Heroes Of The Week! (Yin/Yang Edition)



It’s been a meh week for the boss here at Sorryless, what with the requisite aches and pains associated with another birthday kicking my ass. I was able to get back yesterday with my first run of the week, but alas . . the news kept coming and I had bupkis pie. So this week will be somewhat abbreviated as a result.

Imma go with a Cool vs Uncool theme this week and I’m even breaking out my red and blue highlighter for the proceedings. Star Wars Rules: Blue is bueno and red is not so bueno.

The Cleveland Browns went Hollywood with big names and bigger attitudes. They anointed themselves championship contenders before winning a damned thing, and so it ain’t shocking that peeps are drawing a bulls-eye on them now. And if they don’t watch it, they’ll become just the latest team to talk a better game than they ever played. 

The Washington *Montreal Expos* Nationals were 19-31 on May 23rd and the Beltway was calling for the head of manager Davy Martinez. But these dead men walking turned it around and made October, and then they beat Milwaukee in a winner take all wild card game for the honor of being summarily dismissed by the mighty Los Angeles Dodgers. And then Wednesday night happened, with the Nationals spitting in the face of all their past playoff failures. And it’s why more books are written about baseball than any other sport. 

Bedfellows Of Interest- You’re more likely to build consensus among first graders at a pizza party than to get our elected representatives to come together on basically anything. So it was interesting to see this polarity find equanimity (say that one time fast) on the NBA vs China imbroglio. Ted Cruz and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez co-signed a letter to the league, urging them to cease operations in China until the country ends its boycott against the NBA and the Houston Rockets over a pro-Hong Kong tweet by Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey. Eight lawmakers signed off on a letter expressing concern that the NBA’s decision to self censor itself sets a dubious precedent. For a moment anyways, that kids table in Washington was busy making sense. 

Say Anything . . Please?- The NBA and its players are a league that has prided itself in taking on social issues, which makes their radio silence dismaying. Of course, it’s not so simple to cut off ten percent of your revenue (which is what China means to the league’s bottom line). But hey, if they are about being woke . . they wouldn’t exactly go broke by speaking up  in this instance. They didn’t have to defend Morey’s support of Hong Kong protesters, but they could have taken a stand for free speech and canceled their scheduled game between the Lakers and Nets. But they played their game in Shanghai . . . quietly, and now I really don’t care what LeBron and Kyrie and the rest of those guys say about free speech once they return to the states . . because it’s kind of too late. 

Sick Puppy- Twenty two year old Brandon Fleury used thirteen different Instagram accounts to stalk the family members of the Parkland shootings. Using aliases such as Nikolas Cruz and serial killer Ted Bundy, Fleury harassed and threatened these people while also posting messages such as this one. 

“With the power of my AR-15, I take your loved ones away from you PERMANENTLY.”

This creepy little asshole was convicted of interstate cyber-stalking and interstate transmission of a threat to kidnap.He faces a maximum of twenty years in prison, which doesn’t seem long enough. 

Thank goodness we still find peeps like Carlos Correa, who manage to fight the madness of gun violence with soulful deeds. The Houston Astros shortstop recently donated $10,000 to the family of a Texas Sheriff’s Deputy who was shot and killed during a traffic stop last month.

Sandeep Dhaliwal was a ten year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and its first Sikh deputy. Dhaliwal was walking back to his vehicle to run a background check on the occupants of a vehicle he had stopped when Robert Solis, 47, removed himself and approached the deputy from behind, shooting him in the head. Solis had been wanted on a parole violation and now faces capital murder charges.

Dhaliwal left behind three children and a wife, not to mention a community that was devastated by his loss. Here was a guy who was the embodiment of an American dream, having become the first sworn officer in Harris County to wear a turban. He was taken down in yet the latest horrible example of what America has become.

So Carlos Correa decided that he could write some small and positive meaning into how this latest tragedy will be remembered. And it wasn’t just money that he gave to this young family. It was the smiles he elicited when he met with them. It was the hugs he received when he talked about feeling a kinship with Dhaliwal after he learned that the deputy had gone to Puerto Rico- Correa’s birthplace- in 2017 to help in the recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria.

