93 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q,

    The clouds appear as snow capped mountain ranges far off in the distance. Teetering on the shoulders of those mountains in the foreground whilst scraping the chill off the winter sky. I figure it’s trying to talk the sun into coming back. But the sun ain’t having any of it, nah ah.

    Love it when your lens plays with the clouds. πŸ™‚


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    • B,

      They do, don’t they? I felt they looked like a fluffy twisted rope being pulled across the sky. Nope, the sun was holding back, refusing the invite.

      Love it that you describe my photos so fabulously. πŸ™‚


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      • Q,

        If not for the mountain range in the foreground breaking up that imaginary perspective, it would really draw you in as being just that.

        Oooooh, I like yours better.

        And the sun ain’t no fool. He’s like . . uh, Imma wait this chilly dance out, thank you very much.

        You’re my WW expert and I need to raise my game when speaking on your talents, yanno?


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        • B,

          I love that because the mountain (really, a hill but one that can be skiied on so…) felt more like it was in the background – cool the perspective photography gives, dontcha think?

          Well, it’s what I saw.

          Nope. Sometimes he just needs to take a back seat, let the clouds do their thing.

          Well, you more than raise your game, lemme tell ya!


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