Heroes Of The Week!

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Another week, another cold front on the old news cycle . . bringing with it more (im)peach pie recipes, Antonio Brown police visits, sports brawls, royal fallouts, celebrity Instagram idolatry, pandemic panics, Putin power grabs, Catholic church abuse crises and Super Bowl coverage which proves we are living in a modern day “bread and circuses” empire.

Good thing we have some heroes, and here they go . . .

Imma start things off by giving you two heroes for the price of one aaawww with this story about a very special dog named Eddie and Carin Brown; the Benton County animal control officer who rescued him. When Carin found this beautiful boy, she feared he had been hit by a car because he was listing to one side. The prognosis for Eddie came back differently, but every bit as heart wrenching. It turned out Eddie has an inoperable tumor and doctors surmise he has anywhere from six to twelve months to live.

So Carin created a bucket list for Eddie, teaming up with the Pasco PD to get him sworn in as a K-9 officer. He got his swag on and spent the day on patrol. Well, other peeps in town caught wind of this bucket list and decided to toss their ideas in. So far Eddie’s gotten pictures with Santa as well as a pool filled to the brim with stuffed animals. Next up? Being the star of a kissing booth at an adoption event. Oh . . in case you were wondering, Eddie’s favorite snack is donuts. Of course.

Six-year-old Owen Colley has made about 55 clay koalas so far.

Owen Colley knew he had to do something after talking to his mom about the Australian bush fires. But really, when you’re six years old and all you’ve got is a wish and a dream . . how much of a difference can you make? Welp, this little artist from Hingham, Massachusetts can do plenty.

So far, Owen has made fifty five clay koalas. In conjunction with the Wildlife Rescue South Coast, a wildlife rescue group in New South Wales, the Colley family sends a koala to every person who donates $50 or more to the relief efforts. And if you’re asking how much wallop a wish can pack, consider that in a week’s time the kid has raised more than $20,000. Proving once again that the skies are full of wishes, but it’s the work we put into these wishes that provide the light.

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Good plumbers are hard to find, so Imma hit you with the gold standard. His name is James Anderson and he hails from the UK. He decided to start a non-profit company in his hometown of Burnley a while back, offering free or low cost service to those in need. Of course, every good deed usually comes with debt. Not that it keeps him up at night. “To me, debt is debt. I would rather owe some money to somebody and another person be alive and happy and safe,” he says.

He’d been doing this beautiful thing without fanfare, until he provided service to a 91 year old woman with acute leukemia. When he presented her with a bill totaling zero dollars, her daughter made sure his deed went viral. And thanks to his heart and thanks to her appreciation, his non-profit is no longer operating in the red. Far from it. Which is a good thing, because Anderson plans on keeping at it until “the day God calls me”.  Let’s hope heaven can wait. (Big thank U to that Canadian beauty Dale over at A Dalectable Life for this get).

Another week, another cinematic superhero gone real life superstar. This time it’s that stud of the sea, Jason Momoa of Aquaman fame getting all righteous on us. The star of land and sea took time out from filming to stop by UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh to say aloha to some very special kids. The dude is filming a Netflix thriller called Sweet Girl and I know I’ll be tuning in. Because the world needs more peeps like him, whose heart is mightier than his brawn. Mahalo, Jason.

If you ask me how I figure out this weekly lineup of good and better, Imma tell you the truth. I have no blessed idea. Because I never really know what I’m looking for until I come upon it. And the stories do not have to involve donating a million dollars or preventing a school bus from going over a cliff (okay, the latter is probably gonna score with me). I don’t know the story when I see it, I know it when I feel it.

So it goes with Kevin Lindke of Port Huron, Michigan. Because it was inside the quiet of just another evening when his actions spoke louder than any words I could muster. He was driving home when a car passed him going in the wrong direction, so Lindke did what most of us would’ve done in the same situation; he dialed up 911.

But see, Lindke’s heroism ain’t content with retail when it can provide a wholesale change. So he followed the driver, who sideswiped another car before ditching the ride and making a run for it. And of course, Lindke followed, running after the driver until he caught up with her. Turns out, the girl was suffering from a mental breakdown and had stolen the car, but Lindke was undeterred and he got her to stay put until police arrived.

did mention how Lindke provides dollars on the pennies he finds, right? Good. Because when he learned that the car this girl had totaled belonged to a pizza delivery driver who had parked it outside of a school whilst dropping off some pies . . he gave the kid his minivan.

“I’m not going to lie, I about burst into tears because who does that?” Jones told WDIV TV. “It’s a godsend—that this man, out of nowhere, who I’ve never met, would do this. It’s mind blowing.”

So yanno, I don’t find these stories. They find me.


