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Black Panther

Antonio Brown’s ghostwritten apology, Myles Garrett’s Race Card and Mason Rudolph’s Punk Move: AB pens first grade English on social media, so I ain’t buying that apology he ‘wrote’ to the New England Patriots this week. And it ain’t getting him back in the good graces of the Evil Empire, as much as they really could use his talents right about now.

Myles Garrett lost it with his helmet swing and that’s a shame because he’s going to become that guy now going forward. But to claim . . a week later mind you, that he went off on Rudolph because the Steelers QB called him the N word? Why didn’t he explain it that way from the get? Or when he wrote an apology to Rudolph on social media? Or . . like . . why would you apologize to Rudolph in the first place if this were the case? And why . . even if this is true, would Garrett think that makes his actions justifiable?

Which doesn’t mean I’m absolving Rudolph here. Because I think he should have gotten two games for instigating the fight when he went to pull Garrett’s helmet off. It was a punk move by a very mediocre substitute quarterback, in my humble opinion.

Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers continues to raise awareness about mental health issues. He is doing good things, all the time. And I just thought you should know that.

Million Dollar Answer: Earlier this month, Jeopardy host Alek Trebek announced he would be re-entering treatment for Stage 4 pancreatic cancer before filming an episode of the game show. Dhruv Gaur was a contestant on the “Tournament of Champions” that evening and was in third place going into Final Jeopardy. And that’s when he delivered up an answer that cost him any chance of winning the game, but won him the hearts of millions instead.

“We love you, Alex!” was his response. It cost him $1,995 and left him with five bucks. And here’s hoping he has that bill framed for posterity, because it’s the best damn question to an answer in game show history. Just saying . . .

No one to root for: I’ve supported Colin Kaepernick’s right to protest all along, but his last minute stunt in which he moved his workout an hour away from the agreed upon location is typical. Doing it in order to give the media a thirty second speech that he otherwise couldn’t have given? I don’t buy it, especially in the age of social media, where Kaep can make his thoughts known thirty seconds after the last throw. As for former teammate Eric Reid claiming that Kaep proved he can play? Uh, no. Kaep ran through scripted plays to his guys, with no defense to test him. But . .  I read a very interesting piece of by Charles Robinson this week which posits a very believable angle on this NFL prescribed workout. In the end, Kaep always deserved a job somewhere else but the league is full of billionaires who forgot what it means to take risks.

So Jussie Smollett is suing the city of Chicago after they sued him for wasting their time and resources on a bullshit story? Got it.

The Paragon Charter Academy in Michigan has a problem with red hair extensions on its students. And when you think about all the many real world problems a school might have a problem with, this policy of theirs sounds that much more ridiculous. So when they told 8-year old Marian Scott she wasn’t allowed to have her picture taken during picture day, she was crushed. But after her parents went viral with the story, Jermaine Horton Photography in Chicago had a much better idea. They gave little Marian her own photo shoot. And this happened.

Radio killed the conservative star: It seems the state run media for Trump is stronger than ever. Conservative Denver radio station 710 KNUS pulled the plug on its host, former district attorney Craig Silverman during his broadcast last weekend. Silverman called Trump’s relationship with Roy Cohn into question, and was fired for it. The conservatives rail on about how the Democrats are being run by socialists . . . . while the conservatives are behaving like fascists. Michael Bloomberg . . can you pick up the white courtesy phone, por favor?

The Philadelphia Eagles opened up their stadium to a couple of New Jersey high school football teams on Wednesday so they could finish the last seventeen minutes of a game that had been called last Friday evening. The game between Pleasantville High School and Camden High was played at Lincoln Financial Field before a small audience of families and friends.

Camden won the game 22-0, but forgive the kids if they weren’t in a celebratory mood when all was said and done. Because the first forty three minutes of that game played in Jersey last Friday disappeared when someone opened fire on the crowd. And so on the day when I was posting about how gun violence was beginning to feel like just another day in this country, it happened. Again.

