Heroes Of The Week! (Late-ish Edition?)

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Welp, I made the mistake of watching snippets of the democratic debate on YouTube yesterday morning, and all I have to say is Holy Kennedy! What have these people been doing with the last three and a half years given them by the voters? What’s going on is shameful, and if it prolongs this long national nightmare come November? I say we impeach everybody and just start over.

Thankfully, we do have some real heroes out there . . .

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Super Kid- Five year old Noah Woods may not look like your typical superhero and that’s plenty fine with him and his family. Because what the kid out of Bartow County, Georgia did was every bit as heroic as anything the Justice League has going on. Noah woke up to find his bedroom on fire, with the only escape route being through the second story window. Not only didn’t he panic; he managed to get his two year old sister and his dog  to safety. Then he ran next door and woke up his uncle so the rest of the family could be alerted. His actions ended up saving seven family members that night, and for his efforts he will be recognized as an honorary member of the Bartow County Fire Department today and will receive a Lifesaving Award. Fire may have destroyed their home, but Noah made sure it wouldn’t take its most prized possessions.

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Best ‘Decision’ he ever made- Los Angeles Lakers small forward LeBron James, who has been no stranger to my Friday edition gets it. And now the inaugural class from his I Promise School in Akron, Ohio will be getting something as well: Free tuition to Kent State University, made possible through the LeBron James Family Foundation.  ” . . for me to be able to be in a position where I can give these kids options to decide what they want to do with their future, it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done.” James said.

He’s my MVP . . as in most valuable philanthropist.

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Who’s your Dada?- If you’re looking for the polar opposite of an ambulance chaser, his name is Karimul Haque. He is a rock star in West Bengal for the service he provides to residents of the rural villages in this northern region of India with little or no access to hospitals. Over the last nineteen years, the Bike-Ambulance-dada has delivered more than five thousand people to the hospital, free of charge. He has received the Padma Shri- a civilian medal awarded in the Republic of India, for his contributions. But if you ask me, the guy is so much better when it comes to giving.

Image result for toddler hugs pizza delivery driver

Little things mean the most- When I think about how the past three and a half years were the result of some big picture special effects, created out of wrongheaded smarts and a maddening hubris . . I realize the missing equation is what has capsized our boat: Heart. Enter two year old Cohen Sheely who toddled things back to that foreign concept recently with a simple hug. It happened during a routine pizza delivery when Ryan Catterson dropped off a pizza to the Sheely residence and got a hug from Cohen in return. Turns out, Catterson had recently lost his teenage daughter and this hug meant more than words could say. All those peeps in power behaving like two year olds should look to Cohen for pointers. Just saying . . .

Image result for Natalie Reilly notes to first responders

I often write about how the very best things are happening on the regular inside the quiet. This doesn’t mean to say that the quiet is some vapid, toothless corner of a long forgotten world, because it ain’t. The quiet I refer to has chops the size of Uluru, and it’s been going on for an even longer time than that. And so while the talking heads generate tinder-like swipes of the left and right with their pejorative-laden slings and poisonous arrows, Natalie Reilly is buying herself karma credits . . wholesale.

Four years ago, Natalie and her mother began writing love notes to first responders. It was their small way of saying thank you to the peeps who put it all on the line every single day in order to keep us safe. When she lost her mother to cancer, the notes helped to maintain the connection for Natalie. This mystical hand clasp helped create Nothing But Love Notes– an organization dedicated to writing thank you cards to police officers and firefighters. Twenty thousand cards strong, Natalie is just getting started.

And it’s nice to read a story where good things happen to people who do good things. Natalie’s world has opened into a cosmic bloom she never saw coming; in the form of a community of like minded souls who believe in the healing qualities of giving something rather than asking for it. She found love too, when one of the recipients of her goodwill mission reached out to her and hello turned into a string of tomorrows.

I vote for this.







59 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week! (Late-ish Edition?)

  1. All great stories, as usual; thank you for shining a light on them and helping restore some faith in humanity.
    How perfect that the woman sending love notes to first responders ends up with love returned to her.
    I’ve always loved that Five for Fighting song (and others by him), but had never seen the wonderfully whimsical video. Great way to start my weekend 🙂

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    • Rebecca,

      I was pretty down about this week’s post after reading too much ‘other’ news’ and chasing it with too much debates. But the good stuff keeps on keeping on, even when we ain’t feeling it.

      I love how that worked out for Natalie.

