All That Flitters Is Not Gold

I think it’s important to see the good in things. But it’s not a spiritual deal breaker if you can’t bring yourself to do so all the time. Because as with everything in life, there is context.

Take for instance, Trump’s daily press conferences, which feel as if they’re being underwritten by the WWE. COVID-19 has King Minus back at the podium after an extended break, because yanno . . the pandemic didn’t have enough polarity as it was. I call it Kerosene Theater, because to call it absurd would be a disservice to Samuel Beckett. Tuning in will kill your brain cells faster than a batch of OG Kush, unless Anthony Fauci happens to make the scene. I only wish word bubbles were a real thing, because Fauci’s thoughts must read like a George Carlin skit. 

If you’ve been in a coma since 2016, check out one of these pressers, because it will let you know what’s been going on in a nutshell (emphasis on nut). When I think about where we are as a country, the Janis Joplin song Me and Bobby McG gets to stepping through my brain . . .

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. 

No shit JJ.

Seriously, if the Declaration of Independence were signed in 2020, it would happen in a shopping mall. Such is the skewed variation of truth we’ve come to accept. Not to mention an indivisible pledge that once promised liberty and justice for all. Truth got sample sized in the Clintonian Era, Liberty became incorporated in the W years and Justice is currently getting bumper stickered into obsolescence by brand-mothers and freedom fighting fathers who are on a mission from God. No, not the God mentioned in The Blues Brothers- who was all about R&B, car chases and lying to your hot girlfriend. Nope, these new age defenders of the constitution believe in wearing their guns and developing a portal that delivers them back to 1955, tout de suite. Their plan is to bottle up all the great shit that was going on back there and bring it here, after which they’ll crop dust the fuck out of us.

So it’s no surprise, given the political climate change we’ve experienced over the last three and a half years, that we have groups like Ammon Bundy’s Liberty Rebellion rising up through the cracks, everywhere. From Idaho to Islip and the Twin Cities to Tampa Bay, these peeps are storming government buildings with the goal to take back their freedom of movement, coronavirus be damned. And so what if the US has three quarters of a million confirmed cases and more than forty two thousand casualties. Give us beaches and Applebee’s or give us death!

They vow to go all Rambo on COVID-19 with a game plan that’s simpler than Paris Hilton’s diary. They insist that we must get back to business as usual . . or the virus wins. Mind you, it ain’t gonna be easy to win this particular war on terror since the virus doesn’t have an accent or run a convenience store. Hell, we might actually have to depend on science to see us through.

The protesters are trying to high-jack common sense by insisting that our freedoms are in great peril as a result of the quarantine, whilst never minding the grim tote board. They’re a blight to the legacy of founding fathers who endeavored for the greater good and understood that democracy is not a win at all costs theorem. It’s actually much more advanced than that kind of box-score logic. Because it asks us to aim our differences in a general direction, so that we may arrive at an eventual consensus.

Instead, these peeps shout down the truth of the matter, which is that the quarantine works. They ignore the fact that when large groups have gathered together since the virus began to spread, bad things followed. And not for nothing, but quoting Jefferson in relation to the current pandemic is akin to slapping a number on the side of a team of oxen and thinking they could win the Daytona 500.

If you come across one of these Fox News patriots, ask them to double down on the six foot social distance rule. And then be sure to let them know the man who penned the Pledge of Allegiance- Francis Bellamy- was in fact, a socialist.

Marty McFly called. He wants his time machine back.

27 thoughts on “All That Flitters Is Not Gold

  1. Amen. So many reasons I can shake my head these days. Here’s one from my state. (Copied from

    As a GOP-controlled Ohio House panel again heard from a series of business owners Monday urging for a reopening of the state, one testified that he thinks the whole coronavirus pandemic is part of a plot to thwart the re-election of President Donald Trump.

    “This was a government overreach that was politically motivated quite frankly to derail our commander in chief’s ability to be re-elected for four more years,” said Bill Bader Jr., owner of Summit Motorsports Park near Norwalk.

    “It was more politically motivated than erring on the side of the health and safety and well-being of the citizens of this great country of ours. The media reaction incensed, scared, struck fear in the hearts of people to the point where it blinded people to their constitutional rights”

    Columbus Democrat David Leland, a member of the 24-person House Economic Recovery Tax Force, asked, “Do you really believe that Gov. Mike DeWine, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, and all the people that are leading us in this particular crisis, their motivation for doing that was to unseat the president of the United States?”
    Bader didn’t back down.