The author James Baldwin believed that we can change our prevailing reality in millimeters. His idea was that if we might attain the hardest earned goodness in miniature, it still counts for everything. It’s in the smallest things, the quietest moments that you change the day someone walks through, the thoughts someone possesses.

That’s how you change the world



65 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week! (Yin/Yang Edition)

  1. You’ve upped the blogging game writing in colors! I’m sorry you’ve had an off week my Sorryless friend. Hopefully things improve.

    And yes heartbreaking for us as Texans to have another loss in law enforcement, a senseless loss. What a beautiful story, I had not heard that.

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    • Hey Texas,

      Feeling ayt today, so knock on wood.

      Correa made something positive come of this senseless tragedy, and stories like this need to be told/shared/remembered/prospered.

      It’s a crazy world.


  2. B,

    Lookit you, you wild colourful thing, you! Your mojo will return full force, I’m not even concerned.

    Nothing worse than tooting one’s own horn before the train even leaves the station.

    Washing *Montreal Expos* Nationals, eh? My ignorance of baseball outside of movies leaves me curious…

    Great tongue-twister and who’d a thunk a friggen tweet (ironic, when you think about it) would cause such a ruckus?

    Agree with ya on the radio silence. It would be too little, too late and feels a tad hypocritical to be so into taking on social issues but keeping silent for a few bucks – in their terms, ten percent is a few bucks.

    Unfuckingbelievable! Oly twenty years? I won’t even type in his name. I can’t imagine the familes receiving such horrible messages.

    What a disgusting act of cowardice to shoot someone in the back of the head. And what a wonderful human Carlos Correa is. That Dhaliwal managed to become a Sheriff’s Deputy, must not have been easy to go through the training and be accepted in the first place. To succeed only to be shot down for no good reason whatsoever is a tragedy unacceptable.
    Ever notice how the good souls are the ones who are taken down?

    I believe in James Baldwin. I know I try to do my little bit. So many people feel their little bit doesn’t count. But it does. Absolutely.

    Cool tune, once again, Mr. YouTube Junkie!


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    • Q,

      I’m not upset to see the week over and done with. Hopefully better days will follow for mind and body.

      The Browns were tooting as if they were the Patriots. They didn’t get the memo, evidently . . .

      The Nationals are bringing their old Montreal Expos identity with them into the next round, and who knows? Yeah, baseball is all about the books and movies that get made thanks to places like Wednesday night in Chavez Ravine. No other sport has that poetry . . not like that.

      I told Frank, one day a tweet is gonna start a war. I believe that.

      It’s one thing to rail on the warts of this country, because that’s easy. Because even with an asshole like Trump in the office, you can still criticize this government. But the opportunity was handed to them to provide commentary on free speech while inside the borders of a country that does not recognize it. And they didn’t come through.

      The idea that this little asshole would do such a thing, to me . . means he might very well be capable of much worse.

      Dhaliwal didn’t do this just anywhere. He didn’t do this in LA or New York or Chicago. He did this in Texas. And he was beloved in his community. That right there is the American dream. And how horrible that he was struck down by the American nightmare of gun violence. And thank God for peeps like Correa, who get it.

      Every good little bit, counts.

      I find ’em by the bushels! 😉

      Gracias lovely.


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      • I feel you. Time to leave that week in the past because yes, better days will follow for mind and body – and if they don’t, you have me to cheer you on.


        That is so cool. And who knows indeed? If you can get me excited about baseball, you’ll have won major points. (Outside of baseball movies, of course, which I cannot explain why I love so much.)

        I swear you are right. One tweet and boom!

        It is a sad state of affairs. Does not give us any confidence whatsoever.

        I can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on inside asshole heads like this one. And yes, he is very well capable of more.

        True. Texas is not the first place one would think of as the most inter-cultural place so to have achieved the status he managed to. And we note that this is white man who did the deed. Thank God for peeps like Correa. He gives us hope.

        I truly believe every little tiny bit counts.

        You do!

        You da best.

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        • Need some good mojo, because the body ain’t being so willing. Good thing the spirit is okay though. And thank you, mamacita. Thank you mucho.

          I think the Nationals are going to the World Series, and while I do not want to say they will win . . that’s only because the Yankees are still in the mix. At least until Houston decides to kick them out this week. And if it’s Houston vs Washington, I will be ALL in on the Expos . . I mean Nationals. Both.

