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Last week’s Villains post was such a hit, I’ve decided to go with another idea for this weeks Heroes. Imma dish up stories in quicksilver fashion, as if I was a USA Today table setter. Okay, yeah . . the Villains post was well received, but that’s not why I’m dealing up quick shots this week. Truth is, the week flew by and I had nothing stapled to a draft with which to build a story as zero hour approached. Don’t worry, you won’t regret it in the morning. Probably not . . .

Clueless, classless and cold- Mitch McConnell has used his powers as majority leader to block bills that would call for background checks for all gun purchasers (including internet and gun shows) and extend waiting limits for would be gun buyers who get flagged. It’s been twenty years since any meaningful gun legislation was passed and in that time there have been more than fifty mass shootings.The lack of progress in this national epidemic isn’t just shameful, it’s criminal.

Cold Feet? Try FROZEN!- Antonio Brown of the Oakland/Las Vegas/ Hawkins Indiana Raiders has frostbitten feet on account of not wearing the proper footwear during cryo-therapy (Gruesome pic here). Something tells me the train wreck that is Gruden’s gang is just gonna get stupider from here.

Texas . . Twitter . . Trump . . what could go wrong?- Rep. Joaquin Castro, brother and campaign chairman to 2020 presidential candidate Julian, posted a screenshot of Trump donors on Twitter. Now, the list is public record, but the stunt is still dangerous, given the current climate. There’s a way to do things, and this ain’t it.

Fighting hate with love- Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pleading for anyone who has fallen “in the grips of hatred and white supremacy” to right their ways. And she says there will always be room at the table for those willing to try. She’ll probably be trashed for this, but I happen to think it’s a positive chord to strike at a moment in time when we need something positive. Good for her. Good for all of us.

J.J. is Dyno-might!- J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans digs the Green Bay Packers tradition where the players ride kids bikes to the practice field during training camp so much, he decided to take part in it himself. When Houston visited Green Bay recently, Watt borrowed a young fan’s bike . . and proceeded to bust the seat. He carried it the rest of the way, after which he gifted the kid a new bike. Not to mention a hell of a story.

If you build it, ratings will come- The MLB finally got a gimmick right when they announced the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox will play a game in Dyersville, Iowa next season: On the same site used in the movie Field of Dreams. It will seat 8,000 fans and . . get this, the right field wall will feature windows so you can see the cornfield. Maybe Boss Manfred could use the moment to fast pass Shoeless Joe into the Hall . . .

Ralph Kramden is rolling in his grave- A driver for Peter Pan Bus Lines was arrested after she locked a passenger inside the luggage compartment. Police were notified by the imprisoned passenger, who dialed up 911. They eventually caught up with the bus during one of its stops. What. The. Fuck?

Badass baby rescuer- Danny Trejo of Machete fame played the good guy in real life this week. The 75 year old jumped into action when he witnessed a two car collision. With the help of a female bystander, he was able to pull a baby from the vehicle which had overturned. Now that is badass.

Sickening display- A 39 year old Army veteran has been charged with felony assault after he slammed a thirteen year old boy to the ground for not taking off his hat during the national anthem. The boy suffered a concussion and a fractured skull as a result of the attack. Which is why you don’t need to be tweeting out the Trump voters. They make themselves known plenty well enough.

The Beer Diet is a thing, and I am there- When Pistons center Andre Drummond gave up red meat, he had to substitute the calories with something else and he chose . . . beer. I love this guy very much.

Wonder Girl- 7 year old Abigail Arias got to live out a dream job on Tuesday night, thanks to the peeps at the Blue Lives Matter Foundation. They organized a trip to New York City for Arias and her family so she could don the uniform of an MTA police officer. Abigail and her family also met with the NYPD Police Commissioner James O’Neill, and they visited other units across the city.

