Heroes Of The Week! (Speaking Of Edition)

Spider Man

It was only a matter of time before one of my shticks ran into another one of my shticks, after which they grabbed a drink and then decided to get a room and make snarky. So this week, Speaking Of meets Heroes.

We’ll start with Presidente Trump, who’s back again. This time for reneging on his ‘promise’ to push all his chips for tighter background checks on gun purchases. For all his bluster, he’s looking mighty weak.

Speaking of . . . weak. Baker Mayfield threw shade at New York Giants rookie Daniel Jones in a GQ article. And then social media sushi rolled his critique into spicy bites, and then he walked it back and blamed the media for taking him out of context. That’s a punk move.

Speaking of . . . punk move. Ezekiel Elliot is holding out for a big payday two years short of free agency . . by vacationing in Mexico. Never mind he’s been a knucklehead off the field since getting to Dallas. Now little Zeke is upset because Jerry Jones made light of his holdout. Oh little Zeke, grow up.

Speaking of . . . little boys. I have no interest in watching the Little League World Series. Because I’m a grown man, and as such, I ain’t down with watching little boys play baseball. But ESPN never met an endeavor they couldn’t exploit.

Speaking of . . . exploitation. Union workers for Shell received overtime pay for attending a Trump rally at a Monaca, Pennsylvania plant recently. Those who didn’t attend received nada. Officials for Shell said it was a ‘bonus’ that didn’t affect the workers not in attendance. But when pay for yay! gets political, we’re going the way of Norman Jewison’s Rollerball.

Speaking of . . . derbies. The peeps in Chitown have this really cool tradition where they flood the Chicago River with rubber ducks. The event helps to raise money for the Illinois Special Olympics. Last year’s races raised $425,000 dollars for the cause.

Speaking of . . . raising money for a good cause. Diesel Pippert is a seventh grader from Ohio who has this philanthropy thing down cold. After earning $15,000 in livestock premiums at the county fair’s animal auction, he donated all of it to St. Jude Children’s Resarch Hospital. The kid is a businessman with a soulful bottom line.

Speaking of . . . bottom line businesses. The NFL actually put its money where its mouth was with next gen helmets that will keep players safe. The new helmets were good enough for every player but Antonio Brown, who makes our Heroes post for the third week in a row. First AB threatened to retire and then he threatened to sue the league, before finally giving in and showing up to camp. For now.


Speaking of . . . happy campers. Ali and Linds B adopted a pit-bull this week. He’s a year and a half old and his name is Fig. He has an amazing smile, gives great kisses and he happens to be one hell of a sous chef. He hung out with me in the kitchen as I constructed my loaded nachos for their get together. What a mighty good boy.

Speaking of . . . good boys. Darby White is a 100 lb pit-bull pup who was chilling in the family Jeep when he saw his owner James being attacked by a shark he had caught while fishing in Sonoma County, California. Darby worked the car handle open and then loosed the shark from James’s leg. From now on, James should take up chess.

Speaking of . . . sharks. Jeffrey Epstein signed a will just two days before . . . umm . . killing himself. His estate was valued at more than half a billion dollars, but his playlist of scumbag friends won’t be nearly as available now that he’s gone.

Speaking of . . . spineless snots. Recently, a neighbor of Randa Ragland sent the struggling mom an anonymous note bitching about the condition of her property and how it was affecting the resale value of other homes in the neighborhood. Never mind that Ragland’s husband had lost his job, she was dealing with health issues and her three year old son was just diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. After Ragland posted the note on Facebook, her Pinson, Alabama neighbors sent her a different kind of message: A lawn service took care of her yard, while others tidied the house and bought the family some groceries. That’s how you dollar bill a nickel and dime fool.

Speaking of . . . bills. Wesley Ryan of San Antonio had plenty of them back in 2001 when his wife Laura was battling an aggressive form of ovarian cancer. So he made the decision to sell his beloved ’93 Mustang GT in order to cover the medical bills. Last September, his kids tracked down the car on Craigslist and bought it back for him. And that right there is a good story, but it gets better. Executive Chairman Bill Ford of Ford Motor Co. saw video of that reunion, after which he enlisted Hennessey Performance to give it a complete makeover and bring back its old school purr. Wesley took it for a spin earlier this month after a surprise unveiling at Ford World Headquarters, wife Laura at his side.

Speaking of . . . better days. Eleven year old Ruben Martinez of El Paso, Texas is challenging everyone in his hometown to do twenty two good deeds- one for each victim of the Walmart shooting earlier this month. The #ElPasoChallenge asks peeps in the 915 to do some good, any kind of good. It could be in the form of mowing a neighbor’s lawn, buying someone a cup of Joe, or checking in on an elderly neighbor. Basically, anything that’ll brighten up a person’s day. 