Three people were injured in the shooting, and another weekend was spent making speeches and praying. And wondering. Wondering how it is that we can figure out a way to save money on our car insurance, while having no blessed idea how we might be able to save ourselves . . from ourselves.

The Eagles did good, and they get this space because they provided seventeen minutes worth of sanctuary to these kids. Who are our kids, really. And we owe them so much more than seventeen minutes of a football game.

Micah Tennant was one of the injured victims in that shooting last Friday night in Jersey. He succumbed to the injuries sustained in that shooting on Wednesday afternoon, leaving the world shortly before that game in Philadelphia began.

He was ten years old.




























72 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week

    • R Dub,

      It’s awkward to read certain posts and just “like” them, isn’t it? I do it lots more times than I should do it. Always hoping the writer gets that I get the writer.

      Marian Scott is such a lovely little respite from the news cycle. We need so much of that good thing.

      Thank you for filling in the like.


  1. B,

    We haven’t chatted this week so I’m outta da loop. I missed the whole apology and helmet swing thing. I have barely turned on the TV, never mind catching my usual news stuff on social media. But I agree with you. Why wait? That makes no sense to me. Pulling off a helmet is never bueno no matter what. Seems kinda insincere on the whole apology thing too. Feels scripted?

    Kudos to Kevin Love. The more celebrities and sports heroes raise awareness, the better it is.

    Way to go Dhruv Gaur. What a beautiful thing to do for Alex Trebek.

    Is it me or is the whole Kaepernick thing way past its 15-minutes of fame? I know I’m not qualified as fan material so maybe it’s just me.

    Pffft to Smollett.

    FFS. That’s all I can say to the Paragon Charter Academy. Is it just red hair extensions or any colour? Is it a policy of the school? I’m just curious and not trying to stir the pot (well, maybe a little bit). If it is a school policy that prohibits all colour extension thingies and the parents still send their kid to school with colour extensions… well…
    That said. If it’s just a random thing, then way to go Jermaine Horton Photography!

    Which number is your amendment re free speech, again?

    What a beautiful thing to do re the Eagles for Pleasantville and Camden. but what in the blessed fuck? I’m surprised the kids even went to play.

    Honestly, B… I just don’t know what it is going to take. That seventeen minutes was a truly sweet thing to do but there is no way it can erase (impossible) what had already been done.

    Ten year old child killed for what? For no good goddamn reason.

    Perfect song, my friend, I say with tears in my eyes…



    • Q,

      Apologies, as oldish age and flunking mental health seems to grab me by the ankles more and more. And I ain’t got the moves to evade ’em the way I used to. Sons a bitches!

      I feel for Garrett in that he will be known for this now, in perpetuity. And heat of the moment . . shit happens, and I get that too, very much so. But damn if that absolves you of wrongdoing nonetheless. Because it doesn’t. And the race card thing, it becomes that cheat card you pull out of your sleeve when nothing else is working.

      K Love always comes through on this. He’s the champion of it.

      Gaur won WAY more than a Jeopardy episode, tell you what.

      No, it ain’t you. It’s true! And if you get a minute, read that article by Robinson, because he delivers premise which reads the whole enchilada as having been devised by the NFL as a way to keep Kaepernick from suing the league at any future time. Yep, a trojan horse. And I absolutely buy in to such an idea, because why would the league even proffer such an invite now? It was over. He was out of the news.

      With Smollett. Here I am . . . the dude who took the kid’s completely asinine act and said “Hey, a really fucking stupid shit thing he did, but let’s move on because even worse shit is happening all the time, for reals, yanno?”. And then he goes and does this. And I throw my hands up and stop trying to talk any sense into things.

      The school explained it, but I felt it to be weaker than Bud Light. And as the parents said, if the school had a problem with the extensions to begin with, tell the parents before it comes to this.

      The first. The very first. So . . you would think we’d have it memorized by now.