Arias has an incurable form of kidney cancer and so time is no longer something she or her family take for granted. Instead, they are grateful to borrow as much of the stuff as they can get their hands on. This little girl was sworn in as an honorary police officer in her hometown of Freeport, Texas back in February. And now this. And tomorrow, they’ll get to stepping on something else. Because in Abigail’s world, there is no time for hate or divisiveness and all the ugliness that comes with it.

There’s only time enough to dream.



43 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. Where do I start? That Bobby speech is my favorite, off the cuff…first time he mentions his brother since he was killed. Indianapolis was the only city that didn’t riot, all because of a tortured man in his own right, speaking gently and humbly from the heart. Good goin’ Mr. Imma.

    That veteran that hit the kid. Where the fuck is Clemenza when ya need him. Shame on him, and you’re right. Trumpism is too fiery. He alone is like a grenade about to be lit. Castro might do better at the Catskils..Maybe you could Tweet that to him.

    I saw the woman in the luggage dept as if she just took a wrong left. Gives a carry-on a whole new face.

    The frostbite entry. Too Valley Forge for me, but those men had no choice. WTF!!!

    Before I forget, forgive my brevity but, FUCK MITCH.

    And three cheers for Officer Abigail where dreams still come true.

    I loved this whole piece Marc.

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    • SB,

      I thought Bobby’s speech fit this time we’re living inside of best. His message plainly spoken but with such resonance, that fifty years later, it still keeps.

      I feel like there is too much craziness on both sides of the aisle. AOC has said her share of crazy stuff, but her recent message really struck a chord with me. And it struck me, that’s where things have gone completely off the rails. Our politics has become so very personal as to stall any real change. Why can’t we have substantive debate without it turning into pitchforks?

      Buahahaha! I’m reading that story and thinking to myself, did none of the passengers, yanno, say anything about the thumping?

      I get an athlete trying different things in order to recover. AB doesn’t have an off season, so his body needs recoup time for sure. But dude! Protect the feet!

      I will second that motion.

      She is such a doll. Teaching us big kids all about perspective and gratitude.

      Thank you Miss Thin Girl. Truly and much.

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  2. B,

    Quicksilver fashion, eh?

    Why wouldn’t McConnell block bills that could make a difference? Heaven forbid someone start a forward motion to regulating… It is criminal.

    How stupid can a person be? Way to go, Brown…

    Triple-T… And Trouble.

    Kudos to Ocasio-Cortez for trying to spread love. I hope she doesn’t stop.

    I should Watt supplied a new bike! What a story for the kid to tell, for sure.

    That is the coolest thing ever! Why did it take so long for someone to think of playing a game on that field of dreams…

    Oh. Em. Gee. Thank gawd the driver – I’m shocked it’s a woman!! – wasn’t smart enough to take away the passenger’s phone.

    That is definitely badass. Bad guy in movies plays good guy in real life.

    What the hell is wrong with people? Slamming a child to the ground for not taking of a hat…I can’t even

    Ooohh… I’m in, too! Though something tells me that it’s not a great idea.

    What a beautiful thing to do for that little girl. I love these Make a Wish stories.

    Yep. the Bobby Kennedy video is a fitting end. Of course, like his brother and MLK and anyone else who tried to do good and spread love must be stopped,

    Another homerun, B.

    Have a fabulous weekend!



    • Q,

      I had bupkis when I sat down to write this last night at around midnight. Usually I provide myself with a sketched out list and loose change thoughts, so even if I wait till Thursday evening to complete it, I’m usually a couple hundred words in. Not last night, nope. Had to wait till the night before the exam to study up, LOL. But I think the quicksilver works pretty well.

      Anybody who isn’t angry at what McConnell is doing, or in this instance not doing, is blind. Not to mention deaf and dumb, I’m sorry. When people say “It’s time” for change, I say it’s well past fucking time. Twenty years, more than fifty mass shootings. How in the blessed fuck is that okay? The NRA is much too powerful. They’re never going to change unless elected officials make it happen.