    “Yes. I think this was a well-constructed plan. I think the timing of it was unique,” he replied.

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    • This COULD be satire. Someone might have written a screenplay with this exchange thirty years ago and they might have had a difficult time finding someone who would buy it.

      But it’s all true. This is us.



    • You’re absolutely right.

      As for this story, holy shite! It’s as if this dude were in a dark tunnel and he was insisting that the light bearing down on him was the way out and not a train. Ooops!

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  2. Too many good people are dying in the US and more will because of an Idiot Component. I am sorry for your loses. I do hope the US survives this pandemic but I doubt it will ever be the same as it was.

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  3. We can only hope that the #idiots gathering together have some kind of natural immunity brought about by being stupid. Otherwise, there are enough of them to start their own pandemic which could affect all of us. Nicely done, Marc. Thanks.

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    • Therein lies the problem. Hey, if ya’ll want to go to the beach and storm City Hall . . how’s about you test run the shit first? What say you go out to the desert for a month and see how many come back? Coo?

      Glad WE have our common sense.

      Thanks Boss


  4. It is important to see the good in things – just sometimes you gotta dig deep. Real. REAL deep.

    I would dearly love to read Dr. Fauci’s word bubbles.

    “Nothing left to lose…” Tell that to Jacksonville Chick.

    I cannot even picture the possibility of signing a Declaration of Independence today. Who the hell would make up the signing committee?

    I was reading about herd immunity and how it could bring the end closer with way more casualties – so let them prove Darwin correct. Only thing is, I heard tell that herd immunity would not necessarily take hold so all those deaths would still be for naught.

    Science-schmience… Common sense is passé. There must be a proper gun to take care of this.

    Again, you choice of metaphor is brilliant. These eejits ignore the proof of how much quarantine works and then put everyone else at risk. If it were up to me, and I know I’ve said this before, I’d put the whole lot of ’em into a hangar, lock the door and only let out the survivors – proving Darwin’s theory. I would definitely not waste valuable medical resources on the ones who will fall. Call me harsh but hey. It’s their choice to gather and those who are abiding by the rules should not be made to suffer.

    Forget the time machine, amigo… this would happen anyway.

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    • Deeper than the minds who run us aground can go? I’ll buy.

      Fauci’s word bubbles could be sold to HBO as part of a five part comedy series. I would watch every minute of it.

      Jacksonville Chick really thinks her peeps have this whole thing figured out. Of course, she also believes Natural Light is beer and that grilling raccoon is haute cuisine.

      Well, I don’t know who would be part of the signing committee but I do know Ryan Seacrest would host the event. And it would be on PPV.

      Herd immunity sounds eerily like something you would hear on Walking Dead, doesn’t it?

      Science is fake, remember that. God handles the Science Department.

      Exactamundo. These peeps are not patriots. They do not have a blessed idea as to what that term really means. They’re spoiled and entitled brats who retrofit the constitution to fit their selfish purposes.

      Sad but true.


  5. B (how’d I miss addressing you proper-like?),

    Yeah… that deep.

    Jacksonville Chick shows the trees don’t branch out too far over there…

    I would really love to see who would be part of the signing committee and you are right, it would definitely be hosted by Ryan Seacrest!

    Exactomundo. Just make sure they don’t whisper… oh wait. No, they shout. And hold up placards.

    My bad. I forgot that. I’m going to hell for sure.

    I’ve always noticed that they who SAY they are patriots are the ones who don’t even know what the Fourth of July is for? Patriots. Pffft. They have no blessed clue what patriotism is.

    I really think so.


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    • Q (You? The stickler for such things? Forgetting something like that?).

      I thought mebe you were trying something new.

      That’s deeper than a Keanu Reeves Thanksgiving.

      The trees? More like shrubs. Hopefully shrubs that are clipped with meds, for the sake of everyone else. Do you think she has ANY idea that she comes off as a complete lunatic?

      With a call in option and don’t forget Twitter. Palenty of hashtags going on.

      Placards, bahahahahaha!

      Meet you in the fiery pits!

      Yeah, it’s like anything else. People who ARE, are. They don’t go around announcing what they are. They don’t have to. It’s almost as if these Patriots have to convince themselves. Because hell, they must know that we ain’t buying it for a second.

      You know it


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      • I know, right?

        He he he… Imma let that one slide…

        Of course, being Canadian, Keanu celebrates Thanksgiving in October.

        You have a point. They should be clipped, the clippings burned. She has no clue.

        Of COURSE with a call-in option. How else would they modify the document which was properly drafted but now can be modified to suit everyone’s (read the lead Twit) desires?

