Heroes Of The Week! (YouTube Edition)


Last week’s zero-free episode of Heroes was such a resounding success, even Joe Pesci gave it a great review. “I haven’t had that much fun since I borrowed a couple cases of Chivas off the back of a truck in Hoboken!”.

So Frank was right, going with the plus side of the equation on Fridays can be fun. Leave it to a boy from the Midwest to school me on the advantages of a glass half full philosophy, which you’d think I was rather adept at by now, but evidently not. So Imma keep on with the positive by dealing up a fistful of sunrise.

And now my Heroes of the week . . .

Million Dollar Baby- Georgina Addison of Harrogate, England was born with severe deafness. Her parents- Paul and Louise- have been searching for answers ever since, and with the help of an audiologist, their prayers were answered. Thanks to the National Health Service, Georgina was fitted with hearing aids last month. Now four months old, baby girl provides her folks with their daily vitamins every morning when they turn on her newfound ears. Louise gives thanks to the people who make it their life’s work to bring moments like this to life. Oh baby!

Safe at home- Sgt. Michael Leone wins our Mascot of the Year award just by showing up. The way he’s been showing up to serve and protect us since enlisting. The way he showed up last week at R. Stewart Esten Elementary School in Rockland, Massachusetts. A member of the 181st Infantry Regiment of the Massachusetts Army National Guard, Leone had been deployed to the Djibouti-Somalia border since February. He donned a Bulldogs costume in order to surprise his three sons- ranging in age from 5 to 8 years old- in what was supposed to be a “routine assembly”. Routine . . until he removed the head and his boys realized that Dad was home. For good. Best. Assembly. Ever.

Angels among us- The Olguin family is that house. You know the one, where a Christmas display in the front yard attracts people from miles around. And this year, that radius is certain to grow much wider seeing as how they’ve dedicated their annual labor of love to the twenty two victims of the Walmart shooting in El Paso.

“We kept thinking about how there will be 22 families who won’t have their loved ones together,” Olguin told CNN on Friday. “We felt we wanted to do something to show our respect to honor the victims of the shooting here at Walmart.”

Twenty two angels. Twenty two Christmas trees. Twenty two red bows. Twenty two candy canes. El Paso remains strong thanks to people like the Olguins.

Dancing is your soul, smiling- Kathy Ouma of Middleton, Delaware loves to give back to those hard working peeps who bring the holidays to her doorstep. She leaves a basket of water, soda, crackers and cookies on her front porch as her way of saying thanks. Amazon employee Karim Ahmad-Reed was overjoyed to find the treats waiting for him when he delivered up some packages recently. He’d forgotten his lunch, and he was a little bit parched to boot. So Ouma delivered, for him. And he doubled down with a dance that went viral, and thank you to Susannah for mentioning this one because it’s . . . wait for it . . . prime time stuff.

“She’s a jewel and great human being. I am grateful to have brought her some happiness, as she has to me,” Reid said. “The world needs more love.”

You know what I love most of all about this video? That nothing matters more inside this simple moment, where a random act of kindness opened up a world of better ideas. And to this, Ahmad-Reed borrowed from Samuel Beckett’s belief that the natural order of things is to dance first and think later. Just that, in the quiet; where dreams are not simply born. They’re brought to life.

Lori Wood

This last story comes from the heart, literally.

Jonathan Pinkard was staring at his own mortality in 2018. The twenty seven year old homeless man, diagnosed as autistic, was taken off the transplant list because he did not have a support system in place. Not having someone to care for him made him a bad risk, on account of all the aftercare that’s needed on the other side of a heart transplant.

And then Lori Wood showed up; whose name rightly belongs in the definition of what a guardian angel is supposed to look like. Wood is an ICU nurse at Piedmont Newnan Hospital who was assigned to Pinkard in December of 2018. A couple days after their first meeting, she asked him if she could become his legal guardian.

“I had to help him. It was a no-brainer,” Wood revealed. “He would have died without the transplant.”

They bonded quickly over Family Feud and football games, and Pinkard considers himself truly blessed to have met “Mama” when he did. He received a heart transplant in August and is now going back to work as an office clerk because he wants to be able to live independently some day. He will always have a home with Lori, who came into his life when all seemed lost. She answered his prayers and introduced him to that most wonderful place.




56 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week! (YouTube Edition)

  1. B,

    See? Even Joe Peschi appreciates all the good being spread!
    Frank was right 😉 And I agree with him.

    Georgina Addison is the most adorable little baby. It always makes me crazy when the deaf community disses these situations, saying people who cannot hear must embrace their disability. Really? If getting a cochlear implant or some special hearing device allows them to hear, why would they not?

    Those Leone boys are all the same size! What a beautiful way to find out that Dad is home for good.

    Holy Christmas Lights Batman! Do you think the reporter and cameramen could have panned the house up and down so we poor schmucks could see the 22 angels lit up? Just sayin’. I was looking forward to seeing the display in its entirety coz, yanno, Texas is a little bit of a drive. I don’t want to know what their electricity bill is at this time of year but what a crazy beautiful thing to do.

