Plus vs Minus

On my old blog, I used to dish up an annoyances post. It was a Molotov cocktail of inelegance aimed at all the many things that tend to piss me off. And if you didn’t know better, you’d have thought I was some kind of misanthrope who had an issue with every single thing. And you’d have been half right.

For this rebooted “Annoyances”, the sunny side of the street gets the primo parking space. Because my therapist thought it was a good idea if I stress the positives and minimize the negatives. Here then, is the pilot episode of something I’d liked to call “Plus vs Minus”.

Plus- Homemade Mac and Cheese takes some time, and more butter than I’m comfortable admitting, but it’s so damned worth it. I do mine up with butter (never margarine), milk, heavy cream, cheddar and one other cheese (I used Jarlsberg this time). To make the roux, you need to grate your cheeses . . . no shortcuts. I top it off with thinly sliced tomatoes and then sprinkle bread crumbs dredged in olive oil and grated Parmesan on top of that.

Minus- As much as I dig it, I have to steer clear of boxed mac and cheese for a good month after partaking of the real stuff.

Image result for funny positives and negatives

Plus- Peloton Mamas with Ryan Reynolds riding shotgun. 

Minus– Peloton Mamas riding solo.

Image result for funny positives and negatives

Plus- Adult beverages.

Minus- Bud Light Seltzer. Because they didn’t fuck up beer enough.

Image result for funny positives and negatives

Plus- The movie Cats. I went to see it with the girl and we loved it. It’s the musical and okay, it goes heavy on the CGI, but this did nothing to detract from the fact that it’s the musical delivered up in theater format.

Minus– Not sure what the peeps who bashed this movie were smoking. Because did I mention it was the musical?

Image result for yin yang funny

Plus- Trump’s impeachment defense ain’t gonna be a cakewalk with the revelation that he was freezing military aid to the Ukraine.

Minus- He’s probably gonna get off the hook anyway.

Image result for positive vs negative someecards

Plus- Christmas movies. It’s the only time of the year when I’ll suffer Chevy Chase in those inane Vacation flicks, or Jamie Lee Curtis in a cardigan, or Vince Vaughn . . . at all. And this year brought a reboot of one of my favorite holiday movies ever- A Christmas Carol, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Minus- Hallmark Christmas movies. If you’ve seen the one with the big city exec who goes home for the holidays and falls in love with an old flame . . you’ve seen them all.

Image result for the good news is and the bad news

Plus- The Miami Dolphins just had the most enjoyable 5-11 season ever. And they wrapped it in a bow by taking down the Patriots in the season finale; denying New England a first round bye for the first time in ten seasons.

Minus- The Patriots are still alive. And just like Michael Myers . . you gotta kill them, and then you gotta keep killing them . . just in case.

Welp, that’s just about a wrap for the 2010’s. May your pluses be plentiful and your minuses minimal inside the new year.

Peace and love . . .









105 thoughts on “Plus vs Minus

    • Valeria . . I am glad I could supply.

      And I realize your a Boston girl, but you gotta understand . . I need a chiropractor from looking up at the Patriots for the last twenty seasons. New England has held dominion over the division for two decades, four Presidents and the advent of social media. It’s time for a change dammit! 😉

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  1. Sigh … one of the reasons my wife and I don’t spend much time together is because when she is home on the weekends instead of out and about with friends or family, she is invariably parked in front of the TV with the Hallmark Channel on. And I ain’t staying for that shit.

    Meanwhile … yes, the Patriots. If I believed in prayer, I’d be praying hard for a first round knockout of them. Please, oh please!

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  2. Terrific, Pilgrim. A great big smile to end the year. Perfect. Bud Light Seltzer? I always thought Bud Light was seltzer. My Mac and Cheese is a labor of love featuring five kinds of cheese. Blue, White cheddar, Gruyere, fontina, and parmesan (There is also bacon in case the calorie count is not high enough.) Here is a link to the Food Network recipe. Warning this is hazardous to your heart health. Happy New Year, Marc

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  3. B,

    The sunny side of the street should always get a primo parking spot – it’s good for everyone, especially the one dishing…

    Homemade Mac and Cheese is supposed to take some time and is not meant to be healthy NOR should it be part of a weekly meal (if done right) as it should be a treat. Yours sounds divine. And guess what? I get a hankering for the boxed shit once in a while and what is great about that is my boys will dish it up and give me a scoop so satisfaction achieved without any effort on my part 😉

    Thank you for introducing me to friggen Pelonton. Ever since you wrote up about it, I see the ad – EVERYWHERE!! 😉

    I’ve always been a realist. Cheers! 🍻🥃

    Buahahaha Bud Light Seltzer! Awww.. I will no longer be at the club when some maroon asks for it – not that we would ever carry it…

    I am glad you are not afraid to say you liked Cats. There is so much negative being strewn about, I am sure it has discouraged, well, everyone I know to go see it.

