them while you’re watching the game?!

      Yep, he’s right down the road. Truly good dude.

      Mr Martin was a bright spot in everyone’s day. He deserves it.

      Almora was completely distraught. I felt for him as well. Thankfully the girl is going to be fine.

      I can’t stand most grocery store peeps.

      The whole exercise is a real head scratcher. To think they sat down and planned this thing out, and not once did someone say . . . wait . .what the fuck are we doing here?!

      Me too. A Vette is nice to look at, but for long distances? I guess we’ll see.

      Eli was an officer and a gentleman.

      Why thank you lovely! 🙂



      • Sorry to interrupt, Mom and Dad, but I’m sitting here enjoying some cheese and crackers, reading all the comments. Stopped here because Tuesday would like to officially apologize. It’s usually not Tuesday that messes everything up and Tuesday is very, truly sorry.

        You need to grocery shop with me. I have fun (there’s singing and dancing) and I AM the one to tell the rude people where to go. Good times, my friend. Good. Times.

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      • I hear you all the way. I had shit sleep for a week. Last night, took out the big guns, turned off the light by 11 and was asleep by 11:02. Woke up twice but rolled over and managed to go right back. Exhausted much?

        How crazy is that, when you think about it.

        Every time I checked the score, they were still 10 points ahead. Googled their win this am. Like go away celebs unless you can behave like normal fans.

        Good dudes, bright spots and great conscience.

        Most grocery store peeps are putzes.

        I don’t understand how they could plan such a thing.

        My dad’s best friend drove across Canada and back through the States in a Vette. Never understood the appeal.

        You bet!

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        • When YOU go to sleep that quickly, then yes . . that is the definition of exhausted.

          Celebrity fans have a long history of trying to hijack the game. From Jack to Spike to Drake. But outside of the networks . . . who gives a flip?

          You said it.

          They are. Which is why I aint missing much when I zone out.

          It’s called cluelessness.

          Me either. Unless you have a game plan like the Straubs.



  5. You got me with Officer Eli. It made me think of all the dogs that worked after 9/11 who were treated like any other member of the team. There’s a famous photo of a Golden Retriever who had gotten hurt, on a stretcher being carried by two firefighters.

    They’re as noble as any other worker who puts his country and fellow man first.

    There’s always one hero on your list who speaks to me.


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  6. “So I think it would be a good idea to have the black kids be slaves and the white kids will buy them.” Everyone else: “That’s great!” What bumblefuck place was this in? Oh yeah, Rich-ville.

    I saw the bald eagle story but didn’t hear the part where the guy was local! (You know, relatively speaking.). YAY for middle-PA person who isn’t making news for his gun collection or his racism! WOOT! (That’s right — I’m PROFILING!)

    David Bowie. May he rest. *bows head*

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    • The dumbest story of the week. And you really have to go some to earn that title.

      Yes! This dude is righteous! And that Eagle, she just hung out and chilled with him until help arrived.

      To Bowie.

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  7. Hi – coming here after just hearing about the recent Virginia Beach shootings – and thankfully an officer was saved by Bush life vest – but 11 died! Ouch

    Anyhow – also heard on the radio about the little girl getting hit by the ball and glad she is recovering – but you are right – need some standards and a lot more safety – the radio program also listed some of those who have died and so we need to fix it.

    Last comment to chime in – that corvette ride sounds fun (even tho don’t like those cars) but also for a good cause

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    • It’s up to 12 victims now. The shooter was a city employee, and all but one of the casualties was also a city employee. No word on “why”, but once again, this is about mental illness. Which is still not being addressed nearly as much as it needs to be.

      The MLB can do this. Those who whine about obstructed views have never had to deal with a loved one being injured or worse. The idea that people are dying at ballgames as a result of this is mind boggling to me.

      Not a Corvette fan myself But the cause is worth rooting for.

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      • Agree with the baseball safety
        And the mental illness topic – I heard celebs are getting involved – like prince harry and Oprah are teaming up – but here is the thing –
        If we just offer more counseling with perspective mom drugs – no god changes will unfold!
        We need alternative medicine – we need to help the physical body more and omg – dr kelly brogan Has some amazing stuff on the food connection – and nutrient void linked to depression.
        So we don’t need “big names” – even as bad ass as they are – we need effective strategies thinking outside the box
        We need more short term free
        Counseling – and we need to have emotion education in middle school – they sure have the safe sex down – and how to put on a condom – but let’s teach about the parasympathetic nervous system engagement and teach about some Brilliant everyday cooing tools. Lie just heard about “commitment devices” on NPR-
        But too often we drug’em up – ugh

        And some corvettes are cool! When we roadtripped to see my step-daughter and family last sept – a few times we saw this guy in an old corvette (teal and think it was 57) – he might have been a celeb – but who cares about that – I just wondered his story! He was a tall guy – thinning black hair – glasses – and he seemed so big for the car. Yet his adventure was obvious
        And I am so mad I did not take a photo – hubs was driving – and omg, sorryless – I friggin take pictures of doors – shadows on stairs – people at a bus stop – and I didNOT photograph the man road tripping in an old corvette ???!!- maybe it was because I was so curious as he driving by! Was he going from Cali to FL – such a nice way to travel thru Mississippi, Bama and panhandle – was it his car – (did he just splurge or inherit it) was he feeling all Steinbeck-ish – was he clearing the head – cos that kinda road trip will clear much!
        Last note in corvettes – a mechanic I really respect does race about this Chevy model – but I don’t like the look and nit to sound bitchy – but usually the folks I encountered who owned them were “blah”

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        • I can’t imagine how many of these shootings is considered “enough”, because I really don’t think there is a number.

          As for what you’re saying, yes. And hopefully. But who is going to take the reins on this? I totally agree that celebs are all well and good, but we need something substantial. We’ve needed something substantial for too many years already.

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  8. That dude at the line … I can’t. High fives to the cashier on that one and you for bringing the story that we’ve all encountered when we’re in a rush at the market. But on the positive, I did hear about that mailman story and I thought it was so sweet… not many people show gratitude for others and I thought this was such a kind act, good on them for paying it forward. Plus good on that cross country trip to raise awareness and maybe some funds for autism. What a good wrap-up you had … even included an eagle rescue. I wish you did the news … I’d feel a lot better and hopeful after watching your segment instead of the ones we have now. Just highlight at least one positive right? Thanks for spreading the good vibes brother. Peace, sunshine, and waves my friend.

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    • There’s always someone in line who can score a role as zero of the week.

      Mr Martin endeared himself to the people on his route because he cared. About everyone. He wasn’t just doing a job. He became a part of their daily routines, and a very good one.

      I was thinking . . what kind of ride would I choose if I had to do a cross country trip. I would go with one of those vintage black Lincolns with the suicide doors. Of course, I would have the dash retrofitted so’s I had satellite radio.

      Eagle man rocks!

      If I did the news, I would be fired almost immediately for refusing to heap one crap story on top of the other, LOL.

      Peace, sunshine and waves back atcha, Cali.


  9. Late to the party – gotta love this set – and hell yes, come on Eagles, step up! Glad you enjoyed the mailman story. Service dog stories always hit the mark.

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    • It would only seem right. If anything, have him as a guest of honor for a game. I know the minor and independent league teams in the area will invite him out.
      Loved the mailman story. Thank you.
      Eli was a true hero.

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