47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q-Luscious,

    What a beauty of a capture. Yet . . . again. It’s a given at this point that Wednesdays are locked and loaded when it comes to the very best captures this side of . . . Ansel Adams? Imma go with that as I am not up on my famous photogs. I only know of one expert photographer, and she fills the Wednesday slate with all kinds of fantastic.

    Here’s to the class you bring to this joint fifty two times a year. 🙂


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    • B-Marco,

      I do thank you, kind sir. Ansel Adams is a whole ‘nother level that I don’t even attempt to aspire to. That said, this is high praise that is not taken for granted. This here photographer loves to fill the Wednesday slate.

      Oooh… Does that mean my contract is good for a whole year?


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      • You don’t need to aspire to anyone but you, because your captures provide beautiful solutions, time after time.

        WW is the place to be if you’re wanting to get lost inside a picture, tell you what.

        You’ve been re-upped. Indefinitely bebe!!!!

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        • I thank you for that. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep improving and learning.

          I love that I’m given the opportunity to let you get lost inside my pictures.


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          • You are there, you have the gift. Not everything is improving and learning, not when you’re as fantastic as you are. YOU improve and teach others with your mad skills is the way I see it.

            It’s a great way to get lost, 😉


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          • You’re all that and a bag of the most delectable truffle chips more.

            I love that you made Wednesdays yours. As it should be.

            Get your dance on, girl.

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          • Right? No dip need apply,the home run is in the decadent crunch. Trader Joe’s makes a white truffle potato chip . . . words escape me but NOSH-tastic.

            You hit a home run.

            That’s a song too. I won’t think about it because I have David Bowie running through my head currently.

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          • Ooooohhh… Next time I’m in the States – that day will come again – I’ll have to taste them.

            Outta da park!

            David Bowie is a much better alternative…

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          • So good! Not the only tasty fare we got going either, not by a long shot.

            Smooth as silk.

            So much bettah. Like buttah.

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