It wouldn’t be the worst idea if the folks in Washington played along. They could even take credit for it. As long as it got us somewhere better, I’m sure the kid wouldn’t mind one bit.

69 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week! (Speaking Of Edition)

  1. B,

    Another great list. Quelle surprise – a political leader reneging on promises…

    Mayfield and Elliot are both punks.

    I would be surprised if the biggest baseball fanatics would waste their time on Little League…

    Wow… I have no words for Shell. Giving overtime to attend a political rally? No bueno at all.

    Curious about the rubber duckies – do they just go out to sea or are they picked up after their fundraising? Fabulous that they raised the dough, just wondering about the environment.

    Way to go Diesel! Seventh-grader knows philanthropy big time. Looking forward to seeing what this kid achieves as he grows. Coz I guarantee he will succeed at whatever endeavour he puts his energies towards.

    Are you saying Brown is dissing the new helmets?

    Fig is simply adorable and the girls are so lucky to have adopted him. Well, I’m sure the luck will go both ways. Plus, he has adopted you so win-win-win!

    Darby White! Wow! Saving your hooman is one thing, managing to get the car door open is a whole ‘nother thing. James better be pampering that boy for the rest of his life.

    Wonder if Epstein’s signature is authentic… or if his hand was held whilst he signed on the line…

    Ronda’s one neighbour learned nothing from Mr. Rogers, apparently. The others, however, are what it’s all about.

    What a beautiful Mustang story! Lovely that Ryan’s kids got his car back and I am gosmacked that the story ended up in Ford’s hands, too.

    Bravo, to Ruben Martinez. How hard is it to do twenty good deeds? Could you imagine if everyone participates? What a wonderful worlds… (I know, I’m a dreamer…)

    Love me some Sonny and Cher – they had such a great thing going once upon a time. How can you not love this one!

    You keep rockin’ this thing.


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    • Q,

      When Trump reneges on promises, an angel has its winged ripped off, deep fried and served up in an app combo at Chili’s. In other words, it happens all the time with this guy.

      Great players, but yeah, punks. Mayfield is what Cleveland needs, but there comes a point when the field general has to act like the field general. See: Tom Brady.

      Someone IS watching the Little League WS. Why that is, I have no blessed idea.

      Shell opened a door. Not that it’s unique to that company, but when they made it a rally point for their people, no bueno at all.

      Who knows. I just read on how they recently removed a ton of trash from Mt Everest. So these green peeps ain’t really as concerned as they profess to be.

      And he’s got the name. Diesel.

      He says no. He says he just wants his old helmet. He ain’t getting it. Oh well.

      Fig is the man. He never hangs in the kitchen, but there he was, riding shotgun as I constructed my dishes.

      James best do two things. Pamper Darby something fierce, and never fish again.

      Or if he had a Luca Brasi situation going on where they told him that his signature or his brains would be on the document . . .

      I don’t dig the anonymity. Hells, I didn’t get along with my neighbors, but I never would’ve stooped to that. How weak.

      Wesley’s kids and Ford provided a sweet combination.

      I think if everyone even did one good deed, it would be better off than our present state.

      Watching Cher do her thing is like watching a ballerina warm up before taking the stage. It never, ever gets boring. Sonny was the money man, Cher was the money.

      Speaking Of was the key this week. It allowed for so many stories!



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      • Oh, I know. Has he held any one of them?

        Great players should not be such putzes. I know, what am I saying?

        I’m thinking it’s someone bound to a chair with no choice.

        No bueno at all. We had a “No” rally in Montreal when there was talk – AGAIN – for separation of Quebec from Canada and our company allowed us to attend or not (being a Canadian-based company, they had no interest in separation, of course) but no one was paid or docked…

        That’s what I’m thinking. It’s a little like letting thousands of balloons up into the air, to fall and choke wildlife.

        Great name!

        I say let him have it. Knock some sense into him…

        That’s so funny. Maybe Fig knows a good cook when he sees one 😉

        In. Deed.

        Exactomundo what I was thinking… Sign here or else…

        The animosity is ill-placed, especially in her case and thankfully the other neighbours have bigger hearts. I don’t even know my neighbours, nor in any rush to meet them but I would never be so mean.

        A beautiful thing.

        Absolutely. I think we can just do it and hope others follow suit but if they don’t, then at least our little part is being done.

        They were the perfect team. Well, for a while, anyway.

        It has! You are on the ball!

