Heroes Of The Week!

Dead Pool

This week’s episode is gonna be short and sweet, seeing as how I’ve been preoccupied with not paying any attention whatsoever to the news cycle. Blissful? Meet ignorance.

And now what I got of the news . . .

The Houston Astros were losers on and especially off the field this week in the aftermath of their now former assistant GM’s bully tactics towards some female reporters. After dispatching the Yankees in the ALCS, Brandon Taubman yelled “Thank God we got Osuna! I’m so fucking glad we got Osuna!”during the postgame celebration. Taubman’s reference was to Astros closer Roberto Osuna, whom the team acquired last season after he had been suspended for violating MLB’s domestic violence policy.

Kudos to Astros manager A.J. Hinch for being the voice of reason and class in the organization. While his organization originally refuted the female reporters’ story, Hinch knew better and said so.

And speaking of lone stars, Harrison Barnes of the Sacramento Kings showed his shine recently when he helped to cover some of the funeral expenses for Atatiana Jefferson. The twenty eight year old Dallas woman was shot and killed by Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean while she was watching her young nephew. Barnes is tight with his North Texas people, having handed out dozens of Thanksgiving meals last year. He also sponsored a couple of basketball courts at the Mesquite Boys and Girls Club, where he has hosted youth basketball camps. The dude is a slam dunk of righteousness.

In yet another disturbing incident of fan entitlement last week in the Bronx, some Yankees fans went lower than an entrenched incumbent in an election year. First they hurled bottles and souvenir baseballs onto the field after a replay review didn’t go their way. But it didn’t stop there. Some fans decided to hurl insults at Astros starter Zack Greinke as he warmed up in the bullpen. They referenced his mother as well as his battles with social anxiety and depression. What a sad and disgusting spectacle.

Milwaukee police officer Kevin Zimmerman brings more than a badge and his service issued particulars to the job every day. He also happens to bring a heart and soul whose perspective gleans best case scenarios from trying situations. As he did during a traffic stop recently when he came through for a young mother and her three children. Zimmerman had pulled over Andrella Jackson for driving with an improper registration, after which he saw that her young children were not in car seats. Jackson explained that she’d just bought the car at auction, but could not afford car seats for the kids. Zimmerman decided not to issue her a citation . . and then he bought the kids some car seats. That’s called a good day’s work, and then some.

One minute Marlon Anderson was just doing his job as a security guard at Madison West High School in Wisconsin and the next, he was given a pink slip. The reason? Marlon Anderson uttered the N word at a student he was escorting off the school grounds. This unruly student had been calling Anderson every variation of the N word, as well as the slur itself. The security guard, who’s worked for the school for eleven years finally had the shit of this punk’s fit and told him to quit calling him that word. So the school board made sure to punish Anderson since they have a zero tolerance policy, which is just another way of saying they had their heads up their asses and were not bothering with context in the least.

And finally, U.S. astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir made history last Friday when they stepped foot outside the International Space Station, becoming the first women to go on a spacewalk together. 

The dynamic duo spent more than five hours in space; repairing a failed power controller and then working on some ‘get ahead tasks’ for the space station. There was no sign of Sandra Bullock or George Clooney, and there was no need to go looking for ’em. These superwomen achieved a literal top billing, giving wings to some little girl in her backyard with dreams of touching the stars one day.

So accomplished and yet so very humble, they made sure to give thanks to those who came before them.

” . . . we recognize that it is a historic achievement and we do of course want to give credit for all those who came before us,” Meir said. “There has been a long line of female scientists, explorers, engineers and astronauts and we have followed in their footsteps to get us where we are today.”

Now that is what I call girl power.




38 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. And we wonder why some schools have unruly students – admins are too busy wrongly punishing the adults. Sheesh.

    I was astonished when the first all-female spacewalk was cancelled for lack of proper-sized space suits. What? You mean these women went out in space without having suits that fit?!! Boggles my mind.

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  2. B,

    Short and sweet because you’ve chosen not to pay attention to the news cycle is not a bad thing.

    It ain’t gonna end any time soon, is it? Thank goodness for Hinch in this mess.

    That Jefferson story is yet another sad story of gun ownership gone wrong. Kudos to Barnes – thank heavens for peeps like him.

    Gawd. I so loathe fans who do shit like this. I’ll never understand the whys. And to then hurl insults on top of garbage? No.

    Way to go Zimmerman! Above and beyond, big time!

    Oh, come on! The school board’s zero-tolerance policy is a joke if they don’t do the investigation into context. These bloody kids get away with it but the security guard, who only tried to stop it gets the boot?

    Love that women are finally being recognized for their part in the scientific, space, exploration, engineering…and then some fields. Cheers to more! Once upon a time, the thought of female astronauts was nothing but a dream…

    I love how you bring us the good and wonderful (but keep it real with the bad and ugly)

    Now I’m gonna sing Tupelo Honey (in my head, no worries) all day…


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    • Q,

      I keep to my own schedule, and sometimes the news cycle just ain’t invited.

      It’s a matter of fits and starts, with progress and stunted developments thrown in the mix.

      It’s gun nation, and that ain’t got a finish line until it finishes us all. Barnes is good peeps.

