Heroes Of The Week!

Bat Peeps

These Heroes episodes never fail to prosper four corners worth of kickback on the daily, from bloggers, adult beverage pals and even the unlikeliest of readers. My life is an ensemble of interesting peeps delivering up interesting comments- be they a sugary yea, a disgruntled nay or a curious hey. And as I’ve said before, ‘y’all  make the Heroes posts worth it. Alls I do is serve ’em up, and I am plenty fine with that. Just as I am plenty fine with the decision not to mention Trump in my Friday round table anymore. Because it’s too easy, and I’m easy enough as it is.

And now, let’s get to some of the peeps with keeps . . .

All the Washington Nationals had to do was say goodbye to Bryce Harper in order to get to the World Series? It’s been eighty six years since a baseball team from Washington made it to the Fall Classic. The last time it happened, the Washington Senators lost to the New York Giants in five games. FDR was President, gas was eighteen cents a gallon and Nosferatu, I mean . .Wolf Blitzer had just celebrated his 100th birthday.

As for the team the Nationals will play next week? Welp, my Yankees might have fucked up their chance by not throwing down the dagger in Game 2 of the ALCS. Which allowed Carlos Correa to make my Heroes list two weeks running after delivering on a home run promise to 16 year old Jalen Garcia, who is battling osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. I find the Astros to be highly fucking annoying, seeing as how they seem to have the Yankees number in October. But I simply cannot hold anything against Carlos, you understand.

As for as those fellas in the Association are concerned, I’m not feeling quite so buttercup about my privy. LeBron James became the first NBA player to speak about the Daryl Morey tweet heard ’round the world by saying the Houston Rockets GM was diving in the deep end on matters outside his pay grade. Which sounds disturbingly similar to what Laura Ingraham once said about LeBron in her infamous “shut up and dribble” rant. I wish LBJ would’ve just said something like Hey peeps, I ain’t down with losing the ten percent China is bounce passing our way. At least admit it’s about the money.

The Cherry Hill School District has its mind on the money and its money on their minds. Because they decided to punish kids with lunch debt by excluding them from certain after school activities and class trips. These kids also would face restrictions as to what they could order up at lunch time. And for the high school seniors, well . . don’t bother with your prom plans if your lunch debt has you $75 in the hole, because you might not be allowed to attend anyways. Go Team Spirit!

Big props to the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department for coming to the rescue of a 3 year old mastiff named Floyd. The boy was out on a hike with his owner when he became fatigued and couldn’t walk any further. So a search and rescue team went and got him, scaling the two mile climb Floyd and his owner had made and bringing him down in a four hour rescue operation. Floyd is doing just fine now, and hopefully his owner is switching to Verizon. (Editor’s Note: Verizon ain’t my carrier).

College football is a religion in the South, but one Alabama student took his psalm reading a little too seriously last weekend. Connor Bruce Croll called in a threat to LSU’s Tiger Stadium during a game between the LSU Tigers and Florida Gators. We’re still not sure as to the specifics of the threat or Croll’s endgame, but it’s obvious he ain’t aware of the legal ramifications that arise when you don’t separate your church business and the state’s business. Which means he probably made his fraternity.

The kids in Wilmette, Illinois, appreciate Alec Childress.

Alec Childress is the great grandson of a slave. When he was fourteen years old, his father left their Mississippi cotton farm to look for work up North, leaving his son in charge. Later on, when his family joined his father, Alec had to go to work as a dishwasher in order to pay for his schooling.

Alec learned the value of hard work and a positive attitude from an early age; a mindset that served him well in his thirty six years of working construction. And just twenty eight days into his retirement, Alec decided he didn’t feel like sitting around at home so he took a job as a crossing guard in Wilmette, Illinois

For the last fourteen years, Childress has been dealing up stories and smiles to go along with his trademark “Peace, I gotcha!”. He has come to own the corner of 9th Street and Lake Avenue, turning an intersection into the heart and soul of a neighborhood.

And so for his eightieth birthday, the neighborhood said thank you by throwing him a surprise party. Yard signs greeted him with “Peace, we gotcha!” and students who had moved on to middle school and high school returned to take part in the festivities. One girl who was off to London for college made it a point to stop by to wish her favorite crossing guard a happy birthday as well. In all, more than a hundred people showed up with cookies and gifts, and plenty of hugs.

“For me to be able to experience that kind of love tells me we have more good in the world than the bad,” Childress said. “It reaffirms my knowledge and belief in people.”

Well, he started it.










50 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. B,

    Yanno what? You have assembled an ensemble of interesting peeps because of you.

