Heroes Of The Week!

Super Woman

Fandumb- Sports fans have a hard time staying in their lane but Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens took this hubris to another level Wednesday night when he shoved the Raptors Kyle Lowry after the point guard fell out of bounds. Stevens was kicked out for his actions and is not welcome for the remainder of the NBA Finals. Here’s hoping the Warriors don’t stop there. Stevens should be forced to sell his share of the club because there’s no room for his antics.

What a ride!- Lemuel Buster is a volleyball referee at Paulding County Parks and Recreation Department in Paulding County, Georgia. The dude is so committed to the kids he works with that after his car’s transmission went to the great beyond, he rented a car so he wouldn’t miss a game. A collection was taken up, after which Buster was presented with a Chrysler Sebring convertible and $2,000 in gift card donations. You really do get what you give.

NFL boss bullies Buffalo- When NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell talks about how the Bills need a new stadium to remain ‘competitive’, that’s what he’s doing. He’s pricing out a town that sits on the poverty line. He wants to bring his corporate (expensive) visions to a blue collar town, even if they can’t afford it. That is shameful.

YouTube find of the week #1- Kenneth Copeland is proof positive there is a hereafter. Because this creep is a demon, first class. He proves it, again, in this video.

Cheap Shit King strikes again!- Walmart lost the two tier graduation cake Marsy Flores ordered for her daughter, so they had her pick out a cake of her choice- free of charge- and they decorated it. Fast forward to the graduation party when the proud mama sliced into . . . Styrofoam. Because they gave her a fucking display cake. Low prices ain’t worth this kind of stupid.

Home (Depot) is where the heart is- Two year old Logan Moore has a condition called hypotonia which affects muscle tone and stability. As a result of this, he is unable to walk on his own and the insurance process to get Logan a walker is tedious. So his mom Christian took him to Home Depot recently in search of materials with which to make their own. Once the peeps knew the deal, they helped her find everything and then the manager sent her family out for ice cream. When they returned, Logan had a walker made from PVC piping. Gratis. That’s how you make the world a home.

Justice? Or just this?- Former Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson deserved to be fired. The resource officer failed the students and faculty at Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School, where 17 lives were taken last year. But the 11 criminal charges lodged against him is unprecedented and I wonder if it sticks or if this is just for show. Was it so we’ll stop asking why school administrators didn’t heed all the warning signs, or why the FBI didn’t do any followup on Nikolas Cruz before that fateful day? I’m not defending Peterson by any means. But this feels like subterfuge.

YouTube find of the week #2- Wait, hold up . . these dudes stole my moves!

Experts in Bullshitology- The NBA finals is proving (once again) that sports analysts are nothing more than overpaid guesswork artists. I’ve watched three prominent voices change their predictions twice already . . and they’ve only played three games!

Back to the Bat Cave! Again?!- Maybe Robert Pattinson ends up being the actor who does for Batman what Heath Ledger did for the Joker. But hells . . can’t all these brilliant minds at DC let the Bat Man chill for a while?

Special Delivery- Saturday was always a special day for the Creans and their dog Casey. It was package day for the couple, and Josh the Fed Ex driver never forgot to include Casey in the festivities, leaving a treat on top of the box each time. Casey’s passing in April hit her owners, and Josh, hard. So he took it upon himself to gift the Creans a paw print memorial to put in their garden. For some it might be a job, but not this dude.

YouTube find of the week #3- The Boss of 10 Downing Street is Larry the Cat. That’s wassup.

Imma wrap this week’s installment in a baseball doubleheader of sorts, and special thanks to Frank at A Frank Angle for the righteous pitch. The dude is an ace when it comes to great stories.

Last week the nation gave thanks to the uniforms who keeps us safe every day whilst paying homage to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. And if baseball gets anything right, it’s in recognizing the real heroes.

At Yankee Stadium, the home team honored 104 year old WWII veteran Luis Forte during the seventh inning of their game against the San Diego Padres. Forte’s life had come full circle inside that special moment as he talked about plucking down twenty five cents for a bleacher seat as a young boy. In 1942, as a member of the U.S. Army Air Corps, Forte was plunged into the theater of battle in Europe. He calls himself one of the lucky ones, having lost a lot of friends during his four years served.

Army Captain Michael Medders is one of those who never made it home. In 2008, Medders was killed when a suicide bomber detonated his vest during an operation in Baqubah, Iraq. The former All Ohio defensive lineman for Bowling Green State University climbed the military ranks quickly and made an impression on every life he touched.