        De nachos (since you did make your fully-loaded)…

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        • He cratered on China, and thank God because as much as I do believe there is a warped dynamic to our dealings with them, it was killing us. He never had a chance against the NRA.

          Nothing wrong with them having an attitude. But Zeke is being a big baby and Baker’s move was downright weak. Own your words, man!

          Or maybe they’re paid to cover it. And the buffet spread is too sweet to pass up.
          No kids sporting events should be televised on the regular, sorry.

          Money should never come into the equation when it comes to any kind of political rally. Shell SHOULD know better, and maybe it does know better and just doesn’t care.

          It’s like when they had an Earth Day concert and the patrons left behind all those Styrofoam cups. Nice.

          It’s a cool name, a tough name. He’s a smart kid, studious and enterprising. Killer combination.

          I still think most of this protest was a ruse. I don’t think AB wanted to play in the preseason, and IF that is the case, I don’t blame him. But if he is really this pissy about a helmet, after having more than a year’s lead time to find an upgrade? Then he is beyond help.

          And get this, he doesn’t beg, nor want human food! Of course, I gave him several of his treats. How could I not?

          The story didn’t make clear whether the owner was fishing for sharks, so I didn’t investigate further because I wanted Darby in my post. But if his owner WAS fishing for sharks . . I ain’t down with it.

          Epstein gone from the earth is no loss. But the names he took with him, his degenerate scumbag friends who preyed on young women. He took those names with him. Now a woman comes forward and you’re going to have the Me Too deniers insisting this was just a publicity ploy for money. This story is horrible on so many levels.

          Yeah, mean people suck. I would have had more respect for someone who knocked on her door and aired her opinion. Face to face. But an anonymous note? Nah.

          And that his wife survived her battle makes the story perfect.

          Why is it always the kids who are coming up with these great ideas?

          For a while was all they needed.

          I was thinking this Speaking Of/Heroes mash worked so well, it might become something. More stories is never a bad thing. Only problem is segueing, because the good and the bad stories tend to ‘roll up’ together rather than a ping pong effect.

          De nachos! (Loaded because . . how else but loaded? 😉

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          • China is causing grief all over the damn world.

            Yes, own your words at all time, no matter who you are.

            No, definitely not. Only peeps interested in kids’ games are their parents.

            No, it should not. And I’m sure it doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

            Right! Save the earth, here, use Styrofoam or float rubber duckies… umm…

            Very cool name!

            AB – is he worth all this energy we are granting him? I think not.

            What a good boy! Let’s hope you don’t ruin him 😉 Just teasing. I know you have the utmost respect for our four-legged friends.

            No, it’s not. And the names he took with him is all kinds of wrong and like you said, once again, women are left holding their shredded dignity.

            Chicken-shit is what leaving an anonymous note is.

            Yes. Having her there to celebrate is the cherry on top for sure.


            Speaking Of/Heroes mashup is perfection.

            No other way is worth mentioning.

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          • They will be the start of a war, or wars.

            These kids should know better by now. They take 101 classes on the topic as college players. Then again when they join the league. It’s driven into them, and still . . somehow we get stuff like this.

            That’s fine. Or an aunt or uncle. Maybe. LOL

            Shell, like most corporations, operates with a different set of rules.

            Yes, and then these peeps go home in their earth hugging Subarus.

            It’s not just for Vin any longer.

            Welp, the Raiders married him. And instantly regretted it!

            I keep it sensible. I ain’t messing with his buff bod, LOL.

            Like any middle aged woman wants to get dragged into this. What most peeps never stop to consider is how many women are found and then shoved into the limelight they never wanted.

            It is chicken shit!

            I had to read three articles to get that. Can you imagine it didn’t occur to the first two to, yanno, mention her?

            Like Ruth.

            I dig it.

            Yeah, I wouldn’t trust it either.

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          • I fear that as well. Remember when I was telling you about that show “Firefly” – and how every single person in the universe speaks Chinese…


            Well, yeah, that goes without saying 😉

            They do.

            Hah1 IF not there Hum-Vs!


            Ha ha! Good thing. Nothing more awful than an overweight Pit.

            Exactly. Bad enough they lived through the abuse…

            It is!

            Are you kidding me? The reason for all this is to pay for her medical bills – oh, sorry, that’s not news, that’s reality. My bad.


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          • Oh, it’s coming. It’s actually barreling down on the rest of the globe. Hard.

            It, unfortunately, goes with lots of saying. Take for instance, the fact that you can bet on the Little League World Series. That’s right, you can lay money down on ten year old kids now. A. Mays. Ing.

