Heroes Of The Week!


Captain Marvel

Open Season in the Dominican- The death toll is ten and counting, with all sorts of theories abounding- from terror plots to a sleepy island gone Wild West. All that, and an assassination attempt that almost took out Big Papi, which, even if it was a case of mistaken identity, ain’t good for (tourist) business. This place is Camden with palm trees.

Why Jon Stewart fights- Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell wonders why the former talk show host was so “bent out of shape” when he testified before Congress last week? Look no further than Lou Alvarez, a 53-year-old former NYPD bomb squad detective who has colorectal cancer. His liver has completely shut down as a result of tumors and he underwent his 69th round of chemo the day after testifying before Congress last week. In spite of all that, less than half of the 14 members of the subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties were present to hear Alvarez speak. That’s unacceptable.

Tending to his goals- New York Islanders goaltender Robin Lehner made his bones this year and in so doing became a finalist for his position’s top honor- the Vezina Trophy. And while he didn’t score that one, he did take home the Masterton Award; which goes to the player that best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey. Lehner has been open about his struggles with substance abuse as well as his mental health journey. Toughness isn’t about being fearless, but rather it shows itself when you overcome those fears. “I’m not ashamed to say I’m mentally ill, but that doesn’t mean mentally weak.” Lehner says. True words from a true believer.

And they say Eagles fans are bad- Mexican national team fans take home the “Asshat Fan Base Of The Week” Award for their disgusting chant of Pato (The English translation of which means Faggot) during soccer games. Forget a wall, just put up a soundproof barrier around these assholes.

Home Alone, starring Charles Bronson 2.0- 11 year old Braydon Smith was home alone when three visitors decided to make an impromptu house call. Bad idea. One of the would be burglars grabbed a pellet gun that belonged to the family and ordered Smith into his bedroom closet while he and his partners in crime ransacked the place. Unshaken, the kid didn’t stay put, instead grabbing a machete from the wall and whacking one of them in the back of the head. After retaliating with punches and kicks, the intruder realized he was losing a lot of blood and fled the scene with his bungle bunch. And somewhere in Hollywood, Tarantino is dreaming up a Home Alone reboot . . .

The Four Letter Network can’t help itself- On a recent segment of ESPN’s First Take show, LaVar Ball made a lewd inference when host Molly Querim interrupted his mindless chatter by telling him she wanted to switch gears on the conversation.

“You can switch gears with me anytime,” Ball replied.

Querim navigated the uncomfortable situation admirably, but I have to wonder why her employers even gave this creep a platform. Again. ESPN is really good at celebrating dudes with attitudes, and then it feigns shock when these assholes do what everyone expects them to do. Querim deserved better, and so do right minded peeps.

Over the (thin blue) line- Those cops in Phoenix who pulled guns on a young family are why so many people live in fear of the public servants who are supposed to protect them. The story goes that their four year old daughter took a doll from a Dollar Store without their knowledge, after which the cops gave chase. I’m being serious. And then things got really stupid as the cops played it as if they were taking down the Manson family. It’s going to take a lot more than an apology from the Chief of Police to right this wrong.

And the flip side- Austin Police Officer James Riley is doing his part to bring a more positive vibe to the strained relationship between cops and community. When Riley noticed a young boy walking in the parking lot of a grocery store all by his lonesome, he approached the boy, who told him he was there to buy snacks for himself and his younger sibling. Riley gave him a ride home, at which point he learned the family was going through hard times financially. He told the kids to stay put and not to leave the house without an adult in the future, and then he went back to the grocery store and filled his cart with groceries and snacks for the family. Riley protected and he served.

Minor league parents- As if we didn’t know that Little League parents can make the Duggars look like the Swiss Family Robinson, we have this. A game comprised of seven year old kids at Westgate Elementary School in Lakewood, Colorado devolved into a steel cage match because the grown ups disagreed with an umpire’s call. Oh yeah, and the umpire is thirteen years old. You can’t make this shit up, and really . . why would you?

Chewy on this- Muchas gracias to the lovely Dale at A Dalectable Life for providing the flourishing touch to this week’s Heroes post.

When Joseph Inabnet had to put down his thirteen year old pug named Bailey last October, he lost a companion who had defied the odds for more than eight years. Bailey was beset with myriad health issues from the age of five, and according to Inabnet, it was in large part thanks to the outstanding care provided by their veterinarian that she lived for almost fourteen years. And so he gave thanks for the time he was gifted, even if it didn’t make the end any easier.

And then he contacted Chewy.com to see if he might be able to return an unopened bag of prescription dog food for a refund. The company told him to donate the dog food instead and they issued him a refund. But they didn’t stop there. They also sent him a sympathy card and an oil painting of Bailey that was based on a photo Inabnet had sent to the company. Because sometimes the bottom line has absolutely nothing to do with money.