      I’m glad they went, from the standpoint that they have to do these things. Even when these things bring no one back. It still pushes us all, forward.

      He deserved tomorrow. That’s all I know.


      Liked by 1 person

      • No apologies necessary, amigo, you know that. God forbid you think that was a reproach! As for oldish age – back the truck up on that one, please. But for the rest, you got some peeps who love you…

        Yeah, shit does happen and it blows when it’s caught on national TV but no, it does not absolve you and I have to say that cheat card feels overused at times.

        Yes to K Love.


        I actually did read the article which is why I said what I said. (Am I like, sounding on the ball here by any chance?)

        That’s all you can do – use the movement to stretch your arms, upper back… 😉

        I didn’t look into the school thing and I was asking because here, too, there are schools that forbid stuff like this. And yes, they had to explain it BEFORE it came to this.

        K. Just checking.

        Yes, absolutely. I am glad they went as well and you are right. We need to push forward. I just wish we didn’t need to do it so often for this particular issue.

        Yes, and many more tomorrows.

        You have such a good heart, you know that?

        Liked by 1 person

        • I know, LOL, I know. Hells, I’ve been rejected, redacted, revisioned, reformulated, recalled, revoked and . . . you get what I’m laying down. So reproach wouldn’t have been a bad thing. But I know that wasn’t it, because I’ve been reproached too many times to count as well. 😉

          I hate it because race is still a very big fucking deal to a lot of people. So when high profile peeps lie about it, that just mitigates all the countless real deal examples.

          K Love is a champion every year.


          I totally buy this. The NFL didn’t do this out of their own better angels. And THAT is why guys like Eric Reid fight the power, and are right to do so.

          Hey .how’m I doing for a fifty three year old and still registered Republican? Pretty open minded, no?

          I don’t have a problem with a policy that states it. But I do have a problem with a school that doesn’t take a proactive approach to such things. Because it’s a really big deal to that little girl.

          Me too. The idea that we’re having this conversation . . not even a week later. Again. And again.

          So many more.

          And that video, it reminds me of a time when we used to talk morbidly about the end of the world coming on the tailspin of nukes. It saddens me to think of this slow motion nightmare into the abyss that we’ve been granted instead.

          Thank you for thinking so. I’m thinking most days . . just ugh. So thank you. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • 🧐

            So very true. Yanno, I was watching Survivor earlier (yeah, yeah, I know… it’s a no brain required TV) and a big whuptido was made of the fact that two blacks won immunity and no one said a thing. Jeff Probst, the host, said yes, it was noted but then not mentioned because, to say something would be like pointing it out and making it a thing and because they didn’t the player pointed out that no one said anything. I am so hoping the day will come when a person who wins will be a winner, not a Black winner, not an Asian winner, not a female… I don’t even know if this is okay now.

            He is.

            Damn straight. Glad to see I’m not way out in left field. (I know, wrong sport…)

            You’re doing great! Better than this 55-year old supposed Liberal.

            I agree. I was just asking – yanno, playing devil’s advocate. But not cool to make the kid pay…

            Not even a week later.


            Remember when it was talk but we didn’t really, deep down, believe it really would happen…

            That’s why I’m telling you. Because sometimes, on those meh days, we don’t feel it so much so we need to be reminded. 💌

            Liked by 1 person

          • No brain TV? Umm . . I know nothing of that thing you speak of. Says the peep who just finished watching AHS 1984, after having watched “Iron Sky” on Prime a few nights back. God . . Roger Ebert is rolling in his grave with my tube tugs.

            Your sport is hockey.And for about five minutes or so, it was basketball thanks to Kawhi Leonard. 😉

            I think it’s important to understand people as people. Not affiliations. I am ashamed of any side that latches itself to a candidate and plays like the captain on the Titanic while the best interests of the country sink into the cold dark waters.

            We now believe the end is happening. Every day in fact. God . . it makes the Cold War seem downright kitschy.

