Wordless-ish (Dale-less) Wednesday

Dale is doing the party cruise thing this week, so you’re stuck with me. Apologies in advance as I have no blessed idea how to keep my trap shut even when I’m supposed to. This pic is from downtown Lancaster, a creation of the kids from the Pennsylvania College of Arts and Design. I played around with the image to give it more of a Warhol vibe.

And umm . . no worries. Our photography expert will be back in the office next week.



38 thoughts on “Wordless-ish (Dale-less) Wednesday

  1. You didn’t do so bad. I think it would be great on a T shirt. It also has a Wheel of Fortune feel, like any minute Vanna is gonna step up and flip a letter. I think Mr. Imma’s done good…with much verve, pluck and panache since, he can’t really help himself.

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  2. I like what you gave us here – the word create stands out and feel
    Warhol in a couple ways – literally with the word create and then in vibe.
    The photo had some depth when I looked closer to see β€œinfluence” and the duo colored backdrop gives interest – section if lighter colored building to the right – so with the shapes here I also feel some Mondrian (his later works)

    Very nice composition

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  3. I, for one, think you did way better than you thought you would! AND you played with the image,giving us your artistic side (outside of your obvious skills with the written word).
    Now I know I can trust you with … Waitaminute .. this IS YOUR blog!!


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