It’s why Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona wore a patch with Medder’s name on it last week. “He was a football player, sang in the choir,” said Francona ,”One of those all-around kids.” Yes . . . a kid. Because it’s important to remember that twenty five years was all he got to live. We can’t forget that.

We just can’t.

67 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. Way to go, Pilgrim. You pulled out the best for all of us with the feel-good stories. The others don’t count. We should all concentrate on the Medders of the world with an end of forgetting Goodell and Stevens. Good job.

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  2. B,

    First off, you chose my most favourite Collective Soul tune. It was the second concert Mick and I went to see and this fantastic (now closed) venue.

    You really have a knack for finding cool shit both good and shake-my-head worthy, yanno that?

    What a putz Stevens is. Honestly. Great sportsmanship attitude. Not. Goodell is another level of shameful.

    What a beautiful thing to happen to Buster!

    Copeland. I can’t even. Did you look at his eyes? They look positively evil! They ain’t no Lord speaking through him is all I can say.

    OMG Walmart. Seriously? I hope the employees who did this were, if not fired, at the very least suspended for a time. What a horrible thing to do.

    πŸ’πŸ’–πŸ’• To Home Depot! My heart is buzzing for this one.

    Don’t even know what to say about Peterson, truth be told.

    Oh man! I saw that sneaky groin hit whilst at work! I missed the clothesline, though.. Ooo-eeee.

    Bullshitology – that’s gonna come in handy for me, I’m thinking I know of a few who have doctorates in this!

    Sorry. Enough witht the Batman and Pattinson just, well, no.

    Casey’s paw print is a sweet thing indeed. And Larry is a cool cat for shizzle.

    I better step up my game! Frank is feeding you fabulous stuff lately and I’m providing diddly-squat! Beautiful story, is what it is.

    Q (the rambler)

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    • Q,

      I remember having a conversation with you about Collective Soul once. Not sure we talked about this song.

      It’s fun when the wheels start turning on some of these stories. But lemme tell you, it’s damn near impossible to come by happy stories on the mainstream outlets.

      Stevens needs to go. Lowry exhibited great self control in that situation. I’d probably have popped the SOB for pushing me. And Goodell . . he only cares about the bottom line. Sadly.

      Buster made out well, but from what I was reading, the families really adore him. He takes care of everyone.

      That’s what I’m saying! Copeland looks like a real deal demon. And the way he was pointing at Lisa Guerrero and demeaning her at every turn . . so much for all that man of the Lord shite.

      I cannot stand Walmart. It’s a blight to our landscape. They should suspend the whole chain, LOL.

      Home Depot is the Anti-Walmart.

      Me either. He deserved to be fired, but as for being charged with negligence and failure to protect others . . it’s never been done with a law enforcement officer. I just wonder what it means.

      That’s how I played basketball!

      Play ahead, buahahaha!

      I agree. We’ve had numerous Spidermans, a few Hulks, and now Batman has gone through Keaton, Clooney, Kilmer, Bale and Pattinson. I might have missed one, not sure.

      That was a very sweet gesture by the Fed Ex driver. And Larry rocks.

      Oh please (emoji not included). You have so much going on right now, AND you’re contributing your wonderful talents to WW. Your game is legit!

      You’re a lovely rambler.


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      • It probably was πŸ˜‰

        I’m glad you still try to suss out the good ones. It makes for a nice mix to read!

        He does. Lowry did.

        There’s love and there’s love! Buster gives to definitely the karma thing shows!

        He is scary-looking. And the finger-pointing – I swear, I would have bitten it off!

        Of course they are a blight, Mr. Target-Man!

        You played basketball like a wild game of rugby?

        You forgot Affleck (of course we are not counting the original Adam West or a couple other dudes who played before we was born…)

        I thank you for your understanding πŸ˜‰ , even sans emoji, and at least I can contribute with the WW!

        Ramblin’ Woman!

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        • I’m serious about the good ones though. It’s depressing reading “The Week” or a recap of the weeks events on CNN . . because there isn’t much feel good within those pages.

          So Stevens was fined half a million bucks and banned from all team activities (games) for one year. My problem with what he did revolves around who he was. He didn’t commit a high crime, of course. BUT . . if that had been a regular Joe who did that? Who knows? He might have been arrested rather than asked to leave.

          And Buster is some cool old school as far as names go. Love it.

