28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q,

    It appears as if electric snow is falling down onto them. There are so many funky elements to this capture. Such as . . what are those wire baskets doing on the wall? Are they baskets? Are they planters? And the string lights falling down over them creates more intrigue. And of course, the three women statue.

    Captures should not only leave you in wonder, they should provoke questions. Sometimes unanswerable ones. This is so good!


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    • B,

      I love that this capture has elicited questions from you. Julie and I were walking past it last Saturday and I stopped. I’ve seen this statue many times but with the twinkle lights and the light dusting of snow, it had a little ‘je ne sais quoi’.

      In the summer, those baskets become planters, indeed.

      I almost tried to remove that blue splotch of paint then thought, nah… it’s there. Perfection is highly overrated…

      So pleased you like!


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      • It elicits so many questions, which is the beauty of a great capture.

        I wasn’t completely certain, but then, I couldn’t think of anything else they would be used for.

        No way. That’s like trying to make something symmetrical. It’s the anti-symmetrical qualities that usally work best of all.



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