      I couldn’t believe the frozen foot story. I mean, you would think it’s common sense that you wear the proper footwear when doing cryo-therapy. But I guess that sense ain’t so common . . .

      Yeah, anything with “Trump” involved . . . probably not a good day.

      It’s funny because I differ with the woman on lots, but I was so touched by her plea. It was such an anomaly, in the middle of all this ugliness, to have a prominent voice calling for peace and understanding and inclusion. Peeps are going to say it was a stunt, but I don’t believe it. And sure, they may say I’m a dreamer . . but I’m not the only one. 🙂

      I think the kid was happy Watt broke his bike, it worked out better!

      I know right?! Thirty years later, but hey, at least they’re finally doing it. It’s such a great idea, I almost can’t believe the MLB thought it up!

      I thought to myself, what about the passengers? Didn’t they think anything of the thumping that was coming from below?

      Trejo is seventy five! Dude ain’t behaving like it. And that’s a very good thing.

      Trump was blamed, but I’m sorry, if you’re a fucking animal . . you CAN blame someone for being so. But the bottom line is, you’re a fucking animal. Seriously.

      The Beer Diet. If it sounds too good to be true . . . drink up and you’ll soon forget!

      That was perfect. She is such a beautiful little girl, and her spirit is infectious.

      I think Bobby’s voice is the perfect note in trying times. Even today.

      Thank you Q, will do. And to you as well!


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      • Not bad for bupkis! I think you do night before handing in the project quite well 😉

        Time for change implies that change should happen. NRA has to be brought down several notches – which we know is gonna be a quasi-impossible task. I dunno, man. 20 years, over 50 mass shootings… seems like this change should have happened 15 years ago.

        Common and sense had irreconcilable differences in this case.

        You can differ with her lots, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate her efforts… which I also do not believe are staged. You definitely ain’t the only dreamer.

        For sure! New bike, great story!

        Honestly. And how in the blessed fuck did said passenger end up there? (Love Monika’s smoking section comment!)

        Seventy-five is the new Fifty… or less if you’re gonna be behaving all hero-like!

        No. Sorry. This is not Trump’s fault (did I just say that?) That guy was an asshole all the way through,

        Sounds way too good to be true, Though I have to confess I tried it this weekend…. ahem

        Absolutely. Bobby’s voice is timeless.

        I did. Hope you did too!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’m used to last minute work.

          This change should have happened after we had a mass shooting. And then two and then five and well, once it becomes a matter of course and nothing has changed? It’s a good bet change is going to be damn near impossible.

          I don’t think common and sense will be getting back together, either.

          I fear that the democrats are making it easy for Trump. Which happens when you answer his rhetoric with your own. Peeps need a contrast, a positive and constructive one, and the opposing party is not supplying it. AOC hit on something that should have been a theme through out.

          That kid probably kept the busted up bike too.

          The passenger would basically have to have been shoved into the compartment.

          Machete strikes again!

          Yeah, I think when we start blaming elected officials for nutbags and scumbags and their criminal behavior, we’re passing off the blame. Accountability is already a foreign word, let’s not add to it.

          I went with gin martinis AND beer. Ahem. 😉

          If we listen to Bobby’s voice, we’d be much better off.

          Oh, you could say it was a good ‘un. 🙂

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          • As am I. I don’t think I ever did a project ahead of time.

            Yes, it should have. And it didn’t. And I fear it will never – though I hope I’m wrong.


            This is true. Can they not see what they are doing, for fuck’s sakes? None of them?

            Probably – on the urging of his father!!

            I guess, but shit. Like you mentioned somewhere, did the other passengers not hear what was going on below?

            Right. Accountability must come back into the dictionary.

            Alrighty then. I made my vodka “veggie caesar mix” to bring to the cottage. It was a hit 😉

            We would.

            Then I am glad you did.


          • I have, but I was perplexed throughout. Wondering if there was going to be the ample amount of juice, seeing as how I wasn’t tap dancing on the deadline.

