Heroes Of The Week!

Dare Devil

Family Value$- Rep. Duncan Hunter out of California is what Big Politics is all about. He is expert at talking out of both sides of his mouth; railing on about wanton spending and people’s personal lives whilst playing the role of Hugh Hefner in sequined Uncle Sam hat. Last year, Hunter and his wife were charged with bogarting a quarter of a million G-Dubs from his campaign war chest for family outings, private school tuition and beer runs (well, it said personal expenses but the dude likes beer). And wait! There’s more! He re-purposed even ‘mo money for ski trips, bar tabs (told ya) and hotel trysts with various congressional aides. His “Do as I say and not as I do,” act needs to get slam dunked.

Let’s get high!- I watched Nik and Lijana Walenda walk the high wire over Times Square . . the night after it happened. On YouTube. Because hells if I was gonna watch it live. The duo tiptoed across a 1,300 feet wire the width of a quarter, 25 feet off the ground. Oh, and it was Lijana’s first walk since a near fatal fall two years ago in which she broke every bone in her face. For those who shrugged off the performance on account of the fact they wore harnesses (NYC law), ummm . . . let’s see them try it.

There’s a catch- Next time some football diva celebrates a touchdown catch, Imma clap back with this video because “That’s not a catch . . . that’s a catch!” Check out this kid in Turkey as he catches a toddler who fell from a window. And if babies ever start falling from the sky, dial him up.

Girls just wanna have fun- Okay, the US women’s soccer team is a lousy act when it comes to sportsmanship. I got some flak for letting them off the hook in last week’s episode of Heroes, but lemme ‘splain. I’m a Yankees fan (Death Star) who digs on Negan from Walking Dead and Darth Vader. The girls are hated in many corners, and rightfully so, but I happen to find them interesting as hell. And unlike the men’s soccer team, they get shit done.

Fuck that- Imma root on the girls because they make the pitch a sexy intrigue, but Megan Rapinoe’s got to ditch the four letter sorties she’s flinging at Trump. She ain’t the first person to engage in a rubber band fight with .45. From De Niro to Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, the middle finger movement has one thing in common. It doesn’t work. Kudos to Rapinoe for coming out this week and saying that while she still ain’t stepping foot inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, she shouldn’t have used a four letter reply in saying so. That’s more like it.

My kind of (sports) town- I’m of the opinion that St Louis Cardinals fans are the best fans in baseball. They helped prove me right this week with a five minute standing ovation for Albert Pujols- who left the Cards in 2012 and signed a $210 million dollar contract with the Angels. It was his first trip back to the Gateway City since, and the hometown fans made Pujols feel as if he never left. They didn’t boo him for leaving, they cheered him for what he meant when he was theirs. At Busch Stadium, class is always in session.

Is there a Lemonhead Law?- A car dealership in Alabama (It’s hilarious already, right?) is offering up a holy shit of a deal for anyone who buys a new or pre-owned car. “Gods, Guns and Freedom” will gift each customer a bible, an American flag . . . and a 12-gauge shotgun. In a Facebook post, Chatom Ford heralds the promotion as an opportunity to “celebrate our independence”. From what? Sanity?

Great call, Ump- Last week I shared a story about what NOT to do when you’re a parent by chatting up those imbeciles who rumbled during a game being played by seven year old kids. The fight was precipitated by a call made by the umpire, who’s all of thirteen years old.

It’s a good thing we have peeps like Chris Guccione, who gets it. Guccione is a MLB umpire who read the story and then decided to reach out to the family of Josh Cordova- that thirteen year old umpire. Guccione invited them to be his guests at a game he will be calling in Colorado, between the Rockies and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“This is my state, this is where my heart is,” Guccione, a Colorado native, told The Denver Post on Thursday. “So when I saw the incident that happened, I was concerned. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is in my backyard.'”

Forget killing the ump, let’s kiss this one instead.



83 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. The story on Duncan Hunter just gets better and better. He was re-elected last year with a lot of this hanging over his head, but all of the infidelity is new. Will be interesting to see what happens in the next election cycle.

    I agree with you about Rapinoe. When did it become okay to demonstrate a complete lack of class, dignity, and respect? Just wish people would think for just two seconds before opening their mouths. Her response is wonderful ammunition for the Orange Clown.

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    • Yeah I saw that. I have to wonder if there’s enough teflon in the world to save him from the newest allegations. But you know what’s frightening? (Not to mention sick and disturbing). If they found out the exact same shit about Trump, most of his followers would simply shrug. Or refute it out of hand.

      I say it over and over, you feed his fire with this nonsense. The only strategy in this instance is to rise about that crap, hit back with a smart reply and move on immediately. Don’t tango in the mosh pit because that’s where he lives.

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  2. To a California voter, all of Hunter’s crap is “personal.” You know like when Billy Clinton was taking advantage of a 21-year-old intern. He’ll get re-elected. I wish people like Rapinoe would just do their job and take a big cup of shut the fuck up. Congress is an embarrassment in spending so much time on a Trumpet vendetta. They should be dealing with the issues of the day. To be clear, I would hope by being ignored Trump would go away. Guccione’s a saint. Catching that kid a miracle. Having Marc discuss all this? Priceless. Thanks Marc.

