Heroes Of The Week- You Edition

This week is yours. When all the reading and the love you give to this spot comes hurtling back at you in the form of a well deserved hug. Pick up this hug, and know that you made it possible. Gracias.

Now for the Heroes you brought to Friday . . .

Image result for La La Land Kind Cafe hires foster kids

Mark over at markpaxson.com decided that Rand Paul probably isn’t going to be worthy of any humanitarian awards in the near or distant future, and he’s probably spot on in this assessment. So when I was doing my casting call, he left a comment in which he said he would get back to me. Erudite chap that he is, he got back to me in no time flat with, as he put it, “Somebody doing something about a frequently forgotten segment of our society…”

It’s a story about the La La Land Kind Cafe in Dallas Texas. The owner, Francois Reihani, hires young people who have aged out of the foster care system. So far, he’s employed nine of these kids. Because Reihani believes it’s about kindness every bit as much as it’s about coffee.

Those are some cool beans they’re brewing.

Monika at Tails Around The Ranch contributed a beauty from her neck of the woods. It’s about some local distillers (She’s quick to point out other states are doing it as well). who have retrofitted their equipment in order to . . . get this all you hand sanitizer hoarders and price gougers . . give the stuff away to firefighters and other first responders. And since I totally plagiarized her comment, I’ll let her tell you why it matters, because she does a wonderful job of bringing it all home.

The state fast tracked approval to make the switch on the equipment. This story really touched me since a few years ago the Town of Lyons flooded and resulting in being completely cut off from in-or-out access to any surrounding areas/towns. They lost their water/sewer plant. It took months for the state to rebuild roads in to repair/replace damaged homes/buildings. To be able to come back and give to their community makes them big-time heros in my book.

Could not have said it better myself, Monika.

Image result for cuban doctors go to Italy

Dale over at A Dalectable Life ain’t just a lovely connoisseur of photography and great eats. She dresses up the written word in sunshine on the regular as well. And she is a voracious hunter and gatherer of feel good news pieces, as evidenced by her many contributions to this Friday edition over the last year and change.

She chimed in with this story about how Cuba recently sent a 52 doctor brigade to Italy in response to the devastating wake of the virus. The communist country has already done the same in a half dozen other countries, as its emergency preparedness is proving to be a model of effectiveness- at home and abroad. According to Graciliano Díaz, the Cuban contingent is committed to this ‘honorable task, based on the principle of solidarity.

It would be nice if every country put its politics aside and followed suit.

John at Fiction Favorites sent me a video to share with you for this Friday edition. It’s Matthew McConaughey dishing up some much needed love for Austin, Texas . . and for all of us. It’s only a couple minutes long, but it’s a virtual hug and “We Got This” that is much appreciated inside these trying times. The dude is quirky, and you know that? That’s plenty fine with me, because underneath all that quirkiness resides a heart the size of the place he calls home.

Alls I gotta say is Alright! Alright! Alright!

Image result for Bay View Wisconsin Dino Parade

And for my last story, I paid a virtual visit to Bay View Wisconsin. It’s a throwback neighborhood sewn into the shores of Lake Michigan. The ancestral lineage of this town speaks to laborers and the community they dreamed for their children inside lifetimes so long removed from here.

That future love paradise came calling recently when the residents of Bay View got together for a parade. But not just any parade, since we’re . .  yanno, living inside the operative social precepts of a moment in time where keeping your distance has taken on a literal form.

So this parade, it took all of these things into consideration in a most prehistoric fashion sense. Their solution was to dress up like dinosaurs and march together, at six foot intervals, through the place they call home. As a way of saying that it’s okay not to be okay with all of this. But it’s never going to be okay to lose our sense of humor, or our ability to figure a way back.

Imma finish this episode off by saying thank you to all my contributors, and to let you know that this idea will become yet another new feature going forward. Because you guys are always telling me how much you look forward to this Friday post, and I ain’t gonna lie. I never saw it coming.

You did.


