Russian To Judgement

What to do when my creative side hops a bus outta town? Why . . ramble on about the current state of shitty affairs, of course. So Imma dish up a top ten list: As in the top ten reasons why Trump won and is still behind the wheel of our fifty state semi even if his drivers license should have been revoked in . . oh let’s just say January of 2017.

1- High fructose corn syrup: It’s a medically proven fact that the rapid fluctuation of blood sugar can detrimentally impact our mental well-being, and in some cases it can worsen existing mood disorders. And really if you had to diagnose the last three years  . . it would have to fall under the category of mood disorder.

2- Bread and circuses: Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it fell quickly enough . . thanks to a debilitating indifference shown by its citizenry when it came to matters of the republic. America’s diet is rich in gladiator games- from the NFL to UFC- and now with the end of prohibition as far as gambling goes . . most peeps are more concerned with their lack of flow than with how the country is being run.

3- Our love affair with brands: It wouldn’t seem that the two are related, but hear me out. Trump has always been a brand, and too many people behave as consumerists in every facet of their lives. The culmination of these two merged, and there is no refund.

4- It’s Obama’s fault: Everything was his fault, according to the opposition. So why not this?

5- The NFL: They never wanted Trump in their owners clique, as much as he wanted to own a club. So instead of making a single fan base suffer in perpetuity, more than half the country has to live under a WTF cloud. When you consider the fact that a bunch of rich old white guys who never tire of listening to themselves talk couldn’t stand Trump’s rap . . .  well, that says it all doesn’t it?

6-Florida: In the 2000 presidential election, hanging chads, recounts and polling place intrigue created a narrative which effectively satirized the process. Worst case scenarios thus became the expectation.

7- Pat Sajak: He has convinced countless Americans that buying a vowel makes sense. No! If you have a hunch, you go with consonants until you’re certain. You do not risk your short term well being to a rich guy who has bad hair and repeats the same tired lines over and over again.

8- Voters: I’m not suggesting we let the College of Cardinals select our President. It’s just important to remember that the electorate doesn’t have to be informed in order to step behind the curtains. We assume every voter is Tom Brokaw, when the truth of the matter looks more like this genius and this charming individual.

9- Professional Wrestling: Even if you’re not a fan, the pathos of this spectator sport has seeped into our pop culture driven society. Rude is cool, bad is interesting and evil is box office. So back in 2015, when Trump disparaged Mexican people and later trashed Senator John McCain because “I like people who weren’t captured,”, it did not derail his run for office in the least.

10- Michael J. Fox: Let’s face it, he made the snarky conservative know-it-all likable in his turn as Alex Keaton in the ’80’s sitcom Family Ties. Which aired on NBC . . the same network that would later air The Apprentice. The same network, mind you, that re-broadcast The Manchurian Candidate in 1974.

It’s probably all just a crazy coincidence.

66 thoughts on “Russian To Judgement

  1. B,

    Oh lawzy… And this is your creative side hopping outta town? I dunno man…

    1. High fructose corn syrup is basically poison.

    2. Trump seems to be doing his best to make like the Romans. Peeps have no clue how the country is run.

    3. Trump is definitely a brand. Overpriced for lack of quality.

    4. Can’t touch this

    5. That DOES say it all – now that you mention it! How come they have the power to keep him out but the senate doesn’t?

    6. Florida. Do you guys ever feel like cutting a line across the border and letting it drift off to sea?

    7. Too many peeps don’t understand the long game (term) and can only see what is in their direct vision. Actually, it’s so close it’s blurry so they can’t focus.

    8. I am never gonna understand the college electorate, no matter how often it is explained to me. And that genius, um, er, um, ya and that charmer are unfortunately why you’ve got that clown at the top.

    9. Ugh. You are so right. Rude and bad and trashing has become not only acceptable behaviour, it’s encouraged by your “leader”.

    10. I saw MJF and I thought, whoa, where is he going with that? 😉 But yeah. He did play that, didn’t he?

    Hell. My comment is as long as your post. Am I fired?


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  2. It’s one thing to loathe the liar in chief, it’s another to realize those who voted for him are among us & quite terrifying that so-called Christians have embraced his lying/cheating with impunity. The example being set for our children is beyond depressing.