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    • I’m very provocative in my erroneous assumptions that one is not the same as the other, Boss. I know what Bill did was wrong, but here’s why I don’t get AS pissed about it. Because he didn’t shove family values down our throats. His was the “Nunya business” mentality when it came to private matters. Was he a liar? Hell’s yeah. But he wasn’t a hypocrite. I assume my politicians to be one or the other, but both? Nope. And Duncan is both. Blatantly so.

      Rapinoe rolled back some, and thank God. I mean, I don’t jibe with a lot of her opinions but I respect them and her right to voice them. It’s called democracy. Just cease the four letter brigade march, because that’s Trump’s wheelhouse. Trump is a vitriol vampire, and the more you feed him the stronger he gets.
      Guccione gives umps a good name, doesn’t he? And that kid! Talk about the immaculate reception!

      Thanks Boss.

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  3. B,

    Politicians excel at the “Do what I say, not what I do” dictum, don’t they?

    *Only* 25 feet off the ground AND with a harness? Pffft! 😉 Totally kidding, as you know. Though, one must wonder why one would return to do something after breaking all the bones in their face…

    WOW! In the video you can see the youth sees something is not right (just that is amazing in itself, yanno, kids being so self-absorbed they fall down manholes whilst texting) but to catch the toddler like that? WOW…

    Root for the foul-mouthed players as good and exciting players… You can even commend them for choosing not to be hypocritical and go to the White House when they don’t respect the resident…and kudos indeed for Rapinoe for admitting that her potty mouth is not in good taste.

    Now those are true fans!

    Oh. Em. Gee. Of course this is in Alabama…’nuff said.

    Bravo Guccione!

    Great cover of Walk of Life… I really enjoyed that. And of course, a most excellent recap this week.


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    • Q,

      Dictum-heads is what they are!

      I’ve watched several docs on these high wire peeps and it’s in their blood to do this stuff. They ain’t alive unless they’re on the wire. Of course, you know how much I love Philippe Petit. He’s not only the primo spot on the Rushmore of high wire artists, he’s an amazing human being to boot.

      I know! He spotted her and just waited to see. To have that time might have freaked some people out in thinking they couldn’t do it, but his poise is remarkable. And he caught her the way you’re SUPPOSED to catch a projectile. Hands out to meet it and then cradle it into you.

      Rapinoe was funny. She apologized to her mother for using the four letter reply. After which she said, let’s talk soccer and no more Trump. Good for her. And go USA! (They play France today).

      Cardinals fans are just special.

      Yeah, if you told me about that promotion without telling me the state, Alabama would be on the short list.

      No kidding. The dude pulled a righteous move.

      I love that cover. It keeps the soul and it adds a southern fried rock twang to the beat- sans the shotgun.


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  4. Duncan Hunter is a classic example of politicians in high office. We’ve come to expect it. After all, serving the people is well down the priority list. Besides, all the accusations are FAKE NEWS!

    Cheers to the young Turk and to Cardinal fans! Interesting how that city loves their baseball and hockey, but lost 2 football teams and one basketball.

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  5. Your white house women litany makes me think of the Trumpet who just keeps going like Jack the Ripper. I’m afraid he’ll get reelected since it doesn’t seem to matter what he does, or what anyone accuses him of. He gets Carte Blanche in vulgarity. Really upsets me, futile, I know, what’s a thin girl to do who can name all 44 presidents in order…yeah I know…45 if you count him.

    Though a sporting girl, your sports references elude me. Now, if you wrote about The Babe, Number 21, or Joltin’ Joe, well…hey, I d doff my headband Mr. Imma.

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  6. Your bigotry and support of T**** on World Pride day is a slap in the face. I had no idea you were such a fucking bigot, truly in tears.

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    • Billy,

      Sadly, he’s gonna win again unless his opponents smarten up and get out of the mosh pit. Trump loves this shit, he feeds on it. I am perplexed at how nobody takes him to task from the balcony. Everybody wants to go middle finger and four letters and all he does is tweet some inane reply and his flock loves him for it.


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  7. The despicable congressman from California also let taxpayers and campaign contributors foot the bill to shuttle the family pet rabbit around on family vacays. I’m guessing now that various trysts with lobbyists and aides that have come to light had some impact in convincing the wife to become close personal friends with the prosecutor earlier this month, especially considering good ole Duncan initially threw her under the bus when allegations of campaign fund malfeasance began to surface. What. a. colossal. douche.

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  8. Class act by Guccione and the Cardinal fans, who get it and see the bigger, more important picture.
    That catch…really? I’d love to know that full story and if that was just another day at the office for that person.
    Not to be disrespectful of Alabama and the car dealership but……its @#$%^&* Alabama!!! Is anyone surprised a shotgun is part of the sale?

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  9. I enjoy watching the women’s soccer team and think they are extremely talented and if reporters ask them a question and people don’t like the response, then they don’t like the response. Even if it’s from a while back and people dig it up and bring it back to light. I imagine it’s hard to respect someone who threatens your existence as a human being and repeals policies that give you equal rights.