56 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week- You Edition

  1. If I’m ever in Dallas again, I’m going to visit La la Land, just because. McConaughey is just quirky enough to be real and inspiring. Always liked his passion. That song you left us with is powerfully beautiful. Really sends a message. Thanks again for another great one!

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    • What a great thing they do, and I agree with you. How can you not, just because?

      McConaughey is a genuine soul alright. I’ll take the quirk since it’s what makes him such a great actor. He’s the real deal.

      I thought it to be somber and at the same time hopeful in its humility. We should all be humbled right now.

      Thanks George

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  2. B,

    What a great idea you had by asking us all to participate in this worthy series. Proof that we all need that collective hug and to share the good that is around us. So, hugs right back atcha!

    La La Land Kind Cafe – now that is such a worthy cause. I always fear for so many of these kids who “age out” – such a horrid expression, to boot. Good for you Reihani! And rock on, Mark.

    To take a lucrative business, and in this time of stress and fear, beer and other adult beverages are in high demand, and put their equipment to such a needed use, well, hell… seems to me the population of Colorado best be switching brands of beer when this whole crazy period is over. Bravo, Monika!

    I was more than happy to provide the Cuban story. I think, too often, people get some kind of image of a place and then anything good that does come out of it (besides great music) gets hushed. So, Yay Cuba!

    Say what you want about McConaughey, his message is a lovely one. He is quirky, it’s part of his charm! Plus yes, you can feel his heart exposed for all to see. Way to go, John!

    What a fantabulous finisher with your prehistoric parade! Yes to keeping a sense of humour all while doing what needs to be done to get this thing eradicated. Woot to you Marc!

    You were not kidding when you said you found the perfect song for this post. The lyrics! Wow… you da best, B.

    Lotsa love and safe hugs,

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    • Q,

      Thank you for sharing not one, but two stories. And no, I didn’t forget about the other one, 😉 And that’s not even to mention the pic you contributed that I used for the top. MUAH!

      Great get by Mark. As George said, it’s the kind of place you WANT to visit . . . just because. The vibe alone is worth the price.

      Monika was quick to point out that other distillers are doing the same. And hey . . when I see something like this? It impresses me WAY more than any high priced ad campaign ever could.

      Cuba is proof that ALL countries must work together right now. This “war” is one in which we are all on the same side now. As someone said recently, this virus doesn’t give a damn about borders.

      I love McConaughey, the guy is a beautiful spirit. The quirks ARE a part of his charm, you’re right. I’m sold. Leave it to Boss to come through with a beautiful video like this one.

      I got such a kick out of that. Kids must be so frightened, and for these grown ups to act like kids, for their kids. To let them know that we gotta keep doing the things we love? It’s priceless, really.

      I love those kids, they are so damned talented. They could sing the roof off Fort Knox.

      No . . U da best. With lotsa love and safe hugs coming right back at you.


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      • Two? I shared two? Oh yeah… Well, yanno. Being part of this wonderful thing you’ve created is an honour. MWAH!

        Yes. I shall be sure to… if’n I ever get there.

        Yes, she was, because she is a generous one, that Monika is.

        Cuba is… and, no, it has been proven there are no borders with this virus.

        I love him too. And he feels genuine and sincere. Just a good ole boy from Texas, who happens to be dreamy cute, to boot.

        Such an easy and fun way to teach and preach. What a great neighbourhood.

        Those kids are amazing. I’m gonna check more of their stuff out. Thanks for yet another fabulous intro!

        Share da best, with lotsa hugs and love. Win ? Win… 😉

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        • Not only an honour, but an honor as well . . .
          And yeah, you shared two alright. I have one at the ready for next week now! I’m ahead of schedule.

          Great stuff done by peeps with big hearts.

          Monika is a mile high sweetheart.

          Maybe, and yes this is a big maybe, we can look at this time and say to ourselves, “Well damn, people of all races and ethnicity and status and background were ALL on the same side for a most unusual period in our world’s history. There were no countries inside this time. Only a world.


