27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Wow, that’s what I call a preview of coming attractions. The blue against the snow makes me want to wear white and blue, like Spring’s cheerleader. I needed a pick me up, so thanks. Another picture for the archives.


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  2. Q

    It was a very tame winter here, with no appreciable snow accumulation. I kind of wish it had been cold enough to kill stuff and I hate to say it, but one good storm would have been nice on this end.

    That said, this capture brings to mind the merging of seasons with the water in the middle being the canyon whose trespass will take you from the winter (on the right) to the spring (on the left.

    Happy Almost Spring!


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    • B,

      Ours was actually not that bad in the grand scheme of things (we’ve had much worse!). That said, it was present big time for a good month. I would have shared with ya!

      So glad you like my capture. I just loved the blues and your critique of the seasons merging.

      Happy Almost Spring!


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      • It just makes me wonder about all the germs that didn’t get knocked off here. Our air quality is notoriously poor to begin with, and without a sustained cold spell, stuff gets worse.

        A canyon from one world to the next!


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        • I dunno… I read that this latest virus doesn’t do well under heat – but who knows? I do know that others do not “enjoy” the cold and thrive under poor air quality… sometimes I think it’s hit or miss, eh?

          A canyon!


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          • We think so. Again, this is subject to the same kind of change which said that it won’t make it out of March. I hope that’s true.

            As for our air quality, the predominance of mold spores are like nature’s magnets, which is what is concerning. Oh, and the fact we have no leadership on the federal level. That too. Wow! I can’t believe I took your beauty of a capture here. Sorry.

            A canyon that is also a bridge.


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          • Right. Let us hope.

            The air quality – one would hope with the closures of companies that would help improve but I know, big money pays big prices to keep doing what they want… especially when leadership is a uhhh “businessman”… And no, don’t apologise. We both went there.

            A canyon as a bridge. Yes.



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