Heroes Of The Week!

Bat Woman

The march of the bubble heads- The internet is a quagmire of crumb scavengers looking for toast to burn. And every minute of every day gives us the latest example. The old saying “Nothing good happens after 2 am,” finds a refurbished home in 2019, where nothing good happens on Twitter. Case File #toomanytocount involves the twits who bashed Ayesha Curry for having the audacity to dance during the opening of her restaurant. Ayesha happens to be married to three time NBA champion and all around great dude Steph Curry, who gets lots of hate on the internet; probably because he’s got a great life going. Social media is where envy is transformed into hate and being hurtful to others for no good reason says everything about a person’s soul. Or lack thereof. So here’s hoping Ayesha opens her doors every day with a dance.

Saving grace- The Seattle Sounders football club played more than just a game the other night when they started Bheem Goyal in goal. The eight year old is battling Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, and so the Sounders- in conjunction with the Make-A-Wish Foundation- made Goyal’s dream of being a goalkeeper come true. They signed him to a contract, after which he opened things up by standing in goal for Seattle and gobbling up a shot on goal. He then exited the game between the Sounders and Dortmund to a standing ovation, receiving high fives from both sides. They don’t call it the beautiful game for nothing.

The truth is out there, and it’s ridiculous- Area 51 is the most highly classified area this side of the New England Patriots locker room. So when close to half a million people start chattering about breaking in, the government is gonna be paying attention. And thanks to a Facebook army of clueless warriors, September 20 will either be featured on an episode of “Dumbest Criminals” or it will be the latest example of the frightening precision of cruise missiles.

“Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.” is comprised of a bunch of overly hyped X-Files junkies who are out to prove that ” . . if we run, we can move faster than their bullets,”. I mean, physics is a deal breaker as far as that original thought is concerned, but you gotta admire their spunk. And sure, two months is a lifetime inside of which that army will dwindle into a precious few on account of the fact that ninety percent of them won’t be able to get a ride to the site. And half of those who do make it to the gala will probably get tied up at the brothel on the premises. But there’s no doubt the couple dozen people who do follow through could make things . . interesting.

Jackson Barnes is the mastermind of this brilliant idea, which he says was all just a practical joke to get ‘liked’. He attempted to explain himself, since he probably can’t afford a lawyer and his desert RV.

“Hello US government, this is a joke, and I do not actually intend to go ahead with this plan”  . . . “I just thought it would be funny and get me some thumbsy uppies on the internet. I’m not responsible if people decide to actually storm area 51.”

I don’t think my man understands the way it works. But on the bright side, in the event these imbeciles who signed up do actually end up storming the gates? He’ll have plenty of time to write that book on alien life while in prison.

Stupidity is the mother of this invention- Bad ideas are timeless. From the Edsel, New Coke and Ishtar to the Ford Pinto, Euro Disney and Jackson Barnes’ Facebook page.

Add Jennifer Yeager of Dixon, Illinois to the list for her ideas on inflatable pool transport. It began by her strapping the pool to the roof of the family SUV. Okay cool. Next, Yeager piled her two daughters into the car. Okay fine. And then, she hit the road. Okay well, everything seems peach . . oh shit, wait. Mom left the girls on the roof to keep it from flying away! After which she was arrested and charged with two counts of endangering the life of a child and two counts of reckless conduct. Welp, at least she didn’t fill the pool with water first. That would have been carazy.

The Angels among us- On July 1st, Tyler Skaggs was found unresponsive in his South Lake, Texas hotel room. The California Angels pitcher was pronounced dead once authorities arrived on the scene, which would lead to the Angels and Rangers cancelling their game that evening.

Last Friday night marked the Angels first home game since the death of the twenty eight year old Skaggs. The team honored his memory with a moment of silence, as all Angels players wore his number 45. And then his mother Debbie threw out the ceremonial first pitch, a perfect strike.

When the game began, it was as if the heavens were writing the script. The Angels scored seven runs in the first inning while Taylor Cole and Felix Pena combined to throw a no hitter and the Angels won the game 13-0. Cole and Pena pitched their hearts out, but the vibe that was flowing through that stadium had everyone believing their performance on the mound was a holy trinity. After the game, Skaggs’ teammates laid their number forty five jerseys on the mound.

In a press conference later on, Mike Trout remarked on the significance of the box-score: Seven runs in the first inning, thirteen runs total. 7/13. Tyler Skaggs’ birthday. “You can’t make this stuff up,” Mike Trout said.

The greatest baseball player in the world was onto something.



52 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. I love how things go from bad to worse on Facebook. Ayesha Curry received the bad from the have nots. Worse, Jackson Barnes’ followers will get what they deserve for following that idiot in the first place. That mother should lose those kids. Lucky for us there are the Seattle Sounders and the Angles to let us know real people still care. Super edition, Marc.

