Heroes Of The Week

Meet the Heroes of the Front Lines of the Coronavirus Fight | TIME

Another week, another six degrees of non-pharmaceutical separation. And while we continue to affix ourselves to the new normal, we hold to the light at the end of this long and strange trip. Because, we can.

And now to the heroes, who just keep showing up . . . .

John Krasinski, David Ortiz announce Red Sox tickets for life to ...

I kick things off with those stinking Red Sawx from up Boston way, who are busy winning off the field these days. David “Big Papi” Ortiz and John “The Office” Krasinski recently presented a group of healthcare workers from Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center with Boston Red Sox season tickets. For life. This is no small deal, considering that Krasinski has been on the waiting list for sixteen years himself. But according to Ortiz, it’s the least they could do for the people who put their lives on the line every single day. Even this Yankees fan can agree with him on that one.

Coronavirus: Clippers owner Steve Ballmer to donate $25 million to ...

Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has a knack for drawing up a winning formula. He tripled sales at Microsoft after taking over for Bill Gates, and then he threw his elbows into the Association and turned an also ran franchise into a title contender. He’s got the knack for drawing up winning game plans, and so his pledge of $25 million to coronavirus aid and vaccine research is good news at a time when we really could use some.


The restaurant industry has been hit hard and yet I read stories all the time about how restaurateurs are making it through with equal parts guts and guile. But this next story, well . . it brought me to tears. Five chefs out of Detroit decided to pool their unused stocks and come up with dishes for the city’s homeless population.

“I didn’t want to see that product go to waste,” Explains Chef Maxcel Hardy of Coop Caribbean Fusion. Which was exactly what was going to happen after he was forced to shut his doors. So Hardy began by distributing the unused food to his staff, but he found there was plenty more where that came from. So he got together with four other local chefs and they dished up a life changing idea. To feed those who will otherwise go without. 

Compassion is one ingredient society cannot afford to run out of.

War veteran Captain Tom raises millions for health workers | News ...

Tom Moore is celebrating his 100th birthday on April 30th, and he’s currently in training for the day in which he makes it to the century mark. The Captain was born in West Yorkshire, England and has always been an active fella. Moore trained as a civil engineer before enlisting in the Army during World War II. He achieved the rank of captain and traveled to locales such as India and Burma while in the service. And now, more than seventy years later, he’s at it again.

He had the idea to complete one hundred lengths of his garden in Bedfordshire and raise some money in the doing. Moore was looking to raise one thousand pounds to benefit the charities of the National Health Service of England, as his way of saying thank you to the staff for treating his broken hip. When word of his fundraiser got out, donations poured in. And with less than two weeks to his big day, Moore has completed the one hundred lengths and smashed his target goal . . by more than twelve million pounds. One thing is certain . . this kid’s got game! (A big thank you to Cathy from Facebook (Via Dale) for this get.

Teacher stunned by response to quarantine video: 'I can't believe ...

Kathleen McColaugh is a Spanish teacher at Addison Trail High School in Addison, Illinois. Like teachers across the country, McColaugh’s classroom has gone virtual since schools were shuttered as a result of the pandemic. And while the new normal presents its fair share of challenges for teachers and students alike, she’s making sure to keep the social alive and well in spite of the distance.

Teacher decided to have some fun with her virtual class recently by speaking in code, and it went something like this . . .

“Just to let you know, the McColaugh family, we’re all here together in the house, and we are having a great time!” she said while holding up a sign that read “Help!”

But she wasn’t done there, nope.

“Everyone here is just wonderful. We’re getting up every morning and we’re just so fortunate with how well we all get along, and we’re just spending so much time together, it’s just been really great” McColaugh continued, after which she held up another sign that read. “They are here, they can hear me.”

And so it went, as the kids howled in delight at this unexpected break from their studies, not to mention a much welcomed vacation from worrying over what comes next in a world that continues to deal up more questions than answers.

It was the kind of connection that told the distance to play hooky.


87 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week

  1. We’ve been watching John K and SGN….the tickets and covering the cell phone bills for 3 months for medical staff? Priceless……made me feel good in a time when people are leaving me empty….love the teacher thing!,

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  2. I was just reading about Mr. Moore, and here he is gracing your page. Sometimes the generosity of others merely needs a little tap.

    Love the chefs emptying out their fridge, making lemonade outta lemons, if you will. Goes to show that, there’s light in this dark that’s been cast upon us. This week’s medley of goodness lifted me up by my slippers that we shall now, out of solidarity with all that is good, kick off. 🙂

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    • His donation target . . . a thousand pounds. And his family was blown away by the reception to his goal. Just imagine, you think you’re getting a surfboard for Christmas and you’re gifted a yacht instead.

      And the best part is the giving back. People in the UK . . . just wow.

      The chefs story really hit me in the feel good. These people are affected, their livelihoods on the line . . and what is their response? To make sure someone benefits. THAT is the kind of stoicism that is often talked about but rarely seen.

      There is light at the end of this whole thing, SB.

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  3. B,

    These Heroes… they do keep showing up and will continue to do so because when push comes to shove, people are good. Thanks to you, our attention is directed to many of them!