To small kindnesses that prosper.






71 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. Whats with this Dominican Republic, lets off another one, deal. It’s like the Columbo family cleaning house.

    Lou Alvarez had me in tears when I read his interview. I recently read a book called, American Ground, by a journalist named William Langewiesche, the only one allowed to be with the rescue team. It’s so amazing to learn what these men did, what they inhaled underground all those months uncovering body parts since, that’s all they found. This writer I’m sure worried about his own health. The Mitch Ms of the world need a good smack, or how bout, a one way ticket to the Dominican Republic. I’m sorry, but heroes should never have to beg, nor explain, the last going to Stewart. Thanks for writing about the 9/11 responder issue once again.

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  2. Damn – a helluva a lot to comment on this week – therefore a great collection. Definite cheers to the Islanders goalie . …. LaVar Ball is an asshat. Has Blues superfan Laila made the heroes before?

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    • That kid is part of a prevailing wave of voices in sports who have shared their issues with mental health. Brandon Marshall was one of the earlier voices, but more recently we have Demar Derozan of the Spurs and Kevin Love of the Cavaliers. It’s important for the kids who look up to these guys to know that the Superman cape ain’t bullet proof.

      I really blame ESPN and all the other sports outlets who welcome LaVar onto their platforms knowing full well that he talks stupid shit and is prone to say something like this. Querim handled it like a pro, but the peeps at ESPN failed her by signing off on this asshat to begin with.

      No! I’ll have to look this up. You got the Eric Clapton song in my head now.

      Yanks stretch the Astros losing streak to four. And we’re getting Judge back this weekend. The Yanks sent Clint Frazier to Scranton to make room on their roster and my son and daughter in law are going up to see him. He’s their favorite Yankee.


  3. I really don’t understand why networks (and others) give air time or space to whackos like Lavar Ball. Oh sure, it’s entertainment, he draws viewers. Or something like that. But does he really? Are there really people out there clamoring for more Ball? It’s the same thing with a lot of the whackos that show up on the news talk shows these days. Once you’ve demonstrated a willingness to lie, repeatedly, you should be denied the oxygen needed to spread your lies.

    As for that Lakewood Little League fight … craziness and stupidity all wrapped up in a shiny package. What’s funny is that … seven-year-olds!!! The kids aren’t even pitching to each other at that age. It’s not actually baseball. It’s hit the ball, run to a base, any base.

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    • The networks keep on doing it because they know this crap goes viral. And when it does, their network logo is front and center. ESPN is not a journalistic enterprise. They have some fine journalists, but their mission statement is similar to TMZ.

      I’d love to say these parents are an anomaly, but not really.

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  4. B,

    What the hell is up with the DR? I read about this and it is some scary shit,

    McConnell is another piece of shit in a position of power. Thank God people like Stewart are not afraid to get “bent out of shape” – seriously.

    Big kudos to Lehner. We need more like him who are true sportsmen and not afraid to say what is what.

    Those fans are NOT fans.

    I’m sure most parents are torn between being proud and scared shitless that Braydon took these guys on. He is so lucky he came out unscathed.

    You would think in this age of “Me too”, talk like that would no longer take place on air. You would think. Right. Sorry, I was not thinking. I didn’t see it, but if you said she navigated it well, then hats off to her.

    I can’t even make a comment without cussing like a sailor when it comes to those cops in Phoenix! Seriously?
    Thank goodness you had a flip-side story with a cop in Austin. THAT is what it is all about. Major Points to Officer Riley.

    Ah come ON! I’m starting to think that parents should not even be allowed to watch their kids play ball!

    So glad you felt the Chewy story was Sorryless-worthy and shall continue to keep my eyes peeled for good stuff.
    Love this song!

    To writers who tell the what’s what with heart (yeah, that means you).


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    • Q,

      It seems creepy that it’s been happening with more frequency.

      McConnell’s job is to deny that anything is wrong or needs fixed. UNTIL the opposition party occupies the White House, after which it’s the end of the world.

      Lehner joins a list of athletes who are breaking through and talking about mental health issues. Good for them, and for the kids who look up to them.

      Those fans . . . I’d love to see them talk like that to someone’s face. Well, they wouldn’t.

      The kid was on the phone with his mother, who was out of state when it happened. I can’t imagine the horror she was going through.

      Querim handled the situation expertly. But I think ESPN did wrong by her in having this lout on the show to begin with. It was a TMZ moment, to which the network is leaning more and more.

      The problem, and there are myriad problems, is that a lot of these cops suffer from PTSD. In a lot of instances, you’re talking about kids who enter the service, then they come home and put on a uniform. AND they don’t get to see counselors to talk about all that compressed shit. So before you know it, they blow. I’m by no means justifying this behavior. I just think it needs to be addressed.