    I know you didn’t want your Yankees to lose but you did dig on the Nationals, dintcha?
    Way to go Correa (I mean, come on, delivering a home-run promise to Jalen is definitely something to toot about. So good on you!)

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing if these peeps like LBJ were just honest about stuff and stopped trying to sound like they were knowledgable about stuff?

    Way to go Cherry Hill School District. Yeah, make the kids pay for the parents’ transgressions – and while we’re at it, let us not turn a blind eye to folks in financial straits. It’s funny (not really) but I used to help out in my kid’s Pre-K class and there were kids in that school who arrived sans lunch – for whatever reason. We always managed to find an extra boxed lunch for those kids and no, we didn’t charge. (In certain cases, we knew there was no extra cash at the end of the month. The ones who had shitty parents who were just too damn lazy to make a lunch, did.) It’s called putting the child first.

    I had to Google the story to find out just how the SLCS Dep’t found out Floyd was in trouble 😉 Good on those passersby who called it in!

    Oh. Em. Gee. So we don’t know the specifics of the threat but it was religion oriented? Da fuck…

    I absolutely love the Alec Childress story. Tell me again how we can’t just spread the love? It doesn’t take much, does it?

    Wonderful choice of song, as per. And excellent selection this week!


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    • Q,

      Well, however this ensemble has come together . . Imma take it. 😉 Gracias lovely for the azucar.

      I thought the Nationals had “that look” before the postseason began. They were playing loose, and with all the talent they have, that’s a dangerous club to contend with. As for the team they are likely to be seeing real soon- the Astros- I don’t think anybody is going to stop them from winning it all. God they are so good. But with dudes like Correa, you just can’t hate even if your team happens to reside in the Bronx.

      I just think that LBJ stepped up there to speak on this complicated issue whilst conveniently ignoring the elephant in the room . . as in all that money the league makes from China. Hey, I don’t blame them for not wanting to mess with that golden communist goose. But at least admit as much. And I do respect what LBJ has to say. He’s changed the league with his play on the court and the current salaries his peers enjoy off it. I just think he’s being disingenuous in this instance, and he’s better than that. And we are smart enough to be able to tell the difference.

      These school districts behave very much like corporations with a bottom line. And umm . . . kids and education shouldn’t be a bottom line business. Where’s the humanity? My God.

      Floyd was none the worse for wear. And he made some new friends. Probably got a few treats along the way as well.

      LOL, no. That was my bad attempt at a separation of church and state joke.

      I love that story too. And the dude looks damn good for eighty! That’s called living right.

      I’m glad you think so. It was a last minute change up, brought about by the Childress story. I was originally going with Izzy girl, but her bad girl rap didn’t match up so well with the last story so I changed it to something more appropriate.

      ‘Precciate the love. 😉


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      • You know me, I tells it like it is so the azucar is merited.

        Kinda nice when a team has “that look” – I’m sure you’ll keep me posted on where they end up 😉

        It is a complicated issue when great sums are involved. I admit I should have simply shut up about this point as I am definitely ignorant of the situation, having not read up on it at all except for what you have provided.

        This school board is showing zero humanity. Do they really think that the parents who can afford it are going to be pissed at the ones who can’t? Wait, scratch that. There are definitely some who would but on the whole, I like to think not.

        I’m sure he did! Lucky Dog…

        I thought so then I wasn’t so sure! LOL My bad for being slow.

        He looks fantastic for 80! We should be so lucky…

        Definitely, the song was a nice follow up to Childress.

        Always, you know that.

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        • This is truth in any language.

          I wish my team would have had that look this season. I thought they had it and then the Astros went “Nope”.

          It’s all about the money involved. That really is the bottom line. Lots will be said but it’s about that. As it usually is.

          It’s a battle of haves and have nots when it should be about kids.

          Good boy. He’s such a good boy.

          Puhleeze, LOL.

          No kidding!

          I thought so. Izzy is in the lineup for one of my more snarky selections.


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          • Sweet is sweet.

            Ah well. Much as we would like it, our team cannot always come out on top. Would be boring 😉

            Yep. Bottom line is always top of the order.

            Definitely should be about the kids.

            He is!

            Seriously! Since I don’t know about the story…


            I am not worried about your song selections. If there is one you want to share, you will… just a question of time!


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          • As honey, as pie . . as the peach we reach.

            With the way the Dolphins are playing this season, I could do with a little bit of boring right about now. Just saying, LOL.

            Well said. And so true.

            It’s not about the kids, but yeah, it definitely should be. We can’t slam guys like Trump when we behave like him.


            I need to run a list out so when I’m stumped I can just consult it.


            Liked by 1 person

          • Quite the poet you are.