    I gotta hand it to you, Bronx. You are so generous in giving kudos where they are merited, putting aside your sports, um, affiliations, in the process. And let’s face it John Krasinski and David Ortiz have given a priceless gift (I have to go back and watch the whole JGN show Krasinski puts on!)

    Wow. That is no small donation on Steve Ballmer’s part.

    I was SO glad to read the story of the five chefs because I was thinking exactly that about the restaurant where I work(ed). None of us were given any of the foodstuffs loaded in the fridge and I cannot help but wonder why my boss didn’t consider that but even more importantly, why didn’t he donate it to food banks who could then distribute it those who really need it (which I don’t, in all honesty). I fear many, like him, just let it rot and will claim the loss from their insurance companies 😦

    I love that you shared Tom Moore’s story. Proof that there is no age limit, on either end of the spectrum to help and make a difference. I think Captain Moore is still in shock at just how much he raised!

    Love the Kathleen McColaugh story. She is obviously a much-loved teacher if she does this sort of thing “on the side” so to speak!

    Playing hooky is the only way to play to get this thing under control.

    Wanna dance – each from our living rooms?


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    • Q,

      Good deeds are like water. They will find a way in no matter how much push back they might get. They will find a way.

      All sports loyalties take a back seat during this time. But I ain’t gonna lie. I cannot wait until I’m screaming new curse words at the Red Sox again. It’ll be nice to get back to that sense of normalcy. Context really is everything.

      Ballmer and his wife have been quite active since Cali went into lock down.

      That story about the chefs really did bring me to tears. Wasting food, to my way of thinking, is a sin. Let it rot for insurance money . . I shudder. I just shudder.

      He was in total shock, as was his family. They made sure to give all the kudos to the people of the UK who came through when it counted most of all. They’re very humble and gracious.

      I loved that story. Just imagine, her sensing the moment. She knew her kids had anxiety over this lock down because let’s face it, who doesn’t? So she pulls something like this out of her teacher’s hat and you go, “THAT is the part of teaching that means the most of all”. Reading and writing and ‘rithmetic are all well and good. But she just gave these kids a memory they will take with them. THIS will be a part of their memories when they think back on this time. That is priceless.

      Yes, we need to be doing that more often.

      On it!


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      • Yes. That is a lovely analogy.

        As they should. And, the day will come again when you can bitch and moan about the Red Sox 😉

        That is wonderful.

        Seriously. I think chefs/grocery stores/food stores should ALWAYS be giving away food rather than throwing it away. ALWAYS. So bravo to them.

        And he’s STILL making more! Amazing.

        So good. And really, such a simple thing to do! But not all teachers have a sense of humour like this one. Wouldn’t you just want to be a student of hers?

        We do.

        Woot!! I’ll put the music on.

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        • Apt.

          God I will love that day. I promise never to take it for granted!

          It really is.

          Me too. There should be a system in place for schools especially. Because the waste is absolutely insane.

          It keeps going and going Just like him.

          I want to go back to school JUST to be her student.

          Yes we do.

          Put it on a loop . . we can do a twenty minute aerobic class.

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          • Great word, apt.

            I don’t doubt that you will. I’ll even join in with you, how’s that?

            Don’t get me started on the amount of food waste that exists. You cannot have kids going to school without a lunch while a store throws away a still good apple. There should be. And let’s start talking about “odd-shaped” fruits and veggies. That is a total mind fuck how they get discarded for not being perfect.

            Energizer bunny’s got nothing on him.

            No kidding. Makes me think of past teachers and how few of them made any impact on me v the few that will always remain a part of my good memories.

            Will do! 20-minutes. I’m on it!

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          • We love our words, do we not?

            Done! And Woot!

            No excuse. For any of it. We have a country where food should NOT be a concern. You have competitive eaters who make a living scarfing down food for Chrissakes! How can there be even a single person going without?

            Energizer bunny is looking to borrow this guy’s batteries.

            Same here. This teacher most definitely gets it, and her students are the lucky ones.

            We are on FI-AHHHH!!!!

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          • I try to get it right, more often than not.

            The Captain is an excellent role model for those days when I say to myself . . . “I really don’t need to run today,”.


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          • You do it well.

            No kidding! Think I’ll put his picture up so that when I think I’m too tired or have no energy, I take a glance at him and give myself a mental kick in the arse.


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          • Why thank ya, thank ya very much.

            It’s what Imma do. So that when I have a day . . like say . . . tomorrow, where I go . . “Run? Why run?” He will remind me.


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          • My pleasure. Which becomes all of your readers’ pleasure.

            Good idea. And tomorrow, ya gotta burn some energy to give you extra energy! Tell you what? You run, Imma run too!

            I can’t top that one… 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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          • The pleasure is everywhere, both sides, all the time. Or at least, every Friday. It’s happening here.

            I’m running! And I’m taking all you’se peeps with me. So far I’ve got you and another person on board with the running. I’m working on Barry.

            It’s da FIAHH! that keeps on giving. Schmoking!

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          • You got us going on the Fridays and that is a beautiful thing. It’s up to all of us to keep finding the little joys here and there that are, as you said, finding their way in the cracks.

