Pan Con Mantequilla

I’ve always got a million loose thoughts chasing me around, so I’ve decided to let a few of the more tranquil ones roam the grounds for a spell. This post is for entertainment purposes only, so if you decide to wager based on these results, then you have a serious fucking problem.

  • Juan Soto of the Nacionales has a dreamy swing that seems plucked out of a Kinsella story, and I am very much in love with it.
  • The Cosmo is a really tasty swim and I’m almost jealous it’s a Ladies Night particular. But that’s life.
  • I saw where the McRib is back for a limited time and for a hot second, I contemplated digging into one since it’s been a while. And then I considered what a boneless piggy might look like and decided to make my own version of the McRib. Baby backs, smothered in Sticky Fingers’ Memphis Original and onions and slow cooked till they fell off the bone. Some raw onions on top and tucked into a sesame seed roll with hand cut fries. Much better . . .20191022_175223.jpg
  • As far as pizza goes, vegetarian remains my leader in the clubhouse.
  • I’m not going to see Joker until it comes out in home release. Not because of the prospect of getting shot up in a theater but because the movie is dark as fuck. And the idea of sitting in a dark theater and immersing myself in that darkness ain’t happening. 
  • So of course, I was asked how I can love Rob Zombie flicks so much. Well, because they’re seriously fucked up cartoons. Zombie’s vision of madness and mayhem is art, to me. His characters are equal parts Warhol and Romero. And while the scenarios are rooted in true life, their embellishments feel anomalous enough in comparison.
  • Peloton comes in at a cool sixty bucks a month, whereas I utilize a wholesale method that provides remedy for my girlish figure at pennies on that overrated dollar.
  • Why is there such a stigma to renting? We live in a world where half the population gets divorced and the other half of that half feels like it. We have a reality show President running diplomacy into the ground so hard that war(s) seems likely. And society as we know it teeters over a chasm where a signature event might topple us all. The old days are over, kids.
  • Dark chocolate is always a brilliant method.
  • I think I could play wide receiver for the Dolphins . . like right now.
  • Anyone who uses ‘happenstance’ while describing a situation to me is someone I want to talk to.
  • I mean . . that word is already longer and more substantial than most anything on Twitter. Just saying.
  • Hmmm . . . so not only are we fast food nation, but now we have services that bring the fast food to us so’s we never have to remove our asses from their reclined position? And we’re willing to pay basically the cost of the food in delivery fees to get it done? Sounds like the natural progression to me.
  • Go Simone Biles!



75 thoughts on “Pan Con Mantequilla

  1. Your sandwich looked to die for. Hand-cut fries and all. I loved the Fiesta serving plate as well. I cannot believe people would pay good money to have fast food delivered. Can you imagine what those cardboard fries would be like cold? The old days are definitely over Pilgrim. Don’t know what the new days are going to turn out to be but let’s just pray Willett bourbon survives. Super post as usual. It was by happenstance that I reviewed the Joker trailer and said to myself, “Nope on the Big Gulp and popcorn cover floor.”

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    • It was SO good.

      Those home deliveries are really expensive too, and I mean . . you’re getting stale fries for the trouble and the cost. Nope.

      The old days ain’t coming back.

      Nicely played good sir, nicely played. And no, I just won’t be doing the Joker movie in the theater.

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    • Once I had the McRib craving, I just HAD to do it up that way, you understand.

      And yes, paying double the fast food drive thru price for lukewarm grub is yet another sign of the apocalypse, I’m thinking.

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  2. B,

    I forgot to tell you last time you did a “Pan Con Mantequilla” post that I love that as a title – Bread and Butter… The basics 😉

    Just a million, eh? Not so sure ’bout that one. And honestly, anyone who reads you ain’t gonna be wanting to wager and if they do, well you told ’em.
    – I can’t believe I can actually comment on a baseball point! Ya baby, I love me his swing.
    – Just wanted to tell you that a manly man who golfs at my club digs on Cosmos and ain’t afraid to order it… just saying.
    – Micky D’s, take a hike, Casa de Marco’s in town and offering something that has removed the question from the slow-cooked pork rib sammy…
    – My fave pizza is the vegetarian. Actually, it is the Il Foccolaio broccoli and black olive one; Then again, my second rave does involve prosciutto, arugula and freshly shaved Parmigiano Reggiano
    – I, too, am waiting to see The Joker in the comfort of my own home. For many reasons.
    – You love what you love. None of no one bidness but your own
    – I had to Google Peloton. Why pay for a gym membership or equipment when you can run and do your Rob Zombie?
    – It’s funny. I was just talking about renting with my buddy, Jules. We are so eventually gonna do just that one day. Why spend all the moolah on the upkeep of a house when you can pay your rent, call the landlord when something fucks up and use the other cash to do whatever it is you like to do?
    – Dark chocolate is always a go-to
    – You probably could!
    – I happen to use happenstance – does that mean you wanna talk to me?
    – Do NOT get me started on this whole delivery of fast “food” – peeps are already fat enough eating the shite; now they don’t even have to walk from their car to the door? Oh wait, these peeps probably already do drive-thru…
    – Woot! Lookit her beside Feldman!

    Perfect musical choice, as per…


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    • Q,

      It’s how I roll. Keep it sublimely simple.

      Yeah, that’s a really bad bet since Imma have the last call. Save your chips peeps! LOL

      His swing is a sweet slice of comeuppance,

      Well, yours truly has references on the manly and he says no to pink drinks. No bother with the insecurity, you understand. I just dig on the aesthetic value is all.

      I’ll catch the McRib next time around . . .