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  2. B,

    “The internet is a quagmire of crumb scavengers looking for toast to burn.” How do you do that? You truly do have a gift. Oh my gawd! She danced at her own opening? How could she be gleeful at something she created? Honestly. the Internets are ridonkulous. So, basically, she got bashed because her husband is hated for having a great life? Jealousy, thy name is hateful.

    What a beautiful thing the Sounders did. Truly.

    Just a joke, eh? Bravo Barnes. Put yourself on a watch list for the rest of your life. As for any peeps considering to join… I can only shake my head. I’ll put a mark on my calendar for September 20… Yeah, uh huh. Gonna be interesting. Or not.

    I saw that mother story. Good gawd. They let her keep her kids? Didn’t she know that they could get sunburnt? Water mighta kept ’em cool… just sayin’…

    That Tyler Skaggs story is definitely heaven-sent. Why a young man just shy of 28 dies suddenly is a tragedy – no matter what the cause. For the game on Friday – that is truly a sign they bear the proper name. For Angels were definitely amongst them.

    Again, perfect pairing of words and music. You did this magnificently, B.


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    • Q,

      Steph Curry gets bashed all the time on social media and I have no idea why. He’s the coolest dude! And his wife really should open the doors every day with a dance. I’d include a middle finger for the haters, but she’s too classy for that.

      The Sounders got palenty of soul in those cleats of theirs.

      I think it will end up being a couple dozen peeps who show. After which these warriors who boasted of outrunning bullets will be treated for dehydration and sunburn and later released from the hospital.

      The water, she might as well have gone with the water after all. I mean, she was already in some hot water herself? Why not pull the full monty? That was one of my “reheat” stories that I missed last week.

      It’s eerie, in a very comfortable and peaceful kind of way. To know there are things that cannot be explained, no matter how smart and evolved we think we are. I like that.

      Gracias mucho lovely!


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      • I never understand why peeps gotta hate on other peeps for their success. And yes, she should start each day with a boogie!

        More than palenty…

        Well, we shall find out, won’t we? If we remember… which I frankly won’t unless it pops up in the news and I happen the chance to see it… And yeah.. dehydration and sunburn. Mind you, September 20… no, still possible.

        Honestly. She might as well have, at that point. Probably couldn’t find a hose…

        It is eerie. And wonderful. And I love that these things happen.

        Always, B. Always.

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        • Because sitting behind a keyboard is like sitting in a car. It’s a bubble (hence the bubbleheads) that brings out a person’s true character. Too many people are hateful, envious and petty and social media becomes the testing lab.

          Go futbol!

          It’s Nevada, so it’s still gonna be hawt. And the headlines will hopefully be devoid of massacres.

          At that point, you find a hose and commit yourself fully. And hey, throw in a margarita for the road because why in the blessed hell does it matter at that point?

          Me too. it’s the proof of life. Of something beyond this place.

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          • Yes. Amazing how much people can judge whilst sitting on their arses.

            Yes! Go futbol!

            True. That’s why I corrected myself. I do so hope it will be.

            Right? Why stop at just having the pool. Go full on or go home!

            Yes! And oh man, I do hope it is a way nicer place this this world is…

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          • It’s the fable of human foible.

            And futbol, jes!

            I doubt the warriors will remember what they had planned two months from now. All that toking, it kills brain cells.

            And then wear orange!

            Me too. No world leaders to fuck shit up, puhleeze.

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          • It is. I refuse to play along. I am happy for those who are happy.

            There is that. Plus, yeah. let’s just say these are not the stick-to-it-iveness types, I should think.

            Yes! While it is my favourite colour, I am not into jumpsuits…

            Right! None of that… mind you, after watching “Good Omens”…

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          • Me too. But there are so many bitter peeps out there. It would scare us if we knew just how many walk among us.

            LOL, no. They probably forgot all about it whilst chomping on banana pancakes.

            It never caught on as a fashion statement, in spite of the TV show . . .

            If demons and angels are that much fun, it should be one hell of a ride. Until the umm . . ride goes up in smoke.

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          • I think there are way too many. And yay to us for not following the bitter crowd.


            Which I never even watched a single episode of…

            And why wouldn’t they be? Right. We stay off the smoking ride, K?


  3. The story about the Sounders and the eight-year-old … a classy tear-jerker. It was a beautiful thing they did.

    The story about the Angels and Skaggs … a classy tear-jerker. It was a beautiful thing they did.

    As for the Twittersphere’s reaction you Ayesha Curry, what social media has done more than anything else is to show just how juvenile, hateful, immature, jealous, intolerant, and stupid much of humanity is.

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    • The Sounders rock.

      The Angels rock.

      The Twitterati sucks. It’s beyond my comprehension as to why Steph Curry is so hated. The drama kings like LBJ and KD get a pass but mango . . they hit Steph every chance they can. That’ll teach him for doing things the right way!

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      • It’s because Curry is too nice. Part of our modern culture is to destroy innocence.

        Please note that I did not say the Angels rock. As a Giants fan, who absorbed the Dusty Baker curse in the 2003 World Series and then saw the Angles take that Series, I will never be able to say “the Angels rock.”

