First Draft Horoscopes- Leo

A change that is muy importante is taking place as we speak, so pay attention. It seems that the moon in Aries (another fire sign) is throwing down with Pluto. These are the kinds of details you will overlook, since you happen to think that astrology is the study of the rectum. Thing is, this battle could very well leave you stranded if you choose to ignore the warring signs. Yes, that was an astrology pun . . and no, you probably didn’t get it because you’re more clueless than a Seventh Day Adventist at Christmas mass.

The punchline to this internecine battle between Aries and Pluto is that you are supposed to watch out for control freaks. I’m figuring that maybe those signs didn’t get the memo about Leo, because if they had, they’d know that you come face to face with a control freak every time you look in the mirror. So maybe don’t look in the mirror today. Just kidding . . you can’t help yourself.

Alas, the forecast is not entirely gloom and doom. Mostly yeah, but not entirely. The moon does make a harmonious connection with your ruling planet, the Sun. It’s the astrological version of shagging, without the bottle of bub or the R&B cranked up for good measure. This connubial convergence of the cosmos should inspire you to be brave and to do something completely different along your path. And by different, we mean to say that maybe you can stop being so self involved. Try it on for size a couple minutes at a time and see how it feels. If it’s too painful, just go back to your regularly scheduled programming of being a selfish twit.

34 thoughts on “First Draft Horoscopes- Leo

  1. Dearest B,

    I looked at the date and though… hmmm…will he this week? Happy to be able to say a resounding Yes!

    And I know this is full of snark and fluff but man, do you have the Leos I know down pat 😉 (And that includes my mother!)

    Perfect choice of song to boot (again!)

    To the Leos we know!


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  2. For some reason, I thought you had picked on Leo already. Wondering when you’ll get to my sign (and no, I won’t tell you whet it is – you’ll have to divine it yourself!)

    “since you happen to think that astrology is the study of the rectum.”🤣🤣🤣

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  3. My brother and one of my sisters are Leos. I giggled at the suggestion that Leos are clueless. That may just be right with respect to one of my siblings. 😉

    I want to forewarn you … I’m a Scorpio and you’re getting closer to that. I’ll be watching you.

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