            They have two bills that could/should have been brought before the House by now. Mitch is the hold up, because he can be. Because the special interests matter more than people’s lives.

            I’ve said it already. We can’t blame Trump voters if he wins again. We have to blame the direction of the democratic party. Because winning 2020 should not be difficult IF there was a contrast from the rhetoric, the misdirection, the same shit different side. All these peeps who are crying about another Trump term? Who in the blessed fuck are they voting for? ARE they even voting? It’s just easier to talk shit on social media, I guess.

            It’s bizarre. Maybe they were all in on it.

            Accountability doesn’t matter any longer. People don’t have to be responsible for what they do. They can blame the devil, the politicians, the meds . . .

            It was gin martinis with stuffed olives, craft beers and brick oven pizza to keep things logical enough. Good times.


          • It’s hard for me to change my ways – yanno, when you get a 10/10 in a uni class doing what you’ve been doing since you were in elementary school… However, when you get an 8/10, knowing you coulda done a bit better…

            Nope. And really, WHO is voting? It is so easy to talk shit and do nothing.

            Maybe that cargo hold is soundproof.

            Yep. Makes me sick.

            Oh man. That sounds divine.

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          • I have always loved the rush of getting it done inside the desperate waning hours. Being responsible is SO overrated.

            Check out social media. Everyone on there has it figured out and it goes something like this. Fuck Trump. And that’s it. Fucking geniuses, I tell you.

            Maybe the passengers are deaf. Are guilty of something . . .

            Me too!

            Divinity, they name is gluttony and bad decisions.

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          • I don’t do responsible. Except when I have to.

            Geniuses of the highest order.

            Maybe… or maybe it is the way society has become. Not everyone is a hero like Trejo! Most look away.

            Not always. Just often. 😉

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          • Same. It’s just so . . . boring.

            You would think it would occur to them that maybe . . just maybe, importing some Robert Kennedy into our current situation might be a good idea? Hell, RFK would have run roughshod over this democratic field of candidates, and then he would have soundly beaten the shit out of Trump in the general election. All without a single “Fuck Trump” or “Let’s impeach” or “The Russians did it” in the mix. Nope, he was tenacious and classy and he just knew. Damn . .

            The dude is a badass in the best of ways.

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          • Nope.

            I wonder how many of these whiners and social media artistes even know what Robert Kennedy stood for? Because those tenets still matter, maybe more than ever, in today’s world. I doubt they do. Like I said, it’s easier to sit on your ass and troll than to do something about it.

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  3. This may be an odd thing to say, but in some respects McConnell is far worse than Trump. He has completely destroyed the act of legislating at the federal level.

    I can’t stop laughing at AB’s injury … it is at the absolute top of the heap of oddball injuries suffered by professional athletes. What a fool. (By the way, as soon as I heard this story I wondered if you would find a way to cover it in one of your weekly features.)

    Completely agree about Joaquin Castro’s idiocy. I’m beginning to think that all elected officials and all media representatives should be banned from social media. The former because they say incredibly stupid, and in some cases, dangerous things. The latter because what they put out on social media frequently demonstrates they aren’t the impartial reporters they’re supposed to be.

    Andre Drummond … on the one hand, I can appreciate this, but on the other … Seriously?!?!?!


    • Mitch has blocked measures simply because he can. He should really just shut the fuck up and not saying anything when the next shooting happens. Because his words are meaningless. His inaction says it all.

      I couldn’t believe the AB story. And you’re right, as soon as I heard it, I was all in, LOL. I mean dude . . cryo and sandals do not go together! These Raiders are going to be exceptional when it comes to entertainment value. Whether they will be competitive is another story. Entirely.

      Totally agree. Politicians can’t get out of their own way when they start dabbling in the stuff. And then you get the inevitable rolling back on the stupid shit they just posted, which only makes it worse. What part of posting a screen shot of donors seemed like a good idea to Castro?

