89 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q,

    This is eerily captivating, proving once again that nature is the master artist. It provides the most unimaginable contrasts with such a ferociously ambitious beauty, as if it’s no thing whatsoever.

    This capture is particularly effective in that it encapsulates the death of summer while languishing inside the purgatory of a winter’s clutch which has not quite arrived just yet, as evidenced by the water not having yet turned to an icy film. And the branches do very much look like arms, extended in anticipation of what comes next.

    Brilliant capture, as per.


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  2. This Dale Robertson made me wistful, how the trees lose their luster during winter, naked as can be before they regain what they’ve lost. It’s such a metaphor for life changing events you have no control over.

    If those branches could only talk.

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