            If they have the Humvee, they bought credits for it. And they also bought fake mud spray for their tires so they look like weekend warriors instead of mall walkers.

            I’ve a feeling Fig is gonna get lots of exercise.

            It’s insult to their injuries.

            No mention of what happened to her in the first two articles. But that’s writing in 2019. The lazy nature of most stuff I read is maddening.


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          • It is…

            Are you friggen kidding me? Betting on children’s Little League? What in the fuckity fuck?

            I knew my Hum-V didn’t look right 😜
            Hahahaha! Fake mud…

            Are you gonna be offering your services when you can? 😉

            It is.

            Jeez Friggen Louise. It is lazy. Thank goodness we have the likes of you.


          • Yep. I read something about it where the writer joked about how the results can be skewed. Think about it, unlike the pros where millions of dollars would have to change hands to alter the results of a game, alls you gotta do is buy a kid an X-Box and you win!

            Fake mud was a real thing. Back when the super sized rides were being bashed.

            Imma be walking him. They live right by the college so there are plenty of beautiful spots with which to wander.

            Oh shush! 😉

            But seriously, there is nothing worse than lazy writing. Because it’s an umbrella term inside of which lies grammar, consistency and punch.

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          • Ridonkulous.

            Right. Coz fake mud makes them okay…

            I am sure you will love doing so. Walking Fig whilst cooking up some great writes.

            Can’t. I tell it like it is.

            And seriously, lazy writing is more than an annoyance. And it is EVERY where.

            Liked by 1 person

          • What kind of gambling degenerate needs to gamble on kids? Jesus. Is THAT the line, after which you say to yourself, I got a problem!

            Walks with Fig. Hmmm.

            You really do. It’s why you’re so loved.

            Everywhere! Fucking everywhere! Like rain this summer, it finds you even when you’re not asking for it.

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          • Degenerates is the key word. They have found themselves at the bottom of the barrel.

            Yummy for sure. He has such a sweet smiling face. His good nature shines through on his pictures.

            Yeah well. Right.

            It is. Like sand when you go to the beach that finds itself in the unlikeliest of places…

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          • What’s lower than betting on little league games? Whatever it is, a degenerate gambler will find it.

            He is so sweet, and he knows the power of that smile he totes around, lemme tell you.

            Ugh! They should punish lazy writing with sand in all those places! That’ll teach em!

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          • The pick-up jax game going on ’round the corner… between 7 year-olds

            I don’t doubt it! As he gets to know you guys, he will have ever more power over you.

            There’s a thought.

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  2. Woof to bringing Fig int the family – you can feel a good energy from the photo and sous chef skills minor bonus – lol – and all that love
    Double woof to Darby and the door handle and yelling James

    The “speaking of” connection to the heroes keeps me updated on news stories and enjoy your succinct writing and opinion added without overdoing it. Makes for a good read and I might have mentioned that before – but I still do appreciate that in blog land because not everyone has that in their writing output.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fig is wing man, sous chef, confidante . . all rolled into one. He’s got some major league game in those adorable chops of his. The party became ALL about him, and rightly so.

      And Darby! What. A. Dude! The presence of mind and the intelligence to open that door and then swoop into action. Double his points and give him all the bacon he wants!

      You are so right, it works so much better with the Speaking Of theme. I might have to have more of these. It also brings in more stories this way.

      I never wanna drone on. It’s my fear, to drone on. The only editing I do is when I lop off what I feel is too much. Ain’t easy sometimes.

      Gracias to you Prior!

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      • Hey – also wanted to say the Sonny and Cher video reminded me of an era before my time – when TV was SO different —
        also, seeing Cher in her element. She sure was a natural in front of the camera – smooth and they were quite a duo.
        Oh – and that was also when the braless trend was in –
        And then the song they sang reminded me of high school – I went to an “arts” high school and did not fully realize how cool it was at the time – but later appreciated it – however one thing I did enjoy was this one day in the basement of our school – these two African American guys – music majors – sang that song – one guy at one end of the hall and the other guy down near the gym –
        I was young and less punky that year – but stopped to feel there beautiful voices –
        One sang “and the beat goes on” and the other followed with such a wonderful voice “and the beat goes on…”

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  3. I forgot the outstanding shoulders on Cher in the day. Super reminder, Marc. Enjoyed your heroes post.
    The trumpet not following through? Please don’t tell me that.
    Elliot and Mayfield should get married.
    Little league is the place for parents of kids, not adults.
    The Shell thing might have been a union contract stipulation.
    Hooray Chicago.
    Diesel shows us the way.
    AB. Just get out.
    Fig is da man. Congrats on the adoption.
    I can’t imagine a dog like Darby White. The owner sounds like he needs that kind of dog around.
    Epstein’s picture is in the dictonary under dumbshit.
    Great neighborhood story. I hope that one neighbor is proud of their “not my job,” attitude.
    Glad the wife was there on the Mustang story.
    Ruben Martinez is another to show us the way.
    Again, super post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know!!! If there was a Hall of Fame for shoulders, she’s Babe Ruth top ‘o the list. As it is, she was and is, simply a Babe of the highest order. Looking back at some of her videos, she was just stunning. My God.