      Riley is what cops do on a daily basis. Most cops.

      I was never as stressed as when my kids played sports, for fear I would run into that asshole parent. I’m very chill, but Imma throw it down if you talk shit about my kid, simple as that.

      The Chewy story is awesome, thank you! THIS is what companies should behave like. Too few of them do.

      They’re a funky bunch, eh?

      To writers who bring the goods so that my Heroes posts are not all doom and gloom (yeah, that means you).


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      • I know. It’s more than disconcerting. It’s like Canadians being shot in Mexico. I am not in any rush to go there now. Been there anyhow and lots of other places to visit.

        McConnell sounds a lot like your president, except he will forever blame everyone else for everything.

        No one better than hero athletes to step up and share.

        And if they would talk to someone like that in their face, there would be dire consequences (I like to think).

        She must have been losing her mind.

        True. ESPN failed her miserably.

        I think you’re right. Today, I was listening to the news and a bill got refused for help for peeps who go on jury duty and end up with PTSD – because, let’s face it, they see and hear some crazy, scary shit. Some come out of the duty truly marked. So yeah, becoming a cop when you are already affected is not a good thing. And no, I understand it does not justify the behaviour.

        Yes, Riley is the image of what a cop should be.

        Same with me. Not that my kids played that much but honestly, the football parents were all chill, thankfully. Coz no, we would not have put up with it either!

        To Chewy – may more companies follow their lead!

        They are a funky bunch.

        Aww shucks! We have officially patted each other on the back. We be good!

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        • It’s weird, but Trump has been stone cold silent on the matter. Not that he can do much of anything about this, but still. He usually interjects himself into stuff anyway.

          Trump was called out by none other than Fox News recently. Shepard Smith was once of those voices, and it doesn’t surprise me. He’s one of the few credible voices on that network. Trump hates him, which tells you he’s doing his job, LOL.

          It matters, when you consider the kids who look up to these guys.

          Me too. I mean . . put the Rock in front of them and see how tough they are. Pussies . . .
          Thank God they raised the kid not to be afraid. He done good.

          It’s sad really. ESPN still has a lot of old boy personalities making decisions. Querim handled every facet of this like a pro.

          I remember when we went to NYC after 9/11, that was one of the concerns a lot of officers had. They didn’t have anyone to talk to about what had happened. Because if they were to seek therapy it becomes desk duty. Can you imagine NOT being able to talk about an event like that?

          Riley reminds me of a young cop who befriended me and my friends once upon a time. He was a young cop who went above and beyond for us after we lost our friend in a car accident. I always hoped he got out before he changed. Sounds horrible, but the job is a meat grinder.

          I would just be like “You want to fight? Let’s get in a ring. One at a time. Let’s go!” LOL

          We need more companies like ’em.

          Check out their Careless Whisper cover song. Truth be told, they have many good ones.

          Pat for pat is better than tit for tat.

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          • That is very weird. I’m surprised he hasn’t called this an act of terrorism and sent troops…

            Of course Trump hates him!

            Haha! Put the Rock in front of anyone and see how tough they are! And yes, they done good.

            I’m so tired of the old-boy mentalities.

            No, I can’t imagine having to keep anything to do with 9/11 bottled up inside. It’s a powder keg just waiting to happen.

            You were lucky to have that cop there for you after the accident. And I know what you mean, the job is a meat grinder and often, even the sturdiest and staunchest of them get seduced into the dark side (like that cop whose book I beta read).

            LOL! Would love to see a coupla parents square off like that.

            Gonna check out their version rightaway.

            Definitely better…

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          • I guess he really ISN’T Master of the Universe after all . . .

            I mean . . Smith is an enemy of the state and if Trump had his way, well . . the dude might be serving hard time in some labor camp.

            No shit, buahahahaha!

            Welp, it’s still alive and well at ESPN. Not to mention Capitol Hill . . .

            And those cops, they were practically begging for someone to talk to. They would stop to thank us for coming up and we would always tell them it was embarrassing that they were thanking US when it was really the other way around. And then, once we had broken that line, they just opened up. They shared. Everything.

            It was a truly horrible time. The detectives on the case put us through it. We had lied about who was driving but it was because we were stupid kids, not because we had planned a crime. Having to go back to the precinct and give my account of the night in question a second time was truly one of the worst experiences. When I got home that night I was exhausted and felt broken. That cop called the house to let me know everything was going to be okay. Who does that?

            One at a time, LOL.

            It’s fun stuff.

            As buttah.

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          • Don’t tell him that. I’m sure he thinks he is.

            You mean, Trump can’t have his way all the time?

            It is still alive and well in more places than Capitol Hill.

            I am so glad you are the type of man who went out of his way to go do what you could after 9/11, even if it was only to give the cops an ear they desperately needed.

