51 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q,

    BA. U. TEE.

    The first thing that struck me is how the tree to the left is still blushing with rust colored leaves as it sheds more to a ground that is full of them while the tree on the right is already in its winter pose with nary a leave to its name.

    After which the three doors that stand out in a Father, Son and Holy Ghost semblance, with that dome jutting out in such a low key manner to the right, as if peeking rather than announcing itself. And of COURSE, the roam of architecture with a pulse that dances in the shadows.



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  2. OH MY DALE. It looks like The entrance of the University of Virginia. I just read a book called Jefferson’s University, so it could be why it looks so similar, but Jefferson was all about architecture so he’d appreciate this incredible photograph in your Church Series, as promised.

    It’s so, so beautiful. Susannah

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    • Isn’t it glorious under that golden autumn light? This is the Γ‰glise du Saint-Enfant-de-JΓ©sus (or Church of the Holy Infant of Jesus) which dates back to 1858. Not one of the oldest but definitely pretty. They called it An Exuberant Baroque Latino-American style inspired by Italian Renaissance… Almost makes one think they did not know how to classify it!

      I shall strive to capture other interesting churches – as a Catholic province, there is no lack of subjects…

      So very glad you like.

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