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        • Yep. Swagger is in, good manners out. Strike a gangstah pose and win the cover. Sadly.

          Gotcha Chief, and understood. That was a seven gamer. All I remember other than that is how the Angels dispensed the Yankees in the ALDS. It began the old Yankee way of buying players, because Steinbrenner just couldn’t help himself Never mind that their success in the ’90s came from the core four and some savvy veteran acquisitions. Steinbrenner, like Al Davis, loved the big names. So Giambi . . and then to Arod. Yikes.

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          • I will never forget nor forgive Dusty Baker for giving the game ball to Russ Ortiz on the mound before the game was finally won. He should have been banned from the game forever after that brain fart.

            There likely will never be another MLB owner like George Steinbrenner.

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          • It was worse than that. Dusty ended up in Cincy. (Don’t tell Frank about that joke).

            That’s for sure. It’s funny but there has been a ton of revisionist history on the guy. Listen, I think he was vilified for the wrong reasons. Wanting to win, and the desire to put the best possible product on the field is not a crime. Once upon a time, he wasn’t close to the richest owner in the game, and yet he spent like it because he wanted to win. I find it preferable to pocketing the money, which a lot of owners did rather than trying to improve their own clubs. No, the problem wasn’t the Boss. It was the MLB for not pushing for SOME sort of cap after going on strike in’81. And then, when they canceled the rest of the season in ’94, THAT was the moment. It should have happened. If not a cap, then a floor/ceiling at the least- where owners HAD to spend up to a certain amount. The high rollers not being able to spend over. But nope, they didn’t do it. I don’t blame the Boss for spending, but I do think the fact that most Yankees fans disliked him and were supportive of his banishment from the game in the early ’90s speaks to the fact that we knew his way didn’t work either. There had to be a common ground, and Gene Michael found it when he took over and built them a farm. I don’t like the idea of buying big name players just because you can, even if it’s not a crime. It’s just not enjoyable. The 2009 World Series not enjoyable to me. They spent on CC, Burnett and Tex and then they won. Sure the core was still there, but the win felt artificial.


          • Screw up. It was the 2002 World Series. Besides cursing the Giants that year, Baker also cursed the Reds in 2012. During the regular season, while he was the manager of the Reds. When they came to SF, the Giants chose that weekend to celebrate the ten year anniversary of their ‘02 trip to the WS. During pregame festivities, Dusty Baker, manager of the Reds, wore a Giants jersey. In the first round of the playoffs the Reds came to town and won the first two games, but the Giants swept the three games in Cincy to move on. I’ll always believe it was because of Baker’s faux pas. He never won a WS as a manager because he didn’t respect the baseball gods.

            As for MLB and Steinbrenner and money, the problem is that there is too much money in all of these sports. There is a genie that has been released for all of them and nobody knows how to recapture it.

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          • There is that too.

            What is going on in the NBA is the best example of how having too much money may just be worse than having not enough. Owners and the League have lost all control. And understand, I don’t necessarily want the corporate interests as represented by the owners and the league to dominate, by the pendulum has swung to the complete other end.

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          • It has. The Clippers and Nets are patting themselves on the back for being lucky. Because that’s all it was. Luck. KD could have chosen New York and Kawhi could have stayed in Toronto or chosen the other LA team. These teams don’t have plans so much as wishes. I want to see a team like Milwaukee win and damn all the other crap.

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          • Denver or Portland. It would be nice to see a team that hasn’t gone the super team route win the whole thing. That was part of the beauty of the two Warriors seasons before KD joined them and why I opposed them adding him.

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          • Denver would be great. I don’t know if Portland has enough, but the Nuggets sure do.

            And here’s a fun list.

            Blake Griffin
            Hasheem Thabeet
            Tyreke Evans
            Ricky Rubio
            Jonny Flynn

            They were all taken ahead of Steph Curry. Who . . . oh by the way, has become the greatest shooter the game has ever seen. Because THAT is how the Warriors built their dynasty. KD simply hopped on to finish it off.

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  4. As to those crumb scavengers looking for toast to burn, they only have to point to 1600 Pennsylvania where the biggest dumpster fire burns. It’s always disappointment when people dog celebs doing good work. Makes you suspicious of motives, doesn’t it? Not that I’m cynical or anything.
    P.S. Nice accompanying video. Well done, Marc!

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    • True, it’s a “take it from the top” dynamic going on, after all.

      And Curry is a good dude. The Warriors are hated because of the whole KD thing, but Curry has never been anything but a great teammate who gives the fans a show and plays the right way.

      It COULDN”T be motives . . . . naaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! 😉

      Sad though, really sad.

      Thank you Monika!

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  5. Found the Skaggs story particularly poignant, especially his mother showing up considering he’s only been gone two weeks. I’ve known many women who’ve lost sons. It must be the loss of all losses.
    You penned that nicely. 🙂

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