      As for as Five For Fighting goes, how can anyone not love the guy?

      Happy weekend to you

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  2. It is stories like these that lighten my heart and give me hope that we are worth saving. It puts a tear in my eye and a smile on my lips. Thank you for once again lifting my soul. And I love the video!

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    • We are so worth saving. Just think, tucked inside this wonderful blog neighborhood . . all these creative, peaceful minded souls who simply want the world to make sense. And it will happen, I just know it.

      Thank you for your beautiful comments.

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  3. I’m so glad you wrote this post after watching the debates. No other way to get your head back on straight after that debacle. These stories were terrific but the one that got me was little Cohen Sheely providing a moment of comfort to Ryan Catterson. How lucky we are that we are not walking in Ryan’s shoes. How lucky are the Sheelys to have such a loving child. There is no better story than this one. Well done Pilgrim.

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  4. B,

    Wow… I’m surprised you watched snippets of the debate. But maybe that’s a good thing. Um. Right?

    Wow for Noah Woods. To be so calm and cool at the age of FIVE? I’m always awestruck by any kid who can think outside of his own body and do what needs to be done. Hero of the first order!

    LeBron has been truly a philanthropist of the highest order. A beautiful thing

    Karimul Haque – Another wow. Just a guy who decided to start driving people to the hospital? Just like that? There definitely is a special brand of peeps out there.

    I truly believe little kids like Cohen have a sixth sense. Maybe he is a little hugger by nature but maybe he just felt compelled to give Catterson the hug he needed. A little Earth Angel.

    Awww…Way to go Natalie. A beautiful gesture given without thought of receiving. Proof that karma is out there and will return what you give. Such a lovely story, B.

    And, needless to say, you have chosen, once again, a beautiful song to go with your wonderful post.

    Keep ’em coming. The world needs love and your weekly dose is a wonderful gift.


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    • Q,

      It was like I was watching a train wreck. And the only good thing was there was no loss of life. Other than brain cells.

      Future Firefighter? Future Police Officer? More to the truth, it’s more like Future Anything He Wants To Be.

      LBJ has always impressed me, even though I do not always agree with things he says and does. He’s got what the talking head like to call self awareness.

      He said he was motivated to do so by his mother’s passing in 1995. He frantically went to his neighbors to find transport for her when she went ill but it was all for naught. So he began this ambulance service so it wouldn’t happen to someone else.

      That hug . . it’s even more precious when you watched the video. If that’s even possible.

      The cards and notes are out of another time, which makes it that much lovelier a thing. And she was repaid, which is beautiful.

      Glad you like the song. It was a slam dunk for this post.

      You got it!


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      • The brain cells of those watching or participating?

        No kidding! Five. Years. Old. Think about it. I cannot help but try to imagine my own self at that age. I wonder…

        I understand. Doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate his good deeds and, as you say, self-awareness, or maybe even more – awareness of what’s around him.

        Whatever motivated him, kudos that he keeps on helping others after.

        I can’t even watch the video. Will try tomorrow. Maybe my internet’s being a schmuck.

        Yes. We do know how much hand-written notes are a cut above. Yes, such a beautiful story.

        I did. Very much.


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        • Let’s go with both.

          Fess up, you knew I would say that.

          Me at five? No.

          I’m talking more about how he’s handled fame from a very young age. It’s daunting, and yet he’s made few wrong turns. Let’s face it, people want their best interests to be addressed, and he could have been an easy target.

          Selfless AND he learned from a tragic event.

          It’s that whole Canadian thing . . .

          Love how it all turned out for her, well . . it’s not over yet by a long shot.



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          • Both – your word 😉 (And yes… I could have guessed 😉 )

            Me neither. Though one likes to think that maybe, just maybe?

            Yes, absolutely. So few can handle such a huge dose of fame so young. Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, anyone? Who cane blame them for going off their rocker. LBJ definitely could have been an easy target.

            Yes. As is often the case, isn’t it? Only when we are faced with such dire situations are we made to understand they exist. Not that many decide to do something about it.

            Might be. Dammit.

            No, it’s not. But I have a feeling it will be a beautiful thing 🙂


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          • Of course you could have.

            I guess, but personally? No, LOL.

            Could have been, and this doesn’t mean to say he doesn’t have his hangers on. But his entourage just happens to bring something to the table, so there’s that.

            He did, and how!

            I just do not understand how YouTube can mess things up so badly with these things. What up with that?

