Heroes Of The Week!


I would like to say a great big WTF? to all those climate skeptics out there who insist that Davey killed Heat Miser with a slingshot from Bass Pro Shops. But if the hottest June in the history of the world didn’t get their attention, I’m sure the intra-Venus July bake sale ain’t gonna change their opinion either. All I know is that if we’re subjected to another oven roasted episode like the last, Imma be rooting for the return of the T-Rex. And Noah’s Ark. Both.

As my spirit animal, Keanu Reeves, would say. The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.

Senate Intelligence Committee warns of vulnerabilities in U.S. elections systems- I’m sorry, but anything Snooki Pollizi could tell you . . isn’t a revelation. 

Rico and not so suave- Embattled Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosello is the kind of big league fat cat the Caribbean island has come to know all too well. He’s a privileged crook who can’t get much of anything right unless it benefits him. He mismanaged aid to the island after Hurricane Maria, leading to scores of relief containers being left to rot. There have also been allegations of embezzlement of federal funding over a two year period. And now Rickyleaks- a chat involving the Gov and his boy band, in which they engaged in homophobic slurs and trashed women for having the audacity to think they could ever hold power. Rosello leaves next week, and let’s hope the island finds someone with their best interests in mind because they sure as hell need it.

Joe Biden entertains more aggressive approach ahead of next debate- Unfortunately, unless it involves letting Obama fill in for him, I’m dubious.

A Dog Days Beisbol Double-Feature? Sure . . why not. 

Cameras ain’t context- By now you’ve probably seen video of the asshole Cubs fan who snatched a ball from the clutches of a little kid. And if you ain’t seen it, here’s the video of that asshole doing government business on a child. But wait . . there’s more! That Cubs fan really isn’t an asshole after all. He actually had already given a foul ball to the kid earlier in the game. Oh, and after grabbing that ball and letting his wife take a pic of it, he gave it to a kid seated next to him. The moral of the story is that the camera can lie and social media will war before knowing the whole story.

Don’t ever change, kid- Yanno, not every Phillies game is a complete waste of time. They played a keeper recently, thanks to this young chap’s random act of baseball kindness that has me feeling sappier than a Maple tree. This video was too good to tuck into a link, so do yourself a solid and watch the moment unfold. It’s how the brotherly are supposed to love.

The Cheez-It/House Wine Box is now a thing- The mashup is half crackers and half wine box and it’s here for a limited time. Finally . . .proof that heaven exists!  

There is no why in team- Nampa High School football coach Dan Holtry is coaching up one hell of a football team out in Idaho. Don’t ask me what their record was last year, because I don’t care. Holtry’s boys are champions for what they did to make a nine year old boy’s birthday one he will never forget.

Christian Larsen wanted to invite all his friends to his party, but when mom Lindsay only received a single RSVP, she took to Facebook to wonder why that was. She had her suspicions, and they had everything to do with the fact that Christian has autism. Lindsay’s posting got the attention of Blythe David, who called up her friend Coach Holtry, who then shot off texts to his team asking who wanted to attend Christian’s party. You know how teenagers are when it comes to getting back to you? Well, not these guys. They all responded within minutes, in unanimity. That is what winning looks like.

I’ve come to love the Friday Heroes posts, because it’s a chance to cull the good and the bad from all of the crazy, ugly mess of an everyday world where heroes and zeros don’t tote around name tags. This week’s story is just a little different, for yours truly.

On March 2nd, 1982 I found myself in a Cadillac going to watch an unknown welterweight by the name of Buddy McGirt. It was his first match as a professional and he wasn’t feeling the least bit nervous, as evidenced by the fact that he fell asleep on his girlfriend’s shoulder. I was riding shotgun in the front seat as his manager drove us to an arena in North Bergen, New Jersey.

I was a huge boxing fan at the time so when my old man asked me if I wanted to hitch a ride with a friend of his who managed a boxer, I was interested. When he told me I’d be riding in the same car with said boxer, I was in. And while we only met that one time, I’ll never forget it. McGirt fought this tree trunk of a fighter named Lamont Haithcoach to a draw. I thought Buddy got screwed, because he was winning all the biggest scrums over the three rounds. But it was his first fight and it was Jersey and boxing is never going to be confused with the All England Club.

Buddy McGirt would go on to be Welterweight Champion of the world. He would retire with a record of 73 wins, 6 losses and that one draw.

