Wordless Wednesday (sorry I’m late!)

So sorry for my tardiness. You know when you think you’ve done something and then someone says something and then you realise you didn’t do you something? Well, that’s my story…

As a treat, if you click here, you can hear the bells (well part of it) as I had the good fortune of being there at noon on a Saturday.

40 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (sorry I’m late!)

  1. Q,

    That’s the story of my life.

    As for the double feature, sweet steeples this is a dish best served whenever you feel like serving it! I love steeples. They are the last remnants of a long since forgotten time when architecture wasn’t measured by specs, but rather by its innate ability to inspire. Before the world got so full of its selfies, peeps were treated to the aesthetic value of structures such as these.

    Once again, you’ve captured the majestic value of these blessed venues.



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  2. How majestic is all I can say. Makes me want to run to St. Pats that looks very much the same. I especially like the 2 different angles same as Frank. It’s like a pretty girl looking in a two-way mirror to see how she looks from the side. You’re so talented Dale. I think that every time I see one of your photos. YOU ROCK!!!

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