            As happens when you do selfless things like this.

            You speakez mi language

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          • Must be getting to know you 😉

            LOL! Awww c’mon. We’ll never know!

            Of course and credit must be given where it is due.

            No kidding!!

            But this is not YouTube and I finally saw the video – had to open a separate tab – so weird. I truly believe this little boy is one of those angels I mentioned…

            Yes. Karma is only a bitch when you are…

            I lika your language!

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          • In fairness, “both” really ain’t my word. I just made it look goooooood. 😉

            That’s for sure.

            Speaking of Entourage, I never watched it. The popularity of that show annoyed the hell out of me for whatever reason. Funny how that works.

            I love the bike ambulance thing. It would be deemed unsafe in this country. Yes, in this country where people go without health insurance instead.

            It’s such a special little moment between the two of them. And little angel, indeed.

            This be true!


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          • No, but you really do use it best 😉

            I watched maybe one season of it but got extremely bored with it. You missed nothing.

            Right. It works for them. Here? We have health insurance but by the time you make it through the lines, you die – or become ten times more sick. This is why I have gone private. Hurts the pocket book but I get service.

            Yes. Such a brief hug yet was such a huge gesture!

            Uh huh.


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          • Woot! Glad you think so. 😉

            I didn’t think so. Seems like a vehicle for pals to get together and shoot the shit and get paid. Think the movie “Grown Ups” but a TV series.

            The only way to get at this is to go after the money, which makes the decisions. Of course, in this country that would mean a do-over in Congress.

            From the actions of babes.

            Mmm Hmm!

            That’s how you “Cheers!”

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          • Of course I do. You should know bettah! 😉

            Yes. Exactly it. A “Seinfeld” in the sense of no real story but way not as funny.

            Right. Our “free healthcare” ended up costing us so much, not to mention doctors who fly south to the States to make proper money.



            Oui, monsieur! Salute!

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          • Sometimes I know bettah. Sometimes I know buttah. Either way, I’m fun.

            Ugh! It seemed like a lot of preening and posing and inside jokes. A certain blogger who shall remain nameless (Dame) loved the show. I tried. Half an hour’s worth.

            Yeah, maybe some of these Bernie peeps should learn what it means before they go running their mouths about free this and free that. Ain’t nothing free, kids.


            French has made the scene!

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          • Lookit you! And you are…

            It was. That so? Who’d a thunk?

            Ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. There will be a price to pay somewhere. Our taxes for one – and yet, where does that money go, I’d like to know?


            Oui. Need lessons? I might be tempted into giving them…

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          • It just comes naturally.

            Seriously. who’d a . . . .

            It reminds me of the minimum wage hike talk that all the pols were using as a campaign issue rather than a real life, day to day one. They knew what companies would do as a result of the hike, but it didn’t matter to them. They simply wanted to get elected, or re-elected.

            I bet you would make a fab tutor.


  5. Well worth waiting for. I fell asleep like I was watching to see who would be our next president. I remember reading JFK went to bed not knowing if he got elected or not. it was Bobby who stayed up all night till the final tally was in, that tidbit inspired by….HOLY KENNEDY.

    I think those candidates should be ashamed of themselves. their lack of decorum, how they went for Mike B’s jugular like cobras. How is that awe-inspiring? Ms Warren should quit politics and drive a semi cross country. She makes Hilary look feminine and demure. Even Biden surprised me. And Bernie’s colors are starting to show. ME ME ME…IT’S ABOUT ME. He’s Trump in Uncle Wiggly clothing. Mr. Bloomberg is a threat ti them, not the country. FEAR…FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL…12 STEP ACRONYM.

    Now that little kid who saved his family could teach that group a thing or two about, what’s important, what matters. I was humbled by that story. And the dog. It was right out of Lassie, but this time Timmy, AKA Noah, was the hero. Heroes well worth waiting for. Susannah

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  6. As usual, all great stories of love and hope of regular people engaged in small acts of kindness that ripple out and touch people. But … I need to talk about the song.

    The Riddle came out when my boys were 11 and 8. It became a regular part of the soundtrack of our family life. I will always hear that song and be back in the magic and mystery of those days and of the hopes and dreams I had for my boys back then. Such a great, great song.

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  7. Top hero for me from this post was the hug exchange – powerful
    But all good and thanks as usual for introducing me to new music – in the video I really
    Liked the bit of animation added – I have seen a few other music videos with it – cool

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