            Oh man. I can’t even imagine what you went through during that whole ordeal. To lose a friend amidst all that brouhaha. Of course you felt broken. And wow to the cop that called. It is a rare and beautiful thing.

            It is fun stuff!


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          • I bet you he wears the pajamas.

            No, not all the time. Just most of the time. But . . he can be humored as long as you bring him Mickey D’s.

            Too many places.

            It was quite an experience. I share bits and pieces from time to time, of the things that aren’t too personal. Because these cops, they spared nothing in the recounting. And it seemed sacred. So in recounting those times, I always want to keep certain things out of it, because it was a personal moment. There were countless personal moments like that. We would all go out drinking at night and then back to our rooms where we’d just cry.

            He was something else. He pulled us kids back from the brink.

            The funnest!


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          • I betcha he does too!

            Judging by his rotund shape, he gets placated/humoured often…

            True dat.

            I think that is honourable of you and I would expect nothing less. Personal means exactly that, personal – not to be shared.


            Now I feel like bopping around the house!

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          • I’d lay down Vegas odds.

            You would think that someone who had so many happy meals wouldn’t be so fucking miserable.

            They would invite us to the funerals for the fallen, but we couldn’t go. It felt wrong, as if we would have been intruding.

            Eighties. Start with Madonna and Prince . . can’t go wrong.

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          • Methinks you could come out a winner.

            And. Buahahaha!!

            I think I know what you mean. Even though you were there for them to listen, you cannot feel like you are a part of that special brotherhood.

            LOL! Bringing our blog commenting together. Yesterday, on my fave radio station, the played “Purple Rain” in its entirety (they do that every Friday for an important or huge album)

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          • Jackpot City . . .


            I’m glad we didn’t go, because as curious as we were, it wasn’t for us to know. We couldn’t know. We didn’t. This gets me thinking about what that Mitch McConnell said all over again. My God . . the political football it became. Stewart was right, it’s shameful.

            How cool is that?!?!

            Prince is to music what Picasso was to art, a prolific genius without peer. Let’s face it, when you have that kind of talent, you can wear an all purple suit and look cool. Most peeps would look ridiculous but with Prince it was like “My man!”

            Liked by 1 person

          • Ka-ching!

            I hear you. And you’re right. And damnation for bringing it back to McConnell!

            We are 😉

            Prince was amazingly prolific and if the rumours are true – there is a whole vault of stuff he didn’t get around to producing (which, somehow, I believe) and yeah. He rocked his purple, his crazy ‘dos, his style. He owned it without a single moment of insecurity. That’s why we can (and the range of peeps who do) say “My Man”!

            Liked by 1 person

          • It always comes back to the suits. I learned that in the Matrix.

            And not only are the rumours of all that work left undone probably true, but so are the rumors . . .

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  5. Loved the video. Your heroes are terrific your bums are …well…bums. Reminds me of the time I was an umpire(volunteer) for girls softball games. Those parents were unbelievable. I finally went over to both benches in one game and warned the coaches that I would call it quits if they could not control their kid’s parents. One coach told me to go back and do my F—-n job and I wish I had a pocket square to call a foul. We had a donnybrook at the league meeting where I had filed a complaint. That coach was suspended. I used my remote start on the car from then on.

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  6. The folks at Chewy’s are the best; I’ve used them for years and they have done things like that all the time. As for the Senatorial Turtle, only 1 Repugnant bothered to show up to that sub-committee hearing. One! Shameful bastards the lot of them. But especially Tudor Turtle im and his criminal wife who thinks it’s ok to profit from her position as Secretary of Transportation. These people are unbelievable with their chutzpah.

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  7. Camden with palm trees….that’s hilarious if it wasn’t so disturbing. Why would anyone continue to go to the DR? I know it’s cheap but come on. How much is your life worth?
    LaVar Ball is an ass, as are the members on the subcommittee who didn’t show.

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    • My aunt went there for reconstructive surgery many years ago and she almost died. The surgery being a fraction of the price is what got her to go there, but what a mistake. Thankfully my father was working in the DR at the time and he was able to get her out of the hospital she was in and back to the states. Time was of the essence as she was in rough shape and if they had waited much longer probably would not have been allowed to fly.

      It’s not worth it.

      Ball gets invited on shows and I have to wonder why in the hell anybody would want to hear what he has to say.

      And that subcommittee . . . shameful indeed.

      Thanks George

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  8. I love Jon Stewart. He is such an amazing writer and comedian. I loved him on The Daily Show, he’s been preaching about this for a while … so glad he was finally heard. I hope. Great piece brother 🙂 and that Chewy story? C’mom now. AWESOME.

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    • Stewart’s advocacy is inspiring as hell. And a great lesson to anyone who shrugs and says you can’t fight City Hall.

      Love that Chewy store. It was gifted to me by Dale. 🙂


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