            The meh days are good. It’s the Ozzy On A Stick Days that tend to flatten me.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Way I see it, is we NEED to rest our brains. Just lying there sure as shit doesn’t work, and reading required concentration, even if it’s reading something light… so… mindless TV wins.

            Hah! The things you say… and maybe four minutes.

            Yes. That’s what I hope it will become one day. Oh, and so well said.

            Doesn’t it, though? Gawd…

            While I hear ya, just remember that when Ozzy strikes… well, I know you’re flattened so nothing matters… but know I’m here anyway.

            Liked by 1 person

          • I’ve been trying to read. It sounds ridiculous but I’ve got a major block going on when it comes to reading anything that requires more than a couple minutes time. It should be a way to provide me some peace and quiet, but it’s been the opposite.

            I say the most inane stuff sometimes.

            Thank you.

            I’m tired of these revolutions inside me brain, I know that for absolute certainty. And I know you’re there, MUAH!

            Liked by 1 person

          • Reading requires mental energy, that which at this time for you, is asking for too much. Do you ever read before bed? I just take 10-15 minutes (if I can)…

            I like your inane stuff – it usually makes me smile 😉

            My pleasure.

            And I know you know but I thought I’d say it anyway.

            Liked by 1 person

          • I’ve been doing it. A few minutes with the goal to expand the time going forward.

            There is hilarity to the inanity, sometimes. 😉


            I know you know I know, but what am I? LOL.

            Double MUAH!

            Liked by 1 person

          • Steps forward, yanno?

            I hear that certain people are uber liberal with their U’s. I can neither confirm nor deny this at present, but I will keep you updated.

            As honey.

            It’s the Canadian way . . to be all benevolent and such. 😉


            Liked by 1 person

          • Absolutely. Cheering section hidden but present,

            Yes, they are called Canadians though, half of them have gone the ‘Murican way… Some of us like being … special … 😉

            Go down smooth.

            That we can be. 😉


            Liked by 1 person

          • A slight bow to the head in acknowedgment.

            This is true. But hey, there are extra letters in all sorts of words, eh?

            Mmmm… which I have come to like – all yours and Raylan’s fault.



            Liked by 1 person

          • A bow woiks. So does a curtsy, a shimmy, a shake, a dab . . . Nope, on second thought you’re right. The slight bow is expert brevity. I like it.

            Especially the ones that pop into my head when I’m stuck in traffic.

            I reckon.



            Liked by 1 person

          • I thought you would as it would be more discreet…

            Hah! I hear ya… though a good tune can make the madness seem less… mad.

            You reckon correctly.



            Liked by 1 person

          • Yes, sometimes a show is the way to go. And sometimes that smart ‘lil gesture works wonders.

            Good tunes are medicinal, you know this very well indeed.

            Without the need to dig coal either.



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  2. Dude. This was a sweet installment highlighting the photographer who gave this girl a photo shoot. It’s ridiculous they had problems with highlights … red highlights? I’m glad someone stepped up to the plate and helped restore some sense of self and confidence in this girl. The judgement here was so off. I also loved the Jeopardy story! I saw that on the news and was like … YES! Great answer! Sometimes people just need some kindness when they’re going through so much.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Good on the photographer for Marian Scott.
    There is a charter school here, in the Empire, that had a fairly racist dress code regarding hair. Namely for black girls’ hair- they couldn’t wear braid extensions (nor dreads). Two girls showed up to school with their freshly quaffed hair- in new, long extension braids. As soon as they walk in, they’re asked to leave for violating policy. The uproar and protesting, and news coverage, was a beautiful sight. The girls were able to go back to school as they were, and they changed the dress code for all students to be able to wear their hair as they like.
    That beautiful girl, Marian, in the red hair photo shoot, is just one of the many girls across the globe who hear the dumbest rules about hair.

    I can’t imagine anyone telling me that my blue hair is unacceptable to enter a building. F*ck that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Valeria,

      It’s the dumbest shit ever. With ALL the problems our kids face on a daily basis, this is what schools are focused on? Talked about skewed perspective, my God.

