63 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. They look like little lights, illuminating the way to spring who already is sending little notes trumpeting her arrival. She’s still in Florida I hear but will pass through Canada, taking the scenic route , then on to New York. Your pictures always say much more than what they started off being…some damp leaves clinging to a tree. But we know better. 🙂

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  2. Q,

    It’s really hard to say you topped all your other brilliant captures, but this might be my favorite of the lot (to this point, of course . . because I know you will dazzle with yet another even more brilliant capture at some point).

    I thought this was a light, string lights . . when I first flashed a look at it. And then I look closer and I see the bud and then I look closer and I see the branches and then I go . . she is a magician with the lens, it’s as simple as that. Jesus!

    B(lown away)

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