      Low class degenerates who should never be allowed in the Stadium again.

      Zimmerman came through in a big way.

      It’s PC meets red tape and they run amok together.

      They’ve come a long way from the days of Sally Ride. And now that they have the space suits fitted, it’s on.

      It’s both. All day every day.

      Yes, keep it in the noggin. Not a bad song to go with though.


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      • That you do and it is a good thing to stay true to you.

        There is that. At least it has started.

        It is. And I fear you are right. Barnes is.

        Problem is, how to filter those ones out of the stadium?

        He did.

        Run amok – good term.

        They sure have. And I read Eilene’s comment that the original suits didn’t fit.. WTF?

        It is. And it is nice to have one such as you bring forth the good stuff that gets buried in the big news bad stuff.

        It’s definitely a good ‘un.

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        • Will said it best, about being true to thine own self and all that jazz.

          The human effort will always come up short, but at least the try is worth something.

          Unfortunately, the lobby is the new U.S. steel. Only instead of standing for something constructive, it’s a literal and spiritual tear down, and they don’t want to play any part in changing that.

          Well someday sooner than later, ID will peg these peeps and keep ’em out.

          It IS a good term, huh?

          Nope, they didn’t. So what should have happened in the spring, happens in the fall. Welp, at least it happened.

          The news cycle is all about bold faced badness, since it chums the trending pages.

          Perty good in fact.

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  3. While I have mixed feelings about anyone losing their job, I think the Astros did a solid (with some heavy persuading by an outraged public) as to Taubman’s firing. And a gigantic pox on thoseYankee fans. Douchebags. New Yorkers in general seem hell bent on showing the very worst of their peeps to the world. Isn’t 45 enough for crying out loud?

    A tip of the ole ball cap to Barnes for showing not all athletes are douches. While the Nuggets open their season at home tonight, I won’t be able to enjoy the men in shorts game since Altitude is still at war with Comcast, Dish & DirecTV on airing games. If they come out of the gate anything like the Avs have, Josh Kroenke will once again demonstrate his inept and greedy talents.

    Happy weekend.

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    • It took the public getting outraged for the Astros hierarchy to get a clue, but I guess better late than not at all.

      Those Yankees fans should never be able to attend a game again. Can you imagine bringing your kid to the game and these assholes are saying crap like this? Shameful.

      Barnes is part of the greater good you can find across the sporting landscape of dudes who get it.

      The Nuggets pulled out a close one last night. They’re going to be a contender, with a much more well rounded team than the one LBJ plays for . . .

      Happy weekend to ya

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      • The Nugs played like crap and got damn lucky. Their shooting percentage was dismal. Grant effed up a couple times but redeemed himself in the last seconds.

        Altitude in their infinite benevolence paid a local station to air the game ‘for their fans’ and took every opportunity on a kyron to blame Comcast, DirecTV and Dish for the problem. First time in 30 years a Nuggets game was broadcast on a local affiliate station. Gonna be a tough season for Kroenke sports teams. All of them, (Avs, Nuggets, Mammoth & Rapids) advanced to the second round of the playoffs last year and this is how they treat the fans. Oy vey.

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  4. Ya got me with the car seats. I’m not preening my altruistic leanings, but, that’s exactly what I would have done. There’s a great expression in AA…if there’s only a problem, then there’s no solution. A citation or ticket she’d have to pay would have kept those safety seats a dream a while longer. Hip Hip Hurrah for the Hero in Blue.

    Now about those Yankee fans. The Babe is rolling in his dust up in Hawthorne, those Gates of Heaven ready to burst open like he was exhumed from a saloon. Where’s the class we once had. I blame it on the new stadium that belongs at Epcot making this Yankee fan yearn for the House that Ruth Built.

    Throwing things. Jesus.

    I’ll blame all the aggression on what’s going on in our crumbling government. Better not get started.

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    • Ain’t preening, it’s sharing. It’s letting us blog peeps of yours see that there’s a solid flip side to the “I Got Mine And Y’All Be Damned” mindset that dominates too much of our current day.

      I hate what happened. All because Greinke decided he didn’t want to play for the Yankees back when he had the opportunity. It’s his choice as to where he plays, no matter what those entitled jerkoffs think. And this was a fucking embarrassment. Excuse my French.

      And yes, it seems that sports sometimes brings out the very worst in people. I mean, you would never go into a supermarket and scream at the deli manager that they were a second rate piece of shit. But in sports it seems that peeps believe this is their right.

      It comes from the top. And I keep saying it and it keeps getting ignored. But yanno . . once upon a time, Rome was of the mistaken belief it was going to be around forever too . . .

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  5. Dude. This was short but to the point and on point. Context is extremely important especially in the security guard case and on top of that getting pink slipped! The car seats! The car seats. Man what a turnaround. We need more of those cops around because the majority today sound a lot like Yankees fans. Plus the space walk was sweeeeet! So glad for them and women of NASA.

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    • Cali. Brevity might carry the day again this week, since it’s been a busy one and Imma be going to a Halloween party tonight.

      Maybe a World Series Edition of Heroes? I’ll figure something out.

      Gracias muchly! 🙂


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