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  3. You and Dale crack me up.(that was a side comment) Excellent list, Marc and shows you never lose your grip on the wheel of the creative bus. My one comment about the state of affairs is directed at the entire scene in Washington. Liars, charlatans, fakers, bad branding, and a general soul suck is not confined to just Trump and his followers. Through the impeachment process the entire house, senate, and executive branch have shown me they are not fit to represent the people. One set of political chicanery has been met with another set at every turn. The net result is sum zero for programs that need to be put in place for the enrichment of our citizens. I wonder when the voters are going to expect productivity out of the people they elect? Until they do, this muck and mire is going to continue to plague ordinary folks. Good job on the post.

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  4. The thing is … every single one of these has a kernel of truth to it. Add them all together and you may have just hit the nail (or the ten nails) on the head.

    Your reference to Florida and 2000 got me thinking. Is it possible that 2000 was the year we lost faith in our institutions and the voting process? And with that loss of faith, all things became possible, including electing an orange clown sixteen years later?

    Personally, I’m a firm believer in the conspiracy theory of Putin and his ilk being behind a lot of this. Our openness and freedoms, combined with the reach and manipulation made possible by social media, have allowed the disinformation campaigns to open Pandora’s Box here.

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    • I just wish the hammer wasn’t directed at the heads of sensible people. Which is what is happening right now. From both sides too.

      It was more than a lost faith. It was how the entire ordeal became a matter of satire. Rather than demand the system tighten up and get this shit right, because it’s important, it became a meme. Indifference is the worst thing that can happen.

      I believe there is something to this. Russia never stopped doing business the way it always has. We assumed differently and it is costing us who knows what.


      • Our politics has always been the subject of satire, and rightly so, but yes, it seems to have gone to a whole different level in the last 20 years. Which conveniently tracks with the rise of social media. Correlation doesn’t always equal causation, but in this case …

        Russia didn’t really care who won I. 2016, although I think they realized just how horrible Trump would be. All they care about is discord and disarray in America. And they got it.

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        • You’re right, it’s always had a cartoon section in the literal sense. But to me, the most unnerving aspect is the disconnect too many people have with the process.

          Russia never loses focus. We do. Those are shitty odds to deal with.

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  5. I was always curious as to why people bought vowels. It made no sense to me. Pat be hustling. And the college electorate sucks even more than the Iowa caucus. People raising their hands in a gym and then going to their 2nd choice. That’s how homecoming queen is picked, I think. And Florida? One of the worst! Dude I think it’s one of the few states that still allows shark fin trading. Those bible versus don’t seem to be making a dent in Baboso Rubio or any of these so-called Christians that stand by a guy who cheated on his wife with a Playboy bunny and porn star.

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    • It makes ZERO sense to buy a vowel. Pat is a hustler, isn’t he? Damn him!
      I learned all about the electoral college when I was in school and I’m here to tell you . . it still makes no sense to me all these years later.

      Bahahahaha! Well played chica! And are you serious on the second part? Shark fin trading in this country? I thought it was banned here? I mean . . Florida . . I would not be surprised.
      You’re so right about your last thought too. What up with all these Christian conservatives? They can’t really be serious about morals and family values if they stand behind a sleaze ball. But hey . . they’re more interested in getting elected than in making a positive difference.


  6. No shortage of creativity going on there, Marc! Some of it could be summed up as the influence of crappy television and too many people’s addiction to it.

    I was reading Calvin and Hobbes recently and Calvin quotes “Religion is the opium of the masses.” And the nearby TV set thinks “Karl Marx hadn’t seen nothin’ yet!”

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    • Sometimes I feel stuck in neutral when I try to write something Eilene. Glad it worked out, and thank you for the love.

      I so agree. I’ve seen its effects to the detriment of those closest to me. It’s heartbreaking stuff that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I possess a personal faith I do not talk much about, but it’s there. For me. Mine. Not to brandish, not to belittle. I think that’s how faith can work.

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        • I think so. It has always worked for me.

          It brings me back to 2001 when I went in to the hospital for a thyroidectomy. They had to remove my gland plus the cancerous growths. So my wife at the time, understandably shaken and concerned, had her pastor come visit me before surgery. He asked if I was afraid to which I replied, no. I had figured out a peace that, to this day I do not rightly understand. But I knew it, I felt it. That right there is faith, to me.

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