    Incidentally I didn’t watch the game vs. Thailand but I did hear about the celebration. But then again when dudes get up and celebrate most of the media is hush-hush on the matter. But that doesn’t surprise me when they celebrate domestic abusers still playing in the NFL. The Daily’s Show’s take on the women’s team celebrating gives a different perspective don’t know if you watch that …

    Anyhow I find it interesting that people are getting bent out of shape about a player’s conduct or choice of words meanwhile this dude is accused by over 20 women of being a sleazeball and even worse and it’s glossed over. Not one, or two, or even 10. It’s over 20. I’m sure the choice of words and conduct in these instances were above the republican norm. This glass house has boulders.

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      • I get it.

        But the overt celebration thing isn’t owned by the ladies soccer team. Fans cry foul over bat flips and end zone celebrations all the time.

        Again, it’s all about the play on the field for me. I ain’t concerned with all that other stuff.

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    • Guat,

      I don’t have a problem with the celebrations for the simple reason that I’m watching the game. Men, women, martians? All I ask of my athlete is that they bust it and give us a show. How they eat their celebratory cake- with a fork or with their hands- is their business.

      Peeps have a problem with the running up the score thing, and I hear that. That is the only part of the conversation that is consistent, because if these were dudes running up the score, peeps would have a problem with that as well. In a twisted way, that’s progress.

      As for the four letter salutes that everyone throws at Trump? I need someone to show me an instance in which this has done any good. Each time it happens the needle moves in the up direction for one person- Trump. He gets what he wants.

      I ask myself what men like Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King would have done when faced with someone who threatened their very being and then I remember, they did. Every single day. They put their lives on the line, literally, and they didn’t flinch and they didn’t fold and they didn’t use a four letter comeback. Because they understood the way forward wasn’t from our knees.

      We need to be smarter because 2020 is coming fast.


      • It was a funny clip. But Desi provided a couple perspectives that some people forgot. It’s the World Cup. I’d never seen or heard so many commentators or people as a collective get upset over a lopsided score. Not even during a SuperBowl where they end up just calling the game a blowout, or boring, and criticizing the losing team for how poorly they performed and highlight their mistakes and praise the other team for taking advantage of it. Unless it’s Brady because apparently everyone hates Tom Brady. Or when the Olympic Dream Team showed up and the basketball scores were over 100 and people were just calling it the best team assembled? But maybe others countries were? I don’t remember American press or people going on the attack back then. The only time I heard a lot of people, but not even as a collective, get upset over an incident recently was when Canadian fans cheered on Durant’s season-ending injury.

        As for her response to the reporter’s question and his base getting energized? Could it have been different? Probably. But his base will always be that way, nothing will ever tilt the needle the other way for them. I mean he supported Roy Moore and the fine people on ‘both sides’ and people still backed him up. In fact he probably got more supporters coming out of hiding. Even if she had just said ‘no I don’t think so’ he would have highlighted it to get the surge. He did that with Golden State and they took the high road. Fox assists with agitating the situation all the time as do other online sites. His base will never see him for what he is, and always cheer him on. It’s the moderate people, or those on the fence that need to be more educated this time around (and we all know MLK’s feeling on the moderate) or the people who voted for him because they hated both Clintons. She’s not running for office, she’s on a team that he probably didn’t watch because it wasn’t on his channel and he probably didn’t know who she was until they shed light on this old comment. I hear what you’re saying but he’ll get his base riled up over saying Merry Christmas, the needle doesn’t change for that group. The others? The middles-I-don’t-know-yet I don’t think this incident swayed them, but tariffs from his office affecting their wallet…maybe. Plus the media coverage (not the newspapers because they actually cover the news) all those sites need to stop making this a headline, they’re making more smoke when it was just a match and no fire. That’s my Dr. Phil expression right there 🙂

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        • I was totally opposed to the Dream Team. It was a blatant example of “American exceptionalism”. We had lost to the Russians in ’88 with a bunch of college kids, so what do we do? Bring in the pros and show the world who’s boss.

          As for the ladies running up the score, that doesn’t bother me. And as I have said, even their showboating doesn’t offend my not so delicate senses, because like you said, it’s all been done before. When I say, “the girls are hated and rightfully so” it’s because they bring the hatred upon themselves with the antics. I don’t care a wit if they bring out a dancing troupe with every score, but fandom reigns hatred down on teams who showboat. It’s how it goes.

          As for Rapinoe, she can say whatever she wants. I just think when you devolve into Trump’s wheelhouse, you become his story and not your own. Because whereas her story, which is compelling, was making the rounds early on, all that seems to be talked about now is her four letter reply. Because that isn’t her. It’s not what she’s about. It was a moment that got the best of her and she said it, and I don’t blame her for it. But I just don’t think it’s how to win the moment.

          I think if we stay on this level, with vitriolic assaults, we’re all going to lose.

          And I truly appreciate your thoughtful responses, because I know this means something to you. This is what discourse should be about.

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