          I’ll leave the dreamy cute to you gals, who all say the same thing about him so it MUST be true since its unanimous. Thank John, since I guess it takes a stud to know a stud.
          The forefathers and mothers of Bay View would be proud.

          They have volumes of great stuff. I think they did the Sandman cover for Halloween last year.



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          • I’ll learn ya to spell right, just you wait. And who’d a thunk I could be so prolific?


            She is!

            I really, Really, REALLY, hope we can. One world. United.


            You do that. You have Vera. I will thank John!

            I am not surprised that you do.

            Whistles, hoots, the crowds go wild!


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          • Prolific is a great word.


            Indeed, I said that cause I knows that.

            This is an unprecedented time in our WORLD’s history. Considering where we found ourselves when this hit. This wasn’t some middle ages enclave that spread a disease around the world. This is a world in which information reaches the other side of the world in an instant and people can travel anywhere, at anytime. And all that progress was just sent back by a virus that is treating us as if, yep, we are still in the middle ages. A reminder. And one worth heeding.

            Vera! Maybe I’ll have to do an Invitational. For normalcy sake and all that . . .

            Winnah winnah, chicken dinnah!


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          • I do like this one.

            It is a reminder that is coming at such a high price. And I cannot help but hope that when this is all done and the bodies counted (a horrid image, I know) that we can learn from this, grow as a human race and find ways to all get along. I know, I know. I dream in Technicolor.

            And why not?

            Uh huh, uh huh.


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          • Me too.

            Let’s face it, we’re always going to have the peeps who look to proffer division. Look at how Fox News talking heads were blaming the media and democrats for the coverage of coronavirus, because they believed it was an attempt to make Trump look bad.

            That’s a song, right?


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          • Right, LOL. But hey . . it’s okay now because he has things under control. I heard tell he called up A-Rod for advice on the coronavirus. Because yanno . . A-Rod is the foremost authority on this.



  3. I always save reading your post till late. I like to savour all the stories and allow myself the time to feel. The stories always touch my heart. And I must admit Matthew McConaughey did himself proud. Those are indeed words to live by. Thank you once again.

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  4. Cheers to the collection. Amazing how many local brewers and distillers have stepped up making sanitizer. Meanwhile, my favorite in this batch was the Cuban doctors!

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    • It’s good stuff, isn’t it? Businesses doing right by the people in a time of need. And what’s interesting about Cuba is all the doctors on the island. Per capita, I believe they have more doctors than any country in the world.

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  5. Want to say, what a stellar idea this was to have people contribute, and the stories are all poignant. I think La La Land Cafe should become a chain. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, where are you?

    Giving away hand sanitizer to people in service is the American Way, at least that was once the American Way so I love them for taking it out of the closet. That’s what I’m not seeing in New York, that kind of collective brotherhood. There’s very little as residents ride miserably on fear’s coat tail.

    And Malcolm X is a hero of me, born May 19th, same as Nora Ephron, another hero, so I took that opening shot as a great omen.

    Thanks. A very special edition of Heroes indeed.

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  6. Thank you for showcasing the amazing efforts of the Lyons, Colorado as well as each of the other contributions. Together these feel good/do good stories will do much to erase that lousy taste in our mouths of panic buying/hoarders whose thoughts of themselves are the antithesis of what it means to be human during this crisis. Bless you for sharing much needed respite from the gloom we currently find ourselves mired.

    P.S. That Malcolm X quote gave me chills! Well done on its use, sir!

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    • What these companies are doing needs to be talked about more, and every day. We know where to go if we want to read up on this horrible virus and the ramifications of it.

      We don’t get enough good stories, the kind you guys offered up this week.

      Isn’t that some quote? Dale sent it to me.

      Thank you Monika, for being part of Friday this week, and really, every week. 🙂

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  7. Loved this! And I just found out that one of my readers and his wife are spending their days making masks for the local nursing home, and his son, who runs a distillery, is now making hand sanitizer which he is donating to all the local first responders, medical personnel and nursing homes. How cool is that?

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