        You like that one? I suppose I could use the boring word sign, instead.

        Want a lift? Might as well save on the cab fare.

        Like when he “doth protest too much”… When you truly are, no matter what it is, you don’t feel the need to shout it to the rooftops… You just are and do to show you are.

        Mmm hmmm.


        • Seriously. But that’s okay, I just figured you were changing it up. Which is alright, since we don’t want peeps to think we’re predictable 😉

          I won’t even touch that one. Keanu is too cool for school, so I would feel guilty even funning over his nationality. He’s our modern day Gandhi.

          She absolutely has no clue. And if you were to debate her using the (gasp!) facts . . it would just make her spew that much more nonsense. So I say with peeps like that, let them be. No use. Not worth the human effort expended.

          Which is what these supposed patriots do not understand. They’re busy retrofitting the constitution to fit THEIR needs, rather than the needs of the country. Not the same thing, and the founding fathers would most likely slap em upside the head for being so clueless.

          Placards is perfect.

          Oooooh, we get to take a cab there? I’m in.

          Alls I know is they best hope we never have a world altering event like in Walking Dead. Because they’ll be bowing to some Negan like character, seeing as how they can’t figure this stuff out for themselves.

          Uh huh


  6. I’ve been thinking about writing a post about Trump and the pandemic. It goes something like this … he has spent his life gambling, and whenever he has lost, there has always been somebody there to bail him out. First, his daddy, then Russian oligarchs, borderline corrupt European banks, maybe the Saudis, maybe the mob in his earlier days in NYC. But he has always been a gambler and that element of his personality hasn’t changed. The “freedom” protesters are just poker chips in his hands as he gambles with something far more important than the money banks and thugs give him … he is now gambling with American lives.

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    • This WAS his moment. And of course, he didn’t just fail, he shit the bed in epic fashion. With lives in the balance, as you point out.

      His malaria drug sell was found to be horribly short sighted and in some VA cases, deadly. But that didn’t stop him from spewing it, and from Fox News picking up that ball and running with it . . until it was found to be deadly fake news.

      From sea to shining sea, we have his backers attempting to fight back at a virus as if it were a superhero villain. And if it were simply their lives being risked, I’d say whatever. But nope, it’s everybody else.

      Their fearless leader doesn’t have a problem with it.


  7. “Because it asks us to aim our differences in a general direction, so that we may arrive at an eventual consensus.” Love this statement though I sense it’s a tad idealistic.

    Though I must laugh at all your brilliant metaphors and turns of phrases, I mostly have to shake my head in disbelief at the level of selfish and ignorant in this country. And it doesn’t seem to be improving – quite the opposite. Sad.

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    • Eilene,

      It is TOTALLY idealistic, and Imma go that way. Because I feel as if this has become my way of dealing with the nonsense I see coming out of the administration. And it’s seeping down to the governors and congress people who stand behind Trump because they’re toothless cowards.

      Idealism isn’t going to win November. But we need to start erring to the side of the common good again. Before it’s too late.

      I’m at a loss for the selfishness and the ignorance that is out there presently. These people who protest, as if those of us who are abiding to the rules WANT to be stuck inside? Gimme a break.

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  8. LOL…word bubbles! Could you imagine! Yes, Herd immunity does sound eerily like something you would hear on Walking Dead. And the protestors and current leadership sound eerily like something out of the movie Idiocracy.


  9. This is becoming more depressing by the day. Not the isolation but the devastation. Have we ever seen a more divisive individual who undermines the one person who is respected by everyone except the groupies who flocked to buy their guns when this began because they felt there was going to be need to defend themselves against those who are staying inside their homes. So the genius gathers all his Republican buddy governors and convinces them to open up their states. But a funny thing happened along the way. Most people aren’t listening. They’re not going out. They know better. Except of course, for the fecal matter down in Florida who “found it difficult to live right on the beach but not be able to go on,” led by their governor who doesn’t even know how to put on a mask. It’s embarrassing. The whole thing. It’s like train wreck. And yet, I still believe we will survive. As evidenced by the people in those states who choose to stay home regardless of what their elected officials tell them. There are more of them, more of us.
    Sorry..I’m done.

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    • Don’t be sorry, George. I think your angst is felt by all of us who have a brain. And who don’t wish to see this virus spread beyond what it already has. We get it, even if some of the population and the guy in the oval office really, really don’t.

      We’re leading ourselves, it seems. And hey, that’s how it’s gotta be. So we’ll do it.

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