            Buahaha!! Whelp… maybe you need to choose another team or two, as backup, of course.


            Nope, not about the kids. At all.

            I am frankly surprised you don’t already have a list. It took me forever to choose a decent tune for my rant post.

            De nada but not necessary…

            Liked by 1 person

          • Nah, just dig rhyming.

            The Mets will always have a soft spot in my otherwise callous baseball heart, but there is only room for the Yankees as far as rooting interest is concerned.

            I had a Matters list. But I usually just know a song or I dig searching YouTube because . .YouTube.

            You mean De nachos?

            Liked by 1 person

          • What I have discovered that I like about poetry is while there are some rules, they can all be broken. 😉

            It IS ya jam!

            Mmmmm… yes please. If you want, I’ll share my spaghetti squash and lentil Burgundy soup with ya in exchange…

            Liked by 1 person

          • It’s like with writing. Rules are great to know so’s you can break ’em.


            I decided I’m making Korean BBQ tacos for the Halloween partay. With kimchi, of course.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Exackery! When I discovered that poems don’t even have to rhyme! Why golly gee witkickers! I started doing my own – though occasionally they actually do rhyme but they ain’t my fave.

            And we get to benefit from your discoveries.

            Noice… It’s enough to actually make me want to attend a Hallowe’en party… thing I usually avoid like the plague.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Poetry just has to BE. As John once sang . . let it be . . let it be.

            I don’t do parties unless it’s the girls. Nothing wrong with ’em, but I like the persona I’m busy sculpting into reality LOL.

            Liked by 1 person

          • It does. And I’m working on a 28-word one as we “speak”…

            Mmm hmmm… for the girls you’d do anything – you’re that good a friend 😉 And you ain’t fooling no one. Well, not me, anyway.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Of course u are. 😉

            Well, see . . they understand the mojo of having the ‘right’ peeps at their functions. I never fret when they say party because I know it will flow.

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          • Uh huh. I can’t keep all the WP groups and challenges straight.

            They get my back on these matters, which is why I always got theirs. Plus, they have a locked and loaded bar at all times. That’s a big plus. Huge!

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  2. Yikes, is that Cherry Hills School District the one in Philly that recently rejected the kind offer to pay the lunch debts by Steve Ravitz? Jeez…why is craven becoming the douche move of peeps and organizations? Ugh.

    Congrats to the Nats. No matter who wins the American pendant, it’d be nice to see boys of summer from DC win all the marbles.

    Happy, happy birthday to Alec “Peace, I gotcha!” Gittings. Sounds like he’s making a difference in those kids’ live so they don’t end up like the young Alabama resident, Connor Bruce Croll. To which I can only say, “Kid, stop being a dick.”

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  3. Lebron James’ comments were so totally and completely tone deaf. I’m pretty certain he’s one of the athletes the right-wing suggested should “shut up and dribble.” And what he basically said in response to Morey is “shut up and make money.”

    And … what he also was saying was that the ability of billionaire owners and millionaire players to pad their pockets, to fill them with cold, hard Chinese cash is more important than human rights.

    What is stunning (but it really shouldn’t be) is how what he said demonstrated with 100% accuracy why people like him simply should not be commenting on issues like this.

    There is nothing wrong with what Morey said in that tweet. If China wants to cut ties with the NBA as a result, so be it. Lebron showed that he is a major corporate suck up who has no soul.

    Let’s never, ever forget that.

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    • Listen, I’ve got no problem with peeps like LBJ who want to choose money over doing the right thing. In the words of Rodney Dangerfield, that IS a big check.

      Just don’t dress yourself up as Gandhi when you ain’t. That’s all.

      LBJ has changed the league. He single handedly created an economy in Cleveland. I totally believe he will be a team owner one day.

      But in the end, he’s just looking to make bank and collect more power along the way. These are his true goals, and so sitting in a barber’s chair railing about the big bad suits doesn’t resonate.

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  4. The Cherry Hill School District has its mind on the money and its money on their minds. Because they decided to punish kids with lunch debt by excluding them from certain after school activities and class trips. These kids also would face restrictions as to what they could order up at lunch time. And for the high school seniors, well . . don’t bother with your prom plans if your lunch debt has you $75 in the hole, because you might not be allowed to attend anyways. Go Team Spirit!

    I hate this…not what you wrote…you shared it beautifully, but the word PUNISH leaps of the page. As a kid, I was punished for everything including just being a kid. This hit a wound.




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  5. cheers to Alec… and the party.
    and the Clapton song – tasty – funny thing is that I like his music now more than ever (was taken to a concert of his in 1992 in St Pete area in FL – and we left early – for a few reasons)
    anyhow – good song

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