43 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Good morning, Frank. Yes, that nasty month also known as November is upon us. I felt the need to share the last blast of colour. I look at my trees and they are now very sparsely decorated with bronze leaves…

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  1. Q,

    A triple feature blast ‘o color why dontcha? Not that I’m complaining, because the colors are so divinely culled from Mother’s nature. I love the fingerprints of autumn, where the greens rebel against impending doom in such beautiful fashion. It’s a veritable (yes, I said veritable) palette of fire.

    Interestingly, all three photographs contain the different acts of fall- from green to rust to the blushing fire. This was kind of keeping in theme with the churches, because this is nature’s church. Just saying.

    Three times the beauty in one WW? Yep, ya did that. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  2. Only two showed up via the reader so
    I am glad I came over the actual post.
    The third one has that dark S curve upper left and back glow with color design making that shot so alive.
    The mood of the first one (or top Left) fits the few words you opened with – the blah of November was like that horizontal dried stuff – with hat pop of golden autumn colors.
    The photo to the right had masterful light–/ with the red and just had cheer –
    Nice trio, Dale

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    • That’s why one must go into a post (even if it contains only photos ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Only one shows up in my Reader.
      The thing I loved about that photo was the amalgamation of five different plants/trees. And so very glad you feel it comes alive.
      I am pleased as punch you enjoyed all three for their various reasons, Yvette. Makes it worth my while to have cheated and tucked in three instead of one.
      Thank you!

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      • Well after I left that comment I read in the other comments about the five different plants ! And nice…..
        Adds another layer.

        And as someone who uses the reader a lot – I have enjoyed many photo-only posts “fully” via he reader — without having to go to the blog – but I think the ones that are not viewable are the ones that use certain gallery formats –
        Not the slideshow – but the other gallery grids –
        And this might sound bad –
        But I just skip this posts even if it is a photo blogger I like – I even mentioned it to a blogger once – told her that with the grid she used I could only see the left ones (I was in the post via reader – but the gallery grid was cut off and just wanted her to know – because when photos are placed in a post normally they all
        Show up easily In he reader )and she seemed so “put off” about it –
        Which I get – if she spent that much time on it And “if” the grid layout meant something to her art side – …
        and I mention that because as i have to guard my time spent in blog world – I simply cannot leave the reader for every photo post –
        And sure – it is my loss – but just prefer The reader as it is my current MO….
        However – today–/ I was rewarded for my effort (and I am logging off soon so I had a little Extra time) and the trio you picked were so awesome for first Wednesday of November


        • Well then. I consider myself lucky you took the time to click on the pic, so to speak.

          I don’t post with the WP Reader in mind. If that means that some people skip, so be it. If others choose to to click and go deeper, then that’s wonderful.
          The important thing is we get what we need/want from the WP world.
          So, glad you enjoyed my first of November farewell to fall.

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  3. That last shot looks like one of the entrances to Central Park. Autumn is indeed beautiful but we know what’s coming. It’s Nature’s last soiree before she changes over her closets.

    I love the red in the photo. Your colors are always so vivid, as if painted with watercolors. I’ve said it before how you have a Maxfield Parrish murmur in your work.

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