Joe Peschi Movie Review: Life of Pi

I was interested in this movie da minute someone told me there was a Bengal tiger in it. I’m pretty sure they used those computer hieroglyphics instead of a real Bengal tiger, but it looked real enough to make me shit my pants when he was swinging those razor clubs.

As for the story, it begins with this family that has a zoo. Which is some really cool shit, to own a zoo, but the father is really humble and serious about it. My old man owned IBM stock and we never heard the end of it! So anyways, this zoo family has to move and get this . . they take the fucking zoo with em . . on a ship! I shit you not, it’s the craziest family story since we found out my Uncle was dressing up like my Aunt.

So they’re on this ship when they run into a big fucking storm, and the storm wins. The ship goes down, taking the zoo and this skinny little asshole kid’s family with it. The fucking thing goes down in like two minutes, which just goes to show you how much money they wasted on that Titanic movie.

The skinny little asshole kid gets lucky when he finds a lifeboat. Only it turns out he ain’t so lucky because there’s a coyote and an orangutang on the lifeboat with him. The Zebra’s cool, but I’m gonna warn you ahead of time not to make the same mistake I made by staring at him for too long. I got dizzy as fuck!. Thank God I smuggled my bottle of Chivas in with me, because that settled my stomach.

Things don’t work out so good for the Zebra, or the coyote or the orangutang either. So it’s the kid and the Bengal tiger, which is about as fair a fight as Elton John and Mike Tyson. Of course, this is Hollywood so we’re supposed to believe the skinny little asshole kid survives when in real life, he woulda been dinner. And if that isn’t ridiculous enough, the kid calls him Richard Parker, as if this is going to make the tiger think twice about eating him, yanno?

Outta nowhere, they introduce another ridiculous story line when their boat lands on an island. But of course it’s not an island like the one Tom Hanks was on in that movie where he never got to marry the chick he was banging. No, this island eats people. Which just goes to show that writers can fuck up a glass of water if you let em. These imbeciles have a Bengal tiger . . who eats everything, but nope . . let’s create an island that eats everything. What the fuck!

So they get the fuck outta there but these two are in some deep shit. The Bengal tiger has lost more weight than one of em Hollywood wives and it wouldn’t even help if heΒ didΒ eat the kid, who’s all skin and bones anyway. They finally make it to shore and the tiger gets outta the boat and just walks into the jungle without so much as telling the kid to kiss his ass. When the kid is rescued, he starts crying because the tiger didn’t say goodbye. Can you imagine the balls on this kid? Gimme a fuckin’ break.

Next thing I know, this Indian guy is talking to some white guy in his living room. It turns out, the zoo animals were really people and this wackadoo made up the whole ridiculous fucking story. And so he asks the white guy which story he prefers- the one with animals or the one with people. Of fucking courseΒ he says the better story is the one with the tiger. No shit Sherlock. The Indian guy thanks him and says “And so it goes with God,”.

As if God had anything to do with this flick.


57 thoughts on “Joe Peschi Movie Review: Life of Pi

  1. B,

    I can finally start typing – difficult to do so when you are laughing so hard. I can hear his voice (it being distinct, yanno). Hieroglyphics! Buahaha!

    I’m surprised Joe had nothing to say about the asshole skinny kid’s name!

    And yo! Joe! Dat was no coyote, dat was a hyena, you crazy Wop! Fucking guy doesn’t know his animals…. don’t tell him I said so, k, B? I don’t want him shooting me for laughing at him. I seen what he did to poor Christopher (ya, ya, I know that was his name in the Sopranos) in “Goodfellas”.

    So ya think Joe would recommend this fucking movie?


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    • Q,

      Methinks I have channeled his spirit, which is really odd seeing as how the guy is still alive.

      Yeah, he completely overlooked that. And it WAS a slam dunk! Dang.

      Did I write coyote? Ugh, welp, Imma leave it since Joe might not be as familiar with em. Maybe he never saw Lion King.

      And I don’t think you’re in any kind of imminent danger for laughing at Joe He only shoots goofy madafuckers like Spidah. He would probably just hit on you. After he found a step stool so he could look you in the eyes.

      I think Joe would say, screw da movie and go watch Goodfellas instead!


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  2. I read the book, but don’t recall seeing the movie. I read an author interview where he insisted the book was about religion. What?! Crazy. I don’t recall that the animals were really people – oh dear. Well, I think Joe got it right.

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    • Eilene,

      I saw the movie when it came out because I’d read the book a hundred time and was excited to see what they would do with a movie. They did it quite well, I thought. Nothing beats the book, of course, because of the content. But I have watched the movie a few times.

      Joe is looking to expand his horizons with this movie critic gig, so you’ll probably be seeing him do just that. He also reviews books. What a guy!

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  3. I wish I had seen the movie with Joe. I like the idea of having Chivas available at the movie in case of nausea. I think you have channeled Joe very well and look forward to more movie reviews by him. Also, I could see him blast a couple of holes in the screen if he doesn’t like what he’s watching.

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  4. I like your reviews because they are succinct and you get to the points without trying to impress – you are just “who you be”

    and I saw this movie a long time okay – I recall liking. it okay and laughed when you write :
    he woulda been dinner.
    so agree

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