40 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. WOW…DID I NEED THIS. My senses as well as my spirits, are down for the count. Nature is the only answer at this point. I just came from the Park seeing the daffodils who seemed to perk up in the rain after being a little droopy. The yellow of your flower matches theirs.

    Thanks Dale. Cheered me. Susannah

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    • Yay! That was my goal this week. To bring sunshiny happy to peeps. Nature is what keeps on keeping on (even more so as there is less pollution).

      You are most welcome for for the cheering up and I thank you for letting me know I succeeded.

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  2. Q,

    Uh, the definition of one of my favorite words? Plush? Yeah, when you look it up, there should be this image staring back at you from the page, I tell you what. Because THAT is what plush looks and feels like right there. HOW did you get that yellow? I mean, I know nature made it that way, but you capture it. That way.

    And not for nothing, but then the green? Wow. And then the buds . . they look as if you painted them on!

    Superb in its spring-ocity.


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