    Love that 69…

    Trump… ugh.

    Christmas movies are pretty much everybody’s secret vice. I must admit, though, this year I resisted and watched not a single one.

    Yay Dolphins!! Much as you hoped they wouldn’t win this many games, the fact they did and have denied the Pats a first round bye is the big-ass cherry on top of the sundae for shizzle!

    And, of course you end with Dan Fogelberg… that’s what I was gonna end my post with. Sigh. Gonna chose another now 😉

    Peace and love and a happy moment or two or three….


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    • Q,

      Truth in its most optimistic sense. But you know me, I can’t stay away from that minus sign. LOL

      NOTHING like the home version. But the boxed is good in a pinch, or in a WTF moment when you don’t feel like making anything for dinner. It’s why I always have a few boxes on hand. Stewed tomatoes as well . . .

      Once you see PELOTON . . you cannot unsee it. It’s like some Ray Bradbury tale . . . I swearTAGOD!


      Bud Light . . shite. Meet seltzer. Now charge em way too much and make a killing!

      I watched a YouTube vid . . well one minute of it, about everything that was wrong with it. Made by a fourth grader, no doubt.

      Hahaha! A favorite number

      Ugh! Not 45 though . . .

      Catch A Christmas Carol at some point if you ever feel like something way different.

      Miami had a very fun season for a team that finished way out of it. Who knew 5-11 could be this much fun?

      I cannot NOT have that going on NYE. It’s a forever pick o mine.

      Peace, love, hugs, best wishes, anything but Bud Light, Habs, Dolphins, mac and cheese, kisses, ginger and more love.

      HAPPY 2020!



  4. B,

    Nor should you. Besides being a part of you, it is necessary to better appreciate the positive. The key is to not stay stuck in the negative (that’s where Imma come in and nudge 😉 )

    Honestly, I am one of those who occasionally enjoys the flavour of Krap Dinner (as we call it here in Canada… well, it should be Kraft but yanno, considering the product…) But no, homemade is way the way to go… Now that you’ve put it into me noggin, methinks I shall make some tomorrow…

    No kidding! To think I’d never noticed it before you went and brought it up!


    Just all kinds of wrong. Like putting ice in you white wine – just admit you don’t like the flavour of white wine so you add ice which makes the flavour all but disappear..

    Jeez. A fourth-grader… I swear, I’ve mentioned to a few peeps that I wanted to go see it and the negativity thrown my way has assured me I shall be going solo. Not that I have a problem with that as 3 out 4 movies I do go solo. I ain’t gonna miss something I wanna see just coz I can’t find a partner in crime to join me.

    It is a mighty fine one.

    Oh yes. I forgot. I will search for that one tomorrow.

    I’m just glad it made you happy 😉

    As it is mine.

    Peace, love, always best wishes, real beer, Habs making it to the series, Dolphins, real mac and cheese, lots of kisses, ginger in all its forms and love that knows no boundaries,

    HAPPY 2020 to you and yours


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    • Q,

      My negative nudger extraordinaire. And of course you are spot on when it comes to this subject matter. As per.

      I was gonna say, we’ll be making some of the stuff up sooner than later now that we’ve talked about it LOL.

      Get . . . out!

      Bottoms up!

      Ice in white wine . . Jesus. Why not just pour some fucking milk in it while you’re at it. Better yet, a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

      This YouTuber was trashing it for the “suggestive” bodies of the CGI cats. So maybe she was from Utah . . . .

      That’s a song.

      It was a good one.



      With all the bases covered, the Inimitable Q was off to conquer Old Montreal . . .

      Happy Year Of The Perfect Eyesight!


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      • Negative Nudger Extraordinaire, eh? I kinda like it and shall take my duties seriously 😉 I do my best.

        Talk about talking ourselves into doing something… 😉

        LOL! I tells ya…


        I know, right? At least throw in some soda and call it a spritzer… Blech to the milk or ice cream.

        Hah! “suggestive”? More so than the Broadway play? Coz I seem to recall they were quite form-fitting… Utah or, maybe some sort of Amish or Mennonite-type…

        A song – we gonna do that again 😉



        Yes, she was… and hoping to catch that perfect shot of the fireworks for WW 😉

        Perfect Eyesight in every way, eh?

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        • NNE . . you do real good.

          Imma try and hold off on cooking some of that stuff up for a while. Say a couple weeks .. that should be fine.

          The Amish wouldn’t have a problem with it and there are Mennonite peeps you wouldn’t even know ARE Mennonite peeps. They are many things, but prude ain’t one of them . . not the new age ones.

          Nope. My lips are sealed. DAMN!



          Not for me, LOL

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          • I thank you, my Nudgee 😉

            Oh hells yeah. I said I’d make some today – ain’t gonna happen. Gonna empty the fridge (again) first and try to nourish with some healthy foods, first. When I “deserve” some (when I have shed the holiday weight) THEN I shall make some 😉

            So, definitely from Utah, then.