          Oh, you would have kicked his ass right then and there! LOL.

          Walmart doesn’t serve any purpose other than the low prices. They make a big deal about their community involvement. Never mind that EVERY big retailer does as much or way more than WM.

          Hey . . the highlight of my high school basketball career (sic) was that I learned to dunk, I could shoot free throws at an 85 percent clip and I had a sweet rainbow jumper that worked plenty fine. Unless I was being defended. Which . . kind of defeats the purpose of the jumper if you can’t hit it with hands in your face. So yeah . . I was physical.

          Affleck! Yes, I thought he was very good. Thank you, I knew I forgot one. Did you know Adam West had a very short lived show on TV? I have to ask my son the name. I watched an episode and it was hilarious.

          Peeps come to Sorryless for the Friday Heroes and the spectacular Wordless Wednesday images. So umm . . you contribute palenty.

          Not to mention trouble. πŸ˜‰


          • What does that say about our world when we have to search and search hard for feel-good stories?

            BFD 1/2 mil – like that’s not chump change for him. You can bet your ass if it had been you or me we’da ended up in the clank.

            Buster is cool for a name for shizzle.

            I would definitely not have kept my cool with him.

            No worries. I loathe the place myself.

            How low were the baskets that you could dunk? πŸ˜‰ Sorry, I couldn’t resist!! You know I am teasing you! I once upon a time had springs at the bottom of my feet. Now? Not so much.

            I Googled coz it was bugging me… So I get no points on Affleck. I had no idea West had another show.

            Peeps come to Sorryless for EVERYTHING you write. Don’t even. They just get a lil something different on Wednesdays. And I am more than happy to contribute!

            I thought you liked trouble? 😏

            Liked by 1 person

          • It’s what sells, unfortunately.

            We’d have ended up in the clank, and then would have served extra time for not being able to come up with bail moolah. And in my case, I’d be in some kind of trouble for having messed with an NBA dude . . .

            From Buster Douglas to Buster Brown . . it’s a classic name.

            And the look on his face when he said that his organizations have raised 25 million for the poor. I would have asked him how much his organizations made, because I’d hedge a guess it was several hundred million dollars more than that figure. Which would then beg the question . . . where’d all THAT money go?

            Nobody likes WM. They simply go for the cheap shit.

            Buahahaha! That IS a fair question, but I assure you it was regulation. Of course, it was not a mean slam dunk . . it was a “Oh my God, I made it!” dunk, LOL.

            Yeah I gots to find out the name.

            That may be true, but Heroes and WW stand out.

            I AM trouble, remember? πŸ˜‰


          • And then they wonder why everyone lives in fear… You keep bringing on the good – I’ll try to help find some, too πŸ™‚

            True dat. They would have set bail exorbitantly high, just coz it was done on National TV

            Don’t forget Buster Keaton πŸ˜‰

            And cheap shit they have. It’s so hard to be honourable on minimum wage, unfortunately.

            πŸ˜‰ Nah… you know I was just busting your balls. I would have dearly loved to slam dunk just once. Oh wait, when I visited my elementary school, I did. Ahem.

            Last series from ’15-’17 was Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero – betcha that’s the one you are talking about. IMDB is the best πŸ˜‰

            They do, at that. But I so miss our challenges with Karen where we truly let our creative juices flow…

            Double meet Trouble. 😘

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          • The news is all about churning up the fear factor.

            Yeah . . we would have been famous. For all the wrong reasons. Which would have made us natural fits for reality TV.

            I did!


            Hahaha! It’s alright, I still do have the long range game at least. I can knock ’em down. Because there’s no defense being played, of course.

            Hmmm, maybe right.

            Yeah, I still have a draft from those challenges, LOL.

            Double down, clear the room, the big guns is out!!

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          • This is true. Which is why I no longer watch the news.

            We coulda been contendahs!

            I bet your long-range game is still good πŸ˜‰

            What? Is there a challenge we did not complete? Or is that the “spam” one you were considering? (Which I still am, too)

            Fire in the hole!!

            Liked by 1 person

          • You ain’t alone. I guess that’s why the harp on one thing and stick with it. They probably figure, might as well stick with needle moving stories over a breadth of different news. It’s lazy though.

            Nice Marlon Brando.

            It’s ayt!

            I think it’s part of the straggler challenge we had at one time.

            Lord have mercy.

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          • Very lazy. And, as we mentioned, all it does is build fear.

            Thanks, I try πŸ˜‰

            I’ve not doubt.