      Yes, Sheriff . . it’s true. Maybe Trump doesn’t always tell the truth. And maybe . . just maybe, he’s not so adept at this art of the deal schpiel as he would have us believe.

      Zeke and Baker. A match made in TMZ heaven!

      Agreed. If your kid or a kid related to someone’s someone is involved, then fine. Go have at it. Williamsport is a neat site and I DID like watching a game from there recently. But it was involving the Cubs and Pirates, LOL.

      Ding! Ding! Ding! Yes it was. Still, not cool. It’s like when teacher’s unions lean on their members as far as a political candidate is concerned. When Obama was running for office, teachers who were not on board with him had to remain silent. I’m sorry, but no. Regardless of the candidate, you have the right to your vote. And with Shell supplying a financial ‘reward’ to members, nah. I can’t.

      Chitown ain’t just for deep dishing.

      AND he has a cool name!

      Gruden is dying inside, but he’s got 100 millon reasons why he has to smile all this AB nonsense away. The Raiders are a caricature of a franchise at this point. If they win a few games, which I’m hoping, it’s only going to get stupider. If they lose a few too many, it’s going to be the Titanic.

      Fig rocks.

      The owner DEFINITELY needs Darby around. And the owner should really think about taking up topiary.

      No kidding.

      The neighbor’s anonymity is what pisses me off. If you have a prob with someone, let ’em know. Face to face though.

      Me too. Made it perfect.

      It seems to be the kids, like, most of the time.

      Thank you for the dance, Sheriff. 🙂

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  4. I swear there must be a contest to see who can out-douche everyone else. Between orange hued politicians and gigantic sports egos, I’m not sure what’s worse. I hope the kindness shown to Ms. Ragland buoys her spirit despite the self-centered jerk who sent that note. Jeez, people. WTH? Smiling Fig just makes you want to leave lipstick marks all over this sweet head. #ilovepitties

    Liked by 1 person


    Hate to ruin this moment by bringing up The Trumpet. Shootings are becoming so standard that they pass like a little bad weather. And his arbitrary remarks are just that. No one gives a shit about gun control who can actually do SOMETHING about it. What’s a few students when it comes to that holster that inflates your balls as if they were pumped up radial tires.

    All I know is, Diesel Pippert should teach a course in how to give to those who really need it. My new hero.

    And don’t get me going on Epstein and his legal team, and how come they never said how he hanged himself. Rope, tie…they take your laces and belt right outta the gate, at least they’re supposed to. Maybe he borrowed one from his lawyer.

    And the beat goes on. Nice that you ended with them crooning, her hair swinging like a pendulum. His bookie mustache twitching in the Klieg lighting bouncing off Cher’s cheekbones.

    The beat goes on, the beat goes on
    Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain
    La de da de de, la de da de da

    Charleston was once the rage, uh huh
    History has turned the page, uh huh
    The mini skirts, the current thing, uh huh
    Teenybopper is our newborn king, uh huh

    And the beat goes on, the beat goes on
    Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain
    La de da de de, la de da de da

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  6. Masterfully done, Sorryless. Would that I kept up with every single post I would get the news and some snark to go with it. Givin’ Maher and Noah et al. a little competition. I’m fixin’ ta’ give ya a little shout out over at my little world, hope you don’t mind. I can’t keep up but never you mind little ol’ me, gotta Y.O.B. now, but keep on keepin’ on aka truckin’ aka abidin’.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the mention, Mr Author (Almost).

      A little snark is a good thing. It has to be just the right measure though. Sorta like loaded nachos. Okay, not at all like loaded nachos. But hey . . I love them both!

      Keep on leaping in keeping, trucking and never lucking, riding and abiding!

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  7. Dude I’m loving these positive paying it forward vibes from Ruben. I like that he’s reminding people, hey … if you haven’t been kind in a while how about just starting today. Nice! Plus the peeps helping their neighbor instead of hating on her. Plus the dog. Dude. Good stuff here Cayman 🙂 plus I enjoyed that Sunny & Cher flashback forgot the chips they had … power voices having fun in bellbottoms.

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