      I just tell ’em to get to stepping on the vegetables and sort out the rest later.

      No joking on the Joker.

      That is the divine truth right there, LOL.

      Peloton Mamas are a cult, a real deal one.

      I would only buy if I had sick money. But if I had sick money, I would pull a Howard Hughes and just hang out in my bath robe so maybe it’s a good thing I don’t.

      Dark chocolate rules.

      You and John are killing it with the happenstance! BooYa!!

      Drive-thru WHEN they want some exercise, as in walking from the garage to the car and then back into the house later.

      Evidently, Biles rocked her first pitch last night.



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      • Only way to keep it.

        As you should.

        Truly is.


        Why? I betcha yours is a hunnerd times better.

        And that’s a good thing coz there’s more to pizza than green peppers, mushrooms and onions…



        I had no clue. Guess I am a dud and outta da loop.

        Yeah. Maybe not such a good thing. Sick money or no.

        It does. And what’s great is that most peeps don’t like it so you don’t even have to share.

        Putting me in the same paragraph as John. Whoa!

        Buahaha! Right…

        She did at that.

        De nachos, fully loaded.

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        • It sho is.

          And the swing is smoove.

          What can I say? It’s just truth.

          Of course, but I like kitsch every now and then.

          Don’t be snobby now, it ain’t nice. There is nothing wrong with those ingredients, so don’t be talking down to ’em either.

          The cult is sister chapters with Gucci Mamas and Target Tierra Madres.

          But the dream.

          There IS that.

          Birds of a feather.


          She’s a marvel.

          Now you’re getting it!

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          • 🙂

            It is very smoove!

            Your truth, but that’s ok 😉

            Kitsch is good.

            I am not being snobby! Oh contraire! I’m just saying there are more veggies out there than the three that usually make their appearance.

            Then I’m happy to be outta da loop.

            Nah. Different dreams are better.

            Flocking. We’re flocking to you.

            Hahaha! I am killing myself laughing here. Airfriedobics…

            She is.

            Happy dance!

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          • Like Santana. . .

            So you’re saying I ain’t manly? Okay . . that gets noted.

            Kitsch is ma jam.

            Yeah, uh huh. 😉

            I was already in too deep, so I discovered their inner sanctum. It’s a thing!

            You really are very subjective, you know that?

            Like sea gulls . . .

            I have a dictionary.

            I know that dance.

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          • Very like Santana.

            And, as you would say, No huay, José! You would never fall into the non-manly category so don’t even try…

            You do kitsch very well.

            I’m telling ya!

            Eesh. I ain’t visiting is all I can say.

            Am I? I don’t know how to respond to that one!

            Careful, they leave a mess when they pass…

            It is a very special dictionary.

            I’m glad you do.

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          • The smoove of his groove is something the Astros ain’t stopping, not with all the pitching in the world.

            Hey, I didn’t try it, you did. 😉

            I try.

            I know.

            It’s a lot of tiramisu, red wine and crying. Which I just don’t get. I mean, you got your tiramisu and your red wine . . what in the blessed hell is there to cry about?

            Oooooh, I think I checkmated you on that ‘un. 😉

            They really do.

            It has cinnamons and aunt-onyms in lieu of the tried and true. And yet somehow, it woiks.

            Hold the Zombie.

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          • He might be sharing that smoove groove with the Nationals 😉

            Uh. No. I am the one who told you that Cosmos are not a sign a man is not manly.

            You succeed.

            There has to be crying if you’re putting tiramisu and red wine in the same service.

            Yep. You shut me up, right quick.

            It woiks ayt.


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          • The kids are gonna be alright.

            Hey, I never said it was or wasn’t. And here’s the thing . . I don’t care. I simply dig on my aesthetic sensibilities.

            I will.

            I am past the age where I find that kind of behavior adorable or a turn on. Hence, I bid adieu to the Peloton Mamas.

            Buahahaha! Yeah . . that’ll be the day.



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          • The Astros? Maybe not so much.

            There, was that so hard? 😉

            Some, sure. Just as some women want the bad boy. Of course, in both cases they realize it’s not something they want to deal with on the regular.

            Ain’t buying it.


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  3. Fast food nation … indeed. It’ll get harder and harder to keep that girlish figure of yours when all you have to do to eat your McRib is put the order into your phone and stumble to the door when it arrives.

    And, my god man, your fries look incredible.

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    • And forget about what happens once Mickey D’s tech division develops a 3-D printer. It’s game over at that point.

      Whenever I crave McDonald’s fries, I usually will just make a batch of these. Good thing I don’t crave McDonald’s fries that often.

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  4. Your version of the McRib looks soooo much better. And I’m a freakin vegetarian! Your image made my mouth water. I’ve been jonesing for the Morning Star version of riblets and they seem to have sadly, gone the way of the dinosaur; I can’t find them anywhere. 😞Nothing like a tangy BBQ sauce to wet one’s whistle and make you pucker up at the mere thought.

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  5. Duuuuuude. Pan con Mantequilla YES! Great title:) Dark chocolate is my jam! Ever since you turned me onto Dark Chocolate Kit Kat I’ve been scoping them out on Halloween and found a box! Any time you have a dark chocolate discovery always feel free to share 🙂 Plus! I totally get you about The Joker! I do want to see it but of course not alone in a theater. I’m gonna wait to see it in the middle of the day … at home.

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  6. Seriously…we are becoming a lazy ass nation. Curb side, home delivery… just don’t make me get up and move.

    Hahaha….glad you got something affordable for your uh…girlish…figure.

    Oh…those McRibs have been around since I was a wee lass. Who knows what they are but I’d still take one on 🤣

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