          I have no problem with what Morey tweeted. He was supporting free speech and China didn’t like it because it’s true.

          That little asshole had too much time on his hands.

          I’ve said it over and over again, Dhaliwal was the American dream we always hear so much about. He had achieved it, he was living it. His was the example we cull for others who want to call this place home.

          People have very different ideas when it comes to changing the world, but I think it really happens inside the quiet moments.

          No . . YOU da best.

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          • Sending some your way from this tired body. The spirit is good – that is great.

            You keep me posted on all that hullabaloo!

            China needs to be brought down a peg. They are way too powerful.

            And what a horrible way to use said time.

            He was. Both of our countries are a wonderful mix of cultures – it’s what made us because let’s face it, without immigration, you and I would not be in our respective joints.


            WE da best.

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          • The body is tired of being treated for this and that, LOL.

            I always do. 😉

            We appease China. Even the tough talker in office tucked tail and ran from any real confrontation with China. And I don’t think he understands that trade is not the only negotiations he should have been undertaking.

            It really is. They need to make him do something constructive for the next twenty years.

            Truth. It’s why we used to learn about “the melting pot” in school once upon a time.

            We sure is!

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          • I hear you. The body is complaining of not being respected properly.

            That you do! 🙂

            Same story north of your border.

            We do. And learn him a thing or two about living right.

            We used the same term in our school. Funny how what once was considered a good thing is now a bone of contention and a “reason” for racism.

            We is!

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          • It’s always something. Mine seem to be internal in nature . . mayhaps kidney stones? Not sure. Flushing with water and waiting to see.

            Be it maple or oak leaves, we understand how our countries came to be. After all, the Pilgrims weren’t born in the US.

            Little asshole needs a lesson every day.

            Right? Yeah, this has somehow turned on itself. But let’s face it, ignorant people are always going to use good to promulgate the not so good. Look at the Bible.

            Mmm Hmm!

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          • Oh no! Then you are in serious pain. Maybe a trip to a physician is in order…

            Exactly. And neither were the European settlers (we don’t use pilgrim 😉 )


            Again, yes. Goes back that far and then some. Always will have those who refuse to acknowledge where they come from and who they are.


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          • I’ll see how it feels by Monday. I do pain a little too well it seems.

            John Wayne used pilgrim. And while I know he ain’t nearly as popular as he once was . . I still like the word.

            Always has, and unfortunately, always will. The irony is that with more information than ever, people simply navigate this information to fit their narrative.


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          • Unfortunately, one’s tolerance level rises so we don’t take care of business…

            I know he did. And so does our boss man, John 😉 Must admit coming out of John Wayne’s mouth, it had a certain je ne sais quoi.

            Yep. Unfortunately. I swear – one would think with the information out there… never mind…


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          • I am guilty of this. But after spending so much time in visits to the ER, hospital beds, doctors, specialists, lab work, . . . and on and on. Ugh. I’m done.

            It really does. The man knew how to deliver a line.

            Yep, LOL.


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  3. The James Baldwin reference says it all.

    The Nationals beating the Dodgers in the way they did it — Game 5, in LA, the Kershaw moment, the Dave Roberts-Joe Kelly decisions, 10th inning grand salami — all equals a thing of beauty for this Giants fan.

    NBA-China … it’s all a clusterf%*>. And ridiculous and so overblown. But sadly this is the world we live in. The permanent outrage machine.

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    • The romance of baseball is why so many books have been written on the subject. If ANYBODY saw the Nationals coming back in May . . they’re lying. And yet here they are after taking out the Dodgers the way they did. And who knows?

      I felt badly for Kershaw. But as far as Dave Roberts and Joe Kelly (former Yankees killers when they were on the Sawx) go . . I’m plenty fine with how this turned out.

      For this week. Next week it will be something else, and this will be forgotten.

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        • Kershaw got the final out of the seventh, and that should have been that. But then Roberts rolled him out for the eighth, for whatever reason. Against a hot bat like Rendon. And then he kept him in there after Rendon homered!

          I’m not saying it would have mattered, because I think the Nationals had the mojo going. But Roberts blew it.