Last Friday night, McGirt- now a trainer- was in the corner of junior welterweight Maxim Dadashev when he told him he was going to throw in the towel once the bell rang to end the 11th round. The kid was getting pummeled and was clearly behind on all the cards, but he was having none of it. He dismissed McGirt’s pleas, knowing he still had a puncher’s chance and three minutes to turn it all around. Dadashev had his eyes on a title shot, while McGirt wanted him to make it home alive.

Once it became clear Dadashev was going to get up for the bell once again, McGirt threw in the towel. “I’d rather have them be mad at me for a day or two then to be mad at me for the rest of their life,” McGirt explained after the fight.

Maxim Dadashev died from his injuries on Tuesday morning, leaving behind a wife and child and the rest of his life. And now Buddy McGirt is going to have to carry around this reminder for the rest of his days, and all the questions that come with it. If you don’t know the sport, you don’t get how impossible a situation this man found himself in. You do not call a fight without repercussions, but you can’t let it go on when you know your guy is in that kind of trouble either. Sometimes there is no good guy or bad guy.

Only pain.





42 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. The McGirt story is a good one, unfortunately with such a sad ending. It amazes me the punishment people in boxing and UFC put themselves through. I sometimes wonder how these sports continue on.

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    • All this time after Cosell railed on about the utter savagery of the sport, it’s still kicking. With all the talk about CTE, boxing and mixed martial arts fighting are never included in the conversation. Probably because people know there is no regulating the purpose of the sport and really, it’s not going anywhere.

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  2. At least McGirt doesn’t have to carry the burden of allowing his fighter to return to the ring. He will woulda, shoulda, coulda for the rest of his life but on that one decision, he is a hero. Another great edition, Pilgrim.

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  3. B,

    Another winner of a week – word-wise 😉

    Uhhh. seriously. Can they stop NOT BELIEVING this whole climate change thing? It is friggen heppening, you putzes… And it’s funny, because I keep saying we need a flood – but I meant to flush out the shit…

    Snooki… hah!

    Rico Not-So-Suave should be ashamed of himself. Which, of course, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about. These types of people have no shame, do they? To have all that help rot is just unthinkable. Should another disaster happen, who would want to help if all you will do is leave it sitting there?

    I remember that baseball video making the guy look like an asshole. Not cool. Proof they show what they want to stir the shitstorm for ratings.

    Brava to that kid! What a fabulous thing to do. Some parents are doing things right.

    I can’t wrap my head around that Cheez-It thing

    Yay to Holtry’s boys! What a feel-good story!

    And, finally, my heart broke for McGirt. I had that whole “The Champ” scene in my head. Wanting to keep on fighting while your brain is being turned to soup is something I shall never understand. That he, as a coach, chose to try to save his boxer despite said boxer’s pleas is testament to his personal strength. Throwing in the towel is never an easy choice. He made it and still lost. Such a painful story.

    Well done, as per, my friend!



    • Q,

      There is this fundamentalist quality to the doubters that reminds me very much of the religious kooks who insist there were never dinosaurs. Hence my theological spin on the climate change deniers.

      Snooki is still relevant in the faux celebrity world! Who’d have thunk it?

      And therein lies the problem. The people are the ones who suffer because their leaders fail so miserably. Puerto Rico’s history is one of leaders such as him, who consider themselves to be above the peons. It’s how islands crumble and bad ass regimes get started, I’m afraid.

      If not for some homework on the part of a few sites, including Dead Spin, this guy would have remained Public Enemy Number 1. Even the Cubs were fooled by the whole thing and ended up giving the kid a signed baseball, LOL.

      That kid done made my week. How awesome was he??!!

      It’s funky, I’ll tell you what. But it’s a box of Cheez Its with a box of wine, conjoined. So no getting up to fetch one or the other. You’re all set!

      That football team has the right stuff.

      I felt horribly for everyone involved. The kid who is gone much too soon. His wife and child who lose a husband and father. And McGirt, who did the right thing and still lost. But yeah, boxing is a savage profession in which the objective is to knock your opponent to the canvas. These things will always be not just possible, but probable.

      Thank you Q!


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      • They are exactly like the religious kooks. Hallelujah! I thought the use of dinos was perfect.

        I had no idea Snooki was still a thing. I am so outta da loop. No, you can’t bring me back in! I was never there in the first place!

        Yes, it does. I hope they finally get someone worthy who actually gives a damn about his/her people.

        Yes. Thank goodness for Dead Spin. But it goes to show, what you see is not necessarily the whole picture.

        I thought he was the most awesome-ess kid!

        Ohhhh… the snack WITH the wine, not IN the wine 😉


        Boxing. I can’t understand why I think the sport is insane yet I love boxing movies.

        Always, B!


