Heroes Of The Week

Nurses are understaffed and frustrated as they battle coronavirus ...

In this week’s episode, Tyler Perry shows why you shouldn’t judge him based on his movies. The Patriots owner becomes (gasp!) King of New York. And a Captain shows us all why standing up for what’s right matters now, more than ever.

Now, to the heroes . . .

Tyler Perry pays for seniors' groceries in Atlanta and New Orleans ...

Tyler Perry movies are like British humor. You either get it or you don’t. And while I definitely fall into the latter category, this dude won me over a long time ago for all the love he spreads when he’s not making movies I refuse to watch. And he was at it again recently when he covered the bill for senior hour shoppers at forty four Kroger’s markets in Atlanta and twenty nine Winn-Dixies in New Orleans. So when it comes to writing the perfect script for humanity? This guy is pure gold.

Rachael Is Donating $4 Million To Covid-19 Relief Through Her 2 ...

Rachael Ray is a brand unto herself, and again . . not a fan. But so what? I have used a few of her recipes and I do admire her tenacious ways, and hey . . she’s big into animal rights. I don’t have to be a fan of an individual to dig that kind of righteous mindset.. And so Ray has made these pages before and she makes it this week following the announcement that she will be donating $4 million bucks to COVID-19 relief efforts. Ray said she thinks it’s important to offset the decline in charitable contributions during these tough financial times, and that she hopes to make a positive difference in the lives of people and their pets. Now that is a recipe I can appreciate.

The lovely Q over at A Dalectable Life chimed in with another beauty this week. Bauer is hockey’s answer to Nike, with more than seventy five percent of the NHL suiting up with their blades. When the league shut down, the company didn’t stop moving. Instead, they turned their attention to the manufacture of face shields– designed to keep medical workers on the front lines safe. Bauer sells them at cost, with any profits made going to charity. Moving forward, making a difference and giving back . . it’s the ultimate human hat trick.

Capt. Brett E. Crozier, who was removed last week from command of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, addressing the crew in San Diego in January.

Susannah is another lovely who dishes up her New York stories on the regular over at athingirldotcom. She shared with me the story of now former Navy Capt. Brett E. Crozier, who was removed from command of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt. His crime? Pushing back on the administration’s claims that they have been doing everything they can for those on board his ship. Crozier refuted those claims and he butted heads with his superiors, and he did it because he knew his men were directly in the cross hairs of a relentless pandemic. As it turns out, the lack of urgency Crozier was concerned about has indeed landed him in quarantine after he became infected. There have been calls to reinstate Crozier once he recovers, but I kind of hope he tells the Navy thanks but no thanks. He deserves better.

Front-page news: Post thanks Patriots for delivering masks ...

This unprecedented moment in our world’s history has created some mind bending moments. Perhaps one of the strangest comes to us courtesy of Bob Kraft, owner of the Evil Empire, uh . . I mean the New England Patriots. The 78 year old Kraft was so inspired by the leadership shown by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, that he purchased 300,000 protective masks for NYC. A tractor trailer dressed in Patriots colors drove them into New York City last week. And when football comes back, we will return to that sporting blood feud of New York vs Boston. But Kraft? Well, he’s exempt.

Mario Salerno, who cancelled the rental payments in April for tenants in all 18 of his apartment buildings, at one of his properties in Brooklyn, April 2, 2020. (Victor J. Blue/The New York Times)

The world has changed, and basically everything that makes up the lives of the eight billion inhabitants on this runaway marble has become an adaptation as a result. And while it’s easy to feel as if Orwell is humming an ominous tune in the green room, I prefer Shakespeare myself. Because while the spring was getting lost in the dark, to ever more dubious numbers and questions and concerns, there lives a song deep inside this thicket of fear and loss.

Mario Salerno of Brooklyn, New York is one of those larger than life individuals who changes the day you’re walking inside of for the better. He’s a neighborhood guy whose presence juts out over the landscape of Williamsburg as if the granite chin of Lincoln over the Black Hills of South Dakota. Salerno is the owner of eighty rental units and when the lock down crept into April, he decided to cancel the rent.

His tenants say it’s just like him to go above and beyond for the people he calls neighbors inside the place he calls home. For his part, Salerno says it’s just about everybody getting through this together.

“My concern is everyone’s health,” He says. “I told them (his tenants) just to look out for your neighbor and make sure that everyone has food on their table.”