            Right on. You are our leader as you have inspired us to get up and move.

            We know sizzle.

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          • It’s funny how it settled on a Friday, isn’t it? I mean, I know that’s a blogging day for me. But how comes not Sunday? Or Tuesday?

            We are . . . wait for it . . . off and running.

            We know it palenty well

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          • It is – and it now belongs there, right before the weekend. And here is my thought on the why it landed on the Fridays: On Sundays, you often write what I call your beautiful or more personal prose-like posts or your more creative fiction or other, they always touch in some way. On Tuesdays the snark usually comes out. The fun, yet smart and with more edge posts. My two cents’… I might be out in left field but there ya go.

            Ya baby! I shall, ahem, pace myself.

            And we shall keep on learning the sources of sizzle…

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          • I like that it fell on Friday. It seems the most appropriate day of the week, and I’m not just saying that because it’s there now.

            Yes, you’re right. Sundays are like that, often. Tuesdays . . snark. I can relate to that as well.

            You got the formula down. And while this is where I might say something like “Am I that predictable?”, I won’t. Because if it’s working, I’m more than okay with it.

            We all will. Nice and easy? That does it.

            No fizzle, just sizzle. Followed by FIIAAHH!!

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          • I like it to.

            I have the “formula” simply because I am paying attention. (Yeah, yeah… I’m biased.) Still.

            No way in hell you are predictable, B. We never know just what we will get on Tuesdays or Sundays, for that matter. It is working because you give us something fabulous all the time.

            Nice and easy, until I can bring it up a notch.

            Oh ya… all the way.

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          • A lil biased. . . just a tad.

            It wouldn’t matter. Predictable or not, alls I wanna do is make sure it’s interesting. People often confuse predictability with boring. No huay.

            Atta girl!

            You know it 😉

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          • Doesn’t mean I’m not in the know.

            Maybe it doesn’t. And predictable or not, you always make sure it is interesting. You are never, ever boring. No way José.

            Uh huh.

            Mmm hmmm! 😉

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  4. Great stuff, as usual. Knew you’d get the Capt Tom story, He’s a big star here – £18m raised and counting. He is inspirational, but it makes me angry. The NHS is our unofficial religion, but has been almost destroyed by successive governments. We shouldn’t need young Tom to raise money. We love him though

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  5. All terrific stories, Marc. I have to love the idea of giving up a season ticket after waiting sixteen years. Tom Moore rocks. 12 million pounds. You have to love the supporters. I’ve always that Ballmer was a good guy and here he proves it. The teacher and the chefs are a special breed. Thanks, again.

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    • Boss,

      John K is good stuff. He has his priorities list buffed and polished alright.

      And the Tom Moore story just keeps getting better. They are at 18 million and counting now. Wow.

      Ballmer gets things done all over the place. Him and his wife have been very active since California went into lock down. It’s nice to know peeps like him are always on the job.

      LOVE the chef story, and that teacher . . . she better get an apple every day.


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  6. Another great collection. I learned about the British guy yesterday … cheers to him. Hell … a toast to all here and the many, many others who shine during these crazy times. My fav here … loved the chefs. Stay safe!

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    • It’s my fave as well, the chefs story. I consider wasting food to be a sin and the idea that we have SO much food that has gone to waste, it just makes an unfortunate situation that much worse. NO food should ever go to waste in this country. KUDOS to those chefs for thinking about others when it would have been easy to bemoan their plights.

      Thank you Cincy.

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  7. Thanks for sharing the stories of these heroes. Never have we needed them more! When I see some of the bickering on line and even among our elected officials, it’s easy to become cynical about human nature. But when we look at the outpouring of selfless love and support during these same times, well. Then I realize that I was right in my belief that most people are basically good. Thanks again!

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  8. I hope more restaurateurs follow those chefs. I know frozen stuff and dry goods will keep, but there must be lots of perishables going to waste.

    The Captain gets my two thumbs up vote for the week!

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  9. These are so great! I stumbled across SGN the other day and thought it was great! I was like can John Krasinski get any better ever?! And he was like hang on … he is doing your Heroes post live 🙂 and that episode with Big Papi and the nurses was so touching. Plus LA peeps are definitely stepping holler out to that Clippers Big Cheese! And it’s great you highlight the restaurant industry because they are bringing out the pay it forward vibe and it’s such a good feeling:) And Mr Moore! Mannnnnnnn. Once again you’ve spread the cheer to drown out the ugliness and stupidity of those making highlight reels. High five! Sunshine and waves brother 🙂 stay safe.

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    • Jim from the Office is all growed up and kicking some butt, tell you what.

      The Clips, imagine that? Ballmer and his wife have been out front from the get. It’s pretty cool, and while I am always gonna be #teamlakers over what the Clips have going, I kinda have a soft spot for them after reading this.

      That restaurant story did in fact, bring me to tears. It’s such a great story and it scratched my long standing itch. Because I hate the fact that so much food is wasted in this country. No excuse for it.

      Mr Moore was at like, 18 million and counting! What a kid!

      Always choose positive. 😉

      Stay safe as well, hermana

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