Wordless Wednesday – Special Edition

Frank, at a Frank Angle has signed off the blogosphere (for now). However, he seems not really ready to say goodbye just yet, so he sent me this beautiful image telling me offering it as a potential candidate for this special spot. We all love Frank, so how could I refuse? A last wish, delivered.

Mr. Moon and Lady Venus dancing in the night sky while basking in the final glows of sunset.

63 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Special Edition

  1. Q,

    Frankly ‘m dear . . it’s incredible. That color, what IS that color exactly. It’s absolutely intoxicating to look at, and okay maybe I need some more coffee in me, but it is seriously habit forming.

    Cincy came through. Big time. As did you, not that I’m surprised in the least. πŸ˜‰


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  2. FRANK…WHERE ART THOU FRANK. It’s so beautiful. I had just googled half moons and none were quite as beautiful as this one. I’m an eternal Frankophile. They’re like the sky’s Fred and Ginger.


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