The Vera Farmiga Invitational

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Imma go back to my old school crush for this lovely episode, with many thanks to the timeless beauty of that man slayer extraordinaire, Sara Michelle Gellar. SMG is so much more than just a sexy stand in, and rest assured she will be booming these pages again soon. But January is for figuring out slumps and what better math to utilize than the geometrical qualities of Ms Farmiga? So here then is my first honeydew list of 2020. Enjoy!

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Elle Duncan: She works for Animal House Sports (Business Name: ESPN), but she’s no keeper of the lame ass qualities perpetuated on the network. She’s funny in the realest kind of way, with no forced soundtrack necessary. She dispenses knowledge without verbiage, facts without fiction and news without the sophomoric slant. Girl’s got a smile that could melt butter and a rap that is all business. She doesn’t need to issue any ridiculous “hot takes”. She IS a hot take.

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge: Phoebe’s got that Headmistress vibe going strong, and it makes you want to score detention on the regular so’s you can be under her pretty thumb. She’s got the endearingly awkward personality that works a Happy Hour jaunt into an after-hours repartee. Quick to cut your knees out from under you, after which she props you up on the sofa and feeds you tequila in particular ways.

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Ashley Graham:Β When it comes to exhibiting model behavior, this woman schools her peers on the regular. Because she’s what sexy is all about; confidence, fused together with the courage to be who she is, rather than what others insist she has to be. Mistress of the come hither glance, she is a Vegas lock when her eyes come calling on you. Positive proof that coloring outside the lines is so damned hot.

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Skylar Diggins-Smith: This woman has represented at every level- from high school to college to the pros- with a game that never quits, just like her. She came all the way back from an ACL injury without missing a beat, stringing together four straight WNBA All Star Game appearances. She’s equal parts fire and ice- throwing down daggers when left to her own devices while making opponents pay mightily with an ability to dish to the open teammate given the tiniest window. But really . . she had me at the curls.

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Bella Heathcote: She’s got an old school element to her new age filament that makes the screen she adorns go boom, every time. Pouty lips that tug at you and eyes that scratch at all the logic known to Mars with claws drawn up in a Venus playbook. She carries this perfumed swagger that makes you believe in the mystic. And when her hair goes all ramshackle, so do your knees.

I conclude this tasty episode by writing one more lovely into the starting lineup. This “All That All Star” was scouted by the Cincinnati Kid, the Short Order Opinion Maker, the Maestro of Madcap, the King of the Home Run Swing, the Titan of TangoΒ  . . . none other than Frank from over at afrankangle.

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Robin Meade:Β This hawt headliner spells the news on weekday mornings for millions of Americans who choose to get their news delivered sans bluster. She’s a beauty who talks kindly, reports fairly and makes you feel as if you’re swapping coffee talk with her and only her. Personal enough to make you blush, and when she leans into the camera . . you will. And it’s what missing in today’s iteration of the Fourth Estate- where expert analysis is oftentimes code for pulpit speak. She ain’t faking her journalistic know how, and it shows.

Welp . . that’s all for this episode of what’s hot. I’d like to thank Vera for being the mostess of a hostess, and to the ladies in my lovely lineup . . thank you for rocking the science with smarts, savvy and plenty of sexy.

49 thoughts on “The Vera Farmiga Invitational

  1. B,

    I gotta tell ya… you have got fabulous taste in women – and unlike many of my gender, I ain’t afraid to say so. Why did I KNOW Phoebe would make the list this year? Love it.

    And another thing, I love the variety. It shows you are not a one-note man – not that I ever would have believed you were, but thankfully you don’t fall into that “I only dig on blondes” or whatever feature du jour is applicable.

    Sweet, saucy, sexy – and of course sugar kisses just brings it all together.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Q,

      The ‘type’ thing is overdone, I think. My ‘type’ doesn’t have a zip code . . it’s universal. From tall to petite, twiggy to plus size and all the many beauties in between.

      Phoebe HAD to make the list at some point, yanno? So snarky and cutting and cynical yet hopeful. A bad girl who doesn’t mind being good, if she has a reason.

      I was placed in that “You only date blondes” predictable dude class because the first few ladies I spent time with were fair haired. And I find it trite, to say that when I had been MARRIED to a brunette, LOL.

      Yes, yes and boom! And of course the sugar kisses to put a sexy cherry on top.


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      • It so is. I once had this fantastic exchange with a guy on the phone – the repartee was great, the innuendos fun and when he learned I was 5’9″ and regular build (to his 6′ also regular build) he said too bad you’re not my type. I like ’em 5’3″ and round. Wha? Alrighty then. Can I be so bold as to say Your loss, Buddy? LOL. He had the nerve to say it was really too bad as I was fun. Putz.

        She absolutely did! I love her. Cynical yet vulnerable, snarky yet sweet, definitely a bad girl who has good side… Hmmm… makes me think of a guy I know…

        Hah! Goes to show… I always had a penchant for brunettes, myself. And Mick was what? Oh, right. A blonde. So, voila. We both went against our supposed “type”.

        That’s how you do it!

        Liked by 1 person

        • The dude was describing a Weeble. So lemme get this straight, he’s rapping witchou and the vibe is tango . . and then he fesses up to having a Fisher Price fetish? He saved you a ton of grief, lovely.

          This fella you speak of. He is bad girl as well? Sounds very 2020.

          But seriously, Phoebe is the new age, British version of that girl next door. Just make sure you bring the liquor.

          Funny ain’t it? Yeah, Big Papi used to chide me for being “into blondes” because he didn’t “care for them”. Fucking guy.


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  2. Of these, scouting was easy …. extra easy … kind of like what the Titans did to the Ravens … no contest … hands down … no question … the former Miss Ohio …. and she looks great in jeans …. Robin Meade.

    The Titan of Tango

    Liked by 1 person

    • Because EVERYBODY had the Titans going into Baltimore and completely dismantling the Ravens, right? My God . . I am not ashamed to say I lost that game in my pool. Picking the Vikings? Maybe a little ashamed of that one.

      As for Robin, that was for you, good sir. The Titan of Tango, for sure. A real mensch.


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