57 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. I’ve got a few friends in Australia. Most are of the social media variety — people I’ve “met” through blogging and writing. But one friend is of a different sort. When my kids were in high school, their school participated in a program where Australian high schoolers came to California for a few weeks — Disneyland, San Francisco, etc., and 8-10 days with a family who had a kid at the school. We hosted students three years in a row. The first year was the best. Nick was a kid we immediately bonded with. He had such a great attitude and just fit in perfectly with us. While he was here, we had a number of long-distance phone chats with his parents, and we bonded over pizza. His dad had built a brick pizza oven in their backyard but had not been very happy with the results he got from whatever dough recipe he was using. So I gave Nick my recipe to give to his dad, and ever since we have had a conversation about virtually everything there is to talk about. They have come to the United States three times in the years since, most recently in November, right when these fires started. We spent a couple of days with them in Vegas and, as always, had an absolutely blast.

    But they live in New South Wales, near the town of Picton. An area that was harried by the fires, but fortunately they are safe, their family is safe, and they have not experienced any property damage. But the last couple of months have been extremely harrowing for them and their neighbors. And to top it all off, the patriarch of the family, who opened a print shop years ago and passed it on to Nick’s dad, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and just passed a few days ago. His funeral was today.

    And so, a long way of saying … the hero of the week who makes the ceramic koalas and has helped raise $20,000 … he’s got a special place for me this week.

    Thank you.

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  2. How can anyone not appreciate all these stories … and just think, so many more take place every day in many places. Thanks for lifting up the spirits of the majority of people in the world are good. My fav in this set? … Owen.

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    • Everyone finds a favorite, Cincy. Interesting how that works.

      And you’re right, the good stuff is happening in the quiet, all the time. And there are no cameras, no viral sequence, no need. Because whether it gets known or it doesn’t, it’s the matter of good being done that counts most of all.


  3. Dearest B,

    All’s I gotta say is thank goodness for peeps like you who distract us from the other crap out there that gets most of the news…. k, just kidding. You KNOW that is NOT all I have to say, right? I wouldn’t be me if I stopped there!

    What a beautiful soul Carin Brown is. In the hands of another, Eddie probably would have been given the needle (and it would have been considered humane to not let him suffer) and I have zero doubt they will make sure Eddie’s last days will be happy and without pain.

    Owen Colley is six years old… What was I doing at six years old? Sure as sh*t NOT helping others in need. My God. The type of kids who can see past their belly-button so young are truly a breed apart. Another wonderful human being in the making.

    I am so happy I was able to find you a good story for this week. Someone who can see past the bottom dollar to the people behind the needs deserves it when someone makes him go viral and helps his cause.

    Jason Momoa is one of those stars that you can see the humanity behind. I’ve watched a few stories on his life and who he is and it just comes across that he is good people. Imma tune in with you.

    Wow to Kevin Lindke. He had no idea what he was chasing and he could have ended up in a heap of pain. I’m always amazed (and a tad whattamatter with you chasing after someone like that!) when someone senses that he can make a difference. AND he gives the kid a car? Double wow.

    Of course, you did find the song. I knew you would. There is no way in hell finding these feel-good stories doesn’t make you feel as fab as you make us. I’ll keep doing my 1% to help out if you keep dishing ’em. Deal?

    To keeping the good up front and centre.

    Q xoxo

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    • Q,

      It’s the stories that come to me, not the other way around. They do find me, and I usually am not looking for them. Thank you for the special props, but I am undeserving.

      Eddie will be taken good care of until his last days, thanks to Carin and her friends. For a worst case scenario such as his, he came upon the right person.

      Owen began by sketching the wildlife that were suffering as a result of the fires. That’s when he asked his mom about what could be done.

      Yes, Anderson does it because it is something to be done. He isn’t the sort to are about viral commodities, but I’m sure he’s going to use the resultant goodwill to branch out.

      He’s a real life superhero. And he’s got a real life justice league.

      Lindke was going to sell the car but he knew the kid needed it more than he needed the money from its sale. On top of chasing this girl and staying with her. Wow.

      You do way more than one percent. But you keep doing what you do, ya hear?

      To the good just being done.

      B xoxo

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      • Oh don’t even try that with me. They may find you but YOU share them.

        He is one lucky dog – as we look at the good he is getting now.

        Even to just sketch the wildlife is showing a sense of understanding far beyond a child of 6. Amazing little fellow. And wonderful mom to help him do something!

        Yep. Gotta admire peeps like him who put people first.

        He is!

        Wow is right. Lindke is good peeps all the way.

        Did I write one percent? Well hell… that was a typo… lost my zeros 😉 You can’t get rid of me that easily so, fear not.

        To focusing on the good.

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        • Well, you know me too. And I don’t and won’t ever take credit or kudos. Peeps are doing good every single day, in viral and quiet form. Both.

          He will have a peaceful landing, the good boy that he is deserves one.

          Owen has quite the perspective for his age. We’ve come across quite a few of these little people over the course of time, each with a unique way of looking at the world.

          He does it because he feels it should be done. For that and only that reason. Great guy.

