Heroes Of The Week!


Magic King-dumb- In the immortal words of Whitney Houston, I believe that children are our future. Because with the way the adults are behaving, they have to be! In the latest episode of Grown Ups Behaving Badly, I give you this video (right here) of a family get together at Disney Land that got out of hand. As in open hand. And slapping. And hair pulling. And umm . . . kids? Can you please hurry up and save us from ourselves?

The Mets win!- Well, kinda. The Mets Peter Alonso won the HR Derby on Monday night, and hey . . it’s somethingSure the Mets season is a twenty four car pileup on the Grand Central Parkway. But they’ve got a couple bright lights in Jeff McNeil and Alonso. The brawny slugger beat out Vladimir Guerrero Jr for the crown, and will donate ten percent of his million dollar prize to two charities: Five percent to The Wounded Warrior Project and five percent to Tunnel To Towers. Chicks dig the long ball, and everybody digs a righteous dude like Alonso.

One if by land, two if by sea and freedom if by air!- To think, we might really be sipping tea right now if not for Continental Airlines- which I can only assume was the airline of choice for our revolutionary heroes. Because after we laid waste to the British airports, French and American troops safely landed at Yorktown International. On time, may I add, since there was no TSA yet. Thanks to the latest history lesson doled up by Trump, we learned that the Wright brothers were lying bastards. And now I’m dubious as to all those hardship stories about how the Pilgrims spent months at sea to get here.

History Theater- And speaking of . . . William Latson is the latest revisionist to history, as evidenced by his refusal to admit that the Holocaust actually happened. The now former Principal at Spanish River High School in West Palm Beach, Florida paved over the history books in a narrow minded missive he sent to a concerned parent last year. In the email exchange, Latson wrote ‘I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee,’. You know the old saying about how those who refuse to learn history are doomed to repeat it? We’re living proof.

They put the beauty in the beautiful game- With their 2-0 win over the Netherlands on Sunday, the US women’s national team clinched back to back World Cup titles. And with it, all that talk about putting up or shutting up can go to sleep for good. As Megan Rapinoe put it, “I held up my end of the bargain (with Trump).” And now she’ll go to work fighting for gender equity. U.S. Soccer and FIFA need someone to light a fire under their asses, and she’s just the gal to do it.

Royals under glass- Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are a pretty big deal in the UK, but that doesn’t mean they owe the British press every living, breathing moment of their lives. When the royal couple opted for a private christening for baby Archie, the press cried bollocks. And when a member of Markle’s security team requested that no pictures of the duchess be taken during a match at Wimbledon last week, Piers Morgan went bonkers. Never mind the fact that Markle was not seated in the royal boxes but rather, had been personally invited to attend by Serena Williams. And never mind the fact that the Brits might be paying the rent on Buckingham Palace, but that doesn’t entitle them to treat these people like wax figures in a museum. Morgan railed on, saying that Markle should move to America if she wants privacy. Welp, she is welcome anytime. As far as Morgan goes, not so much.

Just so you know, she can dance!- Phoebe Kochis is a 19-year-old dancer with Down Syndrome. She also happens to possess the kind of fire and spirit that makes a cold world feel so much warmer. She proved as much when she accomplished her life long dream by appearing on the ABC hit show So You Think You Can Dance.

Kochis didn’t walk until she was two years old. But it wasn’t long before she got to shaking and shimmying to such a degree that her parents enrolled her in dance lessons. And what dreams may come, well . . they did just that when Phoebe won the title of Colorado Miss Amazing, which is a pageant for girls with disabilities.

The dream evolved and it talked her into believing that she had to audition for one of her favorite shows when she got older. And so she began laying out that blueprint, from the age of six. When it was simply a thought, that became a belief and then a raging fire.

It took thirteen years, but once she arrived on the dance floor she’d always dreamed of owning, Phoebe showed the world what happens when providence smiles on you. She didn’t advance. But if you watched the girl do her thing, you understand that what she did advanced you. And it made you think. Long and hard and brightly on a world that too often comes back with change on our cosmic dollar bill. Phoebe flipped the script on the time worn expression that we should ‘ . . dance as if no one is watching . .’  because she danced as if the world was watching.

That works too.





51 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

    • Eilene,

      I am pretty tuned out myself. Throughout the week, I’ll see a story that catches my eye and bookmark it for Thursday. Usually I have at least half a dozen things that get my attention.

      But the news itself? The real news of the every day cycle variety? It blows.

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  1. The dancer story was the best. Bless her heart. Royals? Privacy? Sorry, Marc I have other fish to worry about. That scene at Disney was horrifying. Look up ignorant in the dictionary and this video is there. Peter Alonso knows about life and giving. William Latson refusing to comment on the historical presence of the holocaust is where political correctness is leading us. Hear, see, and speak no evil (Or evil things) Good post, Marc.

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    • Phoebe is a super star.

      Boss, I have to confess I have a fascination with the Royals. I was the only boy on my block who actually woke up in the middle of the night to watch Di marry Prince Charles. I never admitted as much, seeing as how I would have gotten my ass kicked.

      That is such a dumb video. But . . I did put in an app to do security for Disney. Apparently you don’t actually have to secure anything! I can do that!

      Peter Alonso has been one of the lone bright spots in a long Mets season.

      This is getting dangerous. We are retrofitting history, which can only lead to bad things.

      Hear here! And thanks Boss.

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  2. The Royals caught my eye. I’m sure the young missus reminds them all of you know who? I’ll give you a hint…she was tall and blonde, and didn’t give a rat’s ass what the palace thought, which is why both her sons are nothing like their elitist dad, who from what I’ve read, treats everyone like the help whether you’re the help or not. Harry and Will are rather warm and normal despite their crowns as an heir and a spare. Go Diana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. B,

    I have no words for that family in Disneyland – I want to say something but I shall refrain. At least in your video the sound is muted and you don’t hear the children – you know, the baby carriage that got pushed out of the way? – crying… Disgusting.