    Way to go Kathy Ouma. Some peeps just have that nice gene built in, don’t they? And to capture that joy was bonus for us. Something so simple yet so appreciated.

    And Oh. Em. Gee. What a most heartfelt story. What a beautiful soul is Lori Wood? Guardian Angel right here on earth. The video didn’t work for me, so here is another link if anyone is interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlzUXpBPQg0

    Wonderful, fabulous, joyful post, my friend. With the perfect song, of course.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Q,

      Joe would get all warm and fuzzy reading these stories. And it wouldn’t be entirely because of the Chivas, either.

      Frank was right on with the Heroes being actual heroes.

      The parents of this baby girl would most definitely have butted heads with anyone who gave them that line. And when you watch that video, is there ANY way you can argue with them?

      I didn’t notice, but yeah. Dad has a lot on his plate now that he’s home for good, LOL.

      I couldn’t find a vid of that lawn with the angels. But maybe there is one now. When I looked, I came up empty. And the electric bill? Maybe they buy a block, like schools and companies, LOL.

      That was a really special thing for her to do. And his reaction to the gesture is absolutely priceless. What a present. For us!

      Those Canadian videos. They probably get stopped at the border, I dunno. Gracias for offering up a video. 😉

      This one was special. And I didn’t even try it!


      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, coz we know beneath that killer, is an old softie.

        He was. We gotta give it to him.

        I know I sure as hell can’t. What a face when she hears!

        Oh, for sure! He’s got his hands full and I’m sure he’s ever so grateful for it.

        Ah well. The producers didn’t think 😉 I dunno… maybe they do!

        Such a sweet thing. Yeah, I loved his comments and his little “Yay, me!” dance.

        Probably. What with the administrations in office now… You’re most welcome.

        Very! I betcha you feel good dishing up the lovely!

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  2. Joe is in the express checkout lane if the Irishman is any indication of his current health. He’s a shadow of his former self.

    Cincy hit a homer on this idea. I hope it doesn’t go to his head.

    I watched it so many times, just for that first reaction when her eyes go wide and she’s like “Whazzat sound?” And then she realizes it’s her mama. Priceless.

    Yep. Hopefully he STAYS home for good too.

    In retrospect, that video is kind of lame when you take into consideration that the story was about the 22 and paying tribute to them in lights. I mean, THAT is the story and yet, they don’t show it?

    It became a “Yay us!” moment for anyone who watched it.

    They probably built a YouTube wall that we aren’t even aware of.

    It was an easy episode to write.

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    • Oh man, is he? I’ll be watching it soon. Maybe even today.

      We won’t tell him.

      It is so fantastic to watch her reaction. There was another similar video where this baby boy got cochlear implants and upon hearing his mother’s voice, cried, then smiled so big… I get teary-eyed just thinking of it.

      Yes, I do so hope he does!

      I didn’t want to say… but now that you did…! We should write the station ask ’em why in the hell the did not show the 22 angels LIT UP! LOL

      True dat!

      They prolly did… smh.

      Not my point. Did you feel good about writing it?

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  3. I had watched the film of the baby hearing her parents for the first time. I cried so hard. Her little face, like an angel’s, all lit up.

    I agree that the last story is one of a kind. Brought me to my knees. That fella would have just died as if it didn’t matter one way or the other. She’s my hero this week.
    Great list.

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  4. thanks for the supertramp song – fit the post and also is a jam! love the Goo Goo dolls version.
    and my top hero is Lori Wood
    whew –
    and int he Christian community I se folks adopting children who really maybe should not – and that is not being cold – but realistic – about ten years ago there was this surge of promotions in the Christian church (at least those that I ams sometimes exposed to) and it was adoption, adoption, and adoption – when truth is – some families can barely handle their own kids in the culture we have set up now.
    and I have seen a few of those that did adopt ended up having problems with their own kids – not to say there is a cause – no way – just a correlation – and my only point is that sometimes when it come to helping the orphans and needy – we might be better off donating to Red Cross or Salvation Army so they can properly help – because adoption is huge and is not for everyone (the way they made it sound so dreamy in some of the promotional vids)
    and all that to say that Lori Wood’s case is ideal and exactly when it is right – and a sacrifice from a loving heart

    Liked by 1 person

    • Prior,

      I came thisclose to using the Goo Goo Dolls version, but decided to stick with Supertramp since I haven’t listened to them in a while.

      I admire anyone who adopts, and you are right, there is SO much to consider before doing so. It’s a lifetime decision, and there are myriad dynamics involved in these situations.

      I agree, there are so many ways in which you can make a positive difference in these children’s lives.

      What Lori Wood did is just so beautiful. And she never blinked. To her, it was inconceivable that this kid would die. Not if she had something to say about it.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. There’s something positive to be said for the National Health Services. Knowing my taxes went to helping people out like that rather than give billionaires or corporations a few more million buck makes far more sense. And blessings to that ICU nurse! {sniffle}

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