          He is! I forget who he is. LOL

          Lindke didn’t flinch in doing any of the things he did that night. Didn’t think twice. Just did it. Nike could learn lots from him.

          You wrote one percent, yes you did. Which I thought was a tad low, but I never know what to expect from you. 😉

          To the good.

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          • Yes, I do. And don’t take credit for the actions of others, obviously, but do just accept our thanks for sharing them.

            He will.

            This is true. I’m thinking that in the searching for good stories, you (we) are finding there are heroes in all sizes.


            Buahaha! Momoa!

            True dat!

            Well… it’s good to keep you on your toes. I would not ever want to become predictable 😉

            Good becoming better

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          • Of course.

            He will? I forgot this person too, my God! LOL

            They are all shapes and sizes and that’s really cool to see.


            Oh yes, Mahalo Guy. He’s the man.

            It’s truth!

            Nothing is predictable for me, buhlieve me. Life is a daily WTF, which keeps things interesting. Interesting being a relative term, of course.

            The good people always show better.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Then, all is well.

            We shall continue to embrace the good that regular and not-so-regular folks do and hope that the positive light we shine is spread far and wide.

            Predictable is highly overrated, I hear. As long as we are surrounded by the peeps who get us, we are good.

            That they do!

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          • It’s the hope that counts most of all. Until a comet yells “My turn!”.

            No worries then. I didn’t think it was a worry, but yanno. It’s crazy to think . . . period. It’s just crazy to think, LOL.

            Yes they do.

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          • Definitely not today.

            I think so – kinda like that whole need the dark to see the light thing… or better yet, Leonard Cohen’s “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”…


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          • Nope. And besides, it’s raining cats and dogs. One bit of shitty weather at a time, yanno? And yes, I know comets are not considered ‘weather’, but still . .

            As I told you yesterday, depression taught me that I cannot waste my time on what others think. Mental energy being the precious commodity that it is.


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          • Oh bummer! How to get your run in? Ah yes… you have another option – hop on and ride, young man!

            Silver linings… mental energy is a most precious commodity that frankly, I have learned the hard way, not to be so generous with – towards others I mean.


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          • Imma take to the stationary bike today, thank you very much. That’ll get me going.

            Yeah, it definitely needs to be rationed for those who deserve the best we can dish up. Because those peeps believe in it, 😉

            I said MUAH! already. You must mean MWAH!

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          • Options… Here the sun is shining brightly. Might have to take advantage of it.

            It does. They do, if they earned it 😉

            You did! And I did! So… MUWAZZAH!

            Liked by 1 person

          • I wear my Fitbit like an ankle bracelet when I use the bike. But I noticed it doesn’t count the steps the same so I have to bike twice as long as I would need to run.

            Ya keep the peeps who earn it close. 😉

            Now THAT is the diggety of our MUA-UW’s!!

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          • You know, I was wondering what you could do to make it count. Do you have the “bike” option on your exercise choices? Mind you, you can set a goal for time or distance so maybe steps are lovely but in the grand scheme of things…

            Very close.

            That is indeedy! And deserving of 😘😘

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          • I don’t know how that works, and I probably wouldn’t trust it anyway. I mean, the bike option. Besides, it’s not a bad thing to bike for forty five minutes to an hour.



            Liked by 1 person

          • On mine, I can set it (I just tried before talking out of my arse) but hey… nothing wrong with biking for that length of time.



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          • This is true! Better to watch than to read – one loses focus whilst trying to read and pedal – let us just say the energy level is difficult to maintain.



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  4. First off, and my shallow side is showing, but I’m a big Hall and Oats fan.

    Heroes. The Pitt got me right out of the gate, mewling like a wounded moose. I’m a Pitt lover to begin with and to see him look so natty in his coat knowing that he’s heading for the ether, started off my morning with a moan.

    The koala bear story is sweet. Kids. When they already have humanity at such a young age, it restores your faith in the future that keeps looking pretty dim.

    Pizza for everyone I say.

    Great list as always. I like that you treat it like a job, a weekly assignment you have to research.

    You can tell how much you love to write.

    So yanno, I don’t find these stories. They find me.

    Mr. Imma is oh so modest.


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  5. Oh, Marco, blame it on too much wine at dinner, but shit whooping tears! My co-worker was in Australia a week before the fires and shared a photo with me of at least 30 kangaroos in his in-law’s backyard. Knowing now what happened I can’t help thinking the animals, as animals are want to do, was telling us slow-witted humans what was going on.

    I really love these positive stories. Not sure how much I can handle, my heart has already grown to twice its size. Thanks for sharing! 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s always the wine, isn’t it?

      It’s so sad, all the devastation there. Us slow witted humans in position of power need to be stepping up more than they have.

      You know it Ella. 😉


  6. Lovely to read good news about good people doing good things. So much news is always about bad things. My husband’s into all things sports so I’ve heard way too much about AB. He needs mental health help!!!!

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