      That little lady is a rock star, and I’m glad that studio made a regrettable situation one that she will never forget.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. I too thought Kaep screwed up …. and I was anxiously awaiting your thoughts. Love the photoshoot! Cheers to the Eagles for what they did. Oh boy … and when will the Pats and AB get back together?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think this last three years has somehow turned into much ado about nothing. The league is full of guys who would rather appease a small segment of their fan basis- see Stephen Ross in Miami- than actually sign a QB who might work out and give them a chance going forward. As for Kaep . . . just abide! And then go on social media and share. But nope. He spoke for thirty seconds and then disappeared again.

      I love that photoshoot too. So much.

      The Eagles won without playing.

      I think AB will be back in the league next year, at least for a few minutes. And New England probably won’t go there again only because of what AB said about Kraft.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Precious and beautiful little Marian…what a smile inducing story! That little girl has a million watt smile and hope the act of loving kindness by Jermaine Horton becomes her guiding light rather than anything she may learn at that charter school. WTH? Yeah like that’s the kind of school that should be teaching children anything. Jeez.

    And so yeah…another shooting. I don’t think I even heard the usual ‘thoughts and prayers’ trope this time. 🤬We are officially numb and fully desensitized.

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  6. You got me twice. Once with Marian and then with Micah. The first making me smile with its charming outcome, the second, it’s ending, so insanely sad. He was ten years-old. How stunning is that. It definitely reflects your comment about the importance of hair color when kids are being shot and killed like they were ducks off season.


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  7. Super episode Marc. Yeah, pull the race card. Always good when you’ve got nothing else. Sadly this sounds like some dumb assed agent “post-event,” damage control stunt. Too bad Myles Garrett followed the advice and is now known as the DUMBASS that hit Rudolf. Marian deserves the photoshoot. If you have ever been to Jackson Michigan their stand on the school photo would not surprise you. The shooting was another horror of many more to come if something isn’t done. Good for the Eagles. Thanks, Marc

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  8. Antonio Brown – the gift that keeps on giving. He’s such a regular part of this feature, you may want to see if he wants to sponsor it. The Antonio Brown Heroes Of Ths Week … has a nice spring to it.

    I think Mason Rudolph got off easy.

    As for Kaepernick, I’ve generally supported him until now. I also can appreciate a little bit that he may have been frustrated with the NFL’s restrictions on the event. But his antics demonstrated to me that he’s not really serious about playing for the NFL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • AB would sponsor me for a week, after which he would take to Twitter and go scorched earth on my ass. I would be forced to ask him to leave and he’d make a video screaming that was he “Freeeeee!!!!!”. Rinse and repeat . . .

      Rudolph should have gotten two games for instigating.

      That’s the problem and what I’m hearing from so many. That if he WAS serious, why pull this shit? He let the league off the hook.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. that was the best jeopardy question – and hope he frames his 5.00
    also, thanks for the video of the MS photo shoot (I did have turn the volume down because I don’t like AK’s voice in her song “girl is on Fire” (but like her voice in New York song)
    oh and I heard about Colin Kaepernick’s “stunt” and either he is REALLY stupid or he just wanted attention.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too. What a cool gesture by the young man.

      I didn’t have the volume up either. I don’t dig on the “soundtrack” of most news item videos.

      Kaep, I feel, will never get another chance in the league. Now if you want to talk about stunts, maybe he will make a splashy move with the new spring football league and sign on with the XFL. It would be a circus.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Not sure what Kaep is doing – but my spouse said he thinks the dude is missing our on really being an advocate. I mean, we do need a voice for injustice and there are times when things are off.
        I was driving home today and saw an officer with someone pulled over.
        I prayed for two things – I prayed for safety for the officer – and for fairness from him – for grace and a sense of balance as he does his job.
        and so “Kaep” can find some worthy advocating if he can get stable.

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