Heroes Of The Week! (Hurry Up And Hero Edition)

JDM Watchmen

This week’s Heroes episode will not include the Boston Red Sox, because they’re staying home for October. There won’t be a mention of the Emmys (Well, except for Chernobyl being recognized . . because it IS a must see). As for the Russians, Imma let Congress see red whilst I settle for blanco y azul.

This week, it’s all about tempo; as in quick strike hits on the stories of yea and nay. I was remiss in my story scooping this week, so I had to crash study the fucker into some form of coherence for my Friday exam, and then post it on Thursday because why not? And thank GOD for Fox News, because they make it easy to find Nero in the news worthy. So I begin with a double take of fake news  . . .

Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire called Greta Thunberg- a 16 year old with Asperger’s- a “mentally ill Swedish child” for having the audacity to blast the climate change deniers. Much like the glaciers, this dude is all wet.

After Fox News apologized for the comments, Laura Ingraham went on her daily show and compared Thunberg to a character from Children of the Corn. Ingraham’s own brother tweeted (of course) that Ingraham cares more about her paycheck than her own children. Can’t wait to see the live stream from the Ingraham Thanksgiving dinner!

A New York teacher is on leave after asking students to write “funny” captions to images depicting slavery. Making this my WTF story of the week . . .

A Deputy Sheriff in Forsyth County, North Carolina footed the bill for a handicapped woman because he feared the eight dollars she had for gas might’ve left her stranded. So how’s about some praise at the pump for Chris Owen, who owned the moment.

Hakim Laws’ Monday morning consisted of catching babies being thrown out of a burning building in Philadelphia. When he came upon the burning building, he was prevented from entering by the smoke. So he stood on the pavement and yes . . he caught babies. Sign him up, Eagles!

And so Hakim tweeted (of course) his exploits whilst ribbing the Philadelphia Eagles Nelson Agholor by tweeting ” . .we was catching them. Unlike Agholor.” To which the star wide receiver tweeted back (of course) by calling Laws a hero and inviting him to a game. Well hells . . an athlete who gets it! That’s brotherly love right there.

As if peeps seeking romance ain’t got enough hurdles, now Match.com is catfishing with ’em as well. Save your money kids, and hit the produce aisle. 

Congress did something right(!) when they passed the Christa McAuliffe Commemorative Coin Act of 2019. The act calls for the Treasury Department to mint $1 silver coins to commemorate teacher/astronaut Christa McAuliffe. Money well spent.

The Anti-Defamation League has decided that the “OK” hand gesture is now a hate symbol, seeing as it was co-opted by white supremacists. I think when you start censoring the everyday, you’re simply giving power to the people we cannot afford to give it to.

Lemonade Stand Bikers

It’s been a year since Daryn Sturch was driving with her daughter Bryanne when she came upon the scene of an accident involving several members of the Milwaukee Iron Biker Group. A nurse in Chili, Indiana, Sturch applied her skills to the accident victims, some of whom were critically injured. She remained on the scene until the paramedics arrived. Thanks in part to her efforts, all of the injured victims survived.

Sturch became Facebook friends with members of the group, and it was how the bikers learned that Bryanne’s lemonade stand sale had been rained out. They reached out to let Daryn know they would be in the area the following week, and they urged the kid to try the lemonade sale one more time.

Let’s just say Bryanne crushed her sales goals, thanks to the thirty bikers who showed up to partake. Daryn Sturch was beyond verklempt at the outpouring of love and support shown by the group, but really . . it was all about getting what you give. She made the scene for them, and hey . . all’s fair in love and lemonade.

“I think it’s a perfect example of how just because you don’t look the same way or dress the same way or have the same hobbies or interests doesn’t mean we don’t have the same core values inside us,” Sturch said. “We shouldn’t make assumptions about people, we should just love each other.”

When life hands you lemons, drink up.







36 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week! (Hurry Up And Hero Edition)

  1. Nice job Marc. Let me get this straight. If I use a hand signal and I’m a hate group I automatically own the symbol and it is banned from use everywhere else? I’m not liking the Texas Longhorns (Is a not liking group the same as a hate group?) So I’m using their hook-em horns symbol to mean bullshit. Is it mine? If so I’m suing the Texas Longhorns for misuse. Great post this week.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool that the baby catching hero tweeted about it and then was invited to a game – shows a rippling effect of kindness…
    and cheers to the biker group
    — but uh oh….
    No more okay sign- ?
    Thus will impact scuba divers because they can’t use the thumb up (that means need to surface- or go up) and so use the okay sign to signify things are well!!
    So let’s not give the power to them – like you said

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  3. B,

    I have to put Chernobyl on my to-watch list – maybe with my new streamer, I can catch it.

    You were remiss last week? You hid it well. And just say you posted today coz you gots to work too early on Friday 😉 And yeah, there is always FOX to help you fill ‘er up.

    Bravo, Knowles, Bravo. What a dunce.

    Oh! And Ingraham… you get extra points! I wonder if both siblings will even attend Thanksgiving dinner…

    WTF! I cannot even. I’m reeling over this being a teacher from New York… Kentucky I could picture. Not that it would be any more not WTF.

    Kudos to Chris Owen. What a beautiful thing to do.

    That Twitter… I love that this exchange happened in this crazy Twit-filled world! Hakim and Agholor. Love it.

    Ah hells bells. Ya mean I mighta been done been catfished? Sheee-it.

    How is this for irony. Looking for something to watch on Netflix, I decide to try an episode of “This is Us” in which one of the characters goes on and on about Christa McAuliffe. And here you are sharing that Congress did right by her.