    That whole freedom if by air just had me rolling… you kill me.

    ‘I can’t say the Holocaust is factual…’ I can’t even. Yes, do not learn your history so that you can ensure to repeat it.

    The ladies really did well. And, way to go Rapinoe ~ now in an even better position to fight the good fight.

    I love, LOVE, that the two boys take after their mother, Diana. She was the first breath of fresh air to hit the royal family and it did them good. That they both chose strong women is testament that she brought them up right, for the time she was able to. Morgan can go take a long walk off a short pier.

    Speaking of breath of fresh air… that Phoebe! What a beautiful story is hers.

    Perfect choice of song. Ella and Louis together makes me feel all fab.

    Keep rocking these news stories.


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    • Q,

      Those kids shouldn’t have to be in the middle of all that nonsense. And umm . . what in the blessed fuck was security doing? Or not doing?

      Trump taught me something about air travel in the 18th century, I was giddy! LOL

      What a line of BS that was, huh? How shameful.

      She’s going to do special things, that Rapinoe gal. And she’s been smart as per Trump since that “Fucking White House” comment too. This is what I mean. You don’t get nasty with nasty. She’s gonna get shit done, tell you what.

      Di was such a phenomenal human being, and thank God the boys had her. Not nearly long enough, of course. But they are their mother’s sons, that is for certain.

      Isn’t she precious? She was so proud of herself, as she should be.

      Ella and Louis are magical together.

      Several “heroes” came in after this went to press, LOL. So Imma have some reheats for next week because they’re just TOO good to ignore.


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      • They sure as shit should not!

        All that history – out the window between Trump and Latson.

        She made one error in judgment and guess what? She learnt from it! Yep. She will get shit done.

        She was, they are and their kids will, too!

        So precious.

        They were. Her voice so pure and clear, his so raunchy and rough… what a perfect match!

        Oooo…. can’t wait!

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        • Some people shouldn’t have kids. Ever.

          And to think, we never heard about George Washington’s Air Force. And to think, Latson probably never heard of the Revolutionary War.

          And again, ain’t nothing wrong with saying fuck it and fuck him and fuck the situation. She ain’t in Congress, after all. She owes us no decorum. But. If you want to make change, as she has clearly shown that she does, you have to be smart as per your enemies. Don’t give them fodder. Don’t play on their level.

          Phoebe will accompany members of the judge’s panel in the coming rounds, I believe. They were quite taken with her and wanted her to hang around.

          They were! I love how she opens it up and then he comes in later after doing his thing on the trumpet.

          They’re head shakingly stupid LOL

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          • Honestly. That was beyond proof.

            Right? Imma have a talk with my history teachers… they obviously did not have the right books.

            Exactomundo. Say fuck you in a way that gets you places.

            Awww… that is so sweet!


            Oh now… come on…

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          • There should have to be an aptitude test. And an obstacle course. And . . oh hell, LOTS of tests! LOL

            My history teachers too! What in the hell were they doing?

            She muted the Trump talk, simply saying no go when it comes to a White House visit. I don’t judge ANY team or athletes who say no go to a White House visit, no matter who is in the office. I remember it happened to Clinton, to Bush and to Obama. Not with the frequency or headlines it has happened with Trump of course, for obvious reasons.

            How can you NOT love the girl.

            Not MY stupid. Theirs LOL


          • Actually, there should be one for each new phase (mind you, I’m fairly certain I’d fail at some point).

            Shit. There goes our education down the terlet.

            Smart woman. And she is not the last who will diss him, of that I am certain.


            Of course not yours! That came out wrong! Apologies.

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          • You and me both. No, the ability of parents to do basic shit should be the gist of it. Basic shit, such as not fist fight in front of the kids. Don’t hit a woman. Yanno . . basic shit that evidently isn’t so basic for some.

            Those bastid history teachers!

            He gets what he gives, yanno?

            LOL. It’s so dang good. I suppose by next week, lots of peeps will have seen it if they haven’t already.

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          • Yep. The Basics. Some will never learn them, though.

            Pfff. Good you you and I are readers, eh?


            Still. I know you will deliver it with your usual pizzazz!

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          • Evidently.

            Just the same, that Disney security . . it’s about as effective as our history teachers!


            As Manolo in Scarface would say. “Jou gotta haf dee peezzazz mang!”

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          • Seriously, did they just get back from a joint break? Is that why they were so mellow? That’s how much money Disney has, I guess. They can afford to play hands off with their security team and accept any liability that comes with such a soft stance- because people really could have been hurt. They’ve got the lawyers, after all.

            Das wat I’m sayeeng!

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          • They were way too slo-mo and ineffective… And really, Disney… you can do better (of course, one does not think one needs such security for FAMILIES!)

            I tell you, mang… you say eeet welll

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          • We can call them the in-security team.

            True. But let’s face it, this scene doesn’t make you feel very safe when you consider all the threats we have going in today’s world as far as terrorism is concerned. If they can’t slow this roll, what chance would they have against some real badasses?

            I love dees countree!

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  4. Gawd…I hope Piers Morgan is permanently stuck in Trump’s TSA line. When I heard the yellow orange mess talk about airports in colonial times, I hit my forehead with my palm. Repeatedly. For the love of all that’s holy, please don’t let there be another 4 years of this know-nothing bag of poop whose sole purpose in life seems to be doling out as much cruel punishment on those less fortunate as possible. And a gigantic pox on the CBP this week as well. #ashamed

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