        • Those peeps wouldn’t get the irony. Hell, if they can’t get that the temps are set for broiler across the globe and that glaciers are melting faster than the fat on a linebacker during summer training camp . . they ain’t getting anything.

          Me either. She made an appearance in a daily news article in which she talked about this and that and da da da . . . I have no recollection of what she says because it’s like empty calories.

          Me too. These situations are always so tenuous. And when you think about how unstable governments can breed really bad people to lead a desperate country . . well, it’s scary.

          I found it interesting how quickly people jump to the third rail. It’s really quite Ray Bradbury-ish. Yikes . . .

          Mama done real good.

          Oh no, not IN the wine. They are roommates. Evidently, and I did not know this, wine pairing with Cheez Its is a big deal.

          Now if they could teach some of the professionals how to behave . . .

          It is a sport that will never go away. As savage as it is. And really, decades after Cosell railed on about how they had to ban the sport, things got even more brutal with MMA.

          You rock!

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          • You got that right. It’s just a quirk of nature, not that the planet is turning into a ball of fire. Remember, there is still winter so, there is no way that it’s getting warming… pfft.

            Wow… talk about sustainability…. LOL

            It is terrifying.

            It’s kinda hard not to as that is all that is shown…

            Mama done.

            Roommates, I can dig. Hell, if they can create these commercials on pairing Miss Vickie’s chips with good wine, why not the uhh… more common Cheez Its with boxed wine…

            Good luck with that one.

            No, it won’t. Cossell was ahead of his time. And isn’t that true. MMA takes fighing to the extreme. But then, men have been settling scores by fighting since the dawn of time.

            You shimmy!

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          • Yeah kids, when Dennis Quaid shows up in snowshoes, we can call off the global warming search party because . . . oh yeah never mind!

            Problem is all that hairspray she wears. It’s shredding the ozone layer as we speak . . .

            Puerto Rico is at a crossroads. When half a million people take to the streets in protest, that ain’t good.

            In the movie Fahrenheit 451 (The HBO version), I had to keep telling myself this was fiction. Because it sure as hell didn’t feel that way.

            To the job mama done!

            I feel the same way. Live and let wine.

            Silly me. What was I thinking?

            And as long as it’s about giving kids a way out and earning a living, it is going to be here. For the better and its savage worst.

            Don’t let word of that get out . . .

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          • Buahaha! Send him my way, k?

            Oh. Em. Gee… I can’t even.

            No, that ain’t good at all.

            I still haven’t seen it. There were two versions of the movie? I didn’t realise…


            Ha ha!


            This is true. But what a savage way to make a living…

            Your secret is safe with me.

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          • Will do, he ain’t deterred by the terrain.

            She can. For everyone. Which is why she can’t be within five hundred feet of an open flame.

            Yeah, the one that came out on HBO last year was very much applicable to what is going on in today’s world.

            I wonder if that’s a t-shirt yet? Live and Let Wine.

            It’s such a savage way, but when a kid has nothing, it’s something.

            Gracias. I knew I could count on you.

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          • This is true.

            Ha ha ha!!!

            Dang… I’ll have to check it out.

            I’m sure if we create it, they will buy it…

            This is true. Better than nothing for some unfortunate folk.

            You know you can.


  4. I can’t even begin to respond to Flat Earth Society on the issue of climate change. It only makes me nauseous and depressed. But for Blythe Davis and the Nampa High team from Idaho…I take my hat off to that feel good story. Well done, Bulldogs.
    As for Rico Suave…please go away (as in go to hell)…and take your sleazeball grifting friends with you. May you never grace the public eye again.

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  5. You said it Mr. Imma about this heat. Al Gore is sippin’ a tall boy right now saying…I fuckin’ told ya. It’s scary what’s happening and how nothing really is being done nor corrected. I have nightmares of Polar Bears trying to stay afloat on ice cubes making out their wills. Seals expiring on the shore. Birds ramming into trees they’re that disoriented. WTF is putting it mildly.

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  6. You really knocked it out of the park with this one!
    “As my spirit animal, Keanu Reeves, …” 😂😂😂
    The stories about sharing the baseballs was so sweet – and so right that the video and social media frequently get it all wrong.
    And I loved the Hulk when he was Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.

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    • Is it just me or did Keanu Reeves show up at the perfect time in our national crisis? I know the dude has been around for a while, but THIS Reeves . . . he’s a walking soul hug.

      I was one of those peeps who thought the Cubs fan was a lousy schmuck, until I learned more. Lesson learned.

      Me too! I watched that series religiously. So depressing, but so good.

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