27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q,

    This panoriffic! (Panorama and terrific hooked up to make that word possible).

    The cloud cover is wicked, the color variations like something out of a painting. And I love the asymmetrical positioning of the earth and sky. It really helps to clue you into the fact that this isn’t a painting, but a photograph. It’s that vivid.

    Brilliant capture.


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    • B,

      So very glad you liked. I was driving home trying to figure out how to capture it because it was so insane for all the reasons you specify. Finally there was a spot on the highway (crazy me) with no power lines or other distractions.

      I just had to. And am so pleased. And all with my Samnsung! Go figure!

      Thank you so much.


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      • The lack of power lines and other distractions makes this feel like it’s something out of the west . . . one of those states where the population is like, 500 people.

        And another thing that works is the contrasts within. Sweeping darkness, a palette of various colors, the light shining from under the skyline’s door.

        The technology of phones continues to amaze!

        De Nottingham!

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        • That is so cool to give that impression.

          Those clouds were positively mesmerizing.

          Course, a smidge of credit can be given to the one working the phone.πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

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  2. I have a thing for sunsets. I’ll never stop trying to take pictures of them in my search for ever better versions.

    You nailed it with this one. Nailed it. It’s stunning.

    In reading the comments, I’m reminded of how many times I have driven home from work and have watched the clouds and the sky and the sun and have recognized a moment of perfection in the sky. And then driven madly around looking for a place to take the picture. Glad you found it with this one.

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    • So do I! And at the golf club where I work they are simply outstanding. I get teased for the number of times I try to capture them.

      Thank you so much, Mark. Very much appreciated.

      If you only knew how often I curse when there is no where to stop! Or how often I have “chased” it in the attempt to find a proper vantage point.
      Glad you think so.

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