      Drummond is actually sensible about the beer diet. He says he partakes of one a day. Like a vitamin . . . only fun.


      • With McConnell, it’s not just gun legislation, he has turned the Senate into a dictatorship. He has completely destroyed the institution.

        A co-worker is a Raiders fan. I’ve offered him a bet — does Burfect or Incognito get suspended or waived first? For some reason, he’s unwilling to entertain the bet.

        Regarding politicians … isn’t it time for Biden to go away? He’s demonstrating a doddering old fool on the national stage.

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        • Mitch has a record of protecting those whose interests are already iron throne strong. While I’m not down with regulating everything, I’m also of the opinion there has to be a check against financial institutions. And we can’t let companies get away with environmental murder. And we are twenty years into this era of mass shooting, and the NRA is stronger than ever. Mitch has offered no solutions whatsoever. He’s a big fat impediment to any solutions.

          Hmmm. That’s a tough one. As for the Raiders, please explain to me how it is that Gruden got the keys to the franchise? He went in there and traded everyone with the idea of getting younger. Okay. But then he goes and signs a bunch of malcontent veterans this off season. I mean . . does he have any idea what he’s doing?

          He’s not getting the nod. This whole lead up feels like a Biden roast. Only there’s nothing funny about it.


          • Mitch … couldn’t have said it better myself.

            Raiders and Gruden… yes, we’ve discussed this. I don’t think he knows what he’s doing. I’ll bet that Carr is no longer with the team after this season and then it will get even more interesting.

            There is nothing funny about the Biden situation. It’s a shame there isn’t somebody in his life who can convince him to go quietly into the night.

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          • And now he is celebrating because his Twitter page was unlocked. It reminds me of the Mark Twain quote. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

            Of course, he remains silent on the most important topics just fine.

            Carr had a decent season, but his average yards per low was one of the league’s worst. AB is supposed to help with that. If he can ever decide on a helmet.

            Good luck. Biden’s swan song is going to be a slow, painful descent into the absurd.

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  4. Great heroes post, Marc. I’m proud of you for your support of AOC. She may have a good idea or it may just be a quiet form of her dissent. We’ll see. Mitch the bitch. Go away, man. The Castro Brothers? They are the ones who use each other as stand-ins at events. Maybe the photos were taken by Julian. He’s dumb enough to do it. Loved the Abagail story. Bless her heart. Loved the frozen feet of Antonio. Couldn’t happen to a nicer crybaby millionaire. MLB? About time. All in all a great issue.

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  5. I don’t get the bus thing. How did the passenger get in the luggage compartment, and why? Did the driver even have a clue she was in there? Gotta be more to this story.

    I sure do hope Mitch gets voted out next year, is all I can say.

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  6. Whoa…a fresh week and new batch of car wrecks (but how cool is it that Machete act-Danny T, the 75 year old badass-well done). Just wondering whether the bus driver put the passenger in the ‘smoking section’ of the bus?

    #MoscowMitch continues to make me grit my teeth and do a slow burn. His recently broken shoulder has done nothing to improve his disposition. 🤬He continually lowers the bar when it comes to despicable.

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  7. the Bobby speech was new to me – and much to chomp on here.
    not sure I agree with he beer diet long term – just won’t fortify like red meat and fats can – ha – and I know there was humor there – but just my thoughts
    – also – I saw the
    Danny Trejo story on the news and was touched – and I had no idea he was 75?? wow – he is doing something right – and he looks better now than he did 20 years ago

    also – the news story with Danny Trejo that I watched said so many people went around the accident and did not offer any help.
    I was in a car accident in June and Sorryless, we were very blessed to have an off duty fireman place his car behind the accident and stared directing traffic right away – I think we could have been hit by other cars if he was not there to do that – and he put himself out there – I know it his training – but three lane highway in street clothes and private car – he directed traffic away from us – I thanks him and gave him a hug afterwards – very cool – he was our Trejo

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