            Ah. I was not part of that straggler challenge – wasn’t in da loop at that time!


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          • It’s like with radio. The reason the medium died is because the programmers are lazy. They play the same rotation every day. No new shit, no wrinkles. They stick to a fifty year old script.

            Really? Hmmm.

            You said it. I’m sipping. On episode 4 of season 5. Once or twice a week . .

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          • Lazy Schmucks Network. Imma copyright that! It’s golden I tell you . . golden!!!

            It has been so long I ain’t remember.

            Yeah definitely. It’s such a good watch. No bells and whistles, great writing and the characters are just so much fun.

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          • It’s so weird, when I went to comment on this, it opened up my last comment as if I had made one yet. What in the blessed fuck is going on with this site sometimes?

            LSN. That’s perfect.

            Oooooohhh. I forget I came upon her blog first.


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  3. You never fail with your Heroes of the Week,

    Somehow in my watching of last night’s game, I missed Mark Stevens’ shenanigans. Based on the reporting of the incident, I thought Stevens much have committed a major physical assault on Lowry. Then I saw the video this morning and thought “that’s it?” Now, that said, particularly as somebody who is affiliated with the team, as a part owner no less, there is no punishment sufficient for this short of forcing him to sell his stake in the team. He should be forever banned from the NBA, but I also think what he did has been blown slightly out of proportion.

    Meanwhile, how can the Warriors win a playoff game if their second and third options are Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala. It was just a painful thing to watch the two of them try to pick up the scoring slack left behind by all of the injured players.

    The NFL and Buffalo … Buffalo is the kind of town that would never get an NFL franchise today. That’s great. But they have one and if the town isn’t big enough or rich enough for the NFL where do they propose to move the team???

    Your Home Depot tale almost made me cry. I was this close … [] … but I held back. Some day you will make me cry with one of these. I’ll let you know when it happens.

    Regarding NBA analysts … they are complete idiots. When Durant went down with his injury, both van Gundys said the Warriors would struggle to score 90 points without Durant. A local sports talk host agreed with them. I immediately tweeted at the local guy that none of them had apparently seen how the Warriors play when Durant isn’t on the court. Check the scores went down — have they struggled to score 90. I think not. Meanwhile, Mark Jackson continues to demonstrate that he is a complete and utter idiot. Oh, and then there’s that one analyst … blond woman … I’ve forgotten her name. But it’s a guarantee that if she starts talking, I’m muting the TV and putting some music on.

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    • Mark,

      It wasn’t the end of the world, but with all the fan involvement, the league (I have a feeling) is going to have to make a statement, seeing as how he’s got a minority stake in the team. And I’m not upset about it.

      Man, the injury bug is really hitting this club right now. Steph could have scored 60 and I don’t think it would have mattered last night. Klay is way more important than people know, and Cousins . . okay, chalk some of it up to rust. But I don’t feel a rhythm with him on the court.

      They talked about moving the club to Toronto at one time. I’m guessing that would be an option, as would San Antonio and who knows where else.

      That one had me pretty close as well. That was a solid thing the Home Depot peeps did.

      Ramona Shelbourne? I think she’s a sideline reporter, which I don’t understand . . that whole sideline gig.

      As for the KD stuff, one day he’s going to New York with Kyrie . . then he’s staying in Golden State, rinse and repeat. They have no idea where KD, Kyrie or Kawhi are going but it won’t stop them from speculating ad nauseam.

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      • Cousins has never been a fit for the Warriors, although I think that him and Durant could play together — sloooooow it down. Cousins played well for the second half of Game 2, other than that he’s too slow, too uncoordinated, too much of not what the Warriors do.

        Not Ramona Shelbourne. I had to google it … Doris Burke. Absolutely cannot stand her.

        KD … he’s going!! He’s staying!! He’s going!!! He’s staying!!! Please, just let it be that he’s going!!!!

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        • His game doesn’t fit their wide open style (at least when KD isn’t making it a half court game). He’ a hell of a passer, but the rest of it doesn’t jibe.

          Doris Burke!

          You know who rankles me? Scott Van Pelt. He doesn’t give an interview, he conducts a bro chat. Lots of “Hey thanks man!”. My God man . . . be a professional!

          KD’s status is like New England weather. Wait five minutes and it’ll change. Again.