    Jeezus. What next? Peace sign will be used to divide peeps?

    I love these biker stories. They are starting to have a bigger reputation as being nice guys over bad-asses! Or maybe, their bad-assery IS doing the right thing? Love, love, love this story!

    You rock – and you said you’d find a reason to use Silverchair 😉 Beauty, B!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Q,

      Like I said, it’s so fucking dark from beginning to end. But it’s also one of the best mini-series I’ve ever seen.

      I was remiss in my news reading this week. And no, I ain’t gonna share that stuff. I like the curtain, it’s very Oz like, yanno?

      FOX always umm . . comes through.

      Knowles and Ingraham ain’t gots to believe anything they don’t want to believe. But there’s no reason to get personal. Especially with kids.

      That’s why it’s my WTF story this week.

      That dude made it happen, and it keeps my peeps in uniform streak going on Heroes.

      Actually, I got it wrong. I was talking to someone about this and it wasn’t Laws who tweeted, it was a news station in Philly. But still, his heroics were awesome. And for Agholor to take it all in stride, very cool.

      Those dating sites suck balls.

      I think I am the last person of a certain age who ain’t watching that show, LOL. And Christa was an icon, she deserved this kind of recognition.

      It makes no sense. This is dangerous, when people start policing the everyday behaviors and habits of ordinary people.

      The Bikers were the “in” group after that biker series “Sons of Anarchy”, but the truth of the matter is that lots of these peeps are just regular folk who love riding.

      I had to tuck them in somewhere before I forgot!

      Appreciate it! Mucho!


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      • Definitely going to watch it.

        Ah well. You know. You are allowed to take a break from reading stuff. And you don’t have to share the whys neither.

        FOX – right,

        You have got that right. Never with kids.

        With good reason. WTF.

        That he did.

        I kind of thought it weird he tweeted his own heroism. I am so glad it was the station! Love that Agholor took it in stride.

        They do. And why I am totally done with them.

        Honestly. So was I. I just didn’t feel like getting into anything requiring brain cells and this one was right there.

        It is very dangerous.

        And this is absolutely true. About most bikers being just regular folk. I dunno about the whole Sons of Anarchy thing as I never watched that… I’m a tad behind on good stuff.

        You chose well!

        You know it!


        • It’s so well acted, every performance.

          Well you know how I roll. Do my own thing, and it works out, 😉 I gotta admit, this deadline posting stuff works pretty well for me. No time to think, just write!

          Fair and imbalanced.

          That’s below the belt, bush league stuff. These are well paid national news peeps behaving as if they’re college DJ’s. Pathetic.

          A funny caption to slavery . . and this teacher was serious. Wow.

          Yeah, I loved how Agholor took this. Imagine if that would’ve been Antonio Brown . .

          I had fun on them, but it occurred to me that I didn’t need them once I got my sea legs back, LOL.

          I started watching AHS 1984. No brain cells required, I was sold!

          The ADL is going down a perilous path.

          It’s funny how peeps get into things they see on TV. And then they talk about how impressionable kids are? LOL

          And that should do it for my ’90’s music kick.

          Gracias, gracias very much.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Even more reason to see it. I’ll keep ya posted!

            That’s what I say. Do what works for ya. Me? No schedule per se, though I like to get my FF out on Wednesday. And of course WW over heah 😉 Other than that I might, I might not.

            Yep. Totes.

            Pathetic. Perfect words.

            I just can’t. Nothing funny about slavery. Another level to clueless.

            Fuggetaboutit! There’d a been some kinda Trumpesque Twitter Tourney!

            I had lots of fun… got my chassis oiled up and raring to go after years of nudding. Now? Only so many dick pics and unacceptable language a lady can take.

            No brain cells wins the day! Course not EVERY day.

            It is.

            I know, right? Who’s the most impressionable, I ask?

            For now. You’ll go digging again 😉

            Pleasure’s all mine!

            Liked by 1 person

  4. I was asked about writing a book, again. I said if I ever write a book, I can’t blog too. I know peeps do it, and that WP is full of peeps who do it, but I can’t. I’d only write the book.

    The whole Twitter thing, I just don’t understand. Anyone in a position of power shouldn’t be on there, and I don’t care about all this ‘influence’ bullshit either. Ain’t nothing being influenced but a trip down the drain.

    For me, it became a matter of why in the blessed hell am I paying for this networking expedition when I HAVE my network? LOL. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice from the standpoint of meeting peeps from other places but then they became part of the network and well . . why make Match any richer?

    God I would love for it to be the case every day. But alas, I still need ’em for the moment.

    Silly adults, Trix are for kids!

    It’s on to the 2000’s. I’ll be back for the ’90’s in a bit.



  5. I love this list since, I’ve been cheering for Greta who has won my heart. Short of poms poms, I’m her greatest cheerleader and would like to pay Knowles and Madam Ingraham a little visit. The idea of making fun of her just leaves me nonplussed to say the least. And I blame it all on Trump who seems to lead the charge on lack of decorum. It’s an embarrassment to all Americans.

    I love bikers, have always been an advocate, Altamont and all, so I love the lady’s Hippocratic Oath in full swing, colors bleeding, tourniquets healing.

    Nice piece there pal. Poignant choices.


    Liked by 2 people

  6. Just when you think the folks at Faux News can’t stoop any lower, they manage to drill down more. Unbelievable. I note, with great respect mind you because she definitely deserves the recognition, that Congress passed the Christa McAuliffe Commemorative Coin Act of 2019 and yet the current administration continues to delay the release for the Harriet Tubman twenty spot. *Sigh*

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