34 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I so love churches and this made me think of a couple of my favorites. Trinity downtown, where Alexander Hamilton rests in its graveyard.

    Bethesda by the Sea, in Palm Beach.

    The National Cathedral in Washington where Woodrow Wilson, the only U.S. President, is interred in its noble vault.

    The photographs that you take never fail to evoke so much emotion and remembrance. You have a gifted eye Dale. I say it all the time.

    It’s truly lovely. Susannah…HUGE DALE ROGERSON FAN

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    • I love churches as well. This one is called St. Antoine of Padua Cocathedral in Longueuil (unpronounceable town next to mine) built between 1884 and 1887. It was built on the former site of a castle (1695(/ cathedral (1727) that burned down in 1792.

      Thought I’d give you the whats’ what as I know you like your history,

      It’s really hard to take a picture of it from the street – though I shall try in the near future. And this is taken from the almost top (gave me the willies) of an observatory across the highway from it.

      So glad my photographs evoke something in you each week, dear Susannah!

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  2. Q,

    There is an art to snapping the perfect capture, and you’ve mastered it over time. Because it’s one thing to take a beautiful picture, and it’s quite another to frame that picture in such a way as to define the thing you’re focused on.

    Church steeples are beautiful in their own right. Snap a pic of one, ballgame. But . . . find a vantage point where you can frame that steeple in such a way as to provide us with the definition? Plant that steeple inside the foliage with the clouds dancing above it, and in so doing make the structure leap?

    THAT is art.


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  3. What a peaceful shot! I love it when steeples just poke up out of nowhere like this. Whenever I travel I am always on the lookout. Hubbie is quite used to me shouting, “STOP! I need to get this shot!” I hope you do a series on churches!

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