  4. One more … Scott Peterson. On the one hand, I don’t feel that I know enough to comment on this. On the other hand, I agree with you. Charging him just smells wrong. It’s political grandstanding by the local D.A., and it’s a shame. I’m relatively certain Peterson will live with what he did the rest of his life. I’m also relatively certain that him charging in alone would have likely not produced results that were much better than what happened without his charge.

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    • Regardless of what may or may not have happened if he had gone inside Building 12, just looking at the charges. I feel the same way. This is CYA time and “we’re doing something instead of nothing”.

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  5. I’ve already expressed a fair number of thoughts about the sorry league known as the NBA earlier today but can I just say Jeff Van Gundy as color commentator for the playoffs is the ABSOLUTE WORST? Clearly Marcus Camby didn’t hit him hard enough back in the day when he was the coach for the Knicks. At least the NHL has the A-team calling the Cup games which makes up for the shabby performance by those NBA knuckleheads. I’m yelling more at the announcers than I am for any of plays on the court. 😬

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  6. Quite a contrast with HD and WM! I’m sure others could tell different stories, but I do my best to avoid WM all the same. Shop local. Great Collective Soul video – love those guys!!

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    • I have four in my area, two that are actually a pleasure to shop and two that I won’t step foot in because they’re a complete joke. I just shake my head when I see their commercials for easy peasy store pick ups. Knowing first hand how ass backwards that store pick up process is at WM, I have to laugh.

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  7. You always get me on one…Logan Moore. I am ashamed of his insurance company and think your Wonder Woman up front should be dedicated to his mom aiding her son, like a bear defending her cub.

    That’s all she’s got this morning, but by the looks of your fans, you don’t need much more from this goil whose opinion is worth ten cents a pound, if that.

    Dale is your greatest advocate. Such great repartee between you. A post all in itself. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • She is a super mama alright. The kid was dealt a very tough card, but thanks to mama, he has plenty of pluck and spirit.

      You know as my Chief of Staff that your opinion is value AND utilized. Heck . . I even practice brevity (when the story allows) on here thanks to a chat we had about it. So your opinion is dollars on the ten cent piece to me.

      She has a WW spot for a reason. She’s good peeps, even if she is much too liberal with the “U”. Hey . . I ain’t judging.

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  8. Ok – that collective soul song is dear to me – brings me back to 1995 when I was dating my husband –
    And the note about the buffalo bills stadium – oh my goodness are they not in tune with what is going on there – well parts of buffalo are still vibrant – but this is the same team that almost went to Toronto and well – hope it works out –
    I can’t watch the videos now – but the Copeland dude is one of least favorites ever

    Liked by 1 person

    • Love that tune. And Collective Soul in general.

      The Bills recently updated their training facilities, which means way more to players than the stadium they play in. The stadium is entirely the purview of the owner. They want the caviar cribs so they can charge primo dollars for the same product. And this is Buffalo, a town that loves its football WITHOUT the 40 dollar Kobe burgers.

      Copeland is a thief. It disgusts me when he pats himself on the back for all the money he gives to the poor.

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        • Camden Yards in Baltimore is a great place to watch a game. But it replaced Memorial Stadium, which was a neighborhood stadium. When the Yankees visited that place, it was a house of horrors because there was a legit home field advantage for the Orioles. Fast forward to the corporate crowd at Camden Yards and now the Yanks look forward to their home away from home because their fans outnumber the home team. Not cool. Even as a Yankees fan I know that just ain’t right.

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          • That is very wrong – and I still have my Baltimore pics to post and think of you when i see the stadium pic

            And even tho buffalo is bitter cold and the stadium is uncovered and old school – there is something raw and gritty about the games there –
            And did not know they have an updated training camp – very nice – (I am 51% bills fan and 49% broncos fan)
            I will be in that area next week and might just grab a photo or two to share via blog now that this topic came up.
            Did you know I am from the buffalo area?
            Family is from orchard park – Lancaster – south buffalo – West Seneca –
            And already planning my wing-eating night

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          • Baltimore ushered in these corporate stadiums. Nice cribs but they lack the passion.

            Buffalo IS a home field advantage, that’s for sure.

            Coolness! And no, I did not know you were a Buffalo gal.

            You go girl! πŸ™‚


  9. What a great tribute to Captain Medders. When you read about everything else going on that people think are important, you remind us about what really matters and question why it continues to happen.

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    • These courage of these men and women is humbling. When you think about how many of these kids COULD go into fields where they don’t have to put themselves in harms way, and they do it because they have a calling. That’s really something.

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