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  4. Correa is the hero of the week. The senseless killing of a peace officer found little milage except here on your post. Our local news was all over it but elsewhere? Meh. I think Twitter is the new news outlet. You get it raw and straight from the opinionated mouth (via the fingers of course.) Well done, Marc.

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    • Of course, Correa might come back to bite my Yankees this weekend in Houston. But hey . . he’s a great dude so there are worse things.

      I find it disheartening, because here was a true role model who broke barriers and was beloved in his community. When Trumpites start railing on about what America is supposed to look like, you point to that guy and say “Like that . . THAT is America right there”.

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  5. Cleveland Browns….bwahahaha. I can’t even say the team name without falling down laughing (no doubt that’ll bite me in the bum when they school the Donkeys).

    Bravo to the Nats! Although not a huge TV watching fan, I’ll take them over the money-grubbing soulless NBA. I’m so sick of various professional leagues selling their souls after charging outrageous ticket, parking, vending prices in cozy expensive tax funding stadiums and have to nerve to criticize teams for speaking out on human and civil rights (yeah I’m talking to you, NFL…you still are on my short list for the Kapernick mess). Talk about nerve. Just play your sport and shut up about everything else…how about that? Is that too parochial for your tender sensitivities? 👿

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    • The Browns made a mistake with OBJ. I like a lot of what they’ve done and I’m a believer in Baker, but they didn’t need that big name receiver. They’ve got a solid team, even if all the accolades were not earned quite yet.

      The Nationals . . I am telling you, there is something about this club. It’s almost as if they’re playing with house money now, which is dangerous considering all the talent they have.

      NFL teams continue to sign and re-sign and re-sign again the names like Fitzpatrick, McCoy, et al. And where is Kaep? You mean to tell me he wasn’t a better idea than that 10 million dollar retirement package the Dolphins gave Cutler a couple years ago? Makes me ill.

      The NBA and its players had an opportunity to stand up for free speech, and they didn’t do it.

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  6. Wish I knew more about current sports but alas, she doesn’t. That said…Love the James B. quote but don’t always like him. I remember on the Ken Burns film on Thomas Jefferson when he spoke about Sally Hemings. He left his humanity in the car. He was so angry as an old man when he was really so backlit by his talents being recognized. I know I’m being cryptic, but it’s hard to explain. I’d like to think if I grew that old with the grace given to me throughout my life, I’d hope I’d display it.
    You’d have to watch and hear him yourself.

    Sandeep Dhaliwal’s fate made me teary. The randomness of any killing always does, humbling the rest of us since, you just never know if today it will be your turn.

    Not a cheery comment Mr. Imma, but it’s all I got.

    Didn’t have the best day.

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    • Some people age gracefully while others not so much. But as with any time in a person’s life, its about attitude and perspective, isn’t it?

      Dhaliwal is an interesting counterpoint to use when a Trumpite hits me with all this jazz about making America great again. Because this guy was the essence of what makes America great, and it’s a good bet there was a time in Harris County when he would not have been welcomed, much less beloved.

      You ain’t gotta put on any kind of face for me, SB. Alls you gotta do is show up. This ain’t that kind of blog. Consider this place like a neighborhood bar, where the guy running things ain’t caring what you order. He’s just happy to see ya.

      To a better Saturday. 🙂

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  7. I was first thinking what Frank said – crazy how a tweet started so much – oh my goodness.
    also – loving the highlight colors –
    I have been on posts/pages that were “busy” and confusing with colors and font size – but this was perfect and actually made it appealing visually – much better than all black text. and actually – much better than the light gray text that sneaks into posts.
    The song was yet another culture rich gem (I look forward to seeing which song you add)

    and with the browns – oh man – never jinx the team with any talk of championship or playoffs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I won’t damn Twitter though. I ceased and desisted on that kind of outlook a while back. It is up to people, not technology, to get it right. Bashing social media is simply killing the messenger.

      I did the colors for this yin and yang episode. Glad you like! I wasn’t sure how it would go over, but I must say I was pleased with the results. Thank you for mentioning it. 🙂

      Love those kids. I am a YouTube junkie who considers music videos a favorite sport. I chase it with Spotify and Amazon . . good as it gets.

      Hey! I think the Astros are a slam dunk 110 percent lock to win the World Series!

      There . . . hopefully I jinxed ’em enough, 😉

      Go Yankees!

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