I don’t know about you, but this guy incites my inner Shakespeare and brings to mind a favorite Bard quote in which he opines on the mystical construction of life itself. And how we lose our exquisite nature as soon as we are born, only to reclaim it in the tongues of trees, the books in running brooks, the sermons in stones and the good. In everything. He settles the matter by saying that, even inside the worst case scenarios of our best laid plans, we find the stars that brought us here in the first place. And so, when you say your prayers tonight, look deep inside those stars and please, call them by their rightful name.

The great big everything.

77 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week

  1. The Crozier story just baffles me. Particularly the Acting Secretary of the Navy saying Crozier was stupid or naive for writing his letter without realizing it would get out. Uh huh … glad you were only “acitng” for a time, Mr. Secretary.

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    • You know, Mr. Midget, I’ve lessened my angst over Mr. Secretary after he apologized then resigned, admitting he had made a mistake. I feel this is a time where we’re all not at our best. After softening my heart because, I really wanted to blast him for firing that young man who was merely looking after his mind, but now feel, they both should be reinstated. Crozier to the SS Teddy once he heals, and his…didn’t think before he acted…superior as Secretary.

      Compassion rules the day.

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  2. Boffo heroes episode this week, Marc. Whenever I hear of a leader being released from duty for telling the truth I feel sad for America. We have had a number of good people taken out of their productive role for telling the emperor he has no clothes. It is lways a sad day to see the weak insubordination charge leveled at good people. Thanks to Susannah for the story. All the other stories bring a song to the heart. Thanks for spreading the good news.

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  3. I think it was ironic that incident occurred on the SS Roosevelt, since, knowing TR as I do, he would have done the exact same thing, even though it was not in the manual.

    I love the Brooklyn Mensch, and Williamsburg is now one of the hottest areas to reside in, rents off the charts so he’s taking a loss, but God bless him.

    New York is like a battlefield, but I’m confident she’ll rally, as bad as it may look now.
    We’ve been humbled Mr. Imma, down to our socks. Excuse me while I put on my mask.

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  4. B,

    I am so far from being alone in looking forward to your Heroes, more so now than ever what with the whole world going through the same thing. Pretty amazing in itself that we are now in a position to have empathy for others.

    I’m on the same page as you when it comes to Tyler Perry movies. To each his humour, I say. And wow! To do such a beautiful act of kindness is definitely gold.

    Rachael Ray – again, on the same page as you. Love her spunk and gotta love her generosity.

    Glad to supply the Bauer shout out. It is definitely another silver lining to see all the companies modify their production line to help out with this crisis. And at no profit, to boot. That is definitely giving back.

    I am trying NOT to cuss at Capt. Brett E. Crozier’s situation. I am failing. I have to agree with John. This is beyond sad and very scary. What kind of society is this creating? Yay Susannah for this get.

    And oh my gawd! You’ve got me saying: Go Pats!! But really, way to go Bob Kraft. How can we not? We definitely can’t diss the owner come football (whenever that is) season.

    The world has changed. And while there is so much fear and loss and anger and angst, there has been a wonderful outpouring of generosity and love from all sorts of avenues.

    Oh my goodness… what to say about Mario Salerno? This is an act of kindness that hits right at the gut. There are so many things to stress about right now and rent is high on the list for so many. I hope this doesn’t cause him trouble in the future. Not that he is worried about that for now because his main concern is for his fellow man.

    Yes, Shakespeare said it best.

    Wonderful musical choice, of course.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Q,

      Desperate times beget unforeseen measures, I guess. And as someone who usually gives the benefit of the doubt, I find it to be a matter of course these days. Even though some things make me wanna scream.

      Tyler Perry is always doing stuff like this. This is one seriously good dude.

      Ray is of the same vein. Her efforts regarding our four legged peeps . . that alone sells me on her hashtag team.

      Bauer is doing their above and beyond road work. And you KNOW they put out a great product, having been around forever.

      And gracias for that get. 😉

      Crozier did right by his men, and I believe if given the same chance, he does it 100 times out of 100 times. Principled men have no quarter in this administration.

      Let’s hope we can’t diss the Pats either, because that would mean they didn’t have such a great season. But yes, Kraft scores. Big time.

      Everywhere. In all corners of the world, every minute of every hour of every day, good stuff happens. Local. Quiet, Hushed. Small. It makes the world shine inside this dark time.

      Salerno will be just fine. He’s taking a big loss, but this is his place and he wouldn’t do it any other way.

      He had a way with words, didn’t he?

      Thank you, muchly.


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      • This is true. There are high moments of yay, peeps interspersed with what the fucks, daily.

        He is, this is true. Nothing new from him. How cool is he?

        She is!

        Most welcome for the get – Bauer has been around for so long for a good reason.

