42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. What do these two knock-outs evoke in me. I’m from Connecticut so images abound. Mystic Seaport is one, the harbor where the rich dock their boats. I remember going for seafood, my mom’s favorite fare, seated outside, our lobster bibs in place, the small of saltwater pleasingly invading our nostrils.
    It also makes me think of Westport, when years ago there was a restaurant called, The Cafe de la Plage, my spelling questionable, where I’d go with my beau at the time, Eddie, for lunch of crab claws and cole slaw until the money ran out. it was pricey and I always paid with the inheritance from my poor dad, not knowing that fast Eddie, was only in my life for its temporary bounty. Ah yeah…my first and hopefully last, gigolo. See what a picture, or 2, can do. πŸ™‚

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  2. Q,

    SO much here. For one thing, the stillness of the water lends a magical effect. Its like ice, solid and transparent. And then you have the mirror imaging going on, where shadows speak in duality, producing the resemblance. It’s a metaphor to me, for understanding the water as the other half of an unseen world.

    I also love how the light bounces off the boats, so becoming. The irony of a setting sun producing its most brilliant colors before being stolen away by the darkness. And that darkness, so moody and romantic in its indigo dress.

    Inspired choice to go with two selections.


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    • B,

      I was driving home from a walk in a park (where other photos shall appear right here 😊) and had to pull over as, from he road I was struck dumb (yes, it can happen).
      Zeke was left in the car while I ran down the slope to get to the dock.

      I couldn’t believe just how still the water was and the oncoming dark with, as you say the setting sun’s gift of light just made the whole place glow in all the right places.

      I had to add the second pic because I found it even more mysterious as it gets darker as your eye goes to the right.

      Rare I am moved to talk about my pics so much!

      So thank you!


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      • Dumbstruck! I can see that happening if you were hit with a portrait such as this one. I get it. Even if I wouldn’t have known what to do with it.

        It’s the design of it all, as if there is not a single bit of random to the ensemble. This is what I’m guessing is the mystic.

        It does. The darkness as mystery, yes. But its intrusion was not complete at this point, so there was still a hopeful song to its clutches.

        That’s what WW is for.

        Gracias back!


        • Yes! And almost breathless – might have been the steep slope I had to go down to get there, though. All jokes aside, I hoped and prayed either my phone or camera would adequately capture it. Believe it or not, these are the phone.

          I am beyond pleased you liked my framing. I didn’t crop a thing nor add a thing.

          Exactly. There it will be shortly.

          I love that you have given me this forum. I wouldn’t have even though if soloing it on mine!


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