Pan Con Mantequilla

Some quick shots for a slow starting Monday, if you will . . .

  • Would it kill the MLB to start these playoff games at 7 pm EST to give us Yanks on the east side of town a decent shot of seeing a full game? I mean, I’m glad I missed the Astros loosening themselves from the clutches of Poe, but still . . .
  • The Dolphins went for a two point play and got a Tua point play instead.  We might not win a game this season unless Bowling Green is on the schedule.
  • To call Trump the worst President ever is to assume he is Presidential.
  • Fox News heaving personal attacks at Carl Cameron is a new low for the Fatherland Network. Cameron accused Fox News of being a propaganda machine for the President, so rather than respectfully disagree, Fox News got personal. Maybe they just want to impress their Big Daddy Blowhard by showing how low they can go, seeing as how he dumped Fox News for One America News Network.
  • I’m thinking no more Trump mentions in my Heroes episodes. Why give him any relevancy at all?
  • You want a Sorryless Impossible Burger review? Cause Imma have one for y’all shortly.
  • My son went to see the Joker movie over the weekend and admitted he was nervous sitting in the theater, because it felt like the kind of movie where some nut-bag goes on a shooting spree. There is an overwhelming sadness to adopting this kind of madness.
  • So when the world is busy making no sense at all, a nice Sunday afternoon walk with the girl puts everything back together again.
  • I only use my red Strawberry Fields Central park mug on Sunday mornings.
  • My kids gifted me a recliner for my birthday. Which means I have achieved old guy status.
  • My sexy beautiful pals Linds B and Ali gifted me a bottle of caramel smoky goodness called Larceny for my birthday. Which means the old dog still has some bite to his bark.
  • I’m not the least bit excited about a Walking Dead movie. But Zombie Land 2? I’m down with that business.
  • I cry when watching opera, I laugh when watching C-Span and I ponder life’s great mysteries when watching Flipping Vegas.
  • Be shameless in your passions is what I say.

59 thoughts on “Pan Con Mantequilla

  1. B,

    Imma shock you with this ‘un. I won’t go point by point. I will, however, say this:
    – Damn the Dolphins. So close and yet so far;
    – Good guys get good gifts from good friends and family;
    – My son also went to see The Joker and said it was pretty good but had no story;
    – I’m with you: Out with Walking Dead movie. IN with Zombieland 2, Double Tap. Matter of fact, planning on seeing it with the boys for Aidan’s birthday.
    – You are so lucky to have a daughter who wants to walk with you
    – Always be shameless with your passions


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  2. looking forward to the burger post – I need some food inspiration for the next time I dine out – 🙂
    happy birthday amigo – song was a jam today too

    and the east coast timing game schedule for NFL is tough on my spouse – so I can see why the MLB impacts you – oh and side note – he just mentioned that there is. new terminator movie coming out – where Sarah Conner is an old lady and says “Ill be back” after blowing up the bride – I am voting for Zombie Land 2

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  3. I enjoy the richness of your post today. I have to say that when I was a Detroit Lions fan I felt the same as you feel about the Dolphins. Notice I said when. I finally couldn’t take any more. I married a Steeler fan and that was it for the Lions. (I know pretty shallow fan but it felt so good to stop the pain.) Good for you on the walk glad daughter cares enough to keep you company. Recliner? OMG Say it isn’t so.

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  4. Sorry I neglected on commenting on how groovy your new look/header are on the plant-burger post. For the record, it’s fabuloso!

    Now if only 95% of the rest of the world would lo longer cover the Cheetos Thief as their opening, secondary and third, fourth, fifth and only story. I’m so over this loser and hope the country has the stones to survive him.

    When I heard about the new Joker movie I too wondered about the good sense of whether it should be seen. I mean, the Aurora movie premier shooting is in the metro area and with Columbine, Stem School, and not often referenced Arapaho School shooting, we’re a little sensitive to the topic. Makes you wonder just why the hell the producers thought it was a good idea to have that movie in the first place. I mean, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Otherwise you’d be the NBA. #greedybastards

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