        Yes he did. That he ended up with the virus is irony at its best and I do believe he would do it again and again. He’s just that kind of man.

        Ayt. I’ll not diss ’em, no matte what.

        It’s been a beautiful thing to see.

        I know he will. I don’t think he cares one whit about any loss at this time.

        That he did. We can find something of his for any occasion.


        Liked by 1 person

        • The yay and the what the fucks are part of the daily scrum, before Orwell put up the police tape on our asses. So yanno . . makes me feel like I’m back in olden times (January 2020).

          He is one cool dude. And I’ll still never watch one of those Madea flicks. And you know what? That’s okay!

          She is too. I’ll probably never watch another one of her shows, but . . . yeah, you know.

          I read up on Bauer. What a solid company. Their product really IS the Nike of hockey brand. Hall of Fame stuff, and when you check out those face shields, they mean it.

          Crozier is a leader. That kind of thing doesn’t jibe with Washington.

          No mattah? What?

          It really has been.

          Which is what I always say. All good things are like all good politics. It’s in the small and quiet places that big deals get made.

          Hamlet. Stuck on Hamlet, again.

          And always.

          Liked by 1 person

          • That they are. Crazy to say that, eh?

            Oh hell naw. Don’t need to watch ’em to appreciate the man who made ’em.

            She is.

            They put their high quality standards in their new product.

            Leader? What a novel idea.

            The Pats. Win or lose.

            And we will be seeing more, I’ve no doubt.

            In the small and quiet places – I like that.

            Nothing wrong with Hamlet!

            And then some.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Crazy to say it, but so true.

            That’s what I say.

            She puts her money where most people’s mouths are.

            They seriously do. No joke.

            It’s so passe nowadays. Churchill would’ve thrown his hands up and quit the gig. Moved to the countryside and wrote books.

            If the NFL doesn’t play a game this season, the Dolphins will have gone undefeated . . .

            To small and quiet places and to Hamlet and to and then some.

            Liked by 1 person

          • True Crazy Life.

            Who’d a thunk leadership would become passé. How nuts that you had to go all the way back to Churchill to find a leader…

            Haha! Too true! Go Dolphins!

            To the words that bring the small and quiet, the large and loud, the infinitesimal in-betweens…

            Liked by 1 person

          • Cray cray.

            I think there have been a few since for sure. But I was thinking wartime. And whenever I do that, my go to is Churchill.

            So proud of them I could cry.

            Yes! Love that last part.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Unfortunately, there are so many more reasons than the one as to why leaders such as Churchill are a thing of the past. Some of the things Winston did back then would never fly today, and his legacy would read much differently as a result.

            I could’ve done with some of that enthusiasm this weekend. I was stone cold empty.


            Liked by 1 person

          • There is that.

            You know. We all have those moments. I think it’s our body’s way of saying, Stop. Breathe. Let go. Plus, if we’re lucky, someone within our circle will send us a little dose…


            Liked by 1 person

          • I think the vacuum is societal change. With progress came self advancement over the communal thinking of another time. The lack of true “leaders” is as much a statement of this fractured identity as anything. If you made up the perfect attributes of a leader in a lab and rolled it out there for public consumption, half the population would automatically condemn this leader. And so that goes.

            Yes, breathing is going to be a very good idea. And good, positive doses.


            Liked by 1 person

          • As per society’s dictates. Because let’s face it, Trump NEVER would have had a chance of winning dog catcher fifty years ago. Maybe it’s time society looked itself in the mirror on this fact.



            Liked by 1 person

          • Yes, Reagan as President used to be the punchline. Now I just read an article this morning about how Mark Cuban is leaving open the possibility of running. No punchline. It’s going to be American Idol rules for the White House before long. Only celebs need apply.


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  5. Someone recently wrote that the world has gone to hell in an hand basket and back. The world being so screwed up that there is nothing good …. Has this person been hiding under a rock? Coronavirus has brought forward much good – so thanks for sharing a bit of it here. Stay safe.

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  6. The right and smart thing to do would be to put Crozier back in charge of his ship and men whose morale is on the ocean floor right now. But we all know right and smart don’t live in Washington. Still, I have hope.

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  7. It was a tough week in the Mile High so seeing your latest Heroes post especially warms my heart. While Mr. Kraft is coming to the rescue of the Big Apple, six young guys have been gathering at the grade school playground the past couple of days to…get this…play touch football. {palm smacks forehead}

    And yes, I agree with you…despite Modly’s resignation, I hope the good Captain tells the Navy to take a long walk off a short pier.

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