            He he he… Simply Irresistible 😉

            Woo hoo!

            Me neither. Who wants to be perfect, anuyway..

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          • Healthy foods? THAT is a novel concept. Imma break open some devastatingly unhealthy foods in honor of the new year, LOL.

            The Utes are uptight, excepting behind closed doors. As for the Mennonites, they are rather wild. Even if they would never admit it.

            New song! My head is like a jukebox, which helps to sweep the voices out of my head temporarily so I ain’t complaining.

            Ain’t no perfect, excepting for stuff that is perfectly imperfect.

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          • Well, I seem to recall us mentioning that we were gonna encourage each other to get back on the programme… NOT today, of course. Good gawd we must give ourselves the chance to celebrate the new decade!

            Well there ya go. Goes to show how little I know of them peeps – there ain’t none in my neck of the woods so…

            Yes. You are THE jukebox – and hey, if the music keeps the voices out, then, play on, my friend…

            Exackery. Just like I likes it.

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          • Well yeah . . eventually. But no kale. I did that for a while and I don’t think I will ever forgive myself.

            They’re . . . let’s just say interesting. When I tell people I dated Mennonite women, it gets the double take, LOL. If they are from here, of course, they don’t flinch.

            When they allow, yes . . yes I will.


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          • LOL! I will occasionally put kale in a soup or omelette – it’s not even as nutritious as spinach, so really why bother 😉

            Of course you did. Why am I not surprised?

            Then keep it up 🙂


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  5. That was fun!!!
    Plus…. puss minus “S” + “L”
    Minus… Must plus “I” minus “T” + “N”
    I think I just broke my brain in time for New Year!
    Happy New Year! 🥂🎊🎉🥂🎊🎉

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  6. This really did cheer me up. Funny cartoons: loved 69 and hypochondriac. If you’re a big fan of Dickens, be sure to see the film “The Man Who Invented Christmas” with Dan Stevens and Christopher Plummer. It’s excellent!

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    • Rebecca,

      I got you to snort? My work here is done. 🙂

      May there be cheer in whatever you hoist. Peace wherever you settle in. And Happy to the year we’re about to meet!


  7. Hmm, they still sell margarine? Big huge plus with the Fish beating the Pats. Made my whole season. As for beverages in the minus column, you left out Coors Light although I’m not sure that’s even considered an adult beverage.

    Here’s to a 2020 stuffed to the brim with pluses. Cheers! 🥃

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  8. Your mac and cheese sounds delish! I never get mac and cheese in a box (it’s not really a thing in England) so I always make it myself- but yours sounds way better- I love the extra touches you add- definitely want to start add a slice of tomato at the very least!

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  9. the timing of the Fogelberg song is cool because a few days ago – Leo the yoga teacher had a playlist with a song from him and others from that time – so plus one for that.

    and good idea with the plus and minus theme here…

    regarding the Dolphins – heard Tom Sawyer in the car today and turned it up – I refuse to let the Patriots own that song and need to extinguish the conditioned connection they have with Tom Sawyer.
    and you know it is a good drive jamming to Rush.

    LMAO with the hallmark movies and …
    “you’ve seen them all.”

    we watched family man last night (Nick Cage) and used to watch every year for like 12 years – but missed about 4 – and we really enjoyed it….

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  10. Heyyyyyy I’m liking the Plus and Minus 🙂 YES in the Mac and cheese. Definitely yes. And yes to The Dolphins. That was nice. And Yes! To the House but a big fat No to Mitch and his greedy pals. And Yes you are in point with Hallmark so I truly enjoy watching Elf it’s my spirit movie that and this Prep and Landing my kids watch every year 🙂 plus Chevy’s adventures amuse me. Happy New Year!!! Always sending you sunshine and waves 🙂

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    • Cali, you remember the annoyances posts that Cayman would stick on his blog like every other week? This was a kinda/sorta same thing but different thing. I gotta say, I do miss the annoyances.

      Miami had a better record in the last nine games than the Patriots. You cannot make this stuff up. . .

      I cannot speak Mitch. Or his pals. Or 45. Well, I could but it would devolve into a rant and get nothing accomplished.

      I’ve got an idea for a Hallmark movie. It’s the exact same thing as every other Hallmark movie. It’s a slam dunk that they take it!

      I watched Elf a few times this season, it always cracks me up.

      Happy New Year to you as well, thank you Cali.

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      • Duuuuuude I totally remember annoyances. They were my jam!Or as Cayman would put it … “people who say this is my jam…” that Hallmark … dude it’s neck and neck with Lifetime although I think Lifetime throws in a couple mystery/murders/made-for-TV movies that Mary Katherine Gallagher would need to reference 🙂 loved her. Sunshine and waves.

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